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Jasper-style lynching in Paris, Texas

October 12, 2008
Jacqueline McClelland is the grieving mother of Brandon McClelland, 24, who was dragged to death in Paris, Texas, on Sept. 16, 2008, 10 years after the infamous dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in nearby Jasper, Texas. – Photo: Jesse Muhammad
NEWS BULLETIN: A Rally Against Hate in Paris, Texas, Demanding Justice for the family of Brandon McClelland has been announced by the Millions More Movement in Houston. Two events are scheduled for Monday, Nov. 17: 1) Massive Rally at Lamar County Courthouse, 119 North Main St., Paris, at 4 p.m. and 2) Town Hall Meeting at New Birth Baptist Church, 2505 Campbell St., Paris, at 6 p.m. Call (469) 321-2704 or (713) 534-4021 for more information. And watch the video “Jacqueline McClelland on Dragging Death in Paris, Texas.”

by Jesse Muhammad

On Saturday, Oct. 4, I received a serious phone call from Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) in regards to a possible dragging death in Paris, Texas, which is located about five hours north of Houston. The first thing that immediately came to my mind was that 2008 is the 10th anniversary of the lynching of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas. Liken unto that case, the victim in Paris was said to be a 24-year-old Black man and his killers were two White men.

I immediately Googled the town and saw that there was only a handful of media outlets that had covered the story, which involved Brandon McClelland and these two White males. One reason possibly that there was hardly any coverage was that this killing took place on Sept. 16, which was the tail end of Hurricane Ike hitting landfall, so I am sure the town officials were hoping this would be swept under the rug. Too bad, because the Final Call is on top of it!

Sister Krystal told me that members of the NBPP Dallas Chapter were on the ground already to meet with the family. So myself, Sister Krystal and my older brother Deric Muhammad hit the road on Sunday, Oct. 5, to do some on-the-ground work to see what really happened.

Brandon McClelland’s family gathered on their front porch in Paris, Texas, Oct. 5 to discuss his lynching, which local officials have tried to sweep under the rug. . – Photo: Jesse Muhammad
After a five hour drive, we arrived in the ‘hood of Paris. We then caravanned over to the home of the McClelland family, where Brandon’s mother sat on the porch with tears in her eyes. Jacqueline McClelland and her family gave recorded statements to me for my Final Call story as well as the NBPP for an independent investigation.

Brandon McClelland - Photo courtesy McClelland family
We were also joined by local activists, a head of the state NAACP chapter and other friends of the family.

After hearing their accounts, it was verified that her son was dragged under a pickup truck by these two White males and his body was dismembered. Jasper all over again. Afterwards we drove over to the grave site.

Parts of Brandon McClelland’s skull and other evidence ignored by local officials were found at the scene of this atrocious crime by Jesse Muhammad and other activists on Oct. 5, nearly three weeks after his dragging death. – Photo: Jesse Muhammad
We then went to the scene of the crime in Lamar County. You would not believe that parts of Brandon McClelland’s skull were still out there on the ground! Shows how much the police cared. It was like an episode of CSI:NY with blood tracks up and down the road and tire marks chased by the blood trails. This was one of the most painful stories I have had to cover in person.

“They tied my son to that truck and drugged him until his body parts were detached,” said his mother Jacqueline McClelland to the Final Call. “His body was so destroyed that it could not even be embalmed by the funeral home. This is a hate crime. I don’t want the death penalty for these killers because that would be too quick. I want them to suffer for life in jail without parole since I will never have my son back.”

Brandon McClelland’s mother Jacqueline (right) and another family member tell the story of his lynching to journalist Jesse Muhammad (left). – Photo: Jesse Muhammad
Jesse Muhammad is a motivational speaker, a staff writer for the Final Call newspaper, known for his coverage of the Jena 6 and Hurricane Katrina survivors, and the co-founder and senior editor of For Youth Teens and Young Adults (FYTYA), Houston’s largest youth and college paper. Email him at and visit Brother Jesse Blog at, where this story first appeared. To hear Jesse discuss this lynching, go to and search for Jesse Muhammad.

