Texas school shooting exposes police

Children-escape-Robb-Elementary-thru-window-Uvalde-TX-052422-by-Pete-Luna-Uvalde-Leader-News-via-Reuters-1400x933, Texas school shooting exposes police, Behind Enemy Lines News & Views
Children run to safety after escaping through a window during a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24. – Photo: Pete Luna, Uvalde Leader-News, via Reuters


by Rand W. Gould

Let’s cut the crap. If the recent mass shooting at the elementary school in Texas has proved anything, it is that the police are highly armed, militarized cowards. Very effective at shooting and killing unarmed people, especially people of color, but not so much when faced with an armed opponent. To put it simply, police are eager for the easy kill and not eager at all to risk life and limb for those, in this case children, they have sworn to protect.

It also proved police are pathological liars. It took days to unscramble all the lies and half-truths the police spewed out to excuse their responsibility for the deaths of 19 children and two of their teachers at the hands of an active shooter. We now know seven cops followed the shooter into the school, watched him enter a classroom and immediately backed off when he fired through the door, grazing two of them. We also now know, they remained safely in the hallway, along with a dozen police reinforcements, frozen in fear for 45-60 minutes while listening to children being shot as the wounded bled out.

Maybe it is time for America’s police to be trained on how to act under fire, which could easily be accomplished by sending them to the “Russian front.”

There is no excuse for this act of abject cowardice. In Texas the state has what is called the “law of the parties” (elsewhere called “felony murder”). For example, if you were to accompany someone to a store and they shot and killed people, then you would be considered a party to the crime of murder and would face the death penalty. As such, the seven cops, who remain unidentified as usual and who followed, literally accompanied the shooter (because they sure didn’t shoot him), into the school are parties to the crime and should be charged accordingly.

The media should be demanding these cops be named, fired and prosecuted. Instead, there is a barely audible demand for more training, when the talking heads aren’t making excuses for these cowardly cops’ refusal to take action. Nevertheless, maybe it is time for America’s police to be trained on how to act under fire, which could easily be accomplished by sending them to the “Russian front.” After all, that is how Hitler kept his storm troopers in line. Besides, Ukraine could use the help, while giving American police the opportunity to get over their cowardice by practicing shooting at the Russian army, who shoot back. The fact a lot of them won’t be coming back would be another plus. Just saying.

As for the renewed cries for more gun control, I don’t like guns; I wish there weren’t any. But the virtually interchangeable byproducts of civilization, that is, the police, criminals and crazies, would still have guns. So you have to ask yourself, “Where does that leave the rest of us?” Consequently and in honor of the Panthers, our demand must not be “disarm The People”; it must be “defund and disarm the police.”

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