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A video tribute to Oscar Grant from his family

July 21, 2009
Oscar Grant's fiancee Sophina, daughter Tatiana and mother Wanda tell the story of a family's love and loss that will change your life.
Oscar Grant's fiancee Sophina, daughter Tatiana and mother Wanda tell their story of a family's love and loss that will change your life.

WARNING: This video will change your life.

It was released today by Indybay with these words: “The family wants to share this video here with you who support justice for Oscar Grant.”

Watch every minute of this beautiful tribute and you will feel as if you are sitting in Oscar Grant’s living room with his adoring family listening to the fascinating recollections of his mother, his grandmother, his fiancee, his uncles, his sister and even his little girl, Tatiana, who will show you how Daddy used to braid her hair. You’ll hear his Uncle Darryl describe Oscar’s “toothy smile” that millions around the world have come to love, his sister saying how she and Oscar always worked in the same store looking out for each other, his mother listing the practical daily ways he showed his devotion to his family, his fiancee telling their dreams for the future.

This video will inspire your personal life by showing you a family that literally lived to love and uplift each other – constantly in touch, each one guiding the others through a dangerous world, all of them thriving despite adversity … until a policeman’s bullet cut dear Oscar down.

And this video will inspire your public life by giving you the strength to commit – and organize others to commit – to ending the police war against Black and Brown communities and especially our youth, our future.

In our recommitment, inspired by this video, we must PACK THE COURTROOM THIS FRIDAY, July 24, 9 a.m., at the Alameda County Courthouse, 1225 Fallon St., 12th and Oak, in downtown Oakland, to ensure that the charges are not dismissed and the venue is not changed for the trial of Oscar Grant’s murderer, Johannes Mehserle.

To learn more about the movement for Justice for Oscar Grant, search his name on this website and also visit for a great array of stories, photos, videos and audio. Get involved in a movement that is a model for struggles in communities under siege by police around the country and the world.

Please heed this message that appears beneath this video on Indybay: “The family respectfully requests that this Oscar Grant memorial video not be sampled, edited, or redistributed in any way without their express permission. Permission is granted for non-commercial websites to copy Indybay’s code above to embed this whole video as is into their web page.”


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4 thoughts on “A video tribute to Oscar Grant from his family

  1. Bonnie Weinstein

    My heart goes out to the family of Oscar Grant. I know how hard it is for our children in this dangerous world. We all want the same things for our children–to grow strong; reach their potential; be in a position to contribute to our families and to society as a whole; to earn a decent living; and to enjoy our children, family and friends. It’s really not much to ask for and what we all deserve.

    Oscar’s murder is a tragedy that we will never forget after watching this moving, loving and compelling family video.

    It must be our communal resolve to see that it never happens again.

    With love,

    Bonnie Weinstein

  2. pontiacpride

    BART Police acted irresponsibly during the shooting and the following investigation. Still, I don’t think that the officer should be tried for murder.

    I’m sorry for the Grant family. They suffered a loss of a family member. But, Oscar was no saint, and his actions and behavior did contribute to his own demise.

    Thug life never pays off.

  3. TwoSocks

    The BART police officer responsible for this killing is a murderer plain and simple. Anyone that disagrees with this should have their head examined!

  4. debra

    I have worked for years fighting for the rights of people abused by police. Not all police are bad, but this one is sick! There are so many abused in prisons, I have fought the police, in courts, They always win. There is no justice. I cried when this happened and I still cry over the injustice of it all. Please write Judges voice your disgust in the verdict. We have to let them know. they work for us, and this murder. God bless the family, friends. Oscar will not be forgotten


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