Black woman

stardust-permutation-Nicole-Dixon-1400x1359, <strong>Black woman</strong>, Abolition Now!
“Stardust Permutation” from “The Black Woman is God” exhibit 2021. See more of Dixon’s work here. –Art: Nicole Dixon

by B.L. Thornton

Black woman

Shaper of civilizations

And arms

That cradled white babies

Who grew up

To own you

Black woman

Giver of love unconditional

And receiver of blows

That no being should know

At the hands of all

Including countless Black men

Who accost you as their foe

Black woman

Bearing in silence

Apathy’s violence

Your crown askew

You even say to yourself sometimes

I hate you

Black woman

Watching others


While they



Backdoor fate


They love what they pretend to hate

Black woman

Heart so full

But never too full to crowd out those you love

Dare to push

Dare to pull

And bow to no one

Except God above

Black woman 

In the spirit of truth,


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