San Francisco for-profit halfway house detains Black newspaper editor

Editor fears retaliation from Florida for-profit halfway house for appearing at 11 a.m. press conference



SF Bay View Editor Keith “Malik” Washington speaks at a rally in December protesting harassment of homeless people. Courtesy of SF Bay View.
Civil Rights Attorney Richard Tan is representing Malik Washington in the complaint filed against GEO Group. Courtesy of SF Bay View.
Mary and Dr. Willie Ratcliff produced the Bay View for the past 30 years of its 45-year history. They have passed the torch to Washington as they stay actively involved to ensure the new editor has the benefit of their experience and historical knowledge. Courtesy of SF Bay View.
Tracy Brown, known as Nube, managing editor of the Bay View, and Washington plan to be married once he is released from BOP supervision. Their home is less than three blocks from the Bay View office. Courtesy of SF Bay View.