‘Black Rage’ author Dr. Price Cobbs joins the ancestors

by Johnnie Burrell

Dr. Price M. Cobbs

Internationally recognized psychiatrist, management consultant and author of the classic book “Black Rage,” “regarded as one of the most important books on blacks” by the New York Times, Dr. Price M. Cobbs passed on June 25, 2018, at the age of 89.

His book, co-authored with his colleague Dr. William H. Grier and released after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and the subsequent unrest and riots, was the first book written that revealed the full dimensions of the inner conflicts of the desperation of Black life in the United States. It addresses the effects of slavery, sexual myths regarding Black people, the failure of schools for Black children, mental illness and psychic stress engendered by discrimination.

Less than two years ago, on the advice of his doctor, Dr. Cobbs was told not to travel across country to an Executive Leadership Council event, of which he was an esteemed member and founder. Dr. Cobbs and I reside in San Francisco and I was asked by the Council to work with Dr. Cobbs in putting together a short video clip that would address Council members.

For two days we met, talked, and laughed. I learned from that time spent with Dr. Cobbs as you will see from the video. The world has lost a great human being. Tune in!

Johnnie Burrell is a renowned San Francisco videographer, who records Black history as it’s made in countless videos. Visit his website, www.internationalmediatv.com, and his YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/johnnieburrellstv. He can be reached at jb@internationalmediatv.com.