An African in America 2020: A mother’s hope for social justice

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Art enables us to access the tapestry of the heart’s emotions where a lecture, a panel or even a book can fall short. Weaving textures and hues of golden caramel browns, greens and blues into hand-cut shapes of human form and function and elements of sun-kissed nature, artist Ebony G. Patterson takes us on an earthy, yet lofty journey in her piece titled “A View In.”

Reflections on the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, by Minneapolis Police

by Remonia A. Bowie

I have a son … an only son … a son with golden, caramel, brown skin – kissed by the sun

I have a son … born in Berkeley, born in California – as I was born in Charleston, born in South Carolina – born in America

What will his 33 years old eyes see, today, in America?

What does his golden, sun kissed, 6-foor-2-inch body feel, as he walks on American shores?

Does he feel safe? … Does he feel free? – born in America … a proud descendant of tall, strong, colorful African Kings and Strategic Warriors!

Does he feel safe? … Does he feel free? – born in America, a descendant of Southern Greed chained and restricted for plantation free labor, the theft of his ancestors’ physical strength.

I have a son … an only son … who turns on the American evening news and sees reflections of his African tribes … on American shores, chained, restricted and NOT free!

Remonia A. Bowie wrote “An African in America 2020” during the rumblings of potential social unrest after our country’s Nov. 3rd presidential elections. She is a 2021 master of public health graduate student at the University of San Francisco and an Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., sorority sister along with Vice President Kamala Harris.