Tech start-up honors filmmaker Kevin Epps with activist award

Kevin Epps treasures this award given to him for his lifelong activism by CommunityX founder Chloe Rogers.

by #FreeKevinEpps Committee

On Sept. 27, tech start up CommunityX launched its app with their Social Impact Summit at Santa Clara University. The app is dedicated to connecting activists who share a passion for the advocacy of social issues.

There were four panels featuring expert speakers who discussed ways in which technology can aid in making changes in areas that included the environment, diversity and inclusion in tech, prison reform and politics. The day was kicked off with a Fireside Chat on “The Power of Change” with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid.

The inspiration for CommunityX comes from founder and CEO Chloe Cheyenne Rogers, whose African American father was a victim of police brutality and misconduct. As a result of mistakenly being shot over a dozen times in his home, the Chicago police left him permanently handicapped a year before Rogers was born.

The Howard University alum used her family history to propel her own activist spirit and realized that through the innovation of technology she could make a difference.

During their Social Impact Awards Ceremony, Kevin Epps was honored with their Activist Award for his contributions as an award-winning filmmaker and community activist. Epps, who is in the midst of fighting a self-defense case brought against him by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, was unable to attend the ceremony, so the award was accepted on his behalf by members of the Free Kevin Epps Committee.

“The reason why Kevin is being honored is because he has always been at the forefront of championing for others, advocating and being a voice,” Free Kevin Epps Committee member Sarah Allen stated during her speech.

As Kevin was unable to be present, members of the Free Kevin Epps Committee accept his Activist Award from CommunityX founder Chloe Rogers on his behalf at her Social Impact Summit featuring Joy Reid on Sept. 27 at Santa Clara University.

“It’s very humbling to be recognized in this way during such a turbulent time as I continue to fight my case. I am truly uplifted by the community support I have continued to receive,” expressed Epps.

With the launch of the CommunityX app now under way, young activists have a place to go where they can share ideas and bring attention to causes that will directly have an impact on future generations to come.

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