Preston Bradford: Rest up, King

by Queen Vanessa

“Everyone gon’ respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever.” – Kendrick Lamar, “Money Trees”

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Preston Bradford

Preston Bradford, like many other young African American men whose dismaying tragedy took them from their families too soon, is described in this Igbo proverb: “A bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still on the ground.” Preston Bradford, born and raised in the Fillmore, where he was often met with urban issues, was determined to do the right things when faced with peer pressure as a teenager.

He met the love of his life, Myesha Williams. Together, they both survived to complete high school. Preston graduated from Ida B. Wells High School. Preston wanted to be free of the criminal justice system and landed his first job with the City and County of San Francisco – 13 years strong before he met his evil fate.

Given the opportunity to be a working man slowed down his street activity – and he wanted more for his family. Preston will be missed tremendously by the communities he impacted. He will leave behind his family’s great memories.

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He will be missed dearly by his beloved, newlywed wife, best friend and mother of his three beautiful children, his beloved mother – Preston was her only son – one sister, three sisters-in-law, his team of nieces and nephews and his beloved brother in Christ, business partner and best friend, 40 Keys. 40 Keys, Preston, Fillmore Ya and Frog joined together as childhood friends growing up in the San Francisco city streets and founded TrenchBoiMusicGroup (TBMG) in 2010.

On Feb. 15, 2017, Preston departed from the Aquarius Bash hosted at the old Yoshi’s and met his fate at Van Ness and Eddy. He was robbed and gunned down. There is an alleged suspect in custody.

Preston will be missed tremendously by the communities he impacted. He will leave behind his family’s great memories.

On behalf of the family, friends and Preston’s colleagues, we’d like to scream “Thank you” to all the City officials and every witness who spoke up for Preston. Preston really was a good guy, and now we humbly ask at this time to keep Preston aka “Da Crook” and his family in prayer.

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