Hunger strike leaders thrown in the hole ‘til they resume eating

by Yafeu Iyapo-I

Stop-the-torture-excellent-hunger-strike-poster-0713-by-PHSS, Hunger strike leaders thrown in the hole ‘til they resume eating, Abolition Now! Briefly, 1) from mid-May 2013 through Thursday, July 10, any folks [in the Pelican Bay SHU] with a TV-radio combo were able to get Sista Soul and all regular KHSU updates again. 2) As of Friday’s public announcement of the three completed days of the new hunger strike protest, suddenly ONLY the local KHSU radio station went blank, silent, no signal. All other radio channels were still available.

3) Also, today, July 11, 2013, these police came to a number of CMU units – D1, D2, D3 and D4 [all in the Pelican Bay SHU’s dreaded Short Corridor]. Allegedly, a target list of prisoners, fasters and alleged leaders were moved to both Potty Watch cells [see “Potty watch: Prison system finds a new low“] and/or Ad Seg [Administrative Segregation, where conditions are even worse than in the SHU] and reportedly told, “You can go back to your normal cell program when you agree to start eating.”

4) Let the legal team and all other concerned parties know.

This message came to the Bay View on a postcard received July 15, 2013. Send our brother some love and light: Yafeu Iyapo-I (s/n L. Alexander), B-72288, SHU D3-11, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.

Editor’s note: In response to this message emailed to hunger strike supporters, Carol Stickman, attorney with Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and a member of the hunger strike leaders’ legal team, wrote: “Our legal team is going up today to speak with our plaintiffs on Tuesday/Wednesday. We should have more info then.”