‘Was his death a hate crime?’ asks Chicago Tribune

In an Oct. 5 story in the Chicago Tribune, the only mainstream newspaper to cover this lynching so far except for a brief story Oct. 1 in the Dallas Morning News, Howard Witt reports that Paris police initially reported Brandon McClelland’s death as a hit and run until they looked at the undercarriage of a truck belonging to Shannon Finley, 27. He and a friend, Charles Ryan Crostley, 27, now the suspects in the case, have white supremacist ties, according to the McClelland family and local civil rights leaders. Police continue to deny the lynching was racially motivated.

Witt reports that the two men “allegedly ran (Brandon) down and then dragged him 40 feet along the road until his mutilated body popped out from beneath the chassis, according to a police affidavit accompanying the warrant for Finley’s arrest.

“‘If you take somebody out to the country like that in the middle of the night and do that to him in that way, that’s how they do black people around here,’ said Brenda Cherry, a local activist working with McClelland’s family. ‘To me, it smells like Jasper.’

“Paris’ race relations came under withering national scrutiny last year after the Tribune reported the case of Shaquanda Cotton, a 14-year-old African-American girl who was sentenced by a local judge to up to seven years in a youth prison for shoving a hall monitor at her high school. Just three months earlier, the same judge had sentenced a 14-year-old white girl to probation after convicting her of the more serious crime of arson for burning down her family’s house.

“The discrepancy in the treatment of the two teenagers provoked protests from national civil rights groups and led to Cotton’s early release from prison.

“Now McClelland’s family fears that Paris officials, eager to protect their city of 26,000 from another round of negative publicity over race relations, are purposely downplaying possible racial overtones in McClelland’s murder.

“‘At the crime scene, it looked like these boys went back and poured beer on my son’s body,’ said Jacqueline McClelland, Brandon’s mother. ‘Two beer cans were lying out there, but the police didn’t even pick them up, they just left evidence out there. They won’t even consider the racial issues. That’s the way it is in Paris.’”

Read the entire story at,0,6252776.story.

33 thoughts on “Jasper-style lynching in Paris, Texas

  1. anonymous

    Was it a hate crime? That would be a first thought. However, it is not totally clear since there is so much black on black crime.

    I feel sorry for the family’s loss. My prayers go out to the remaining family members.

    I hope this incident wakes up black america in that they understand how black on black crime only makes it more difficult for anyone to find those who committed the crime.

  2. Laverne Boyd

    None of this is the whole truth, and is doing a disservice to the people of this city and Lamar County. It’s skewed, distorted and full of assumptions. It’s all quotes by only black racists in this community and trashy outlets like this feed on it and stir things up.
    Not one person in the white community has thought this was a hate crime, as you well know, the guys were friends of long standing. Only hate mongers and race baiters of the black kind are calling it such. Alcohol, drugs and stupid was involved that night, nothing else. Then the boys who killed Brandon, accidently chickened out and didn’t tell the authorities until they were caught.

  3. B.R.

    Are you kidding me? This incident was just swept under the carpet like it never even happened. Amidst Ike and the current presidency election this was not considered news worthy. How dare the media that covered the story and the City of Paris Texas try to concile something so horrendous and heartbreaking? My prayers and condolences go out to the family of this young man. I am praying for justice and very soon. I think Barack Obama would be horrified at this finding especially at a time when he is trying to unite the world.

  4. Laverne Boyd

    This is a one-sided article designed to inflame hatred and resentment between the races. It’s filled with statements by individuals who are focused on hatred and cannot stand the idea of a black kid being killed by white kids. Therefore, they must yell racist. Did you check to see how many whites have been deliberately murdered by blacks? Let me just say, a lot more than the other way around.
    These guys are entitled to a fair trial and sentencing, just as the black perpetrators of the cold blooded murders did.
    Brandon knew one of his friends had been convicted and sentenced for killing another friend, because he perjured himself at his trial. What does that say about him?
    The only thing going on at this mess was drugs, alcohol and stupid. Finley was a mean person from all accounts, but it was known by all his friends. That certainly doesn’t excuse what was done, but it wasn’t a hate crime. Stupid, yes.

  5. Tony Greene

    This goes to show you that man is the ultimate enemy of the earth. We are suppose to be the most intelligent but yet we are the most ignorant of all the animal speices. When are we going to learn the ability to think should always be for the better of all men regardless of race,color, or religion. We are all people when are we going to learn to stop preaching hate? Break down these walls of ignorance that were taught to us by people before us with there own self serving intrest and put up the wall of love peace for everyone. My heart hurts for all involved. May we learn from this and heal the sick minds and the wounded hearts. This is a vicious cycle that must be stopped.

