‘Business in the Black’ is coming to San Francisco

Showing ‘Business in the Black’ documentary in San Francisco, at Safehouse Arts Center, 1 Grove St., Saturday, March 10, 7 p.m. reception, film at 7:30 p.m., admission $10, tickets available on Eventbrite

by Cora Glenn                                                                                                                                   

Anthony Brogdon, “Business in the Black” filmmaker, has been touring the country. In San Francisco, he is inviting Black business and community leaders and all who aspire to or simply dream of going into business. He invites you to consider what it takes to start and grow a business and the benefits for you and your community of thriving Black businesses.

“Business in the Black: The rise of Black business in America, 1800s-1960s” is a documentary. Finally there’s a film that looks at the achievements of African Americans in the arena of business starting with slavery times. This film is special because little is said about the accomplishments of slaves and African Americans in the area of business.

“Business in the Black: The rise of Black business in America, 1800s-1960s” has three main segments:

  • How did slaves go to college?
  • What racists did to destroy Black business districts across the country
  • A look at what we accomplished

The first segment examines how Blacks were educated enough to attend college, what the qualifications were accepted and which colleges allowed Blacks to attend.

The second segment looks at various business districts across the country and how they were affected by race riots, bombing and government action.

The third segment names Black millionaires in the 1800s, the growth of Black business districts, names of businesses and organizations who helped foster the business communities and interviews with people whose family owned a business in the early 1900s. Included are the sons of the founders of a Black-owned hospital founded in 1917 or descendants of the founders of a cemetery started in 1925. The film has 67 interviewees and runs 75 minutes.

Production took two years. It premiered in Detroit last May 31 at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History then toured, with screenings in 13 U.S. cities and Toronto, Canada, so far.

“Business in the Black” is available on Amazon.

Anthony Brogdon is a Detroit, Michigan based filmmaker. This is his second film project; his first was the documentary “The Great Detroit: It Was, It Is, It Will Be,” released in 2014. Up next for Mr. Brogdon is “Foot Soldiers,” a drama that examines the relationship between a mentor and his mentee due for a summer 2018 release.

To complement this special film, Anthony’s message focuses on how great we are, even today.