Missouri guards called the Cowboy Gang say, ‘We’ll make your murder look like a suicide’

by Universal Unison A. Kingston Da God

Check this out. I hope this letter gets to the Bay View because correctional officers – in particular Von Merv and Terry Mueller – are destroying my outgoing mail.

Universal-A.-Kingston-Da-God, Missouri guards called the Cowboy Gang say, ‘We’ll make your murder look like a suicide’, Behind Enemy Lines
Universal A. Kingston, Da God

I had to defend myself against a correctional officer by the name of Corrections Officer I (CO I) Denton when he swung on me and I ended up busting his jaw and knocking him out.

The results: All my property was destroyed, I was jumped on in cuffs and shackles, not fed, slept on concrete naked for weeks and everything imaginable. Anyway, Corrections Officer III (CO III) Ozanich, CO II Jenkins, CO II Boeckman, CO I Denton, CO I Myers, CO I Palmer, CO I Avery and CO I Chester have made death threats on my life.

Now they have put me in the back of a wing where the camera doesn’t work and it’s only a Mexican and European in this wing, which is on the police side, calling me a boot shining spook.

This is all a setup. The above staff, who call themselves the “Cowboy Gang,” said they gonna make my murder look like a suicide.

When the above staff destroyed my property, they broke my glasses deliberately and I can’t see or hear a thing in this cell. And the cell that they gonna put me in, 7-C-105, I won’t be able to see any life forms and that is where they gonna murder me at.

I need desperately for someone to call on my behalf Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne L. Precyth at 573-751-2389 or fax 573-526-0080 and demand I’m placed in a cell where my voice can be heard, such as

  • 8 House D Wing Cell 101
  • 8 House E Wing Cell 101 or 110
  • 8 House F Wing Cell 101 or 108
  • 8 House A Wing Cell 101 or 108

That’ll safeguard me a bit.

Also, I need the director to order Corizon optometrist Ed Laver to order me a pair of glasses so I can see. Staff employees broke my glasses deliberately. This can be verified by Sgt. Jody Weed and Functional Unit Manager Raina Martin.

To conclude, I should immediately be transferred due to immense staff hostility at this institution. I can only be transferred to ERDCC because in all other maximum prisons I’m hated due to my litigation skills, organization skills and mobilization of Black troops. I should emergently be transferred to ERDCC now.

Last but not least, being that all my legal materials were destroyed, what was used to fight my civil cases that I don’t have any more, I would highly appreciate being sent an updated version of the “Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook” and “The Prisoner’s Self Help Litigation Manual.”

All the comrades know what it is, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting it to me. Please have it sent by way of legal mail; that will ensure I get it.

These honkies dogging me. That’s why I’m writing on toilet paper. Press the director until I’m moved.

Thanks so much, Bay View. If you don’t hear from me by the beginning of April, that means I’m a dead revolutionary New Afrikan nationalist martyr.

Power to the People!

Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win!

Each One Teach One!

Uhuru Sasa!

Send our brother some love and light: Universal Unison A. Kingston Da God, 1161135, JCCC, 8200 No More Victims Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101.