  6. Ann Garrison

    I spent a lot of time studying reports from the Congo, where the barbarity of hundreds of years of slavery and imperial resource wars seems to have created the worst stories imaginable, but this still left me gasping. This, right here, in the San Francisco Bay View, is the first I’ve heard of it.

    I posted it to Facebook. I think I buzzed it up to Yahoo News! and if I didn’t, I will. I’ll also post to DIGG, but I’d like to urge other Net activists to get on these sites and try to post it or vote for it—vote to say that this is important news.

    I’m not an Obama supporter, but I think it’s worth noting here that if the presidential election were held in cyberspace today, Obama would win in a landslide.

  7. Carol Guillory

    This is so ridiculous. Not one word was said about this young man during the time Ike hit the Texas Coast.I pray to God when justice is served it will not be with that past judge who sentenced that young black lady to 7 years in a juvenile system. Where in the hell is the “justice” when it comes to Paris,Texas? I will notify everyone one I know in order to help and protect the citizens of Paris, Tx.
    May God Bless

  8. mary Post author

    A white pastor in Paris, Texas, called Wednesday. He acknowledges that what happened was a murder and intentional but objects to calling it a lynching or a dragging death. He seems especially concerned that it not serve as a reminder of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper. He’s afraid that Paris will forever be as vilified as Jasper.

    At his request I did change a word in one of Bro. Jesse’s sentences, which now reads, “After hearing their accounts, it was verified that her son was dragged under a pickup truck by these two White males and his body was dismembered.” The previous wording was “dragged on the back of” the truck.

    It seemed like a distinction without much of a difference to me, but we do strive to be accurate. Actually, by quoting the Chicago Tribune story, we had already published the official account of just how Bro. Brandon was dragged.

    The pastor also objected that Bro. Jesse had not talked with enough of the Black leaders in Paris. He and Jesse have since talked.

    In my opinion, which I shared with the pastor, racism lives everywhere in this country – certainly here in San Francisco. When people are more concerned that evidence of the racism in their town not be made pubic than with working to eliminate that racism and the terrible disparities and hate crimes it incites, we have our work cut out for us.

    Mary Ratcliff, editor
    SF Bay View

  9. Concerned Texan

    How can you say black on black…this article clearly says “his killers were two White men”? Why does that even play into this story???Come on people! What the hell is wrong with this worl? Some of us are really struggling just to take care of our families and you have stupid people doing dumb a@$ stuff..Racism is still alive and it takes each individual to do their part to make it disappear..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! We still have kids that are growing up in the MAD SOCIETY…McClelland family you have my prayers…

  10. Pastor Bob N. Thomas

    This incident is such a total atrocity. Only blind, mute and deaf persons would say this is not a hate crime. I expect Red necked Texans to respond that this is not a hate crime. Lets see, 2 whites dragging a black guy with a truck, 10 years after the Jasper inicident. And also most of the blacks that were lynched in past years knew thier racist attackers. Oh by the way, I am a white man. Racism still is in existance. I am originally from Texas. The south is still Racists. One thing that gives resolution is that God will handle these perbitrators. McClelland family, God is looking and taking score, you will be have resolve, God will bring vengence, The Word states: Vengence is Mind sayeth the Lord,. Be at Peace Mclelland family, God is on your side, Many blessings and may the divine favor of the Lord rest on you forever. Blessings.

    (please excuse any mispellings)

  11. Candice Miele

    Mother to mother, Jacqueline, I can’t imagine what you are going through losing your son this way. I am so sorry and I am earnestly praying for you, that God will intervene and give you the peace that passes all understanding. Please know that others are keeping you and your family in their heart and thoughts and prayers. I am outraged by this unspeakable act. I am white and ashamed of those men who did this. Love, Sympathy and Comforting Hugs Candy from Ohio

  12. Ann Garrison

    I just read all this and wish I knew where all those posting here are writing from. I certainly noted that a number were from Texas and even seemed to be from Paris. Pastor Bob Thomas said that he was originally from Texas but not where he lives now. I think I might understand everyone better if I knew where they were.

    Thanks again to the SF Bay View for bringing this unreported story out in the open. And yes, I think I would like to see Barack Obama and John McCain shut up about Joe the Plumber and address the murder of Brandon McLelland in Paris, TX, painful though it may be, but I don’t believe either will. I think this would stir up more than they’re willing to respond to.

