No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!

Baba-Jah-at-Buckingham-Palace-in-London-England-2016-by-Jahahara, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
ALL HELL, NOT HAIL, TO THE CRIMINAL ENGLISH MONARCHY! Baba Jahahara at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London England, during a special tour of that city provided by fellow Reparationists. This was two days prior to our major “Stop the Maangamizi: We charge genocide and ecocide” and “Demand reparatory justice and reparations” Rally, March and Delivery of Petitions to the Head of State. With thousands from around our Afrikan Diaspora, WE marched from the community of Brixton across Westminster Bridge to Parliament (the House of Commons and Lords); and, eventually, to Number 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister. Read Baba Jahahara’s speech and accounting of that event in 6256/2016 here. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Please vote in October and no later than 8 November 2022!

by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

6262 AAAK / October 2022 JC-PG

Africans Deserve Reparations! ‘Cause, Black Lives Matter!

Blessings of IMANI (FAITH) Beloved, Brilliant, Bold, Brave and Beautiful G-o-ds, Elders, Sis-Stars, Bro-Stars and Youthful Revolutionaries! 

May our Most High Divine Mother-Father Creator of and in All – and incredible Ancients and Ancestors from past millennia, yesteryears and, literally, yesterday – find you and (y)our extended Family thriving and in healing Spirit, Loving Life and seeking sacred MA’AT. 

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Income and other restrictions apply. Section 8 welcome. Equal Housing Opportunity.

HEALED UP! i am especially thrilled to share my offering this month after surviving a mighty bout with the coronavirus. Though i have strong immunity, get tested weekly and still double-mask in public, i still got what my health practitioners called a “mild” version in late August. During the first three rounds, covid hit me hard with devastating blows to my throat, head and gut that knocked me down, but not out. Fortunately, i was able to make a strong comeback. 

Like the Champs WE be, i punched and kicked back with patience and precision. Using divine Gifts of rest, complete isolation, healing rays from Amen-RA, lighter exercise and healthy vegan food and drinks prepared and delivered by our loving team of family, comrades and close friends … i was able to overwhelm and “whup” some covid ass. 

. . . “three thousand people a month continue to perish from coronavirus” in the usa alone.

While President Joe Biden claims “the pandemic is over,” i continue to encourage all of us to continue to protect ourselves, and our immunity, in every way possible, against known and unknown risks. According to a 22 September 2022 Report from the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated “four thousand persons are hospitalized each day” and, an alarming “three thousand people a month continue to perish from coronavirus” in the usa alone. 

And, guess who is represented disproportionately in these numbers? WE people of Afrikan, Indigenous and Latinx ancestry (particularly, those suffering from systemic impoverishment, with pre-existing illnesses and horrific living conditions)! So, remember, dear Sisters and Brothers, our health is our greatest wealth. Do all in your power to protect it. Amen. Asé.

Honoring a few of our new Ancestors

WE mourn, celebrate and pay tribute to several recent transformations to Spirit, including … and this one really and truly hurts, EV’RYBODY’s Main Man, our Beloved Baba TONY COLEMAN! Mos def, one of our most inspiring and dedicated friends and commUNITY organizers. One who has played a key role in our movements fighting to expose the crimes and helped lock up murderous police who took innocent lives; from AARON WILLIAMS across the bridge in OHLONE/francisco to OSCAR GRANT III here in OHLONE/oakland to so many more. 

Baba-Tony-Coleman-Founder-of-One-Fam-and-owner-of-Bikes-4Life-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1050, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents

Baba Tony survived a horrific stint in prison and was determined to help build more power, purpose and love on the outside. Not just for his Suns, and mine, but, for all our young Brothers and Sis-Stars. He helped found groups for justice like Third+Eye Movement, One Fam and All of Us or None, and businesses ranging from Bikes+to+Life to the Revolution Cafe. 

WE even had a recording studio, that he built, in our AFSC office in downtown OHLONE, where he led Community Organizing on a variety of survival issues here in the Bay Area – and i directed the Afrika Initiative and Afrika Youth Exchange. He is so real, that whenever he called, WE tried to be present, to support him in court, to his blues events to help bring historic 7th Street back in west OHLONE, to raise or contribute some cash, to ride and bring others to our bike parades around OHLONE and da Lake, or to give a shout-out in our Bay View newspaper – unless i was traveling. 

i affectionately nick-named him “Huey” for his brilliance and passion for justice – as well as his bearing a slight resemblance to Black Panther for Self-Defense co-founder Dr. HUEY P. NEWTON. LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF BABA TONY COLEMAN! Amen. Asé. 

In September, several other beloveds left this life, including our life-long friend, classmate and teammate CALVIN “PRETTY BOY” JOHNSON. Amen. Asé. Baba SALADIN MUHAMMAD, a co-founder of our Black Workers for Justice as well as a key organizer with the North Carolina Public Workers (United Electrical Union) and Southern Workers Assembly. Amen. Asé. Dr.+Attorney+Queen+Mother+Minister AVA MUHAMMAD of the Nation of Islam. Amen. Asé. 

