Bay Area entertainment renaissance woman Keldamuzik speaks

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Keldamuzik at a recent podcast interview with ibis MUSIC.

by Oakland Bureau Chief People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey 

If you have been anywhere around the Oakland or San Francisco local music scene since the end of the lockdowns, then you probably have run into the name Keldamuzik on a flier at least once or twice, because like they used to say about James Brown being the man, Keldamuzik is the hardest working woman in Bay Area entertainment. 

She is a fashion designer with her own line of berets. She is a model. She is an actress. She hosts and organizes fashion shows that include local designers and models. She is the COO of a well known record label. She organizes her own tours, she is a Hip Hop artist and more. Keldamuzik is a jewel in the crown of the Bay Area music scene, so read up on her in her own words.  

JR Valrey: You recently visited the European country of Switzerland, what brought you there of all places, and how was it? Keldamuzik: Switzerland has great opportunities for Hip Hop artists, and I wanted to go somewhere that many US indie artists don’t normally go to in Europe and start my own movement there. Zurich is where all of the major concerts are held – recently Kendrick Lamar was out there, Kehlani, Pusha-T, Lizzo – I also had a few business meetings lined up to discuss the launch of my berets called Tamz. From meeting and greeting with different fashion labels, artists, promoters and venues, I was really able to create a foundation for myself out there.

Keldamuzik-Switzerland-tour-promo, <strong>Bay Area entertainment renaissance woman Keldamuzik speaks</strong>, Culture Currents Local News & Views News & Views
Oakland’s Keldamuzik did a 3-day tour in Switzerland.

JR Valrey: How were you accepted as a Black musician from the US in Switzerland? 

Keldamuzik: In certain venues I was very accepted, but in others they strictly do Blues and Jazz, as Zurich is a very conservative city. At Club Hard One where I made my appearance, they had nothing but Hip Hop artists perform, lol funny thing is no one was Black, I was the only Black artist. That goes to show you how Hip Hop has expanded in so many regions. Everyone was down with the movement and support. 

JR Valrey: What have you been up to as far as recording? 

Keldamuzik: Right now I’m working on some tracks with my big bro Kafani. We recently released the “Mind Sex” song and video; now we’re gonna release an EP before he goes away. 

I also will be releasing a compilation at the end of November called “The Diva Network.” The album consists of all the collaborations that I had with some of Hip Hop’s most poppin artists such as Hylan Starr, Eddi Projex, Nova Boy, Kirk Brown, Netta Brielle, Numskull, Dem Hoodstarz and a few more. Y’all are gonna love it! 

JR Valrey: You’ve been doing a lot of fashion shows. Can you talk about your line of berets? Did you promote them in Switzerland?

Keldamuzik: Yes, I’ve been doing fashion shows for about a year now – definitely a new industry for me especially with my new line of berets, Tamz. It’s funny because I never looked at myself hosting fashion shows or even working behind the scenes, casting models, designers and such but it all came so naturally to me when I started doing it; and I love doing it. 

I promoted Tamz in Switzerland, and I was able to meet with a few distributors that I’m looking to partner with to bring Tamz to an international market. 

JR Valrey: What made you get into berets first in the fashion industry? 

Keldamuzik: Honestly, no one has branded berets before, especially in the Hip Hop community and Black community; and I mean this from a fashion point of view. We’ve never had anything like this before, especially with different colors. 

At first I was marketing this to women only because of all the bright colors we have, but then men started gravitating towards it and purchasing the black and brown ones. So I’m like OK, this is for EVERYONE! 

JR Valrey: Can you talk about you being promoted to COO to run rapper Kafani’s record label? 

Keldamuzik: Yep! So this is a story I’ve always wanted to share about bro. I’ve known him for years, when he was on the rise. I remember coming up to him asking to interview him when “Fasst” came out. I was like damn this is the Bay Area’s next star right here. 

Fast forward – get it “fasst forward” lol – anyway, when he was sitting down, he was listening to music at the kiosk that they have, and he noticed I was the only Bay Area artist whose music was placed in prisons. From there, when he got out, he contacted me and the rest is history.

This next tour will be called Diva International Tour, as “Diva” is the basis of my brand so everything that I do is Diva-related.

Kafani is a very wise businessman, and he has shown me the Hip Hop game and put me onto some things that money couldn’t buy in this industry. I look forward to running his label while he’s away and being able to give other artists the opportunities they deserve and give them the ability to be distributed by Ice King/Empire. 

JR Valrey: So as a rapper, fashion designer and music executive, which job is your priority? Why? 

Keldamuzik: ALL of them, lol! I make time for each campaign or project that I’m doing; for example, I recently did a sizzle reel with comedian Mario Hodge, we did a trailer for his new series called “The Hodges.” I made sure that I prioritized that on my schedule to where there were no other conflicts, and everything worked out amazingly and perfectly. 

Before that I was in a play called “How Black Mothers Say I Love You” directed by Tanika Baptiste. I committed to that for a month and a half. It was hard work and my first time in a play, but I was so glad I did it and got that experience under my belt. 

Before that Kafani and I recorded “Mind Sex” and shot the video. We made that a priority for the both of us and were able to knock it out in a timely manner. It’s so funny because when I used to host Diva Talk Tonite on KOFY TV, I had people telling me that I should put music and films to the side and just work on the talk show, but I’m like No! I can do it ALL. Anyone can do it all as long as you know what you’re doing and how to meet deadlines and such. 

JR Valrey: Where do you plan to travel next besides Switzerland? 

Keldamuzik: Next I plan on performing again in Tokyo as well as the Philippines. My team and I are working on that now, and I hope to have some dates lined up early next year. This tour will be called Diva International Tour, as Diva is the basis of my brand, so everything that I do is Diva related. 

Other places where I want to perform are Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria and India. Really good markets for Hip Hop and with females being hot right now in the game, it’s even better opportunities. JR Valrey: Where can people hear and purchase your music? How can people keep up with you online? 

Keldamuzik: Yes, they can visit my world at, all of my socials and access to music is on there. But just in case, my socials are @Keldamuzik on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

JR Valrey, journalist, author, filmmaker and founder of Black New World Media, heads the SF Bay View’s Oakland Bureau and is founder of his latest project, the Ministry of Information Podcast. He can be reached at and on Instagram.