  13. Ms Sweetie

    My thing is this I don’t care if black men did this but it was white men as I call PINK people the crime was done and I think that something should be down about it no matter what this guy did he still did not have to die by a string from a truck in my book these men did this is a coward and I think that town need to be under investigation because if theytried to put this under te rug what other crime was pushed under the rug think my people.

  14. tnt

    Hmm, goog gosh, seems like you are trying to take away from the real issue here. Black people have been victimized for years, lynched, murdered, maimed, and treated like less than animals. Owned as property, get real girl, get you some reality, prejudice is real, and black have taken the worst end of this.

  15. Skipper Steely

    The investigation I’ve done so far reveals nothing more than a trio of friends who turned idiots and let the day get out of hand. A study of what happened five years ago is necessary. Might want to state again who investigated the crime scene. It is my knowledge it was handled by the county, not the Paris Police Dept. It did not happen in Paris. If you know differently, let me know your source.

    Paris might have problems with race, but this case is not one of them.


  16. to anonymous

    Just because black on black crime is high does not make THIS that! You are being ignorant, and ask that you, ask yourself this. Was this a black on black crime and, what does that have to do with two white men doing this to a black man………or any human being? Your town needs to be investigated. And everyone needs to lose their jobs! And by accounts of others, a racially motivated CRIME was commited, you COWARD! CHANGE IS COMING……to your town too! No longe will this stupidity be tolerated……AMERICA as a whole has spoken. Your town also need to be found guilty of corps mutilated for not properly clearing a crime scene. And, acting UNPROFESSIONAL! Speaking of black on black crime, you wouldn’t give a damn if there was,… one less (N word) for you to worry about………….right? So, why bring it up now? I wish people that are racist would just do all of us ready to move on a favor……..shut the hell up!!!!

  17. Mrs. Burke

    I think that it doesn’t matter rather someone white or black did it. I don’t care rather it was an Chinese or Latino a man has lost his life. Black of course but death has no color. Black people die, white people die, so the real thing is why did the media hide it. I think that they know it was a hate crime the reason they are keeping silent. But on Nov. 4 2008 change came so they can embrace or they can… Do nothing it’s done. Black have never been free from hate crimes or even hate. Get it right yall TO FAR TO GO BACK CHANGE IS HERE!!!!

  18. Pastor Johnny Baker

    I wrote a book called, How Prayer Kept Jasper,TX from Disaster. I believe Paris, TX must look at the same thing that happened in Jasper has happened in their town. It might not be a hate crime. It is still a murder of a black man by two white men. Yes, blacks kill whites and whites kill blacks. The justice system is where we have the problem. A white had never been convicted for killing a black man. In the past it was a normal days work. Now, things have changed. Blacks want to see justice for their kids. They don’t want the old system. I lived in Jasper, TX during the yime Mr. Byrd was killed. He was my friends brother. They still live with the pain. Lets look at the real issue. A life was taken and friends or not they didn’t call the police they played it off.

  19. Sherry Evans

    This is not a white/black thing—-we are all angered at what happened to this young man. Unfortunately the young man did pick his friends wrong, had been friends for years. Finley’s parents are neighbors of mine and I want the boy to get the death penalty….I will feel sorrow for the parents pain, but none for Shannon Finley…..he got away with murder once before, not this time!

    Now, lets move on to Shacaunda Cotton….that is a bully pure and simple—-that girl bullied her way through school and will continue to do so because she believes that being black earns her some kind of rights that whites certainly are not entitiled to……she wants to be a lawyer????
    She needs to speek English, not trash, first.

    About 6 mos. ago, I was walking into Brookshires. There was an old trashy lookng car in front of the store that I probably would not have noticed. However, as I was walking up to the store a young child..about 6 …started yelling at me–”Old white woman, I’m gonnna kill you…Old white woman, I’m gonna kill you—he kept screeming this while what appeared to be his grandparents sat complacently in the front seat…LOST MY COOL–Said “you lil” black bastard, I work at a prison and I’ll probably kill your ass

  20. Colonel D.X. Fagan-McHenry

    I am forwarding this letter to you. It is not necessary to contact Ms.Davis. She has told us what she knows in the letter.
    These are the people that need to be contacted:,, , ,,,, , ,, Conyers and Leahy are the head of the House and Senate Judiciary Commitees respectfully and Strause is who the messages go to first. The state people should be questioned about this matter. There are three basic questions:
    1. Why were the highway patrol under Mike Lathan following black people out of Paris after the rally?2. Why were there body parts still being found a MONTH after Brandon was killed.
    3. While the legislature is in session, are there going to be hearings into this matter by the judiciary committes of each body? You think of something else, add it.

