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Police 2, Oakland residents 4

March 24, 2009

by POCC Minister of Information JR

Lovelle Mixon - Photo: AP
Lovelle Mixon - Photo: AP
On New Year’s Day 2009, much of the world’s attention was focused on the Israeli led massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East, a place where snipers and suicide bombers fighting against an occupying force are everyday realities. This story was given a break when the police murder of 22-year-old unarmed Black father, Oscar Grant III, killed in an East Oakland BART station, was caught on tape by dozens of witnesses and aired on TV. Ironically, no one knew that these would be two of the first tests of how progressive this new Black American president, Obama, is.

Fast forward nearly three months later – after the first of a series of Oakland rebellions made the police arrest BART police triggerman Johannes Mehserle in Nevada and after the bailing out of Mehserle for $300,000*: On March 21, 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon was murdered by Oakland police after allegedly killing four of them on MacArthur Boulevard off of 73rd Avenue in East Oakland.

Ironically, thousands of people at the same time Lovelle lost his life were protesting the war in Iraq, when San Francisco police attacked the crowd. But only dozens gathered to see what happened to Lovelle Mixon, who let his actions speak about what he thought of the racial profiling in our community.

This time, instead of the Gaza Strip in the Middle East, we’re talking about the MacArthur Strip in East Oakland. Instead of the occupation force of the Israelis in Palestine or the Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan, the low income Black communities in America are dealing with the police, FBI, ATF and DEA, to name a few. Instead of a suicide bomber or a sniper holed up in a building, Lovelle turned out to be a suicide sniper who used a gun instead of a bomb to take out enemies of the community.

Now that the rabbit has the gun, the police and the media want us to forget the despair that they now feel is the same way we repeatedly feel when we are indiscriminately killed in the streets by police, as in the cases of Oscar Grant, Terrance Mearis, Donte Story, Amadou Diallo, Annette Garcia, Adolph Grimes, Casper Banjo, Anita Gaye, Aaron Harrison, Kathryn Johnston, Sean Bell and Gary King, except in our cases we know that no police officer is going to serve any real time for murdering members of our community.

Now in the days following what some in the Black community see as a day of heroic resistance against the police, the mainstream news is working overtime to show Black toddlers putting flowers on the police-created “street memorials” of the four officers, as well as an old Black woman crying at one of the scenes, talking about how dangerous this East Oakland community has become.

Sgt. Mark Dunakin
Sgt. Mark Dunakin
The reality is, when you go to the scene, which I did a number of times, you see very few residents of the area – especially young Black males – with any sympathy for the officers, because for decades Oakland police officers have run rampant over the Black community. Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, one of the officers killed, long patrolled North Oakland, wreaking hell on young Black males.

On the Monday following the latest round in Black males versus the police in the “Game of Death” that put the stats for ‘09 at Police 2, Oakland residents 4, BART officer Mehserle’s trial was given a two-month continuance. John Burris, the civil lawyer for Oscar Grant’s family, pointed out how this is another case of Johannes Mehserle, who is on trial for the murder of Oscar Grant, being given preferential treatment.

Mehserle’s legal strategy seems to be to use the continuance so that all the pro-police sentiment that is drummed up by the mainstream media over the next two months can be used to prejudice a jury in Mehserle’s case to show “how dangerous these Black males are.” If these two cases are unrelated, as people in the San Francisco Chronicle have been saying, then why has Mehserle’s trial been put off for so long?

If you look at the issue of Time Magazine that features Obama on the cover and reports on him being sworn in, you will see that the rising tension between the residents of Oakland and the Oakland police has been a national story since the beginning of the year. Yet from America’s first Black president you have heard nothing specifically about Oakland. But you have heard about his stimulus bill, which has $1 billion slated for putting 100,000 more police on America’s streets.

If the city of Oakland is scared now, they should be scared when that money is disbursed, because that is 100,000 more chances that a Black male who is politically and economically disenfranchised will commit “revolutionary suicide,” to quote one of the revolutionary icons from Oakland, Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton of the Black Panther Party.

To all the Three Strikes supporters, police sympathizers and prison industry businessmen, how does it feel when the rabbit has the gun? Welcome to East Oakland.

Email POCC Minister of Information JR at and visit

*Mehserle’s bail was set at $3 million; $300,000 is the 10 percent that had to be paid for his release.

138 thoughts on “Police 2, Oakland residents 4

  1. OperationNation

    Yes, police ARE held to a higher standard. They are bequethed an unbelievable amount of power with very little education and training (generally 3-4 months in an academy)and only those men and women who can uphold the principles of “protect and serve” should be police officers. Teachers, who are VASTLY underpaid, are also held to a higher standard because they raise our children; just like police protect our children. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cop because I wanted to be a hero; wanted to be a crime fighter; wanted to protect, serve, and be loved by those I serve. Too many cops nowadays are power-drunken, insecure idiots who could care less about the community they serve. Personal responsibility by American citizens is VERY important and vastly neglected by too many Americans, but regular citizens’ “personal responsibility” doesn’t mandate them to “protect and serve” as it does police.

    HATS OFF to Chief David Kunkle, of the Dallas (TX) Police Department, for holding his officers accountable for stupidity.

  2. Brown Girl from East Los

    And I WOULD wait for you to give me a logical thought, but that will not happen, so I won’t wait.
    By your so-called “logic” if my car is stalled at 3 a.m. I should not trust a cop any more than some wino standing on the corner because the cop should not be held to a higher standard. This is so absolutely basic that I can’t see how to even talk to someone who doesn’t get it. I hope you are either very young or off your meds for the moment.

  3. White Guy

    Wait, so if cops are held by a higher standard, then what standard am I held to? Between me and a cop, let’s say we’re both tempted to run a red light. Is it okay for me to run it, but not okay for him, because he’s a cop and I’m not? No, we’re both held to the same standard, i.e. stealing is wrong, so we shouldnt do it. If you don’t hold everyone to the same standard, you’re lowering the bar, at least if your standard is 100%. And brown girl, before you say 100% is impossible, shut the hell up. Doing what’s right is the standard for us all, and anything less than that is …wrong!… shocking, I know.

