Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           

Afrikans deserve reparations ‘cause Black lives truly matter! Asé.

by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

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Oakland-teacher-sick-out-Fremont-Tiger-Ambush-organizers-Kehinde-Salter-Taiwo-Kujichagulia-Seitu-at-rally-OUSD-HQ-011819-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Ready to make national headlines following the victorious teachers’ strike in LA, Oakland teachers, edu-tainers and commUNITY leaders Taiwo and Kehinde Kujichagulia – or, is it Kehinde and Taiwo? – of Fremont Tiger Ambush were among the organizers of the Jan. 18 rally at the School Board, writing about it for the Bay View. “Yes,” Kehinde Salter declares, “OUSD teachers are strike ready! If the district cannot handle one day without teachers, imagine what a week or more will look like.” Their demands: “We the teachers demand smaller class sizes, more student supports and a living wage.”– Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

Greetings of IMANI (FAITH) Esteemed G-o-ds, Co-conSPIRITors and Sister & Brother Leaders,

May our Divine Mother-Father Creator of and in All – and Beloved Ancients and Ancestors from yesteryear and yesterdays – find you and (y)our extended Family in sacred Spirit, healing and thriving. WE hope that this special period of remembrance and celebration of Alkebulan/African OURstory, history and heritage, Black Love, Joy, Resistance and Visioning for our Future is enlightening, reflective, productive, fun and transformative for you and yours. Asé.

Our movement for independence, self-determination and reparations is honoring the life, contributions and recent Spiritual Transformation of NEHANDA ISOKE ABIODUN (European enslavement name CHERI LAVERNE DALTON). She is a leader in our Republic of New Afrika – Provisional Government, New Afrikan People’s Organization and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Mama Nehanda has been a political exile for over three decades in the African Diaspora nation of Cuba, where she worked among the youth, an artist to unite Afrikan people worldwide. Asé.

Oakland-teacher-sick-out-rally-at-OUSD-HQ-students-support-teachers-011819-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Students support their teachers in Oakland! – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

Join us in celebrating the living of Baba OLIVER “TUKU” MTUKUDZI, a major musical contributor in our continental African nation of Zimbabwe. Asé.

Baba-Jahahara-Oakland-City-Attorney-Barbara-Parker-celebrate-landlord-tenant-lawsuit-victory-0119-by-Jahahara-web-264x300, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Baba Jahahara and Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker after their Victory Gathering in Oakland City Hall to celebrate settlement of the lawsuit against his landlords, Trump supporters who forced him out of his 22-year home by literally demolishing it while he was still living there.

Here in in OHLONE/Oakland, WE are saddened by the recent unnecessary death of our fellow resident ANTHONY RIPPEE. Brother Anthony was tragically killed when a tree fell on his outdoor tent during a recent storm. He is yet another victim of this horrific system of genocidal capitalist for-profit gentry-fication, and removal of Black and Brown people, that has engulfed Oakland and cities around the Bay Area as well as the united capitalist prison terrorist states of america.

May WE continue to build our righteous movements centered around the principle that safe and affordable housing is a human right for everyone – as well as quality health care, nutrition, education, prosperous opportunities, safety, peace etc. –  and not just a “privilege” for those who are unjustly-enriched. Asé.

Long Live the magnificent Spirits – and the incredible and unique Gifts – of these new and all our Beloved Ancestors! Asé. Asé. Asé-O!!!

Africans deserve reparations now!

First, the Annual BLACK SOLIDARITY WEEK, organized by the Community Ready Corps for Self-Determination, is jumping off in Oakland, 17-24 February 2019. For more specific information on events and actions, go to http://www.crc4sd.org/blacksolidarityweekevents/.

Second, Oakland’s Second Annual BLACK JOY Parade will take place on Sunday, 24 February 2019, 12 Noon in downtown Oakland.

