State and federal prisons persecute Nation of Gods and Earth (Five Percenters)


by Immortality Exegetical 120 Allah (Randal Best)

I write to commend you for a job well done in covering and telling the horrors and realities that we behind enemy lines are subjected to. I understand the difficulties and scrutiny that must be endured yet faced in telling our truth in the face of opposition. Again, I thank you for contributing to our struggle and getting the word out.

Five Percenters, FCI Beckley 1013, webKevin “Rashid” Johnson and myself have endured the same brutalities. The difference is that in 2009 I had no knowledge of the Bay View nor any outside outlet to convey my tale, so my efforts to let the world know about the cowboy justice behind enemy lines fell on deaf ears.

I’m an advocate of the Nation of Gods and Earths, known as the Five Percenters, and we were labeled as a security threat group in 1995 in state prison, despite the fact that our God-Centered Culture was established in the free world in 1964 by our educator, Allah. Our God-Centered Culture also has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status like any religion under the First Amendment, but because we teach that the Black man is God and the Black woman is Earth and the white man is devil, as a collective we were deemed a threat.

Rashid Marria sued the Department of Corrections for violating his First Amendment rights and won his case. (See Marria v. Broaddus, 200 F.Supp.2d. 280, 292-93(SDNY 2002). Yet, we are still being penalized for teaching our God-Centered Culture. At this point the STG term is no longer used, but to keep us from congregating and teaching the masses our truth, they now employ the excuse that we are religious in nature, can receive clergy visits and are allowed to practice our culture on an individual basis and order our publications, yet we are denied chapel time or access to chapel resources due to racial distinctions that don’t allow participants other than African-Americans.

I’m an advocate of the Nation of Gods and Earths, known as the Five Percenters, and we were labeled as a security threat group in 1995 in state prison, despite the fact that our God-Centered Culture was established in the free world in 1964 by our educator, Allah.

When we gather on the yard to build amongst our brothers, we are continuously harassed and threatened. When we order our publications, they’re sent back. We’ve even made it known that we have Caucasian Five Percenters, but we are still being persecuted.

In spite of it all, we support the religious houses of the Rastafarians, Nation of Islam, Nation of Yaweh and Shetaut Neter for the cause of contributing to the development and growth in educating the masses on the need of effectively changing their conditions by educating themselves. We want them to study business law, business management, business marketing, accounting, science, mathematics, history and law so that once they pay their debts to society, they are equipped to be conducive and productive in propelling their city’s economy by implementing Black-owned businesses.

Balancing the economy through implementing Black Businesses is the order of the day. And because of this fact we are so feared. The thought of the unknown becoming known is the greatest fear of the Caucasian. This is what prompted this national disclaimer.

Why are we so feared?

Is it because we emphatically state that the Black man is God and that the Black woman is Earth? Naw! That can’t be it because they laugh in our faces when we tell them our truth. Are we feared for the cause that we advocate and teach righteousness? This too cannot be the case because 85 percent of the population view our wisdom as a foreign intelligence that doesn’t exist in their reality.

Are we so feared because we finally understand why we failed in our previous endeavors, yet we blame others as the cause while realizing that we caused it all? Or maybe you fear us for the fact that we openly advocate the removal of Black confinement by teaching our brothers and sisters behind enemy lines how to effectively eradicate poverty from themselves and their lineage through proper education, developing Black businesses and creating an economic structure to sustain their communities.

Yet in doing so, we are providing direction for and giving purpose to the generations that come after us, leaving no excuse for the youth to use as to why they chose slavery over freedom. Maybe you began to fear us when you learned that we were neither anti-white nor pro-Black but stand against devilishment by exerting the force and power of righteousness!

Balancing the economy through implementing Black Businesses is the order of the day. And because of this fact we are so feared. The thought of the unknown becoming known is the greatest fear of the Caucasian.

It is stated that the ancient elders along the Nile River educated all humanity within their educational system for the cause of civilizing them with the knowledge to further civilization. Are we so feared because what we teach effectively eradicates white supremacy and its inception? Are we feared because we now know and understand why fear was implanted into our psyche?

We’re puzzled in thought and contemplate the cause of why you fear us so much! But after countless and endless hours of gaining the knowledge and understanding of self and our ancient ancestors antiquitous Quran (history), we’ve arrived at the conclusion that you fear us because of our ability to awake the dead from their slumber and unite them in righteousness for one common cause.