Artist-Leo-Carsons-new-bust-of-Breonna-Taylor-in-Oakland-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1050, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
Artist Leo Carson’s new bust of Ancestor BREONNA TAYLOR, who was brutally murdered in 2020 by vicious police in louisville kentucky. While the killers were acquitted on state charges, nearly two years later, four of the officers were indicted on federal charges this past August. Located at 16th and Telegraph in OHLONE/oakland, Brother Leo’s first bust of her was destroyed by cowardly ‘vandals’ back in 2020. It was amazing i was so focused on observing the features on this memorial bust, that i didn’t notice the black & white car when taking this photo. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Our great composer, maestro, musician, radio host and Chi-Light (chicagoan) RAMSEY LEWIS. Amen. Asé. And, after not hearing from him for some time, WE were recently informed that Dr. COBIE KWASI HARRIS, Professor and former Chair of African Americans Studies at san jose state university, has also left this life. Amen. Asé. 

The great teacher, composer, musician and artist Baba PHAROAH SANDERS also joined our Ancestors, on 24th September. He shared his profound talents with true GIANTS such as JOHN and ALICE COLTRANE, SUN RA and a number of incredible musicians around our world. Heartfelt blessings and remembrances to his former wife Queen Mama Shukuru, and daughter Naima Sanders. Respectfully, please take a seat, relax for a few moments, close your eyes and listen to Baba Pharoah’s Master-PEACE, “The Creator Has A Master Plan!

Finally, WE offer sacred thoughts for the many precious lives stolen by the capitalist-imperialist murderous militaries and polluters represented in washington and on wall $treet as well as London, Brussels, Paris, the apartheid state of isreal, Moscow and other neo-fascist dictatorships. They continue their massive production and distribution of dangerous deadly weapons; denial of basic human rights; withholding of basic necessities like food, housing, healthcare, a clean environment, etc.; as well as genocidal corporate wars against the people, our climate and environment … in the Congo to Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia, Palestine, Syria, Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, around Turtle Island – so-called “americas” including the ucptsa – including KUSH II (jackson, mississippi and environs) and so many other areas of our world. Please stay informed of the latest imperialist crimes against humanity and nature, and how WE can collectively act, by visiting our Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) at

Long Live the Spirit, legacies and numerous contributions of these new and All our incredible Ancients and Ancestors. Asé. Asé. Asé-O!

No Mourning the Criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!

“WE have defeated wicked popes and criminal monarchies

Like crooked Napoleon and their brutal imperialist armies

Through our Power of Pan Afrikan Unity

WE have won our independence

From Angola to Ayiti (Haiti), Zimbabwe to Cuba to Libya …

By standing on the shoulders of our great Ancestors!

More than 500 Years of Fighting for Freedom!

Five Centuries of Afrikan Resistance!”

From my song “More Than 500 Years/5 Centuries of Afrikan Resistance” by Baba Jahahara, © (P) 6258/2018 HOTEP Music.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor left this life in September. For the past seven decades, she served as the official head of the brutal, criminal, multi-billionaire, former reigning heavy-weight world oppressors and robber barons, known as the English monarchy. She has been succeeded by her first son, Charles Philip Arthur George. Many in England – for decades, i’ve refused to use the colonialist and white terrorist supremacist terms of “united kingdom” or “u.k.,” “great britain” or “commonwealth” – and elsewhere have been expressing great sorrow. 

However, even greater numbers of former “subjects,” victims and survivors are not shedding any tears. Instead, WE are determined to unite, collectively demand and expand our movements for Truth, Justice and Reparations from the monarchs as well as their oppressive imperialist offspring around our world. Amen. Asé. 

A good first step – as an individual, family or group – is to link up with others consistently seeking to advance our great cause. WE encourage you to consider becoming a member and builder of our N’COBRA (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in america). Go to N’COBRA’s website to stay updated and/or become an official member

Pongezi (Congratulations)!

Pongezi to Reverend Ken Chambers, Pastor of West Side Missionary Baptist Church in oakland, for undergoing a successful kidney transplant. The donor of this life-sustaining Gift was his incredible daughter, Queen Candace Chambers. Last time WE checked both were recovering well at UCSF Medical Center. This is also where my first cousin and Ancestor, DONALD CALVIN ARMSTRONG, received a new kidney, which provided him an additional four years of blessed life. Amen. Asé. 

