Calipatria prisoners all on strike


by Robbie Riva

This good news is the first message the Bay View has received from a prisoner written since the hunger strike began Monday. – ed.

Calipatria State Prison-4 by Kendra CastanedaGreetings to all with like mind and heart in the struggle. Here in Calipatria State Prison we continue to push forward as one in solidarity with our mindset to hunger striking in unity with all races until CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) meets the five core demands.

The entire Calipatria State Prison – General Population (GP) and Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) – are in full support and fighting peacefully together to make sure our voices are heard exposing CDCR’s corrupt system for what it is.

We all stand in solidarity with the Short Corridor at Pelican Bay State Prison and the rest of our fellow peaceful protestors throughout the state of California and across the nation. We stand firm in our struggle and beliefs for human rights. Puro Parra Adelante!

In Solidarity,

Calipatria State Prison GP and ASU

Send our brother some love and light: Robbie Riva, T-49359, ASU 130, P.O. Box 5008, Calipatria CA 92233.



  1. I hope this email brings a deeper meaning to your cause in which I fully support. I am currently working on a book called, Crimes of Faith. In short, their crimes are on a mass scale and globally and responsible for millions of murders and the list goes on.

    The situation at this moment brings perfect opportunity to challenge, judge and bring awareness. The crimes of criminal cannot compare to the righteous!

    I am sure you will cry and become quite angry as you view this short book I have put together. Most of it is pictures. I kept it brief and to the point. Also, towards the middle of Project Blue, their is a section about the criminals and prisoners. Criminals…are the victims. The mentally ill are the results of a system that is evil.

    I am currently working with 3rd world countries and others in regards to global restoration. We have spoke about asking prisoners to bring awareness to the world about Project B.L.U.E. And Project L.I.M.E through prison protests which is why I write to you. Please know that Project L.I.M.E. needs editing and is just a rough draft/generalization of our goals. It includes releasing prisoners (not all) but most, providing recovery and freedom. We do not believe in prisons!

    If interested, please visit You will see a tab for project blue and project lime. You’ll want to view blue first. It is best to view in two up mode because of the pictures.

    I hope that we can work together on a much larger scale! You will understand as you read through the projects our intentions. I tried to keep it simple. With all my heart, I wish us all the best.


    Kim (Anah Jochebed: authors name)

    P.S., I am here in Colorado. If their is anything I can do, please feel free to email me. I hope we can talk further. Really NEED your support too!

    God Bless

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