I understand that we’re a threat to your system because in your own Quran you’ve either slaughtered those A-alike us, dropped bombs on us or locked us up because we’ve begun to cause a stir among the dead. So we’ve come to realize that it is not us that you fear, yet what you do fear is the probability of change that comes from our ability to unite all oppressed people to stand as one against their oppressor.

You fear the force and power of the unknown becoming known!

Our righteous names

In the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters), we take on righteous names to identify with and define who we are ethically, morally, characteristically and scientifically. Our righteous names express and define our divinity as God or Earth that disconnects us from our slave master’s name. Though we respect our honorable names given to us by our parents at birth, yet upon identifying with and accepting our divinity, we are given a righteous name by our educators, who do so by observing our character, morality, ethics and natural order.

My righteous name is Immortality Exegetical 120 Allah. Immortality is the ultimate reality of energy manifested in the mental and physical form that has no beginning nor ending, yet is older than the sun, moon and stars. Exegetical 120 is the mathematical and scientific analysis that I incorporate and utilize to define the reality of myself, 120 lessons and everything in existence, through the expressions of signs, symbols, numbers and letters.

In the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters), we take on righteous names to identify with and define who we are ethically, morally, characteristically and scientifically.

Allah in English means THE GOD, and Allah is he/she who knows, understands and controls the four forces – strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational – and the five energies – chemical, electrical, mechanical, nuclear and thermal – within self to show and prove the motion of life’s existence.

Send our brother some love and light: Immortality Exegetical 120 Allah (Randal Best), 11102-171, FCI Beckley, P.O. Box 350, Beaver WV 25813.



  1. What a joke. What were you convicted of? Do you think giving yourself a silly name changes anything? Damon Wayans made fun of people like you:

    . That's you.

  2. Really? Oh wow, you got me. Wait a second, how are these idiot 5 percenters gods exactly? Because that's what they want to believe. And the white man is the devil? They say, "This too cannot be the case because 85 percent of the population view our wisdom as a foreign intelligence that doesn’t exist in their reality." Wisdom huh? They look wise to you?

  3. Jesus Christ is the only true way to heaven an through him all things are possible have you ever thought God may have lifted his COVENANT of protection off your group? Because he clearly says worship NO One other ths n him ! So this accounts as your punishment for disobeying Gods law. We all know the true color of the Lord feet of brozn hair of wool .But this doesn't mean your God , your just made in his image .Because if you where true Gods prison couldn't hold you captive. FOR ONLY the True LORD holds real power to build an destroy .I only pray God wakes up the other 85% of your way of thinking an you become 100% follower of the Lord for dust we came from an dust we are promised to descend back to so skin color only differs through climate control dark skin hotter origin to protect from the sun rays pale skin colder climate little hit but our make traits are all the same.

    • wrong! There is one race; The Black Race. White people come from a genetic defect called albinism. Black people been can live in any weather condition and adapt without the changing of melanin. Being black is a genetic make up, not anything to do with sun rays. Melanin protects us from the sun rays and even absorbs the sun rays as a form of energy. Even in cold places like Alaska the sun shines for 22 hours in particular season. It would take millions of years for someone to lose their melanin based off of weather conditions. That's like saying Columbus discovered America. And we created the COVENANT! We are the Jehovah you pray to. It sounds blasphemous but its true and we can prove it because The Gods are all about SHOW AND PROVE.

  4. Peace! I come to you in the name of Powerful Asiatic Born Amon. Read that book you hold dear to your heart. It tells us who we are. Psalms 82:6.


  6. Interesting comments to say the least. Lets all OVERSTAND that if you are in prison, you do not have any rights. Period! Now, the group identified itself as a religious organization and then filed for a tax exemption with the irs/government. Again, wrong move!! Religious and or spiritual practices are not subject either of those agencies jurisdiction unles you voluntarily submit a request for their services. Save your emotions, the whats ifs, what the group is really about, etc….All of that is of no relevance since a contract was originated volutarily whether you understood the obligations of the agreement or not. Until that is addressed, do not waste your breathe on things that do not matter.

    • I tend to disagree. When your in prison you have rights but are limited. You do have the right to practice religion; unless its a threat to the population.

