Cheers to here

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JR Valrey and William Palmer celebrating at the Love Life Foundation gala on Nov. 10, 2022.

by William Palmer, Editor in Chief

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, we’d just finished mapping out the December newspaper and memories of the last year filled my thoughts. Those that have passed on and those who still have boots on the ground marching on. This is the season that my momma’s voice beats through my heart. She was all about love, hugs and forgiveness. I celebrate her values from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Her birthday is Jan. 14 and that’s the end of celebrating Hunee’s Love.

My spirit flew to acknowledge those who have fallen into the next life and come home to live their best life after next. Sidi Mustafa was a gentle giant of a man in a 5-foot-10-inch frame. The community poured out to visit him as the dignitary he is. Mumia Abu Jamal was denied while Dr. Mutulu Shakur was approved to walk the streets again. Other political prisoners are still standing strong. We’re coming for you, Mujahid Shabazz. Your liberation is my purpose.

To be in the company of royalty for the Love Life. Witnessing the godfather of Oakland Donald Lacy honoring JR Valrey, the Minister of Information, a Champion of Oakland with his lifetime work. To be the first to coin Police Terrorism in print media setting the stage for what’s to come in Black Media. Bryan Stevenson you must come back through and stop at SF Bay View.

Politics is popping like popcorn. Brooke Jenkins won the DA of SF and declared war on our children. Sheng Thao became mayor of Oakland in a controversial photo finish. We know something is brewing in the wind. When the fog lifts, we’ll see who’s left standing for the community.

Enough of all that; it’s time to be with family. Whether you say Thanksgiving and think about colonial genocide or holiday with pay, we celebrate surviving. Let this be the time of year you love more, cry and hug more. Let this be a time we accept each other unapologetically. Let freedom and liberation of trauma’s restrictions end like the 31st and take your finger off hair triggers that aim bullets of pain at each other.

Today I say thank you all for making me the masculine man I am. Thank you all that have financed my purpose with rent money. Most of all, alhamdulillah, for life, love and laughter one more 365 around the sun with my community. May we shine like stars! ‘Tis the holy day season.

William Palmer, Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, is an advocate for juvenile justice, holistic reentry expert and a social engineer. He can be reached at