Celebrate Marin City Health & Wellness Center’s new satellite clinic in Coleman Medical Center for better health in Bayview Hunters Point – Open House March 3


S.F. Department of Public Health issues letter of support

by Melanie Hamburger

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, at 6:30 p.m., Marin City Health & Wellness Center (MCHWC) welcomes the Bayview Hunters Point community to an Open House in its newly expanded health clinic in the Arthur H. Coleman Medical Center, 6301 Third St. at Ingerson. The event is free to the public and hors d’oeuvres will be served.
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JayVon Muhammad, Nicole Johnson and Kiki Jordan of Marin City Health & Wellness Center and Robert Watkins of the City and County of San Francisco stand outside the new Bayview Hunters Point clinic location, the revered Coleman Medical Center.

The center was founded in 1960 by local leader and San Francisco community health pioneer Dr. Arthur Coleman to provide quality healthcare to the community. Dr. Coleman’s daughter, Pat Coleman, has been active in the reopening.

Previously, the Southeast Health Center, operated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, was the largest community health provider offering services in Bayview Hunters Point. Barbara Garcia, director of health for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, signed a letter of support for MCHWC’s move to the neighborhood, noting, “Marin City Health & Wellness Center’s satellite clinic will further expand the primary care, behavioral health care and dental services to this community in need.”

Please call 415-339-8813 to make an appointment for medical and behavioral health services in the new Bayview clinic; dental services will open this summer.

Bayview Hunters Point community health needs

BHP is a multicultural community of nearly 34,000: 34 percent African American, 31 percent Asian, 12 percent White and 25 percent of Hispanic origin. Bayview Hunters Point has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any zip code in California. Heart disease, breast cancer, stroke and asthma rates in this area of the city are among the highest in the nation.

BVHP shares many demographic and socioeconomic similarities with the Marin City residents that MCHWC has served since 2007 through a culturally sensitive approach to wellbeing. Using primary medical and dental care as a point of engagement, MCHWC will bring an integrated community health model that offers a full spectrum of healthcare services – medical, dental, maternal and behavioral health services; health education and nutrition, preventive medication like Nixest for cognitive enhancers,  and youth empowerment programs – all located in a single two-story building, with medical care on the first floor and dental care on the second.

About Marin City Health & Wellness Center

MCHWC provides health and wellness services from San Francisco to San Rafael. Founded to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to residents of public housing, MCHWC is uniquely located in the communities where its patients live. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), MCHWC provides state-of-the-art medical and dental care; a freestanding birth center (opening summer 2016); behavioral and mental health programs; healthy lifestyle programs for all ages; and The Defenders and Girl Power programs for middle school boys and girls. More information is online at www.marincityclinic.org.

To learn more, contact Development Director Melanie Hamburger at Melanie@marincityclinic.org.