  4. White Guy

    so am I, dumbass. Obey the law…or you’re breaking the law…its a pretty easy standard to understand, and it’s pretty damn easy to adhere to. and FYI, running a red light IS against the law in case you couldn’t figure it out.

  5. Brown Girl from East Los

    And if you run red lights repeatedly you will get tickets and your insurance will go up and you may lose your license, but if a cop runs red lights repeatedly he will lose his job…at least that is the way the law works in theory if not in practice.

  6. Outsider

    I am not black, nor am I American. I am shocked though. You racist people with your one-sided attitudes need some serious help. This man did not act the way he did because of the color of his skin, he acted the way he did because thats what he wanted to do!

    I’m sorry for al the families concerned. Everyone has a mother and I hope and pray that none of the victims mother’s in this incident has the misfortune to read this trash talk.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  7. Brown Girl from East Los

    and all this time I thought it was ok to run a red light! Thanks for enlightening me oh brilliant one.

  8. White Guy

    oh, and because I don’t want to avoid what you said, that would be stupid to trust a habitual drunk who’s proven he cant hold a job over a cop. that’s trying to compare apples to oranges because they’re both round.

  9. dt_two

    …“The Game of Death that put the stats for ‘09 at Police 2, Oakland residents 4”…. Only one who is not truly familiar with death and violence, or a grandstanding fool would call death a “game” when committed at the hands of another. Come walk a few miles in my boots, work a few weeks in my job, and see how funny death is “Minister of Information JR.”

    Allow me to give the disclaimer right now, yes I am a cop.. No, I’m not African (Afrikan for those overly involved in labels)-American..

    I’ve looked into the eyes of, and been there for the last breath of more “minority” citizens than some emergency room doctors. It’s sad, it sucks, and it’s not something to make light of in a headline. So, fuck you for making death your cheap joke of a byline. This entire incident was a holocaust on many fronts.

    The fact of the matter is, the thankfully deceased Mr. Mixon is no longer. However his life came to be, he was a predator. The rape allegation is just that. Putting that aside, he was a parolee at large, with a gun, ultimately at least two by the time of his blessed demise. Don’t cloak yourself in racist revolutionary b.s. thinking he who was willing to take on a police officer, wouldn’t rob from you, steal from your home, maim or kill you in an instant. I am saddened for the four deceased officers; not because they are white, but because they were my brothers. I am also saddened for the family of Mr. Mixon. Whatever they did or did not do to help him, to enable his path to destruction, he was an adult, and accountable to himself for where his life took him. His family now bears the brunt of the media attention, hatred from the law enforcement community. And, o yea, they lost a son/brother/cousin/loved one. They, and survivors of the dead officers, are the victims in this tragic series of events. Your trumpeting their suffering to further your own agenda is repulsive.

    Whatever banner you want to fly, if you’re here spouting off that anyone’s a nigger, negro, cracker, honkey, or some other racial epithet, you’re showing you’re as mature and understanding as those you condemn. So, F you, get off of my planet. Since I’m a lighter shade of pale, no, I’m not a klan member or member of any other white-trash gaggle. I have blue eyes, a shaved head, and work in a area of my jurisdiction where I am the “minority.” The few & far between times I run into a white person it repulses me when they attempt to establish rapport by talking about niggers, fried chicken and nappy hair, etc. Especially since those white folks tend to live in a trailer with their mom, are missing teeth, have a 15 year old pregnant girlfriend by their side, and couldn’t find a job application if it was sewn to their ass. I have contempt for people. Not because of their skin color, but if they are a non-contributing, leech on society? One who profits by the suffering of others? Then, yes, they don’t belong among us who retain our humanity, are not sociopaths, and do the best we can day by day.

    I can’t claim I was raised in Oakland. Suffice to say, it’s a more violent version of where I work now. I will concede, once in a too frequent while, there are dirty cops, who pull atrocious bullshit. They have a place, it’s called Federal Prison. The odds the four dead cops, from separate details (motors and SWAT), were part of some great conspiracy to oppress minorities? Pretty frikkin slim. Odds they were four cops, doing their job the best they knew how, willing to die if it came to it? Pretty frikkin good. If and when some peaceful memorial for Mr. Mixon erupts into rioting, arson, looting, and violence, it will be those same racist-occupying-army cops you screech for the help of, should that day come. Everybody hates the cops, until they need one.

  10. Andy from Chicago

    This is a poor article, there are some very disgraceful comments on this page from both “sides”. In my opinion, the officer who shot Oscar Grant needs to be tried for murder. However there is no excuse for shooting 4 officers who were just trying to enforce the law and had nothing to do with the Grant murder. If the African-American communities hate the police so much than one of 2 things should happen:
    1. Join the ranks and infiltrate the department to lesson the racial discrimination.
    2. Or, deal with the police (corrupt and law-abiding). Imagine if the police didn’t come to your neighborhood at all. Would you be safer?

  11. Joseph Anderson


    I’ve got a little commentary here myself: let’s call it:


    Most people of color know that the cops, and the police department as an institution, *historically* represent the street enforcement arm of white American racism. Indeed, they were born out of the white slave patrols.

    People of color and conscious white people have seen how the cops have abused, especially, many members of the Black and Brown community — just the latest in a longgg series of notorious cases in the Bay Area and all over the country being Oscar Grant — and sometimes (which doesn’t get as much notice) even members of the Asian community, and now (even just recently in San Francisco) peaceful protesters and members of the Arab community (specifically women and children). And just recently, in Oakland, 11 cops were fired for falsifying a whole series of search warrants, and the head of OPD Internal Affairs was put on leave, pending the investigation of his having beaten, in his custody, a Black suspect to death years ago. How soon we forget the Oakland Riders case, and the damage control performed there to politically limit the corruption investigation and exposure to those corrupt street cops, but not the department in whose culture and corruption they were spawned). I’ve heard that Oakland alone pays out (at least averaged over time) about 2 million dollars a year in police brutality cases.