Lorraine-Hansberry-Theater-Director-Stephanie-Shoffner-Linda-Parker-Pennington-new-member-SF-Arts-Commission-Black-History-Month-KPIX-CBS-Ch-5-studios-0119-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Lorraine Hansberry Theater Director Stephanie Shoffner (https://www.lhtsf.org/) and Linda Parker Pennington, commUNITY leader and contributor, and newly appointed member of the San Francisco Arts Commission attended the Black History Month kick-off at KPIX CBS Channel 5 studios. – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

Third, Asante Sana (Many Thanks) to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Houston, Texas, for re-introducing H.R. 40, “The Commission to Study Reparations Proposals for African Americans Act,” into the 116th Congressional Session. The legislation was developed decades ago by WE advocates for Reparations and former Rep. John Conyers of Detroit, and first submitted in 1989.

Passage and even implementation of this bill is certainly not a “cure-all.” However, it does give us additional opportunities to broaden our discussions, research, uncover more truth and expand victorious possibilities for Africans and our allies … to the continuing enslavement maafa and holocaust, government terrorism, crimes against humanity and robberies against our people during this commemoration period of james-town 1619-2019.

Young-Gifted-Black-perform-on-MLK-Day-weapon-melting-Lead-to-LIFE-machine-at-back-Oakland-City-Hall-012119-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Young, Gifted & Black perform on MLK Day. Behind them is the Lead to LIFE machine that melts deadly weapons … which were transformed into shovels during a sacred ceremony later that day. Asé. – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

Respectfully, please make sure your representative is on the current list of co-endorsers. If not, please contact them immediately and demand that they co-sponsor and call for immediate hearings in the House of Reps’ “Judiciary Committee,” now chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York. Visit https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/40/all-info. With Gratitude! Asé.

Please accept this invitation to join, support and help expand one or more of our organizations working on Reparations on many fronts – including internal healing, international, cooperative economic development, in the legal arena, on local and federal legislation, and other means – such as our National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA), Jericho Amnesty Movement to Free All Political Prisoners, Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika, All of Us or None, Institute for the Black World, etc., etc.

Much love to our dedicated public sector workers

From coast to coast, public school teachers and their unions are successfully building strong commUNITY partnerships to help save and improve our public education!!! From Chicago to West Virginia to Oklahoma to Los Angeles, major victories have been achieved in winning some salary increases and upgrades in working conditions. These victories are major steps in turning back the miserable governmental “leave our Black, Brown and impoverished children behind” and corporate (“charter”) privatization-for-profits efforts promoted by the Bush, Obama and Trump regimes over the past two decades. Next Up, Oakland and Denver. Asé.

Dr.-Ayodele-‘Wordslanger’-Nzinga-speaks-at-Reclaim-MLK’s-Radical-Legacy-Commemoration-MC-Cat-Brooks-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Dr. Ayodele “Wordslanger” Nzinga – our incredible Queen Mother, teacher, playwright, artist, activist, poet and more – shares her powerful words at Reclaim MLK’s Radical Legacy Commemoration at Oakland City Hall supported by emcee Cat Brooks. – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

In addition, like many of you, i am thrilled the federal employees are back on the job after Trump’s disastrous “shut-down.” However, labor needs to stop having its members depend on hand-outs and relying on the Democrats … and start using their Collective Power through organizing massive General Strikes. This will ensure they always Get Paid for Their Work!

As a rank-and-file leader and later a full-time labor union organizer for more than 25 years, and a former leader of both sanctioned and “wild-cat” (“unauthorized”) strikes, especially as a steelworker for eight years, i have seen the might and success of workers united. Asé.

NO BLOOD FOR OIL! Keep the imperialist corporations’ hands off Venezuela’s wealth!

WE condemn the current attempted coup d’etat against President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian government, in our African Diaspora nation of Venezuela. The imperialist Trump-Pence regime, supported by many in the oil-drenched Republican and Democratic parties, as well as Canada, the European Union and the fascists in Brazil, Columbia, Argentina and other states, are now threatening to intervene to aid the self-declared “interim president” Juan Guaido.

