Writer coaches make a positive social impact!


by Terri Lynn Sullivan

After a WriterCoach Connection volunteer offered words of praise to a Korematsu Middle School seventh grader on a writing assignment, the youngster told the coach, “Nobody has ever said that to me before. Not my teachers, not my parents – nobody. Thank you!”

A WriterCoach Connection volunteer from Oakland coaches a Fremont High School student.
A WriterCoach Connection volunteer from Oakland coaches a Fremont High School student.

The coach had met the student where he was with his writing process. No judgments. No preset expectations. Just pure encouragement to help him get his voice and views on paper. Even after seven years of volunteering in West Contra Costa County schools, the writing coach got a huge lift from the student’s remarks.

Enthusiasm is high for future writer coaches as well. After getting trained as a writer coach, one stated: “I’m thrilled and honored to start working one-on-one with the students of El Cerrito High. Almost immediately I felt the creative, impassioned, down-to-earth, non-judgmental and brilliant structure of this program. I can see how well it can help to foster and promote growth, confidence, collaboration, trust, self-awareness and self-confidence in students as well as coaches. The program is a wellspring of integrity and wisdom. It’s a win/win for everyone – and I haven’t even started yet!”

Everyone wins when our local students succeed. The benefits ripple throughout our schools and community.

You too can make a huge difference in building your community! As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Because kids write our future, writer coaches help families, schools, communities and the nation at large.

Become a volunteer writing coach! Help our middle and high school students succeed!

WriterCoach Connection volunteers coach students one-on-one in English classes, helping them with their classroom assignments. Students improve their writing skills and become more analytical thinkers because of the positive encouragement of their caring coaches. They learn to develop their ideas more fully and clearly, building a foundation for college and career readiness.

Become a volunteer writing coach! Help our middle and high school students succeed!

Coaches gain insights into classrooms and assignments; they get training in how to support writers of all skill levels and at all stages of the writing process. And they get the satisfaction of seeing their students succeed!

Who: Volunteers don’t need to be writers or teachers. We welcome parents, grandparents, college students and community members of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

WCC is especially interested in gaining volunteers from within the Black community to resonate well with the diversified student body it represents. We provide free, in-depth training that equips volunteers with specific strategies they will need to be terrific coaches.

Where: WriterCoach Connection works with middle and high school students in El Cerrito, Richmond, Berkeley, Albany and Oakland.

When: We are now registering volunteers for fall 2015. The fall training schedule will be posted this summer. Fall coaching will start in late September or October.

How: Register today at www.writercoachconnection.org/volunteer-registration and we will send you the training schedule when it’s finalized.

For more information, contact Lynn Mueller, WriterCoach Connection’s associate director, at info@writercoachconnection.org, or 510-524-2319.


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