  7. I agree with some of the teaching from the five percent nations and there efforts to uplift the black community. But to suggest that white people are the devil is dangerous and wrong. Your character makes you who you are not your skin tone. There are evil and good people that come in all shades of color. The definition of god is one who is perfect in knowledge, wisdom, & Righteousness. There is no human being who is perfect we can only strive for perfection. The definition of devil is someone evil or wicked, who causes destruction in others lives. Devils and wicked people come in all shapes , color and sizes. Peace

  8. Peace ,I come in the name of Harmony Earth,the devil will be destroyed by the Sun in more ways than one!!!

  9. Peace. I too was the victim of the systems so called department of correction in michigan. I did take them to court and also won following the blueprint laid down by Intelligent in N.Y. (see Hardaway v. Haggerty) The thing is that the devil (mind) is always studying the original man trying to learn how to master him. So one has came up with this great idea that you can not call us a gang yet treat us the same. Our culture is not pro-black, nor anti-white. For you Internet babies search our culture and see for self how many different nationalities are 5% ers- even caucasians. Then search how many nationalities are in the M.S.T.A or N.O.I. and these groups don’t never get persecuted in prison like the Gods. You Need for men to come out of prison as better people. If nothing else more taxpayers. They have the community fooled into thinking they are offering effective rehabilitation in there – yeah right. So when a man gets knowledge of self and gets proactive in his own rehabilitation, why is the focus on some outdated religious rhetoric that we don’t even acknowledge? Focus on the positives. That’s what righteous people do. Only devils cultivate that negativity. Who are you?

  10. Peace To Allahs 5% Nation i Come in the Divine Name of I God Indeed Allah and u brothers keep building and dnt let up on the devil because he wont let up on u.

  11. Peace I come in the devine name of ALLAH LIFE,I’m reading some of the comments & can only wonder how some people are still to this day so ingnorant,Dr.king preached freedom justice & equality & was jailed numerous times not to mention beaten & eventually murdered for it,he was Christian, Jesus Christ taught the same thing & was jailed & eventually murdered as well,we’ve been labeled a gang & persecuted since the beginning for the same thing,granted there are some who for whatever reason go astray from our devine lessons for whatever the reason is,just as so many high ranking figures in the Catholic faith for molesting little boys which had been happening for centuries, but there’s no mention of this,I’ll wait…….but in every penitentiary across the globe these same rapists are allowed to hold mass every Sunday…do your research before you start bashing something you aparrently no nothing about, equality means to be equal in everything PEACE

    • Peace to the God, Allah Life…
      Well written…. I Be the Queen Destiny…sending positive energy and Love to my brother’s in the interior Cipher. Keep building, learn..teach..plan ….because your mind is not confined.

  12. Peace to the Gods. I come in the name of Born Truth Allah. Keep building. Many are called and few are chosen and the True and Living have chosen to live so keep doing your duty and know and understand its not easy to be when others come at you side ways. Stay steadfast to the ways and actions show and proving the wisdom, strength and beauty . It doesn’t matter if you got knowledge of Self in the free cipher or in the interior cipher (belly). It does matter that you know self and you do your duty. I can be reached at Tru Books 3155 Main Street Hartford CT 06120.

  13. So is all the N.G.E. factions under that 501(c)(3) religious organization/corporation status??? And WHY??? That jus’ gave them jurisdiction to harass and persecute…

  14. peace to the gods. Dealing in first things first,lord educating the masses is a exusting job and the devil will attempt to defy you at all turns.stay strong. For knowledge over powers ignorance. Peace!

  15. Peace. Build on nation! I manifest today as Born Knowledge Wise Allah and too have gained knowledge of self in the interior cipher. So for the people with negative comments and who continue to follow their slavemasters religion need to find time to separate themselves from this brainwashed society and religious lies that has programmed them through Tel-Lie-Vision and various sorts of publications that stir you further away from the truth for capitalistic gains than encouraging your nation to obtain peace and spiritual advancement for your transition out of the physical world back to immortality which you never left from in the spiritual (energetic) rhelm of everlasting life. In closing, I ask the non-believers who persecute the incaecerated brothers; What have you done in life that you weren’t incarcerated for? Answer that to yourself and judge later! Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths!

  16. There's are some truth's that I accept about the nation . Then there are others that I refute. Claiming Allah in any sense of the form ,or mystery God is wrong ,because this is the teaching of Clarence X wasn't he Muslim correct? Combing Muslim teachings to validate any claims of being God in wrong . What Muslims believe has nothing to do with embracing the God that's in the black man. The biblical spiritual view I believes gives the best sense of kingship than any other written text. I don't believe in conform the Christian religion of the day ,but I do believe Jesus was a black man and that he gave the best demonstration on what it's like being God.

  17. This is amazing 😉 I’m so thankful for men like u it’s time to share the message a lot of people will not understand but don’t worry he says many are called but few are chosen so if u want to remain dumb then that’s you…all praises due to Allah

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