Demand letter 2018 on behalf of Black America

by Mecca Morgan

To the republic:

Mecca-Morgan-300x300, Demand letter 2018 on behalf of Black America, Culture Currents
Mecca Morgan

This is a demand letter on behalf of the peoples known in the United States of America as African Americans, Blacks.

As you know, we suffer from a mental disorder called Mental Slavery, which starts in early childhood and ends at death.

Some of the symptoms of this mental disorder include, but are not limited to, the acceptance of an inferior status, severe ignorance and the dismantling of self, family and community.

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This mental disorder is caused by generations of racial terrorism, violent enslavement, wage theft, excessive imprisonment, attempted genocide and the implementation of every crime against humanity.

The redress of these atrocious crimes and commitment to reconciliation have proven to be beyond America’s ability to solve; therefore, this must be taken out of the jurisdiction of the United States government and its courts and taken to the United Nations. Until such time, the following is demanded:

  1. Ownership transfer of all government unencumbered housing units, to include but not be limited to apartment buildings, condominiums and single family residences in all 50 states, with construction funds to remodel or rebuild at $150,000 per unit.
  2. Ownership transfer of all government unencumbered land in all 50 states designated for agriculture, real property and commercial use.
  3. The pardon, rehabilitation and release of all non-violent offenders in holding institutions and facilities such as prisons, jails and camps from all 50 states and territories. And the re-evaluation of all prison sentences.
  4. The unalienable right to exercise norms, mores and freedoms as they pertain to units of exchange, commerce, import-export, commercial real property sales and acquisitions, legal and civil order, discipline, military defense, aviation, education, goods and services, agriculture, banking, corporate ownership, employment, transportation, cultural, spiritual, social and political leadership, media, sports and entertainment.
  5. The creation of our own nation states within the United States of America and world citizenship rights to all accommodating countries.
  6. Release from bondage and debt.
  7. Two hundred and sixty-seven thousand dollars per person per year, tax free. The first payment to commence on July 1, 2019, and the last payment to conclude on July 1, 2023.
  8. A one-time, tax free payment in the amount of $25 million (backed by gold) per person to be paid at the successful completion of a treatment, rehabilitation and/or restoration program as determined by our chosen designates.
  9. Two and a half million dollars, tax free, for every African American child born after July 1, 2019, through the next 250 years. Monies plus interest with inflationary increases to be held in trust by a chosen designate and disbursed to the beneficiary at age 25.
  10. Full disclosure and release of all classified records in your possession or at your access regarding the covert, undeclared wars on our leaders, communities, health, education, housing and economic development.
  11. The Master Records of our Birthright, Namesake and Inheritance, which was stolen and has been in your possession for generations.
  12. No tax levy for the next 100 years, including but not limited to, income, inheritance, real estate and business.
  13. An apology with an admission of guilt.
  14. Leave us alone, do not debate, discuss or give opinions on how we should proceed with treatment or the rebuilding of our families and communities. As domestic terrorists, you don’t have that right.

Self-determination is a God-given gift, which no man or his laws shall have the right to obstruct or deny.

This is a very small step toward achieving some measure of justice.

This is written in honor of the men, women and children of indomitable spirit who made immeasurable contributions to America and served without recognition, payment or freedom.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

Oakland-based writer Mecca Morgan can be reached at