I am unarmed! Don’t shoot!


PNN reports and supports on October 22nd, the day to end police brutality

by Marlon Crump, PNN

Oakland police headquarters shut down any opportunity to talk with the people the department is supposed to protect and serve for fear of October 22nd protesters, who can be seen reflected in the OPD’s glass entrance door. – Photo: PNN staff“I am unarmed! Please don’t shoot!”

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!

Eight shots by a police officer was the response, according to a speaker. “This is our holocaust!”

A couple of giant black banners are brandished in the crowd, bearing names and pictures of young lives like unsolved cold cases:
• Sheila Detoy, 1998
• Idriss Stelley, 2001
• Asa Sullivan, 2006
• Sean Bell, 2006
• Gary King Jr., 2007
• Michael Cho, 2007
• Anita Gay, 2008
• Andrew Moppin, 2008
• Brownie Polk, 2009
• Oscar Grant, 2009

All of them struck down by dark blue uniformed figures who are sworn to “protect and serve.” A T-shirt is worn by numerous victims at this event, showing a stick-figured police officer gunning down a man.


“NO MORE STOLEN LIVES!” everyone yelled.

“My only child was gunned down in 2001 while he was having a psychological breakdown: 48 shots!” mesha Monge Irizarry exclaimed to the crowd. Since then, the death of her son, Idriss Stelley, is what drives her daily to do the work that she tirelessly continues to do, supporting police brutality victims and families of victims and helping them seek justice.

October 22nd, National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, is much more than just a traditional, methodical way for everyone deeply impacted, including myself, to combat police terrorism. Physical and verbal visibility had to be everyone’s direct approach towards a universal, monumental change that is long overdue, preventing us from winning justice.

Now we are demanding no more injustice to be served to us by a just-us system. No batons swung at us. No tear gas or water hoses sprayed on us. No dogs turned on us. No guns fired at us. Just like the ‘60s era, our struggle continues in the 21st century. Our once-silenced voices and visible stances are the exchange of fire that guns us down each day.

I awaited my POOR Magazine family outside our office at 10:30 a.m. Nearly a half hour later, my mentor, POOR co-founder “Tiny” Lisa Gray Garcia arrived. Afterwards, my other comrades, Kim Swan aka Queennandi, Ruyata McClothin aka RAM and Carina Lomeli appeared.

We headed to the rally, which was at the Oakland City Hall Plaza, where we were joined by POOR comrade Muteado and other comrades in our struggle against this endless oppression, which is the government’s control arm.

Our march destination would be the entrance of the very building that has had a wicked history of patrolling and controlling communities of color: THE OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT, where men and women of all races and faces are trained and militarized by government, instructed to kill and indoctrinated in police culture.

It is police culture to serve and protect the interests only of the government that pays their bills and fills their dinner plates and to oppress, depress and repress, not really to serve those in distress – that always being the case in poor communities of color and poor communities in general, but even in some cases the privileged.

“I think this rally is good because it brings together different units in the resistance movement,” Minister of Information JR, associate editor for the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper and voice of Block Report Radio, explained to me. “Together against the police, the government, murder and terrorism. Together to come up with creative solutions.”

We were all centered together in the middle of the plaza, a hot sun beaming down us. We ignored the smug and stern faces of the very few Oakland police officers who surrounded and observed us as they prepared to walk alongside of us for “crowd control and traffic safety” – although we only marched on the sidewalk and our march would only be an estimated six blocks.

From the director of the Idriss Stelley Action Resource Center, mesha Monge Irizarry, Rita Akayama of the October 22nd Coalition, Christine Lynn Harris, anti-organized stalking/covert terrorism activist, my family of POOR Magazine and POOR News Network, and numerous other groups and families of police brutality victims, the true heat wave felt in the air was everyone’s anger aimed at the unrelenting injustice by police and the “justice system.”

The change of venue motion recently granted by a judge in the case of Oscar Grant’s killer, Johannes Mehserle, that could lead to his murder trial being held before an ignorant, uncaring jury in a as yet unknown California county greatly increased our anger toward the system and its corruption.

“My life was stolen! I am Oscar Grant!” yelled a female speaker on the mic.

“This is a chance for everyone who has lost a loved one through police brutality to tell people,” Kathleen Espinosa, mother of Asa Sullivan, said to me. She gave an emotional address about what the aftermath has been like for her and her family since Asa was killed by two members of the San Francisco Police Department as he hid in a two-and-a-half-foot-high attic crawl space in 2006.

Marlon Crump took part in a recent rally outside San Francisco City Hall against electromagnetic and other covert terrorism to report on it and support the protesters.“I could’ve been Asa,” I stated in a Beyond Chron article a short time after his death. This was ever so true, when I sat peacefully in my single room occupancy hotel room at the Allstar on a cold dark evening Oct. 7, 2005. I was preparing to go to the supermarket for groceries.