Pongezi to my former partner, Queen Mama Makani Themba, for her very insightful article on the water crises in KUSH II (jackson, mississippi and environs) in The Nation! You can read it here. Also, please donate to our comrades organizing not only around the decades-long water crises, but for collective economic power and survival by going to

Fighting-Against-Extinction-in-OHLONE-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1050, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
Fighting Against Extinction! Hundreds of OHLONE/oakland students, some supported by their teachers and parents, left school and shut-down streets in the city’s financial district and near City Hall. They were part of the Global Strike for Our Climate, our No Coal in Oakland which was organized by Youth vs Apocalypse #UPROOTtheSYSTEM Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara
SisStar-Jade-of-Youth-vs-Apocalypse-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1050, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
Youth Organizing the Youth! Sis+Star Jade, one of many young organizers of color leading new generations of environmental, climate, water, land, reparations and justice activists. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

LAND BACK! Pongezi to our mighty native nations, as WE prepare to commemorate Indigenous People’s Day, on 10 October! WE acknowledge city officials in what is now called oakland california for taking a small first step to return some of the sacred land stolen by genocidal terrorist European and american settlers from our OHLONE Indigenous nation. 

A few acres at Sequoia Point, in what is now known as Joaquin Miller Park off skyline road – where i have hiked and had celebrations with family and friends several times a week since first moving here in 6235/1995 – has been turned over to the stewardship of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. This effort, led by powerful Indigenous women, grew out of many righteous fights to rematriate the sacred lands, including the Sogorea Te’ sacred burial grounds, near the current vallejo-benecia area. 

Trailhead-of-Redwoods-in-J.-Miller-Park-handed-over-to-Indigenous-People-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1050, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
Trailhead to sacred redwood and sequoia forest and streams on my favorite path for nearly 30 years. This area is now being turned over to the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust on behalf of the Indigenous OHLONE nations, by the city of oakland. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

As Lisjan Ohlone leader Corinna Gould says so profoundly: “We didn’t ‘own’ the land. We belonged to the Land.” Learn more at

NEXT UP? Collectively demanding a return or adequate compensation for the lands criminally-stolen by racist local and federal governments and agencies – such as the I-980 as well as 7th Street in west oakland – which destroyed our communities and numerous homes, institutions, businesses and the lives of people of Afrikan ancestry? Amen. Asé. 

Pongezi to Third World Press and founder Baba Dr. Haki Madhabuti on its 55th Anniversary! Based on chicago’s southside, TWP continues to publish and promote the literary excellence of thinkers, activists, artists and writers of Afrikan ancestry. Visit the website at

Pongezi to all our great candidates for elected office who have sacrificed so much to share their extraordinary visions, talent and time to create a better commUNITY and just society! Special Shout-Ups to, with encouragement for you to ALWAYS VOTE YOUR INTERESTS (AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS) THIS OCTOBER and NO LATER THAN 8 NOVEMBER 2022: 

  • For PAMELA PRICE for alameda county District Attorney! 
  • For GREGORY HODGE, ALLYSSA VICTORY, JOHN REIMANN and/or SHENG THAO as your top three ranked-choice candidates for Mayor of OHLONE/oakland!
  • For ANYONE but Brooke Jenkins as District Attorney in san francisco!!!
  • YES on california Proposition 1 Protect the Health and Reproductive Rights of Women!
  • NO on Prop 27 Which Promotes More Destructive Online Gambling!
  • YES on Prop 30 Taxing the Wealthiest Corporations and Individuals to Help Address Climate Catastrophes! 
  • YES on Prop 31 to Prohibit Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products!

Sisters and Brothers, continue to take (y)our righteous steps … knowing our Divine will do the rest. And, always walk in the Power of IMANI (FAITH) … on each and every day. Amen-RA Hotep! Asé.

Sacred-Savasana-led-by-Queen-Maureen-Baba-Rondy-with-Sis-Star-Jayde-sharing-Sound-Bath-Healing-Bowls-by-Jahahara-2022-1400x1068, No mourning the criminal imperial(ist) monarchies!, Culture Currents
“When this old world starts getting you down, there’s room enough for 50, Up on the roof… in the OHLONE/oakland hills.” Sacred Savasana celebrating a(nother) full moon and turn-away from Amen-RA (aka, “sun-set), led by Black to Yoga’s Queen Maureen and Baba Rondy with Sis-Star Jayde sharing Sound Bath Healing Bowls. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

#BlackLivesMatter #AfricansDeserveReparationsNow #FreeTheLand #BringOurEldersHomeNow #AbolishPrisonsandPolice #AbortPatriarchy #LoveandDefendMotherEarth #BlackNewDeal

Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at is the fourth of seven Suns of Ancestors Baba CLEVELAND LEE ARMSTRONG, SR. and Queen Mama ELIZABETH ELIZANN OAKS ARMSTRONG; Baba of Chioke Bakari; and, traces his roots to the Ewondo (present-day Cameroon) and Yoruba (Nigeria) in Alkebulan-Afrika. He is the author of several books, including Afrikans Deserve Reparations! With Many Paths to Kujichagulia (Self-Determination). Baba Jahahara is also a Life Member and former National Male Co-Chair of N’COBRA. Take a listen to a few songs from his musical catalog here. Invite Baba Jahahara to present at your group, school, spiritual gathering or event c/o or FONAMI, P.O. Box 10963, oakland, ca 94610.