    P.O. BOX 29 1OAUSTIN, TEXAS 78768-2910(512)463-0598FAX: (5 12) 463-2297
    DALLAS, TEXAS 75232

    (214) 941-3895

    FAX: (214) 941-6859

    Yvonne Davis

    DISTRICT 1 1 1

    January 14, 2009 Dear Colonel D.X. Fagan-McHenry I am writing to acknowledge and thank you for contacting my office regarding the Brandon McClelland dragging death and allegations of harassment to those individuals who attended the protest rally in Paris, Texas by Texas Department of Public Safety officers. I have on your behalf, contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety and was informed that this case is currently under investigation. The Texas Rangers’ Division is working with the local district attorney to prosecute this case fully. My office has been informed by the Department of Public Safety that it is unable to provide any comments or information on this matter while under investigation. Consequently, my office is unable to comment on this matter further until after the investigation has been completed. Sincerely,

  21. unwittingly almost endangered my life

    I am so overwhelmingly grateful that I googled race relations in paris tx. I’m a tenured restaurant manager for a very popular chain and was sought to come and work with our restaurant there. However, given the absolutely heinous and egregious nature of the crime committed against this family, I would never even drive through this town. The south has always been a hotbed for racism. Yet, this is the most sickening turn of events I’ve had the displeasure to read about proceeding this country making huge strides in electing an african american president. PARIS DOESN’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE A PART OF A COUNTRY SO COMMITTED TO CHANGE WITH THESE SORT OF CRIMES HAPPENING AND THEN BEING WITH SUCH BEMUSED CONDESCENSION AMD IRREVERENCE!!!!

    So, thankful, I researched before I moved myself and family into such a pit of degradation and danger for AFRCIAN AMERICANS!!

    Sincerely proud to be an AFRICAN AMERICAN not living there!!!!

  22. Ян Козлов

    Большое спасибо, что просветили, и, главное, как раз вовремя. Подумать только, шесть лет уже в инете, но про это первый раз слышу.

  23. SIXX

    Investigation takes a new turn

    By Bill Hankins
    The Paris News
    Published May 1, 2009

    Investigation into the death of Brandon McClelland this week took a dramatic turn with a deposition taken from a gravel hauler who said the truck he was driving may have hit something on the road the night McClelland’s body was discovered.

    The truck driver was on Farm Road 2648 shortly before McClelland’s body was found by passers-by shortly after 4 a.m. on Sept. 16, 2008.

    Two other men, Shannon Finley and Ryan Crostley, have been charged with murder in McClelland’s death.

    Finley’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday, July 20, in Sulphur Springs on a change of venue.

    Crostley’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 21, also in Sulphur Springs.

    Defense attorney Ben Massar said the driver of the truck told investigators he thought he had hit something, looked back and saw nothing, stopped at one point to inspect his truck then went on.

    The two witnesses who found McClelland’s body told authorities they passed a gravel truck going the opposite direction shortly before finding the body.

    Finley and Crostley were charged with McClelland’s death in part because of acquaintances who told police the two men talked about his death and were the last people to be with McClelland on the night he died.

    Since McClelland’s death, theories have swirled about how he died, who struck him and whether it was a hate crime or not.