The memory of 12 cops illegally opening up my door, drawing their firearms and snatching me out of the sanctity of my home in a “mistaken identity scenario” forever stays with me. It has been one of the main cores of what I do in my work for POOR.

In her report for POOR on the rally, Queennandi wrote: “Fellow comrade and ‘man on the cross’ Brother JR spoke with fire:

“’Wherever the trial goes, we will go! We will organize and educate the people (in the area that the trial will be taking place) and enlighten them on the seriousness of police brutality and murder!’

“Brother JR himself has been nailed to the cross for his souljah role in seeking justice for Oscar Grant. JR’s next court date is set for Friday, Oct. 30, 9 a.m., in Courtroom 11 at 1225 Fallon, Oakland. His unbroken spirit opened eyes and restored faith in the fact that the only way to justice is in the hands of Just Us.

“I held back tears as I spoke on the assault I endured when I was seven months pregnant by SFPD’s ‘finest,’ Officers Miller (retired) and Shea. I was slammed viciously on my huge belly, and when witnesses began to gather around to protest, I was punished even more. One officer actually had the ‘beastly’ nerve to put his knee on my back, using all of his weight, and I thought for sure that my unborn cub wouldn’t survive.

“Police brutality has become a generational experience in my family. My mother and younger brother did not survive this hateful wicked Sssystem, and it is up to me and the rest of us to take a stand to demand of this murderous Sssystem that there will be NO MORE STOLEN LIVES!”

At the October 22nd rally, my ears captured numerous emotional, tearful and angry testimonies from people victimized by what everyone has called “an epidemic” of police terrorism. Before we marched, my family of POOR began to perform – Po’ Poets style – a piece dedicated to the memory of Oscar Grant:

Po’ Poets: Educating and skating on police hatred in the Bay.

RAM: No more stolen lives!

Po’ Poets: Is this the land that the Lord hath made? Shot dead was my unarmed neighbor just the other day. Now Oscar Grant lies beside him in a King’s marked grave.

Queennandi: I am tired of being a slave.

Po’ Poets: The night riders are back. And this time, they are not wearing white. They are dressed in blue. With handguns and a badge.

Muteado: Another brotha gets lynched!

“This is totally unacceptable that every year we all have to protest this ongoing problem in our society,” I said to the crowd. I concurred with Muteado’s poem by stating the history of the police as the original “slave catchers.”

I also brought to everyone’s attention the seemingly invisible terror which is an instrument of “law enforcement” with the means of organized stalking via covert terrorism that uses electromagnetic weapons and destructive technologies against unsuspecting citizens. I referenced my statements to Christine Lynn Harris, who has been highly active around the unreported issue in corporate mainstream media, as she held up a sign that said, “Stop electromagnetic weapons!”

Our march began after a few more testimonies from police victims and survivors. Glancing at the onlookers, we chanted: “No more stolen lives!” “Justice for Oscar Grant!” “Join us!” “Stop police brutality!”

Approximately 20 minutes and six blocks later, we arrived to the entrance of the Oakland Police Department. Standing together with my POOR family at the front entrance with the hot sun beaming steadfastly, my mentor Tiny pointed out a startling sign that was on department’s front entrance: “The Patrol Desk is Temporarily Closed For security reasons due to the protest.”

It was blatantly clear to us that the police refused to hear our voices.

I recalled the words of Ida B. Wells: “Our country’s national crime is lynching. It is not the creature of an hour, the sudden outburst of uncontrolled fury, or the unspeakable brutality of an insane mob.”

Marlon Crump, writer for POOR Magazine and POOR News Network and other outlets, can be reached at marliniumn@yahoo.com. His work can be read at poormagazine.org.

Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Video by PNN TV


  1. I wonder if "physal" would've said, "He should've opened up his door fast enough, then maybe he'd still be alive." It wouldn't surprise me. Those fascist philosophies from ppl like you greatly increases my motivation to increase my workloads.

  2. Interesting title for the article and a more interesting group of people to use as examples. I like to know more about stories so I look up the folks involved. All the stories are of course tragic, but there are a few simple ways to keep from ending up on a list like this.

    1.Avoid criminal behavior at all times.
    2.Never run from the police.
    3.As I tell my students, freeze means freeze.
    4.Avoid being around people who are criminals.
    5.Take care of your mentally ill family and friends.

    Sheila Detoy: Victim of her friends. Ran from or towards cops, both ran from scene. One (cocaine dealer)pleads to her manslaughter after being caught, the other (convicted armed robber on parole)isn’t caught for several months. She is found to have cocaine in system. Mom pulled her from private school because it was too upity.

    Stelley: Mental problems.Drunk (3 shots of tequila in a movie theater) goes nuts after being asked to stop smoking (in a movie theater) Security calls police and says he has a weapon, girlfriend who is with him calls police and tells them not to approach him or he will fight back, and a third call that says he has a gun. He nicks an officer with a knife and they shoot him.

