Pras of the Fugees talks about his new film, ‘Sweet Micky for President’ of Haiti


by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey

Pras Michel discusses his film, “Sweet Micky for President,” on Good Day LA.
Pras Michel discusses his film, “Sweet Micky for President,” on Good Day LA.

The Fantastic Travelling Film Circus speaks with rapper and executive producer of “Sweet Micky for President” Pras Michel, founder of the Fugees, about his new movie on how he helped to inspire Haitian singer Michel Martelly to run for president of the world’s first Black republic, Haiti.

We discuss the American rapper and Pras’ bandmate Wyclef entering the race as well as how the return of the beloved Aristide affected the presidential race. We discuss the earthquake, the Clintons, Sean Penn, another possible Fugees album as well as Martelly being charged with corruption – and more. Tune in.

The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey is associate editor of the Bay View, author of “Block Reportin’” and “Unfinished Business: Block Reportin’ 2” and filmmaker of “Operation Small Axe” and “Block Reportin’ 101,” available, along with many more interviews, at He can be reached at



  1. This film is a travesty, a stab in the back of the Haitian people and
    their struggle for dignity, sovereignty and liberation.

    Michel Martelly is a vicious monster and everyone knows that.
    And this film is being released when voter fraud and murder
    is being perpetrated daily against FANMI LAVALAS in the 2015 elections.

    Michel Martelly has not EVER been the people's choice.

    What kind of bullshit is this? And why is it splashed across the front page of a conscious Afrikan newspaper?

    "Martelly: Haiti's Second Great Disaster," in Aljazeera/English
    written by Greg Grandin

    I'm sure that countless more articles can be found.

  2. Absolutely Malika,

    Aww HELL naw !!!

    I would say that I "I can't believe this bullshit from JR" but actually, I can. Hopefully, Pierre isn't stressing too much over this one vagabond. There's a long struggle ahead.

    Lessee if "The Elders" can clean up this mess.


  3. Why a movie like this — which may have been more relevant in 2010 — is being released right now, really smells of NED money. How this unfortunate piece of nonsense produced by JR came to be published on the Bay View is mind boggling.

    Folk need to check out the contributors:

    If there is a Haiti Activist community anywhere it needs to activate…


  4. 11-18-2015

    TOXIC Waste and the Politics of Betrayal – Part I

    SF Bay View:

    I am a revolutionary photojournalist, a Freedom Fighter, and an artist growing in my craft, my world view as an Afrikan Woman, and my commitment to the service of my Afrikan people and to the fighting of oppression and terrorism where ever and on whatever front it rears its ugly head.

    And I'm still awaiting an answer to my question: why is fascism being represented on the front page of a newspaper I have written and photographed for since 2003? Giving my best, giving quality work because I thought, as a worker, as a person with disabilities, as a conscious Afrikan, I have always thought that the SF Bay View represents the best and brightest hope and alternative to a monstrous corporate media machine that does nothing but misrepresent, terrorize, and misinform – on a global scale – the true masses of the people from prison plantations to workers in the field, to artists, to Men Women and Children fighting for freedom, liberation, and dignity.

    But yet on the front page of the SF Bay View I see fascism not only rear its ugly head, gain a foothold, and be promoted – and (worse insult) claim to be inspired artistry!

    I speak of the baseless interview done by the Bay View's JR Valrey of the new hit piece movie "Sweet Mickey for President," a piece of garbage on par with another infamous hit piece against the Haitian people entitled, "The Ghosts of Cite Soleil." On the pages of the Bay View, The Ghosts of Cite Soleil was analyzed for the monstrosity that it is.

    But "Sweet Mickey for President," is praised! This is a film produced by Prakazrel Samuel Michel – a musician born in Brooklyn New York, but of Haitian heritage, and a known endorser of Haiti's vicious right wing elite – about a member of that same right wing elite, Michel Martelly, his "best friend," and an individual so unsuited for the high office of president of Haiti that it would be comical if the situation were not so deadly serious.

    Martelly's government has already been proven to have failed. His term as president is officially over. But yet now people of Haiti are not only being attacked by cholera, non-earthquake preparedness (which is one of the reasons that the country is still a pile of rubble from a massive earthquake that happened how many years ago? 5? Not only is Haiti plagued by an internationally vicious, 9000 member occupying army in the form of MINUSTAH, courtesy of the oh so not neutral United Nations, courtesy of its U.S. handlers) now Haiti must be plagued by a fascist movie about a monster who has bled the country dry with his excesses, brought the Duvalierist regime and its hated infrastructure back to the Haitian (read: U.S. instigated) political arena by way of "entertainers" who think themselves qualified to dip into politics.

    Martelly is the boy toy of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He does nothing on the world stage that is not sanctioned by her! Yet even he cannot run for another term in office! So we have a puppet (Martelly) attempting to install a puppet of his choice onto the Haitian political landscape – and then have his best friend (Pras Michel) make it all into a movie to sell internationally, while the puppet mistresses (Clinton, Senn Penn, the U.S. State Department) have a field day raping, robbing and plundering the Haitian people – and the U.S. media continue their efforts to vilify the struggles of the Haitian people. (continued)

  5. Toxic Waste and the Politics of Betrayal – Part I continued, page 2

    Martelly's excesses even extend to attempting to have President Jean-Bertrand Aristide arrested on trumped up charges, vastly reminiscent of what happened to Patrice Lumumba.

