Stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine


by George and Candy Gonzalez

The editorial entitled “Israel, Palestine; Guatemala, Belize” (Amandala, July 20, 2014) covered many important issues. It highlighted the fact that the subject has not been given the attention it needs but failed to point out that most of the information we, in Belize, receive about Palestine and Israel comes from the United States propaganda machine that takes its cue from Israel, which has been pumping out lies for so long that many people assume they are true.

Media non-coverage of Israel’s attacks – Cartoon: NatBlackEd:7756
Media non-coverage of Israel’s attacks – Cartoon: NatBlackEd:7756

As you read this, be assured that we are not anti-Semitic, but we are anti-Zionists; Palestinians and Jews are both Semitic people. We are against Zionism because it is a racist ideology and is the only accepted apartheid system in the world, due to the U.S. – which has become the United States of Israel.

Our support of the struggle of the Palestinian people is not new; we have had this position since the 1960s. In the early 1980s, we started the Maine Palestine Solidarity Committee. We spoke out and wrote articles to inform people about the truth as to what was happening in Palestine and Israel’s involvement in Guatemala and El Salvador and opposing the invasion of Lebanon.

Candy was in Egypt during the Six-Day War in 1967 when Israel claimed that President Nasser started the war and they, the Israelis, only attacked military targets. She saw, first hand, the sneak attack by the Israeli air force and the bombing of neighborhoods in Cairo. She can attest to the lies the Western press fed the world as we can attest to the lies being told now.

For instance, the country of Palestine was not an empty, barren land. The Zionists would have you believe that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without land. It was inhabited with a developed, cultured society. The Jews and Muslims have not been fighting each other for thousands of years. In fact, Jews, Muslims and Christians lived and worshipped in peace until the Zionists moved in with the goal of “jewifying” Palestine or, in other words, “ethnic cleansing.”

In 1937, Jews were 17 percent of the population. David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, said, “The Arabs have to go.”

Zionism is based on a vindictive, racist ideology; those victimized in Nazi Germany are now the victimizers in Israel.

The Zionists stepped up their campaign to bring Jews to Palestine and drive the Palestinians out. When the U.N. partitioned Palestine, in 1947, the Palestinians owned 92 percent of the land and the Jews owned less than 8 percent of the land, yet they gave the Jewish state 57 percent of the land and the Palestinians 43 percent, though, by then, they were two thirds of the population. The systematic expulsion of the Palestinians continued.

Ariel Sharon, who directed the invasion of Lebanon, stood by as the right wing Lebanese slaughtered women and children in the Palestinian refugee camps. International outcry forced Israel to remove him as head of the military, yet later he became prime minister.

When he became ill, he was replaced by Benjamin Netanyahu, who says that the bombing, death and destruction in Gaza will not stop until Hamas is destroyed, but what he really means is that it will not stop until all Palestinians are dead or gone.

Whenever Israeli atrocities are criticized, they try to excuse themselves as victims of the Holocaust. How many people realize that 13 million died in the Nazi concentration camps? But we are only told about the 6 million Jews. The rest were Gypsies, union organizers, political activists and others that Hitler didn’t like, but their deaths don’t seem to matter.

The strongest support in Belize for Israel comes from U.S. evangelicals who call themselves “Christian Zionists.” Zionism is based on a vindictive, racist ideology; those victimized in Nazi Germany are now the victimizers in Israel. They have assumed the position, the vocabulary and the actions of the Nazis. Instead of hearing, “The only good Jew is a dead Jew,” we now hear “The only good Arab is a dead Arab.”

This is too short a space to write everything we want to say. So we offer to be available to anyone who wants to hear what we have to say or who wants to challenge us. We would be happy to debate, discuss, speak on radio, television, at groups. You can reach us at

Former San Franciscans George and Candy Gonzalez live in Belize, where they are leaders in movements for human rights and environmental justice and many of the other worthy causes they championed in the U.S. They can be reached at The Bay View salutes and thanks them for their long and very strong support over the years. This letter to the editor first appeared in the Belizean newspaper Amandala.


  1. This is an Arab attempt at grasping at straws. Barack Obama is our President. He stands with Israel. America stands with Israel. Christian Americans dream of the day they will convert Muslim children to Christianity, just as you sit here dreaming about the far off future when US children will do exactly as Arabs want us to do in the Middle East. If you really want to separate US and Israeli positions, then you have to drop the nationalist language and thinking that is helping to sustain the two-state solution. You are fighting to continue apartheid when you talk of two states. Please embrace reality and basic fact and then address this issue. There is One Land. There are two peoples on the land. If anyone leaves the land, it is going to be the Arabs who leave. If you accept the reality of the situation there and you really care for the Palestinians under Israeli control, the logical solution can only be Israeli citizenship for the Palestinians. Then at least the Palestinians will get to vote on the government that controls the area’s immigration and military. There will never be a Palestine.

  2. How many Israeli/jews in usa on 9/11? USS Liberty??? Israel has become intolerable for most us citizens! Barbara boxer was “thouroughly HORRIFIC” with her vote and statements against PALESTINE, the journalist said “not even Feinstein” went as far. Boxer & Joan rivers both are an example of bottom feeders and bottomless people! Why does Egypt give cover ?

  3. No one knows how to stop the slow removal of Palestinians from Palestine/Israel. US de-funding of Israel would be a start. Israel has some basic issues related to it came to exist & it has some recent-ish political & housing problems. When the Soviet Union collapsed, a lot of Russian Jewry moved to Israel. Russia is notorious for anti-Jewish redneck stuff. So, the Israeli population grew creating a housing crisis & the newcomers tend to be radicalized and right wing. That’s why Bibi stays in power. The Tel Aviv cosmopolitanism liberals are outnumbered now.

    It’s a mess.

  4. This reminds me of something Noam Chomsky said when asked why the steady stream of conflicts with Palestinians. “For over 20 years, Israel has been dedicated, with U.S. support, to separating Gaza from the West Bank. That’s in direct violation of the terms of the Oslo Accord 20 years ago, which declared that the West Bank and Gaza are a single territorial entity whose integrity must be preserved. […]
    And there’s a good reason […] If Gaza is the only outlet to the outside world for any eventual Palestinian entity, […] if separated from Gaza, the West Bank is essentially imprisoned—Israel on one side, the Jordanian dictatorship on the other. […] Israel is systematically driving Palestinians out of the Jordan Valley, sinking wells, building settlements. They first call them military zones, then put in settlements—the usual story. That would mean that whatever cantons are left for Palestinians in the West Bank, after Israel takes what it wants and integrates it into Israel, they would be completely imprisoned. Gaza would be an outlet to the outside world, so therefore keeping them separate from one another is a high goal of policy[…]
    And the unity agreement threatened that. Threatened something else Israel has been claiming for years. One of its arguments for kind of evading negotiations is: How can they negotiate with the Palestinians when they’re divided? Well, OK, so if they’re not divided, you lose that argument. But the more significant one is simply the geostrategic one. […]. So the unity government was a real threat, along with the […] endorsement of it by the United States, and they immediately reacted.”
    You’re not a racist, anti-Semite or self-hating Jew to disagree with Israeli policy, just a person of conscience, morals and compassion.

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