    U.S. Flags were flown at half-mast for these dead cops — tried, sentenced and executed in the streets just like they do with people of color — but no flags were flown at half-mast over city hall by the Black mayor of Oakland for Oscar Grant. Ron Dellums took a week to say anything about Grant, and then only spoked in carefully indirect and tepid terms, but he, of course, personally and vociferously condemned the killings of the cops right away. So, much for some of those docilized middle-class negroes (male and female above the intersection of race and class) who condemn the cop deaths (on TV, radio, even one Black female on Hard Knock Radio) by saying that “all life is equal”. Since when, right from its founding and upon who’s lives it was established (Red, Black, Yellow and Brown), has all life ever “been equal” in the history AmeriKKKa?

    At least a couple of the TV local news stations have shown a servile Rev. Philip Ellinberg, some neegro (probably what we Blacks call “a jackleg / bootleg preacher”, since I tried to look him up online, and in the phone book, and with telephone directory assistance, and found nothing) who’s supposed to sing for Massa at the dead cops funeral, but he didn’t sing at Oscar Grant’s funeral and I haven’t seen him anywhere at the Oscar Grant Movement meetings almost every week in Oakland.

    Where were the flags at half-mast and the state and mass media coverage funeral for Oscar Grant and other unarmed, innocent victims of killer cops vigilantism? All the Bay Area cities have to do is to look at the names on the boards of the Stolen Lives project and portable mural. Do you think that any of the Bay Area cities would even just fly their flags at half-mast just one day, collectively for all of those victims of the *police*.

    And we forget (or don’t know) that one of the cops who was wounded and should have been killed was Sgt. Pat Gonzales, who shot a Black Gary King Jr. in the back and killed him. Cops up in (or north of) Napa/Sonoma valley even went and gratuitously killed the Black adopted son of an affluent white married couple who made the mistake of calling the cops to help calm down their emotionally distraught son.

    You know the old saying, “When The White Man is hurt *evvveryone* must cry.” But LOTS of people AREN’T CRYING over 4 killed cops — including even a lot of politically conscious white people — and AREN’T MOURNING in this state mass propaganda funeral. While the cops and the media even come up with suspiciously last-minute stories to try to tell us just “how bad” Lovelle Mixon was (how about research into those dead cops background to see how abusive and dirty they were?), many of us realize that _IT’S KARMIC JUSTICE_ *whoever* killed the 4 cops all in an afternoon’s work. And it’s KARMIC JUSTICE that, just as many Blacks in America have been murdered by cops during a “routine” traffic stop, these cops were killed during a “routine” traffic stop. Ha-Ha.

    The cops called Lovelle Mixon, “A cold-hearted individual who doesn’t have any regard for human life.” Well, the cops should know: they behave exactly the same way.

    Cops 2; Oakland residents 4.


    Joseph Anderson

    Berkeley, California


    To hear the audio version of JR’s commentary,
    please go to KPFA’s Flashpoints, March 25, 2009 ,
    and go to 35:35-40:80 into the program.

  12. Dan Silverberg

    It struck me while reading the comments submitted above on the killing of the four police officers that those who “support” the shooter believe violence can solve social problems.

    This is the thinking that motivated the Klan to commit their numerous lynchings. Did the Klan solve the “Negro Problem”? No, but they certainly gave it their best effort.

    And what stopped the Klan? Killing them in revenge? No. The slow pace of social change and the very effective legal work of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Giving ideological cover to a murderer isn’t even a shadow of a solution to the obvious problems in Oakland.

  13. The_Yakima_KId

    To StrongBlackFemale and others; I, too, would like to have a discussion about the differences in crime rates between Black poor and White poor. Most white poor are now in cities and suburbs, and I think the difference has to do with family social structure.

    As the White illegitimacy rate rises, we are starting to see more poor White violent criminality.

    I also think that we need to all sit down and talk about media imagery, including the entertainment industry. When I watch TV, except for shows like “Everybody Hates Chris”, “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”, and rerun of the late Bernie Mac’s show, there just isn’t much on TV in the way of respectable Black families.

    We also need to talk about education. I’m related to people who were born rural poor. My uncle went to a high school that taught trades and became a machinist and later operated his own machine shop and auto repair. His sons also studied trades in high school: one became a machinist and later foreman at Dakota Aircraft; the other became an award winning industrial arts teacher. My own father was so malnourished and sickly as a child he was found 4-F for WWII – he worked his way through university in the fishing fleet on trollers, as a hotel night auditor, as a watchman, and worked at anything he could get.

    Vocational education has disappeared from the high school curriculum because it had been used as a dumping ground. This is no reason not to bring it back. Auto shop, systems administration, secretarial science, bookkeeping, beautician and barber training, cabinet making, LVN, EKG technician, web designer – all of these are career programs that should be available to students while they are in high school. In my sophomore year, our high school valedictorian was also the President of our FFA chapter. He took both college preparatory studies and four years of vocational agriculture. He went to Oregon State University and later became head forester for a timber growing concern. My best friend studied office administration and graduated and immediately found a very good secretarial position; she used the money her excellent skill set earned to go on to University where she eventually received her M.P.H. and became the manager of a medical practice. There are many students who aren’t interested in college or know that they cannot afford to attend college right after high school; our schools are failing to provide them with the tools to live a decent life.

    BTW, what stopped the Klan was in large part fighting back against them – if you were going to live to give a deposition to Morris Dees and have your day in court, you had to be prepared to defend yourself. I should know; my father’s family had to fight a shooting war against the KKK in Eastern Colorado in the late 1910s – early 1920s. That said, the Klan behaved just like a street gang – no snitching, no witnesses to atrocities, and on and on and on.