    Martelly, who is the current pretender to the Haitian presidency, squatting fearfully but viciously in the seat of power in Haiti is just that – a squatter, pretender, and selected bullyboy of the euro-American-Canadian triumvirate that has invaded, occupied, and attempted to re-enslave Haiti.

    He doesn’t seem to realize that he is expendable, even more so now that his strongest connection to Haitian history, the monstrous U.S. dictator puppet Jean-Claude ‘Baby-Doc’ Duvalier has finally ceased to breathe.

    So Martelly and the international colonial cabal of the U.S., France, and Canada has threatened the lives of President Aristide and his family, whose power and strength within the Haitian community and globally is as feared now as the success of the Haitian revolution was feared by euro-America in 1804; and as was the strength of Patrice Lumumba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the early 1960’s.

    To do this, they used the following instruments of terrorism: (1) Trumped up charges brought in three separate criminal complaints against President Aristide in 20 months. These charges included a 10-year-old money laundering charge, a trafficking in illicit drugs charge, and a charge of complicity in the year 2000 murder of famed journalist Jean-Dominique (2) House arrest (3) Removal of Presidential security around President Aristide’s home in Tabarre, security to which under Haitian law, former presidents and their families are entitled (4) Uniformed and hooded HNP officers dressed in black surrounding President Aristide’s home 24/7 (5) Threats made publicly and over the radio that the government will close UNIFA and the Aristide Foundation both of which have been committed to assisting victims of the 2010 earthquake and to the education of Haitian citizens since President Aristide’s return from forced political exile in 2011 (6) A disbarred magistrate (7) Threats of imprisonment and death. (continued)

  6. Toxic Waste and the Politics of Betrayal, Part I, page 3

    Let us be clear. This is the true political landscape and history that should be in a movie! And the fact that the threats to the life of President Aristide and the grassroots citizenry of Haiti are very serious. Let us review the words of staunch Freedom Fighter Attorney Ira Kurzban, Esq. during the relevant historical period of the Haitian earthquake. Quoting Attorney Ira Kurzban, Esq. at that time, “The escalation of events against President Aristide is viewed as efforts to see how far Martelly can push without response from the international community. If a loud chorus of disapproval is not heard against the tactics of the Martelly government, both Aristide’s life and the future of democracy in Haiti are at risk.” The international community responded. And Dr. Aristide has responded. And FANMI LAVALAS has responded. Dr. Aristide gave a brilliant speech, surrounded by thousands of supporters on September 30, 2015, in front of his house on the date that marked the 24th anniversary of the bloody 1991 coup d'etat instigated by the U.S. to remove the people's choice, President Aristide from office. His remarks take place in the context of mass demonstrations calling for the annulment of the August 9th elections, which were characterized by intimidation, violence and fraud carried out by the government of President Michel Martelly and his allies.

    Dr (and true President) Jean-Bertrand Aristide's strong and vibrant voice rang out, proving that in his 3 years of silence that he ALWAYS listens to the voices of his people! He thanked the people of his country, whose heads are battered but unbowed, and broke down the etymology of the word Haiti / Haitii. He said, "Hai means no, do not. Tii means obey in the Swahili language. Long ago, slaves were always saying "Do not obey the colonists" Today we say "do not obey the mentally enslaved involved in the electoral coup d'etat. Do not obey the menally enslaved who refuse to accept the vote of the people Every person is a human being. The vote of each person must be counted. Period"

    Martelly's response is to have beaten, stomped to death, and shot all of those who vote for the peoples candidate and FANMI LAVALAS the peoples political party. The SF Bay View Newspaper knows this. Pras Michel knows this.

    Dr. Aristide further states: Analysis of the electoral coup d'etat of August 9, 2015 shows symptoms of an illness called unilateral spatial neglect. This means that patients with this illness see only one side of reality…..Those responsible for the electoral coup d'etat of August 9, 2015 act the same way as those patients who see only one side of reality. On one side they see the ballots that assault weapons want to impose, but do not see that on the other side is the majority of the Haitian people demanding that their right to vote in free elections be respected. Every person is a human being. So the vote of each and every one must be counted. Period. (continued)

  7. Toxic Waste and the Politics of Betrayal, Part I, page 4

    Additionally, the final portion of Dr. Aristide's brilliant analysis points out that: "….Analysis of the electoral coup d'etat of August 9, 2015 shows a second symptom; it shows a symptom exhibited by patients who are anosognosic. This means patients who refuse to accept that they are ill. In this case, the solution is first mobilization. Mobilization, all of us who do not want the country to fall into an unparalleled political tornado and earthquake….Let us come together to prevent a bad situation from getting worse!"