    Asa Sullivan: Police summonned to a supposedly unrented apartment to remove possible squatters, they quickly arrest one man the other runs and hides in the small attic and tells police he doesn’t want to go back to jail ( out on parole for drug dealing), officers go up to get him and he points his eyeglass case at them and they shoot him.

    Sean Bell: Not a bay area guy. Undercover cop in a bar hears one of his friends in an argument say “go get my gun”, he alerts his backup and follows the guys to their car, they tell them to stop and they take off hitting an officer. They are then shot. The number of shots always gets thrown around, police can have 15 round magazines that can be emtied in about 5 seconds or so. A couple of officers can easilly get 80- 100 shots was the decision is made to shoot.

    Gary King Jr.: Police stopped him as he fit the description of a possible homicide suspect. Officer thought he felt a gun on pat down and Gary started fighting with him, officer then tased him without desired effect, Gary kept fighting and was shot.

    Michael Cho: Not a bay area guy. Witness had been calling about him for a while, when he was found by police he had a tire iron and would not obey police orders to put it down and then went at the officers. He was then shot.

    Anita Gay: Police had come to house for the second time that evening. She had a large knife and looked to be ready to harm two women who had come on to the porch with her, officer fired to protect them. She was found to be on drugs.

    Andrew Moppin: Running and looking like he had a weapon. He was then shot.

    Brownie Polk: Mental problems. Very strange to call a police murder in my opinion. Many people calling to say they were threatened by a man with a hatchet outside a liquor store. Refused to put it down and went at bystanders and officers. He was shot.

    Oscar Grant: Not obeying police orders, not handcuffed yet, and had his hands under his body near his pants, he was not yet fully in custody and had not been patted down. They don’t know what you have down there.

    In some of these and many others I feel that the baggy pants issue is contributing to some shootings. The trying to run and hold you pants up is the same as reaching for your waistband, which is wear you would keep a gun or other weapon.

    The word “murder” is thrown around alot and it does have a distinct meaning, please be careful with it.

    Lets work on educating people on the 5 points above instead.

  3. Yeah Physal enlightening post also gave me a good belly laugh Marlon !
    Nice reprieve from dry work….

    Soon we will read from this genius:

    * XX was shot by our Proud Police Officers because he was breathing too fast, they assumed that his adrenaline level were dangerously high, and would lead to becoming a danger to our Community, therefore they had to shoot him dead

    * YY attempted to place his left hand inside of his jacket front pocket, allegedly to show his ID as requested by our police officers, but they suspested he was going to pull out a AK47. They had no choice than shoot him dead to protect their lives and the community.

    * ZZ shouted, “I am only Exercizing My Constitutional Right to Observe” and pointed his black cell phone at us. It appeared to be shaped as a revolver and we had to shoot him dead.



  4. On Oct.5th, 2009 in the 9th District Court of Appeals in San Francisco it was brought out that one officer swore in deposition that ASAS EYEGLASS CASE WAS IN ASAS BACK POCKET!!! You can listen to the audio of the appeal case that I have posted on Justice4Asa yourself.

    Asa never had a gun as many were first told that he did. That was a lie.

    If Asas arm went up at all I believe it was because HE WAS SHOT 16 TIMES while unarmed! Only one officer claims Asa put his right arm up and that officers credibility is already being questioned. No other office claims asa put his arm or anything up. Also ASA WAS LEFT HANDED!!! I know he would not raise his right arm and I do not believe he did. Asa was dead seated with his back to the wall facing forward and never could fully stand up in that crawl space.
    There were three officers with flashlight less than 10 feet away from Asa. You do the math.

    ASA DID NOT WANT TO DIE! There was no “SUICIDE BY COP” death-wish by my son. That was another hurtful lie. Asa has a son of his own and he had plenty to live for.

    Asa did have had a warrant he kept to himself. I believe it was concerning perhaps a probation violation. The SFPD did not know that or anything about Aaa before letting off at least 24 rounds of gun fire, 16 hitting Asa. He had no chance to survive.

    Asa had legal permission to be in that apartment. Barging in on people having a quiet night in their own abode and shooting someone hiding in a very dark small space in less than 12 mins from entry is the crime committed.

  5. It is made by CIA electromagnetic (EM) remote surgery and remote mind control since 70's. After the enemies: communist Rassia, east Europe and China, Vietnam being turned into same system as US: money control everything, CIA had to create new enemy in order to ask money from US government. CIA created 911 by turning Bin-Laden into a brain damaged human robot using EM weapons: remote surgery and remote mind control technologies.

    The policemen and government officers must be controlled by brain damaged CIA employees who are in crazy state as Christian deNicola, Claudia Mullen who served CIA mind control experiments in 50's and 60's. Doctor Valeria Wolfe who helped them to expose secret in the President's Advisary Committee Hearing on March 15,1995, was killed by CIA in 2002 using electromagnetic remote surgery that can disable human's immune system and create cancer. CIA blocked all media reports on the hearing by President's Avisary Committee.

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