  14. Oakland Resident

    It’s about identifying the problem and finding a solution. If you’re not part of the solution then maybe you’re part of the problem. Opinions don’t equal facts. For those who don’t “live it” just can’t understand. The “system” is not designed for all, many cases to prove it. By the way, don’t ever let someone make you believe your history isn’t important. Much Love and Respect.

  15. NoVictim

    Clark & JoAnne thought it would be cool to add the “k”…Afrikan!
    It must be tough to explain how a NJ Trooper shot himself in the head TWICE with his own weapon…if it wasn’t for those pesky facts that seem to always get in the way of the good “Dr.”m.
    Clark rots in jail and JoAnne rots in Cuba…fitting.

  16. Sista T

    The 12 year old girl’s rape was NEVER reported to her school principal. the school officials never knew there was a rapist loose in the community until it came out in the paper yesterday.

    The police do not care about little black girls who get raped.

    we need to control all the information regarding the harm happening in our communities.

  17. Paul Larudee

    Lovelle Mixon may not have been much of a hero, but I can’t help but sympathize with his decision not to submit to the brutal “justice” system, especially having already sampled its tender mercies. I said “sympathize,” not “admire.” Mohandas Gandhi also refused to submit to the occupier, but not by making matters worse. However, that’s an awfully high standard to expect of Mixon, and we shouldn’t.

    By the way, it’s a high standard to expect of cops, too, although in their case I think we should expect it, because they’re supposed to be selected and trained that way. Of course, we’re all more realistic than that (some more than others). The unfortunate reality is that when white male corporate executives – living in in an exclusive club where the rest of us pay the membership dues – call the shots and send our kids off to die in their wars, the cops are going to reflect their values, not ours.

    The cops are no better than the society in which we live, and probably not much worse, either, which is a sad commentary, indeed. The posts on JR’s article are also full of the racism that infect our society and serve the purpose of our oppressors.

    Lovelle Mixon was our brother and so were the cops who died at his hands. They are also all criminals and so are we. So what are we going to do about it? Treat each other as criminals or as brothers and sisters? On the last census I listed my race as Antarctican. You have to go a long way back, but around 200 million years ago, the penguins and I are part of the same family.

  18. Joseph Anderson

    Brown Girl (from East Los, on March 27th, 2009 at 2:17 pm): “Joseph Anderson – your commentary is excellent. Thank you.”

    Thank you *very much* for the feedback and the props! I didn’t realize it was *that good*! Your compliments have encouraged me to polish it up a bit and submit it to my local city newspaper in Berkeley and a few online Black journals.

    I also added here in a very slightly edited version (at http://www.daveyd.com

    “Ron Dellums took a week to say anything about Grant, and then only spoked in carefully indirect and tepid terms, and only after finally being confronted by the people in front of city hall. (SEE and”


    The_Yakima_KId: “BTW, what stopped the Klan was in large part fighting back against them…”

    EXACTLY (Thank you very much Yakima Kid!):

    Too many white people always only want people of color to resist *nonviolently*; but white people always reserve the right to armed resistance.

    Go read — Dan Silverberg [you know *he* lives a comfortable, pleasant, probably university educated, 'yuppie' life], on March 27th, 2009 at 2:10 pm — the book “Negroes with Guns” and “The Deacons for Defense: Armed Resistance and the Civil Rights Movement”. They pointed out that peacefully singing “Kumbaya” or “We Shall Overcome” wasn’t going to work against the armed Klan rampaging through isolated Black communities with firebombs and even dynamite, especially in the rural South.

    The Klan was the one terrorist gang — besides the police, and sometimes they literally overlapped or were one and the same — that was historically allowed to roam free in AmeriKKKa to attacked Black and Brown people: that’s the one “privilege” that even poor whites had over Black people of any income. But, you know what?: the Klan (outside of those who were cops) didn’t run up in *urban* Black neighborhoods, because the Klan *knew* what would happen to them — and it wasn’t going to be any Black person singing “Kumbaya” or “We Shall Overcome”.

    Also, Morris Dees is WHITE and a MILLIONIARE: he *ought* to be able to win cases in court. Try being Black and poor and taking your case to court with a white judge and an all-white jury.


    The_Yakima_KId: “There are many students who aren’t interested in college…”

    Especially when they have come from primary & secondary schools that they know have been greatly discriminated against in funding, facilities and personnel resources, have ill-prepared them to go on to college, *AND* have taught them only white-supremacy in literature, history, the arts, science, math, etc. — have basically taught them to hate themselves, and taught them that people of color have not contributed much, if anything, in and to these disciplines.

    And look at all the racist hell “Chris” (of “Everybody Hates Chris) got (based on his own true story) when he working-class parents scraped to send him to a virtually all-white private parochial school. I can tell you first-hand that this was, more or less, a common experience among Blacks who went to any kind of predominantly/overhwhelmingly white private school.


    (I must confess that I’m not familiar with House of Payne, but I’ll check it out sometime.)

    And, personally, The Bernie Mac Show was the only sitcom I really enjoyed watching (and still often watch the reruns) because it was, for the most part, *culturally authentic*; the writers treat the characters, especially the adults, with dignity; it’s not classist and elitist, like the original Cosby show (in Bernie’s house you actually see working-class Blacks also visit and even stay over); and it’s FUNNY — without making the Black characters look like watered-down minstrels/buffoons. It’s probably because, unlike most Black sitcoms which are actually written and controlled by *whites* writers/producers, Bernie Mac had (at least primary) creative control over the show.

    (Remember how Chuck D of Public Enemy called the WB network “the We Buffoons network”, and the UPN network “the United Plantation of Negroes network”?)

  19. Joseph Anderson


    NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    “Police chief expresses regret over traffic stop gone wrong”

    A traffic stop that detained NFL player Ryan Moats of the Houston Texans in a hospital parking lot that, despite his pleas that his mother-in-law was imminently dying, has touched off a firestorn in Texas.

    NBC’s Pete Williams reports.


    The Black guy was lucky he wasn’t shot and killed trying to rush into the hospital.

