Take a stand and ride with Michael Marshall and Equipto against police brutality

Mike Marshall and Equipto

Veteran R&B soul singer ​Michael Marshall​ and ​Frisco 5​ activist and rapper ​Equipto​ address the societal issue of police brutality and injustice in their new song “Tonight We Ride.”

“People didn’t believe it for so long. Now we have video showing we weren’t making it up. Still it’s not enough apparently. Simply put, it could be me,” said Marshall.

Michael Marshall, 50, has seen police brutality throughout his life and plans to do something about it.

The goal of the ​GOFUNDME campaign​ is to raise $4,000 for completion of the “Tonight We Ride” video and to create awareness around his new movement R.I.D.E (REACT. INVESTIGATE. DOCUMENT. EXPOSE.).

“Tonight We Ride”​ tells the story of an African American man sharing his last emotional thoughts of confusion, disarray and a life cut short before he is gunned down by police. The song is a tribute to Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Alex Nieto, Oscar Grant, Philando Castile and countless others who have died by the immoral and unjust hands of law enforcement.

By contributing to this campaign, supporters of $25 or more will receive a custom t-shirt. Contributors of $50 or more will receive a custom t-shirt along with a digital download of the song.

“This music video is a means to promote the #R.I.D.E Movement: React, Investigate, Document, Expose. Whenever you see the police make contact with someone, start filming with your phone.

“I want to set up a video hosting site like World Star, but for police contact videos. This way we can maybe get some of those ‘angles’ that are missing for murder indictments,” said Marshall.

Watch the promo video below and here, ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa2SpCecNIc, and listen to the full version of “Tonight We Ride” on SoundCloud, https://soundcloud.com/solidarity-records/tonight-we-ride.

Donate now at​ ​https://www.gofundme.com/the-tonight-we-ride-video/donate.

To learn more, visit Mike at MichaelMarshallusa.com and Facebook.

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