    What has always been Martelly's posturing and wholly negative response to the brilliance that is Dr. Aristide? Disturbing outbursts on You Tube at the end of his "campaign" for the presidency: Filmed surrounded by a small group of friends at a club, attempting to explain why nobody voted for him, attempting to explain his boy toy/bully boy of Hillary Clinton existence he said, "All those shits were Aristide's faggots," (shouted in Kreyol on film) while pulling his T shirt off and rubbing his belly. He goes on to say, "I would kill Aristide and stick a dick up his ass." This was followed by an audio recording – also posted on YouTube, accompanied by a photo of himself in a suit – denouncing Fanmi Lavalas: "The Lavalas are so ugly. They smell like shit. F**k you Lavalas. F**k you Jean-Bertrand Aristide."

    This is one of the symptoms of disease of which Dr. (and true President) jean Bertrand Aristide spoke. Martelly's ties with coup-supporting Republicans in the U.S. and neo-fascists in Spain are legendary. His ties to Haiti's violent far right goes all the way back to the hated Duvalierists in the 1980's and 1990's. He became a member of the infamous, murderous hands of the Duvalierists, the Ton Ton Macoutes. His long standing support of coup d'etat murderers such as Michel Francois and others is well known. He had opposition candidates murdered, as witnessed by the OAS when, on March 8 three campaign workers for Martelly opponent Mirlande Manigat were found dead; their bodies mutilated as in torture. (continued)

  8. Toxic Waste and the Politics of Betrayal, Part I, page 5

    And this is the individual put forward as "the people's candidate" by Pras Michel, sitting side by side and grinning with Martelly in an interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( This is the monster whose ignorance is legion, under whose blood encrusted hands and non-existent mind the Haitian National Police has been trained to viciousness and militarization since 2004-5 by the United Nations Police Mission (UNPOL) whose officers in charge in 2004-5 were David Beer and then Graham Muir. Beer came to UNPOL directly from Iraq where he taught counter-insurgency tactics. Recognize as well that Martelly's bloody hands were guided by the U.S. State Department to employ officers in Haiti's military who graduated from the Georgia based School of the Americas (renamed in 2001 as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) where the U.S. military trained many of Latin America's most notorious human rights abusers.

    Which is why the Aristide government disbanded the Haitian military in 1995, because of its history of brutality. These and other acts of humanity by Dr (and true President) Jean-Bertrand Aristide are precisely why the people of Haiti love him and support him, and why the government of Michel Martelly is a failed government that refuses to even hold proper elections because he knows that he'd have lost his miserable campaign.

    Question: How is this different from the militarized police forces in the U.S. occupying Ferguson, Missour and numerous other cities from New York and Detroit to Oakland California, across the U.S.? Answer: It isn't. Question: How is this different from the militarized police forces occupying Palestine, Afrika, Latin America, Asia, and other communities of color and poor communities around the world? answer: It isn't. Question: How is this different from militarized prisons in the prison industrial complex of the U.S., that the U.S. freely exports its tactics of inhumanity and torture to the most oppressive governments globallly? Answer: There is no difference.

    All of the inhumanity to human beings is generated and exported from the same place. And Martelly, who has always wanted to rule by fiat and decree, and who has done so, has lapped this all up at the feet of his U.S. bitch-tress, Mrs. Clinton. She would have done better to spend more time controlling her husband Bill, who chose to insert cigars into Monica Lewinsky while smiling and participating in the destabilization of Haiti.

    But Pras Michel chose to go to the Clinton's for "advice" and money to help his psychotic, diaper wearing "best friend" be shoe horned into the Haitian presidency by Obama and the Clinton's; while pretending he "opposed" his cousin Wyclef Jean's bid for the same office. The same Wyclef Jean who dares not show his face amongst Fanmi Lavalas freedom fighters, for fear that he will wake up yesterday without it.

    Martelly, Duvalierist supporters, the cabal of invaders in Haiti – these are inhuman and monstrous, and they are very very afraid.

    The San Francisco Bay View Newspaper knows this. Pras Michel knows this. So why is this fascistic, miscarriage that is an attempt at art, but is an underhanded stab at all that humanity knows dear, being represented on the front page of a conscious newspaper? Why?

    Because these corrupt cowards who run to their U.S. handlers for support to produce what they consider to be art depicting politics didn't attempt to front this right wing garbage off to the Haitian people on Haitian soil. No, they've gone to U.S. cities to spew their attempts to forward the cause of repression, terrorism, and legal banditry – using of all things – a diaper wearing psychopath!

    The SF Bay View knows this. They also know that the people of Haiti will not tolerate this slap in their faces, and will not turn the other cheek. They will examine quite closely the motivations of those who flip the script and mouth support, while promoting the enemies of the people.

    Obviously Michel Martelly needs more than a diaper to catch all of the sh*t coming from him and his ilk…keep this toxic fallout from spreading in the waters of Haiti along with the cholera from the a**es of the occupying UN's MINUSTAH forces.

    So I ask the SF Bay View: Why? Why has this travesty been permitted? Neither Pras Michel nor Michel Martelly are Freedom Fighters. They are most assuredly not for the people, nor do they represent Fanmi Lavalas, nor progressive people in this country or any country.

    So why is their fascist filth on the front page of the SF Bay View?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Malaika H Kambon
    Revolutionary Photojournalist

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