    The New Black Panthers came to Paris pushing for convictions of Finley and Crostley and demanding the crime be categorized as a hate crime. When McClelland’s body was found, first responders first believed it was a hit-run death, but investigators soon developed a different theory when they learned McClelland had been seen with Finley and Crostley in the evening before the body was discovered. U.S. Marshals, Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers handled the investigation and determined McClelland’s death was “likely intentional.” Investigators seized Finley’s truck and put it through a series of tests. “I truly believe in this case,” Massar said Thursday. “If it goes through to trial, I believe Finley will be fund not guilty. The burden of proof will be on the prosecution, but there is a significant amount of information indicating the two defendants are not guilty in McClelland’s death.” Massar said: “Speaking with the gravel truck driver, I believe it was an accident, and I don’t think it was his intent to injure or kill anybody.” Special prosecutor Toby Shook of Dallas said: “We are trying to follow up with the new information on the gravel truck driver. Testing on the truck is beginning today (Thursday), and I don’t know when the results will be in. I know he has given a deposition and in it said he though he hit something, but I have not had a chance to speak with him as yet.” Massar said his team of investigators have determined the road where McClelland’s body was found is a common route for gravel trucks, and McClelland’s partially dismembered body was consistent with having been struck by a gravel truck. Early in the investigation, Finley’s truck was tested and came up negative for DNA evidence. It was later retested with the same results. “I don’t know what they will find on the gravel truck,” Massar said. “It has rained several times since McClelland’s death seven months ago, and the truck has had maintenance done on it.” “Obviously, at this point we are getting close to finding all the particulars about this case,” he said. After McClelland’s body was found, Finley fled to Wichita, Kan., where he was arrested. Both Finley and Crostley have denied they had anything to do with McClelland’s death, but said the three had been out drinking on the night of the death and an argument ensued over who was sober enough to drive. At that point, the defendants said McClelland got out of the truck and began walking along the farm road.

  24. Linda

    If the people of this county could have gotten away with the half assed job they did with the first investigation then these two would have never been charged.This mans life was of no importance to them.
    Not a hate crime; What the hell ?

  25. JD

    I am from Paris, TX. Born there, Grew up there, Left there. Paris is just like any other city. Democrat city council with few Republicans. DA Gary Young is a Democrat.

    The two white guys and the black guy were high school friends out drinking together. Not a hate crime.
    If they ran over him because they were mad about something then give them an injection of KCL and let justice prevail.

    BTW of the three men who dragged James Byrd to death, two were sent to death row (that actually means something in TX) and the third got life in prison.
    In my opinion if you kill someone because you need their money, your a murderer. If you kill someone because you hate their race, your a murderer. Lethal Injection either way. Anyone who says it cost’s more to execute someone than it does to keep them in prison for life, since when do liberals care about costs.

    Also “Dirty Harry” is a product of San Francisco so don’t think your city is clean.

    1 more thing, Lamar county is the only county in TX before the Civil War to vote overwhelmingly against seceding from the union.

  26. William Conder

    I am also from Paris, TX but have lived in Hugo, OK for the past 6+ years, and I tend to agree with JD on the matter, what difference does it make what color someone is if you kill them, are they any more or less dead?, are their families any more or less devastated? All that all of the PC and Affirmative Action, and Hate Crimes Laws have done is perpetrate more racism, sexism, and all the other ugly isms that have plagued our society for so long. To all the people wanting to bring up any of the ism cards, GROW THE F@*& UP!!!!!!!!!! We are all playing in the same ballpark now, everyone needs to quit blaming others for their own actions, which has become the American Way.No one owes anyone else anything solely based on the color of their skin. Everyone can look in the past and find where different ancestors were treated badly, because people have always been self-destructive, but how do you as a person, family, a people, or nation ever go forward if you are always looking behind, I’d promote seceding from the union now if it were possible, as I am getting disgusted at what this nation is becoming and what it stands for.

  27. Rob

    I see these so called black panthers in those northern states on news where they "intimidated" those voters,well I agree they don't need prosecuted because it was the dumbass white folk up there allowing it. LOL, that won't happen in Texas, or Louisiana. Us white folks don't allow that stuff. Beside, Obama, and the Dumocrats won't have the white house again. I try not to be prejudice, but seeing that black kitty cat on news in front of that voting place pisses me off.I would for a good black or women.Hell I would have voted for Condy Rice.I think the KKK, and black panthers are ignorant !!!!!!!

  28. Skipper Steely

    Again. Most are missing the evidence, or lack of. The death did not occur from being run over by the small pickup. There is no dna there. The truck was too small to do that damage. Zero in on investigation that was done by the DPS, and to the huge truck that apparenly did hit something that morning.

    Skipper Steely

  29. HannibalTemur

    Incidents like this and the Frederick Jermaine Carter incident keep happening because Black men are cowards and are afraid of the collective of White men and their government backers. White Supremacists know that the police and judicial system will back them and they know that Black men will do no more than protest and rally; at most, riot in their own Black community. The majority of Black men won't even do that.


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