    Had it been a white man, the cop would have been like, “Oh you just go ahead, Mr. Throckmorton!! Here, let me get the door for you! Jeesh, I hope you make it in time! Everyone get out the way!! His mother-in-law is dying!!”

  20. Away from it all...

    Pathetic. Mixon was a lowlife scumbag who chose to do nothing with his life. To celebrate this event as a “win” for the black community is as ignorant as it gets. Maybe someone will do you a favor and put you out of your misery.

  21. Rue Angel

    So, “Robyn from Oakland”, calls me a “demonic homo sapien”,..Well Robyn, you are entitled to your opinion,..but “name calling”, is, often, the “fallback” position, of those persons who, really have nothing to say,..A reading of my previous comment, will show, that, I am “up front”, from the begining, & I say, in effect, that I DO have a largely negative opinion, of the “Negro” community,..& I gave three examples, of things, that, I have observed about that community, that “cause”, me to hold those negative attitudes that I do , admittedly, hold, about that community,..To sum up my previous remarks, which raised the ire of “Robyn”, I gave three examples of the Black Communitie’s tendency to “stick”, together,..even when they are wrong,..& NOT admit, that the Black, community, bears MUCH of the RESPONSIBILITY, for the MANY problems ENDEMIC, to that community,..Case in point,..Consider, Mr. Lovelle Mixon,..Here is an individual,..out on parole, after serving, six years, for a CONVICTION, for car jacking,..wherein a GUN, was used,..So now, Mr, Mixon is in a position to get his life, straight,..all he needs to do, is, get a job, keep his appointments with his parole officer, & not break any more laws,..So now we have Mr. Mixon, failing to keep his parole appointments, & driving around town, in his sister’s car, with two, LOADED, “stolen” guns,in his possession. They had to be “stolen”, because, he, being a convicted felon, cannot buy guns through legal channels, due to the “backgroud check” proceedure, as required by law,..So here is Lovelle, who, by his own actions, is putting himself in position to be sent back to prison,..& NOT, just for parole violation, but for the additional, “possession of stolen property” & “felon in posession of a firearm”, charges,..Thus Mr. Mixon was a candidate for the “three strikes”, law to kick in,.. All of this, & we have not even touched upon what CRIMINAL acts, Mr. Mixon was planning to commit with those stolen guns,..Who might he have “gunned down”, IF he had not been stopped by the cops,.? We will never know,..But what we DO, know, for sure, is that the likes of Lovelle Mixon, KILL many more, innocent, Oakland citizens than the Cops ever will,..Yet, all to many, Negro “Commentators”, on this, & other. blogs, justify, Mr. Mixon’s actions, by saying that he was “afraid”, of being sent back to prison,..Well, he wouldn’t need to be “Afraid”, of being sent back, IF he just did not continue with his CRIMINAL lifestyle of choice,..Apparently, many apologists for Lovelle Mixon, fail to understand this principal,..There are, all to many,thugs, like Lovelle, in ALL “Negro”, communities across America,..BECAUSE, the “BLACK”, community, tolerates them, & makes excuses for them,.. & then blames “Whitey”, for their actions,..So, until, & unless the “Black” community decides to “clean up it’s act”, I will continue to hold my, “negative”, opinions about that community,..I do notice that it is “politically correct”, to hold negative attitudes about the “White”, race,..but, not so about the Negro” race,..But then, nobody ever accused me of being politically correct,..I just tell it like it is,…

  22. Brown Girl from East Los

    I feel you Rue Angel. I can see you have been traumatized by a black guy beating someone up, and I can identify because I have been traumatized by all these hundreds if not thousands of white serial killers and sexual predators who prey on innocent people. So I know what you mean about negative opinions about a community because I have very negative opinions about white men who have victimized so many children, women and old people by sexually mutilating and murdering them in countless heinous ways.

  23. Kush

    This debate is not as difficult or complicated is many of you are making it out to seem.

    The bottom line is this…

    The police force claims that it is here to SERVE and PROTECT. However that is NOT the reality in the Black and Brown communities of Oakland or any other city in America. The police regularly brutalize, stigmatize, harass, falsify, and terrorize people constantly.

    Of all the high profile cases of Police killing UNARMED Black people, whether recorded by video cameras or not, you tell me how many of those officers have lost their jobs and been tried and convicted of a crime!

    The AmeriKKKan model of the police force was created back in the 17 and 1800′s as a tool to CATCH RUNAWAY SLAVES and KEEP THEM IN THEIR PLACE! The police were never created to SERVE AND PROTECT Black people. That is why most white people and black people have two totally opposite views of the police. Oh and for the record, several colonial style police officers were BLACK, and their job was still to catch slaves who had escaped from their masters and keep them in there place, so just being a “Black” cop doesn’t mean squat if they are simply carrying out the orders of a system that was created to enforce oppression and and White Supremacy.

    Tell me when was the last time an officer came up to any of us as Black and Brown people and just said “Hello”, or asked us how we are doing and if there was any way they could assist us that day??? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO US, EVER!! Because they operate under the assumption that we are ALL CRIMINALS and ANIMALS who must be doing SOMETHING wrong, we just haven’t been caught yet.

    In conclusion, Malcolm said it best, “The chickens always come home to roost”, and police are not immune to this universal law of karma. What you put out you will receive back, sooner or later, and often when you least expect it.

    I believe that Lovelle Mixon did some terrible things and made some terrible decisions in hes life, and true to the law of reciprocity, those things caught up to him, and he is now dead.

    However, the OPD has also committed some terrible atrocities against the citizens of Oakland for decades with IMPUNITY, and thought they would get away with it, however the law of reciprocity caught up to them as well, and when they least expected it.

    The life of a police officer is not ANY more precious than mine, or yours, or any other law abiding, taxpayer in America, but that is the message that we are constantly being sent in America.