ANSWER-protests-attacks-on-Venezuela-and-Cuba-outside-White-House-012619-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
International ANSWER protests against attacks on Venezuela, and Cuba, outside the President’s House in Washington, D.C.

This would be akin to backing, say, John Boehner or Paul Ryan, former Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives, backed by Russia, claiming they were replacing former President Barack Obama without the benefit of an election. WE applaud the mobilizations and protests being organized by our friends at International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Black Alliance for Peace and allied groups, including here in the Bay Area.

President Maduro was first appointed to complete the second term of our beloved socialist and reparationist Ancestor HUGO RAPHAEL CHAVEZ FRIAS (who was also a survivor of several coup attempts by the united capitalist prison terrorist states of america). Maduro was then elected to the presidency TWICE by the people of Venezuela. Late this January, President Maduro publicly thanked WE supporters around the ucptsa and world for supporting sovereignty and true democracy in Venezuela. For updates, go to https://answercoalition.nationbuilder.com/tags/venezuela or https://blackallianceforpeace.com.

Asante sana to our readers

i/WE sincerely appreciate our readers and their correspondence, on the outside and inside the prison walls. WE are working to respond to everyone and/or refer some of your requests to our ally organizations and friends in your particular regions.

Sen.-Kamala-Harris-launches-presidential-campaign-Oakland-City-Hall-012719-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Oakland native Sen. Kamala Harris launches her campaign for president at a massive rally at Oakland City Hall. – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

Also, a clarification regarding “football.” Last month, i gave a special CONGRATS (!) to our champion Warriors and Eagles at Oakland’s McClymonds High School and Laney College, respectively. My support for the scholar-athletes does not mean that i promote the dangerous game of tackle football as a sport; or as a great method to pursue success in life. As a former player myself many years ago, i still have injuries that bother me.

However, i believe in everyone’s Right to Kujichagulia (Self-Determination). This means that our parents and students have the choice to pursue their endeavors … after being informed and OVERstanding all the risks. Some scholar-athletes will, indeed, suffer injuries. Some, very serious and possibly life-threatening!

Not all players will receive scholarships at the for-profit university level. Even fewer will make it as employees of the often devastating super-profitable National Football League.

African-Vegans-Wellness-Gathering-Jahahara-Paula-Marie-Parker-at-Black-owned-Queen-Hippie-Gypsy-boutique-downtown-Oakland-0119-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
At the African Vegans Wellness Gathering, Baba Jahahara and Paula Marie Parker pause after a sound healing workshop at the beautiful Black-owned Queen Hippie Gypsy boutique in downtown Oakland. Asé. – Photo: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat

While i did not allow my Sun to play tackle football, he did become an accomplished martial artist. Of course, there are risks and rewards in that sport, as well. i did attempt to end that previous discourse with a, hopefully positive message of “Keep on studying, my young Brothers! And, achieving at the highest levels! WE are so proud of and support each of you!” Asé.


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Jahahara-endorses-‘UN-report-Oakland’s-treatment-of-the-homeless-is-cruel-inhumane’-sign-MLK-Day-Oakland-012119-by-Jahahara-web-300x225, Celebrating Alkebulan: African love, Black joy, resistance and futures!           , Culture Currents
Baba Jahahara endorses a strong message on MLK Day in Oakland. What would Dr. King say?

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Asante Sana (Many Thanks)! Amen-RA Hotepu! Asé-O!

#BlackLivesMatter #AfricansDeserveReparations #FreeOurPeople #LoveandDefendMotherEarth

Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at, fka European enslavement name “James ‘Harry’ Armstrong,” is a Baba (Father), a “FREE-tired” community-labor-environmental and justice organizer, writer, musician and author of several books, including “Many Paths to Kujichagulia (Self-Determination).” Take a listen to a few songs from his musical catalog, including the new “500 YEARS OF AFRIKAN RESISTANCE!!!” at https://soundcloud.com/search?q=jahahara. Invite Jahahara to present at your group, school or event c/o support@africansdeservereparations.com or FONAMI, P.O. Box 10963, Oakland, CA 94610 usa.