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Enjoli Mixon, keep ya head up

June 4, 2009

by D’Andre Moore

his photo appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and other major newspapers with this caption: “Lovelle Mixon’s sister, Enjoli Mixon, said she had just walked to the store when SWAT officers stormed her 74th Avenue apartment in search of the shooting suspect. Lovelle and two SWAT sergeants died in the ensuing shootout.” – Photo: Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times
his photo appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and other major newspapers with this caption: “Lovelle Mixon’s sister, Enjoli Mixon, said she had just walked to the store when SWAT officers stormed her 74th Avenue apartment in search of the shooting suspect. Lovelle and two SWAT sergeants died in the ensuing shootout.” – Photo: Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times
I hear your cry, sista.

I see the tears in your eyes, sista.

I know.

You look like my own sista.

Seventeen years old when she cried,

When she lost me.

Not to a policeman’s bullet

But to a judge’s gavel.

Let’s think,

If Lovelle hadn’t refused to go back,

Would he have been harmed anyway?

The BART assassination.

Had he been the only one to lose,

Would the story have made breaking news?

Pac called it a white man’s world.

We see it at work every day, in every way

From Fruitvale to 98th,

From International to the 580.

But Lovelle’s spirit is free

Because he rejected captivity.

This is difficult to understand

Unless you’re an incarcerated man.

But you are so much more.

Enjoli, you are someone who loves us.

So please, sista, please keep ya head up.

Send our brother some love and light: D’Andre Moore, 104067, P.O. Box 8939, San Luis AZ 85349.


13 thoughts on “Enjoli Mixon, keep ya head up

  1. Wallace

    Fannie Lou Hamer once stated that she was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Lovelle Mixon was obviously sick and tired of being that way too. Harrassed by the justice system and ignored in the job market the young man was furious. All over the country our people are furious that´s why the government can send agent provacateurs into our communities posing as representatives of Al-Qaeda to entrap young men who know that the country despises them and wants to see them dead or in jail!

  2. the other white meat

    Her ass should be in the ground along with her murderer/rapist brother!!She knew he was hiding in the closet with a gun!! If I were a cop at the scene, I would of unloaded into this bitches head.

    1. lovelyday

      yall dont know nothing about my cousin so stfu with da shit cuz he said he wasnt going to da hell hole

  3. the other white meat

    He rejected captivity alright!! he raped two women that morning..he raped a 12 YR. old girl, who happened to be a fellow nigger..yea …he missed fucking with everyone he could point a gun people are sick.

  4. Concerned Citizen

    Lovelle Mixon was the worst kind of criminal. It is unfortunate that we was ever released from prison.

    Message to D’Andre Moore and others like him: Please understand that good and civilized people must take personal responsibility for their actions. Stop making excuses for the bad behavior of Lovelle Mixon and others in the black community. Stop playing the victim. Lovelle Mixon was a huge asshole.

  5. Sophia

    As the tale unravels, the Keystone Cops are now beginning to turn on each other. Captain Tracey has been asked by his own men to resign because he was missing in action. Read this:

    Oakland SWAT team members ask that commander be reassigned
    By Harry Harris and Josh Richman
    Oakland Tribune
    Posted: 05/12/2009 07:01:11 PM PDT
    Updated: 05/13/2009 06:17:38 AM PDT

    OAKLAND — Members of the Police Department’s SWAT team have asked that the unit’s commander be reassigned over concerns about his leadership abilities in the wake of the fatal shootings of two SWAT officers March 21, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

    Sources said Capt. Ed Tracey requested to senior commanders that he be relieved of his SWAT command, but his request was denied. As of Tuesday, he was still commanding the department’s special operations division, which includes the SWAT team and traffic unit.

    SWAT team members made their request after a recent meeting with Tracey and a counselor who was there to help the officers deal with anger and grief over their fellow officers’ deaths.

    The SWAT team members’ main concern about Tracey is that he chose to be at Highland Hospital, where two traffic officers had been taken after being mortally wounded by parolee Lovelle Mixon during a traffic stop, rather than commanding the operation that led to the raid on an East Oakland apartment during which Mixon and two SWAT officers were killed in a gunbattle.

    While Tracey was with the families of Sgt. Mark Dunakin and Officer John Hege at the hospital, there were command staff with SWAT team experience at the apartment who decided to go forward with the raid.

    Tracey could not be reached for comment.

    If that is not enough to raise suspicions, read this:

    Drummond: Maybe now the truth will come out in shooting deaths of four OPD officers
    By Tammerlin Drummond
    Oakland Tribune columnist
    Posted: 06/02/2009 06:00:11 PM PDT

    Police sources recently told MediaNews that five police commanders, including Deputy Chief David Kozicki, are being investigated by internal affairs in connection with the shootings.

    Michael Rains, the attorney representing Kozicki and two other commanders who were at the scene — Capt. Rick Orozco and Lt. Chris Mufarreh — says that they didn’t know Mixon was inside the apartment building when the SWAT team stormed in. Internal affairs is investigating the men’s version of events.

    Anything, of course, is possible. However, I find the claim that police commanders didn’t know Mixon was inside the apartment building seriously strains the bounds of credulity.

    Police initially told MediaNews reporters that a source had told them Mixon was there.

    Now, the story is, shall we say, evolving.

    If police commanders didn’t think Mixon was inside the apartment, why did SWAT teams surround the building in the first place? Why did they throw in flashbang grenades?

    The lie unravels…..stay tuned!!!

  6. Concerned Citizen

    No lie is unraveling. The Oakland Police Department is simply reviewing all the facts of the incident. Isn’t that the thoughtful and smart thing to do? One thing is very clear… Lovelle Mixon was a thug and a creep. He raped a 12 year old girl and killed four police officers. Stop making excuses for bad actors and trying to find blame with the police. The Oakland Police Department is PROTECTING the good citizens of Oakland. Wise up.

  7. Sophia

    After reading about Oakland’s budgetary problems and OPD’s costs to the budget(50%), I seriously question if OPD is protecting us or PROTECTING THEIR JOBS. This amounts to nothing short of ROBBING the good citizens of Oakland and
    that is the real crime!!!!

  8. sad you people are sad

    dont feel sad for her feal pitty.. mark dunakin was my cousin whom her brother killed…mark was doing his job he pulled her brother over so he needed to die..sad you people are sad… im glad that they killed your brother im sad that he didnt die after he murdered the other people….im sad that they didnt put him away sooner

  9. pontiacpride

    Enjoli should change her name and move far, far away. What his brother did was a horrendous crime to all people. Thugs in Oakland beware. Decent people will rise up and take the city back.


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