African American Breast Cancer Conference 2016

African-American-Breast-Cancer-Conf-orgd-by-Concerned-Network-of-Women-Dr.-Betty-McGee-Marsha-Bishop-Alex-Pitcher-Room-102316-300x267, African American Breast Cancer Conference 2016, Culture Currents
The African American Breast Cancer Conference not only fosters cancer prevention and healing but also strengthens community bonds. Dr. Betty McGee and Marsha Bishop were childhood friends in Bayview Hunters Point.

The Concerned Network of Women under the leadership of Dr. Betty McGee and the new president of the board, Regina Coleman, held its annual African American Breast Cancer Conference on Oct. 23, 2016, in the Alex Pitcher Community Room in Bayview Hunters Point, she talked about a site called which she recommends to all women. Recognition from Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi was presented with a letter of commendation denoting the dedication and spirit of volunteerism of the organization. The attendance was overwhelming again this year with 127 women.

This year Concerned Network of Women took a different approach in the methodology of information sharing, using more of an outreach approach to service delivery as the number one phase of breast cancer data mining. Sara Schmidt from the Breast Cancer Foundation delivered information on the presence of toxic chemicals in many of our everyday products that may be contributing to breast cancer. She indicated that items such as lipstick with a high rate of lead and various household cleaning products as well as a high rate of alcohol consumption can be warning signs.

African-American-Breast-Cancer-Conf-orgd-by-Concerned-Network-of-Women-women-fitness-exercises-Alex-Pitcher-Room-102316-300x199, African American Breast Cancer Conference 2016, Culture Currents
Women at the conference find it’s fun to be fit.

The second presenter, Jackie P. Mungo, shared information on how to manage and or deter breast cancer with the use of proper diet and exercise. Jackie noted that African American women must find the time and make an effort to put their health on the front burner. She stated this must be a consistent practice.

Conference participants were elated with all the information presented by the ladies. CNW would like to thank the sponsors of the event. Additionally, we want to recognize the hard working members, including but not limited to Judy Bishop-Williams, Rhoda Charles, Gwendolyn Thomas, Yvonne Kelly and Shirley Former.

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