    Where was Schwarzenegger when Oscar Grant was killed? Did he even write a letter of condolence. Where was the city sponsored vigil? It took a week to even here a response from then and only AFTER people rioted. How DISGUSTING!

    When the police start treating the ordinary hard working citizens in the Black and Brown community with LOVE, RESPECT AND COMPASSION, then the Black and Brown community will start showing the police LOVE, RESPECT AND COMPASSION in return. Ashe and Amen.

  24. Kush

    Documentation of the origin of the modern day police force as an organization to catch Africans who had run away from their slave masters, and enforce the laws that had been created to keep Blacks “In Their Place”….




    2) Documentation of high profile cases where police have killed Black people all over the country in recent history…

    Where is the White OUTCRY over these individuals who have lost THEIR LIVES AT THE HANDS OF POLICE? Where is THEIR VIGIL? Where are THEIR FLOWERS?

    You disgusting hypocrites.

  25. Brown Girl from East Los

    There are some damn smart people typing here. Kush, you get an A+++ and so does Joseph.

  26. OperationNation

    Yeah, props to Kush for that excellent “origins of modern day police forces” link. Wikipedia has also created an entry for Lovelle Mixon. It is incredibly biased towards the European American viewpoint. I’ve tried disputing it and editing the entry to make it more accurate, but I’m simply OUTGUNNED. READ how the self-proclaimed “free encyclopedia” portrays the entire incident.

  27. White guy

    Before we start calling out the white populace as a whole for not being appropriately angry about injustice against minorities, why don’t you start holding mainstream media accountabe for not publicizing it enough. Instead of screaming “white devil” and holding the white populace accountable for something beyond their control, call out the media bias as racist. By generalizing against any ethnic group all you’re going to do is stir up hate, distrust, and segregation. I’m not racist, and it makes me mad when I’m called one in a generality by anyone. I’ve said it before, if you want to stop racism you have to root it out of yourself first. While I can’t speak for my entire race, I can and do speak for myself when I say it’s bullcrap that there isn’t more justice done for minorities, but stop blaming me just because I’m part of an ethnic group. THAT’S RACISM.

  28. Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA

    Does Congresswoman Barbara Lee truly speak for *us*?

    (Or, are all lives truly “equal”?)

    “Does Barbara Lee Still Speak for You and Me?”

    By Henry Norr
    Wednesday March 25, 2009
    Berkeley Daily Planet newspaper
    Berkeley, CA


    When four Oakland police officers were killed last weekend, Rep. Barbara Lee wasted no time before speaking out. The very next day — on a Sunday, no less — she issued not one but two press releases expressing condolences to the victims’ families and support for their colleagues. The following day she took to the floor of the House and for more than six minutes paid tribute to these “fallen heroes,” as she put it. The press statements promptly appeared on her official website, and a video clip of her remarks to the House was posted to her YouTube channel.

    Unfortunately, she wasn’t nearly as quick to respond to some other recent incidents of violence that have concerned many of her constituents:

    • Oscar Grant. After the BART police murdered Oscar Grant III at the Fruitvale station, Lee made no public statement about the incident for more than a week. Only after hundreds of her constituents had taken to the streets to express their outrage — not only at the killing, but also at the establishment’s demonstrable indifference to it — did she issue a statement declaring that her “thoughts and prayers are with the family of Oscar Grant as they grieve the loss of their loved one.”

    Even then, she and her staff don’t seem to have made much of an effort to get her statement out. They didn’t even bother to post it on her website — as of March 25, it’s still not there — and the only place Google finds the text is in a Bay Area News Group blog, not even in the Oakland Tribune or other East Bay papers. (On Jan. 14 Lee issued another statement saying she was “pleased” at the arrest of former officer Johannes Mehserle. That one did make it to her website.)


  29. Brown Girl from East Los

    The media coverage is sickening. It is even on the front page of the Sunday L.A. Times. It talks about fallen heroes, but I don’t see what is heroic about it at all. They are making a media circus out of this to drum up support for more repressive policies and against releasing people from prison early as has been ordered by the court.

    I do feel bad for the families of anyone who dies like that, but I feel as bad for Mixon’s family, and actually I feel worse for Oscar Grant’s family because he did not choose to go into an occupation like that, he was totally innocent.

  30. ProJourno

    the factual inaccuracies in this piece of propaganda are startling. assuming that Mixon had a political conscience. not mentioning his violent record or his being accused of being a predatory rapist. charging Mark Dunakin with “wreaking havoc” without offering any details or substance. invoking Obama with no context. comparing East Oakland to Gaza. referencing time magazine with no quotes. not bothering to obtain any quotes–that’s called “sourcing”–which could have corroborated the writer’s viewpoints. offering up opinion as fact. i’m pro-black and don’t love police, but the utter lack of anything resembling objectivity here doesn’t do the bayview nor the community any favors. this is just a textbook piece of bad journalism.

  31. Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA

    Yo ProJourno (on March 29th, 2009 at 7:41 pm)!

    IF you understand journalism (which obviously you don’t completely), then you should recognize that the above entitled article is called A _COMMENTARY_ (which was also read by its author on KPFA’s “Flashpoints” on March 25th, in the space of about 5 minutes).

    In a _commentary_, one often has very limited space/time to present one’s views: it is not usually meant to be an exhaustively or completely documented report or anything resembling a technical journal article. It’s a place where one often makes (sometimes employing oratory) and points out common (even if otherwise unrecognized by too many people) historical and moral comparisons and/or contrasts to other examples, and to relate common group experiences. Furthermore, this view/commentary (as opposed to the typical white view or the politically bound-&-gagged Black politicians’ view) is one that is never given space or voice (the voice of the voiceless) in the establishment media — even though I and milllions of other people of color feel this way. I myself have written numerous formal (as well as informal) analytical _commentaries_, some of which (especially the formal ones) you can look up online under my name and city — and I (and obviously other people of color here and elsewhere) thought that this one by JR was *EXCELLENT*.

