Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!

Dolores-Huerta-and-Teresa-Romero-UFW-march-0822-1400x1050, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
Leading the final mile of the UFW march were co-founder Elder Dolores Huerta and first immigrant UFW President Teresa Romero – right behind Sis+Star carrying Virgin Mary artwork. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Farm Workers and Allies March and Rally for Human Rights

by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

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Braving intense three-digit heat, farm workers concluded a grueling 24-day, 335 mile march through the central valley, ending at the state capitol. They were joined for the final mile by thousands of community supporters and unionists, including nurses, health care workers, teachers, janitors, clerks, auto workers, construction trades, teamster drivers, media workers and more. 

Baba-Jahahara-with-Amate-and-Antonio-from-the-Mission-UFW-march-0822-1400x1050, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
Brothers Amate and Antonio, precious Suns of Sis-Star Orlanda and Brother Ivan from san francisco’s “la mission” neighborhood, who insisted on helping Elder Baba Jahahara carry his sign on the march. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

The march was a reenactment of the same route, from delano to sacramento, led by United Farm Workers (UFW) co-founders Elder Dolores Huerta, now 92 years young, and Ancestor CESAR CHAVEZ in 1966. The focus was to collectively demand Gov. Gavin Newsom sign AB 2183. 

Teamsters-Mark-and-Jessica-from-Modesto-UFW-march-0822, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
New friends from modesto and Teamster union members Mark and Jessica with a powerful message for Governor Newsom. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

This critical legislation would give workers in the fields the rights that many others in labor often take for granted: to unionize without intimidation from the growers who employ them; for health care benefits; living wages; adequate breaks in the fields; fresh drinking water; rest-room facilities; affordable housing; an end to deadly pesticides and much more.

The specific legislation contained in AB 2183: “The Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act,” has passed both the assembly and senate. It would allow farm workers to vote to join or reject unionization by safer and private means, including mail-in their ballots, workers would also have the option of receiving assistance in filling out and completing their ballots off-site. 

KPFA-Free-Wheelin-Frank-Sterling-Miquel-Molina-UFW-march-0822-1400x1050, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
KPFA colleagues and friends, “Free Wheelin’” Frank Sterling (in red), Miquel Gavilan Molina (in Hawaiian shirt) and a new member of our First Voice program. Check out their coverage of the march on the Flashpoints show for 26 August 2022. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

The multi-millionaire Newsom, who has interests in the lucrative wine and hospitality industries, has said he is opposed to the bill because “we cannot support an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election … and is predicated on an assumption that government cannot effectively enforce laws.“ Last year, Newsom also vetoed AB 616, which AB 2183 mirrors.

Well, WE say a collective bull-s..t! If our state can lead the way to establish safe and effective voting rights during the deadly pandemic for tens of millions of people, certainly WE can expand the methods of voting and human rights for our most essential workers of all – the laborers that provide us food. 

Brother-Francisco-Herrera-UFW-march-0822-1400x819, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
Brother Francisco Herrera, in the red shirt, leads other musicians in singing songs of labor solidarity on steps of state capitol. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Please call Gov. Newsom, who has plans to run for president, and demand he sign AB 2183 before this session expires on Aug. 31, 2022. Tell him don’t bite the hand that feeds him, his family, this state and many across the u.s. and world. Gov. Newsom’s number is 916-445-2841; or visit the UFW website at

Elder-Eloy-Martinez-with-Baba-Jahahara-UFW-march-0822, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
Elder Eloy Martinez, an original occupier of Alcatraz in 1969, with Baba Jahahara. Along with our Indigenous warrior Elders Wounded Knee, Tony Gonzalez (AIM+West), Sis-Star Morning Star Gali and others, they opened the march with a sacred and Spiritual land, water and ancestral offerings. – Photo: Sis-Star Bonnie Bone


Rally-at-capitol-UFW-march-0822-1400x1050, Sign the damn AB 2183 bill, Newsom!, News & Views
On Friday, Aug. 26, 2022, thousands from around california, oregon and mexico gathered at the state capitol in support of UFW! – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Among his many positions over the decades, Baba Jahahara is a free-tired labor union activist, helping successfully organize and win major contracts for workers in chicago, kansas city, new york, mississippi and around california. Reach him c/o FONAMI, P.O. Box 10963, oakland, ca 94610 or