1. I fully support Rep. Keith Ellison, Barbara Lee and the others for standing up and calling for justice for the Palestinians. And I go even further, and call for AND DEMAND that the Congress, AND PRESIDENT, stop sending our tax money to help Israel in ANY WAY !!! For Israel is an apartheid state, and the Jews are anti-Jesus, and anti-Christianity. And are not fair and equal to not only the Palestinians, but neither the Christians, and even the Jews of Ethiopian decent, there in Israel. So the USA should NOT be supporting them. — Rev. George Brooks

  2. Agreed. But let’s stop calling Barbara Lee a progressive on this one. You cannot support liftiing the blockade on the one hand and reward the apartheid regime of Israel with weapons to kill children in the next breath as she did. You cannot feed the war machine and lobby for an end to the destruction at the same time. Barbara Lee no longer speaks for me. And Pastor, look for some Donald Sterling style outreach coming to Black Churches very soon in attempt to buy your support for these farce. Apartheid was wrong is South Africa and is wrong in Israel.

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