    Martin Luther King or Malcolm X or Stokely Carmichael or Bobby Seales, etc., didn’t document everything they said in most speeches (an in-person, extended public commentary before a live audience) — having a lot more time.

    But you — and people like you — are always willing to just take the cops’, or the media’s, word for it, huh?

    Did you — and have you ever — “ProJourno”, call(ed) or email(ed) the police department or the media and ask them for primary documentation and sources? *NNNO*!

    Have you ever contacted any victims of police, or their families, or CopWatch, or Black/Brown grassroots organizers, or representative Black/Brown organizations for their account of the story? *NNNO*!

    Have you ever been to any of the Oscar Grant Movement community meetings by different groups, or the BART board meetings about Oscar Grant, or any of the protests/demos? *NNNO!!!*

    And if you’re really a white person who’s “pro-black” — if that’s even true — you don’t or *wouldn’t* — have to say it in an email post (and whites I know who are “pro-Black” [whatever that 'means'], never would feel the need to explicitly say it), but usually those who feel the sharp compulsion to say something like that, *AREN’T* really.

    You see, I know people like you all-too-well.

  32. white guy

    And if you actually went to an english class after highschool, you would realize that it’s true that this is a very biased paper. In a report/article/position you have to have a rebuttal for any position you take to be considered objective. Point out the rebuttal. And if you don’t know what a rebuttal is, it’s where you point out a genuine concern the opposing side has.

    May you darwinism take you quickly,


  33. Brown Girl from East Los

    How impressive! Whiteguy took an English class AND a sociology class. Not everything is done *exactly* the way your teacher says it has to be done Whiteguy. You are really the dumbass here.

  34. Kush

    White Guy, you are straying away from the larger issues here and attempting to distract the people who visit this forum from what is really important.

    How dare you talk about biased reporting, when that’s all we’ve been hearing the entire week from the media is BIASED reporting!

    The facts are that a convicted felon killed four Oakland police officers. The community is divided. The vast majority of White citizens are profoundly supportive of not only those four officers but the entire Nationwide police force as well. However, large segments of the Black community nationwide, feel that the police ARE NOT here to SERVE and PROTECT the Black and Brown community, but rather are an occupying and repressive force. Ask yourself WHY that is White Guy. Why do the Black and White communities have two diametrically opposed views of the same police force. Could it be because the police treat black and white people differently???

    As a gentlemen on the news said, All week long we have heard the perspective of the SLAVEMASTER, now it’s time to hear the perspective of THE SLAVE. That’s what this article is, the perspective of the slave, in an attempt to make sense out of the racial divide when it comes to the opinion of the police.

    Now before you start talking about how this has nothing to do with slavery, and that we as Black people need to forget about slavery and move on with our lives,(typical White response), let me remind you that America is a very young country, comparatively speaking, and that slavery is not that far off as many people would like to have us believe.

    When it is convenient, Amerikkkan lawmakers, politicians and patriots reference our FOUNDING FATHERS, the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, and the values and principles developed in the late 1700′s time as being the foundation of American culture and society today?

    Yet these same individuals will neglect to mention that at that same time period during the FOUNDATION of Amerikkka, those same Amerikkkan values and principles held that Black people were animals,(we were subsequently upgraded to 3/5 of a human being for political purposes), black life was considered valueless and indispensible, and that Black people were inferior to Whites. Abraham Lincoln, The Great Emancipator, said those exact words himself!

    So the values and morals that shaped this country 200 years ago are relevant when it comes to American values, government, and ethos today, but not relevant when it comes to its treatment and view of Black people today. How disgusting you hypocrites are!!

    The mainstream media have held up not only those four officers as heroes, but the entire OPD, and by extension the entire nationwide police force as well. They have villified and, demonized anyone who has a dissenting view of the police. That is NOT journalistic, that is BIASED.

    This article is simply explaining the OPPOSITE view, and describing why many, many, people in the Black community do NOT view the police as HEROES, but rather is an oppressive, occupying force in our neighborhoods.

    During slavery, when a slave master died, the majority of slaves REJOICED, not cry. And since the POLICE force was CREATED to enforce and perpetuate slavery, many Black people, while not REJOICING LITERALLY, do not sympathize with the police the way that most White people do, because we have been BRUTALIZED by these same police for far too long, and we are tired of it. The law of reciprocity is alive and well. Amen.

  35. Kush

    Let me repeat this for the dimwitted…

    If someone treats you like crap, day in and day out, year after year, if you heard that something tragic happened to them, while you may not be happy, you certainly would not sympathize with them the same way you would if they had been kind and compassionate to you.

    You would probably be thinking that now they know what it FEELS like to be treated like CRAP! That is what many of us are saying. That now the police know what the pain that we feel DAILY at THEIR hands feels like.

    Our hope is that because they now share a measure of our pain, that hopefully it will move them to change their racist and brutal practices against Black people.

    AS I stated earlier, when the police completely eradicate the mentality of their formation, which was to catch and treat Black people as slaves to be controlled and oppressed, and start treating us with dignity, caring, compassion and love, then the Black and Brown community, will in turn RECIPROCATE and treat the police force with caring, compassion and love.

    As long as they treat the community with disrespect, hate, brutality, and oppression, then that is what they will receive back from the community.

    As legendary abolitionist Frederick Douglass said, “The thing worse than rebellion, is the thing that causes rebellion”.

    Ponder on that for a moment. And by the way, I’m from East Oakland, CA. 51st and Foothill, in the heart of it all.

  36. Jon Brown

    This article is written by someone with a very warped point of view who celebrates things that civil rights leaders would have been ashamed of. Stop it with your victim mentality, Mixon is a piece of trash who had no one else to blame for his problems but himself. Have you ever heard of the word accountability… guess not. The victim mentality in America in general needs to stop… grow up.

  37. Plunda Claus


    Happened to me the other day. The police Sargent I’ve been working with to get some low life thugs out of our neighborhood called to see how things were going since we got them out, how my family was and plans for summer programs. Police offers patrol regularly, and I see them doing their job on a daily basis. Running a business in the community where I live, I have a vested interest in keeping the trash out; regardless of its color or origin.

