Free South Carolina Movement commemorates Black August and exposes deplorable prison conditions

George-and-the-Dragon-art-by-Rashid-2016, Free South Carolina Movement commemorates Black August and exposes deplorable prison conditions, Abolition Now!
“George and the Dragon” – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 264847, Pendleton Correctional Facility, G-20-2C, 4490 W. Reformatory Road, Pendleton, IN 46064

by Free South Carolina Movement

“For we are our own liberators; to expect that someone will take full responsibility for our own freedom is suicide!” – George Jackson

Greetings, Black Solidarity and blessings to the revolutionary minded brother-and-sisterhood. We the Free South Carolina Movement wholeheartedly embrace and endorse the Black August Commemoration Movement.

Black August centralizes the life of one of our most legendary revolutionary brothers and servants of the people, George “The Black Dragon” Jackson. By his own conscious efforts, through growth, he exemplified the transformation of the criminal mentality into a Black revolutionary mentality in the interest and service of Black people and humanity.

Comrade George’s younger brother, Jonathan “Man-Child” Jackson, is also a pivotal figure in the Black August Movement who exemplified youthful vigor and courage. He didn’t hesitate to take up arms against the White Power Structure for the liberation struggle!

The FSCM holds our youth to that very same standard of warriorhood, especially those who attach themselves to political organizations, affiliations and/or street based formations. We charge them with the responsibility to make revolution – challenge those very same oppressive conditions perpetuated by the White Power Structure.

The Black August Movement participation entails doing a historical analysis of the lives of freedom fighters who struggled before us. Those who sacrificed their lives so that we could continue the global liberation struggle moving forward. The Black August Movement is also a reminder of those who have fallen throughout the entire previous year, inasmuch as we are still struggling.

FSCM sees the task of a revolutionary as making revolution! We define a revolutionary as a person, created by social conditions and shaped and molded by oppression, who has begun the disciplined process of developing a consciousness of resistance. The revolutionary is aware (a-war-e) that s/he is not “Free,” is being colonialized, and has chosen to struggle for liberation for self and kind. The revolutionary is not in the pursuit of the amerikkkan dream, but rather real freedom!

The FSCM aligns itself with long time revolutionaries throughout the country and the globe. We work to dismantle the system of white supremacy and racism one area, one institution at a time.

The Black August Commemoration helps to promote a collective consciousness. We focus on the following five principled practices highlighted throughout the observance: 1) Unity, 2) Discipline and self-sacrifice, 3) Political education, 4) Physical training and 5) Resistance. We, the FSCM, answer the people’s call and response; standing as one tightly clenched fist, we strike a mighty blow for freedom and against The White Power Structure and system of injustice!

The FSCM calls on ALL supporters, sympathizers, incarcerated men and women, warriors and warriors-in-training to join us and millions of others as we embrace the disciplined practices and requirements in commemoration of our heroes and sheroes under the banner of The Black August Movement!

Free South Carolina Movement exposes deplorable prison conditions

Rhonda-McMillian-tells-WECT-News-husband-suffering-from-‘unbearable’-heat-0519-by-WECT-1, Free South Carolina Movement commemorates Black August and exposes deplorable prison conditions, Abolition Now!
Rhonda McMillian tells the WECT audience that her husband, Carl, is an inmate at the Columbus County Correctional Facility. He has told his wife the heat has caused him to experience headaches, nausea, pouring sweat, dehydration and pain in his chest. He says the heat is unbearable. – Photo: WECT

Here in the summer of 2019, the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) is waging a highly deceptive media campaign spotlighting “programs” at selected prisons, serving only a handful of the more than 18,000 persons in SCDC custody. At the same time, human rights abuses abound with administrative procedures imposed arbitrarily, vindictively and inaccurately. People are held months after completing their sentences.

Universal solitary confinement-like conditions are imposed throughout SCDC. Sunlight and fresh air are blocked out by covering windows with black paint and metal plates. Showers and cell cleaning supplies are denied. And the unhealthy, high carbohydrate diet has caused a diabetes epidemic among those unable to access the 30 percent-plus overpriced sodium loaded, hypertension-inducing processed canteen food.

SCDC warehouses people in barn-like buildings, called “greentops.” These buildings are structures with green tin roofs. Most have no air conditioning. Heat indexes have already reached past 105 degrees this year. It’s inhumane and against the law to subject animals and children to these conditions.

Many other violations continue to persist in South Carolina prisons. Despite attempts to demonize prisoners by repeated references to the April 15, 2018, state orchestrated violence at the Lee County Prison, there have been few changes beyond spending $19 million for golf netting, staff wage increases, replacing lockers with robbery and violence inducing plastic bags.

Physical conditions continue to deteriorate, deep cuts have been made in medical and mental health services, unfair criminal and administrative charges and processes abound, education is unfunded and vocational training and paid prison industry jobs are racially allocated and reserved largely for whites.

Prisoners in SCDC are hanging on for their dear lives in these buildings. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has condemned these deadly hot boxes. SC politicians have turned a blind eye to this mayhem.

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