    As a black man, who spent 8 years (most of them as a teen) going to Richmond schools and seeing the worst of the worst I agree that all cops are not perfect. I also believe that if I not into something I’m not supposed to be into and keeping my nose clean, I’m in pretty good shape. Pulled over? Oh yeah. Questioned? Oh yeah. Did I answer honestly and go through the process? Yes I did. Any trouble? A little inconvenience and an apology and I moved on with my life.

    I’d rather have my police agency taking the time to try and catch people doing the wrong thing, even if it means some folks experience a slight delay because of it. I also make no bones about owning firearms (legally) and defending my homestead if necessary from aforementioned trash. Oddly enough, local law enforcement supports my position.

    While not everyone is perfect, not everyone is doing it wrong either.

  38. white guy

    To brown girl: You still have yet to give me a logical thought out argument for your position, and making fun of me for being educated and pointing out legitimate flaws in a paper that’s supposed to be an “argument”, meaning logically constrasting two points of views to determine which is better, is idiotic. Stop trying to attack me and start talking about the problem without ridiculous generalizations and personal slights. I’ll stop calling you stupid, but in return I’d like that logical argument.

    To Kush: I’m not avoiding the topic or trying to distract from it. I’m responding to comments left by others about my points of view (which, no matter how I seem to write them, they are interpreted as “whitey said kill the nigger”) I have stated before that I don’t think I’m in a position to make a judgement in this case since I am not an eye witness and have been able to find no footage of the stop or the swat shootout. I have also said that I don’t think it’s just to blame the white population because of a media bias, which is what seems to be happening.

    If someone wanted to say some white guy who controls the media is a racist and is doing all this, then I’d be behind them all the way, but that’s not what’s being said. What’s being said is that white cops pick on black people, and that white people dont care when it happens. I do care when it happens. I think it’s bullshit. I’m in the military, and I’ve had my ass saved by friends of different race/color more than once. I’ve also done the same for them. It’s bullshit that anyone, officers included, should treat anyone poorly reguardless of race or stereotypes.

    I’ve also said that those who continue to say things like “amerikkkan” are only helping seed distrust and racial hate. You want to be equal then act like an equal and stop placing blame where it doesn’t belong. NOTE: THAT’S NOT TO SAY BLACKS ARENT DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, SO DON’T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. My point is by generalizing against all whites, or all of any race or color, you’re only furthuring the racist agenda by creating anger and distrust where it’s not necessary. If you want to blame someone, blame the INDIVIDUALS responsible, i.e., the INDIVIDUAL who created or allowed the media bias, the INDIVIDUAL COP OR INDIVIDUAL BAD GUY that did what was wrong, or the INDIVIDUAL that propogated the racism. That’s the biggest problem that I have with this article, is that it generalizes all cops as bad guys, whites as the wannabe slave-master, and black criminals as heroes, when none of these are anything but generalizations designed for propoganda.

  39. Marlon Crump, POOR Magazine.

    When this story broke, I really felt bad for the four officer’s families….not the Oakland Police Department, due to its atrocities towards the Black Community. Speaking as a police brutality survivor myself, I know why there are people out there, particularly in communities of color feel very little or no sympathy towards the police, due to their brutalities, profiling, ignorance, sterotypes, and tragically to say, killings of unarmed youths of color.

    I personally understand why my people feel the way that they do about the police. However, I could never have any inhumane feelings of a life being ruthlessly cutdown. Death is never prejudiced.

    When S.F.P.D Officers Birco and Tuvera lost their lives in 2006, I gave a sympathy card to Heather Fong to give to their families, but I still had alot of animosity towards the S.F.P.D after what happened to me. My godmother, mesha Monge-Irizarry, director of ISARC extended her condolences to the department.

    Since then, I learned to channel my negative energy, constructively. Police culture has unfortunately always been aimed to oppress people in poor neighborhoods, regardless if their is crime or not. Being poor is a crime in this country, and the system structures itself on making policies, laws, decisions, and programs that always have a negative impact on the poor.

    Even when an officer WANTS to properly operate within the law as they’re supposed to, many of them are easily manipulated to do otherwise. When it comes to the Oscar Grant outcry movement, and these four slain officers, neither one should outweigh the other.

    If Oakland Police and every police department learn to interact with their communities more often in a more postive manner, we won’t need anymore protest for “Justice For So and So.” The only thing good that can come out of all tragedies is unity in community.

  40. American

    Let’s get the facts straight here.

    An African American male is pulled over by the police in an African American part of town (but it’s racial profiling, right, even though everyone else in that part of town is black too).

    He’s broken the law numerous times since his release from jail, and he panics, fearing going back to jail. (The laws are racist too, even though white people aren’t allowed to own illegal handguns, avoid their parole officer, etc.)

    He then shoots them, even though they hadn’t drawn their guns.

    He then goes, and shoots them each in the head to make sure that they’re dead.

    He then goes, and hides like a coward, and shoots two more policemen before he is shot.

    If the police were really racist, genocidal maniacs, I think that they would do more than kill 2 African-American people. Maybe the real racist genocidal nuts are the “community” who tolerate 100+ murders of blacks by blacks, spurn the marital traditions of Africa, abort 70% of their children, and blame people with different color skin (whites, Asians, hispanics) for all of their problems.

    I’m not white, not racist, my wife is African American, I voted for a black congressman, a black governor, and a black president. A lot of whites must have too, because they all won. So quit playing the race card.

  41. Brown Girl from East Los

    abort 70% of their children? “tolerate” murder?

    Mr. “American” you are so full of shit. Does your African American wife do all the things you mentioned in your racist diatribe? If not, why do you point your finger at all African Americans as “racist genocidal nuts” who do all manner of heinous acts.

    You are so clearly one more pathetic cop trying to cloak your racist bullshit in some sort of fake statistics.


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