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Former KPFA broadcaster Nadra Foster facing trial March 22

January 21, 2010

Pack the courtroom Monday, March 22, 9 a.m., 161 Washington at 7th, Oakland

by Minister of Information JR

Listen to a dynamite 20-minute discussion about Nadra’s case on Hard Knock Radio between host Anita Johnson and Minister of Information JR broadcast on KPFA Thursday, March 18, at, beginning 11:30 minutes in (archived only until April 1 )

Nadra Foster hosted a weekly show on KPFA for years on Fridays at 7 p.m. and worked as a volunteer with other producers. After more than a decade of work without pay, KPFA management called the police to remove her from the station after she used a copier to run off math worksheets for her daughters and a phone to call for a ride home. - Photo: © Kristin Oliver
On Aug. 20, 2008, single mother and Black radio broadcaster Nadra Foster was beaten mercilessly by Berkeley police inside of the building of the “home of free speech radio,” “progressive” radio station KPFA in Berkeley, after bogusly being accused of trespassing at the station in which she had volunteered her services for over 10 years. To this day, the management of KPFA and of the Pacifica radio network have attempted to cover up their role in this vile police crime against the Black community and progressive media makers.

Now that ratings are slipping at KPFA, management is accusing the journalists who exposed this government act of terrorism, where a Black woman was kicked in the head and between her legs by police, as being the cause of such a shift in listenership, as though we, the reporters, should be ashamed of reporting the stories that our communities need to be informed about.

The drop in listenership is not because the station is not capable of doing a tremendous job serving their listenership. It is a growing vote of no confidence by many of the listeners and a majority of the staff in the current management of the station and the Pacifica network that it is a part of. Should there be a change in who runs the station and who has regular station sponsored shows – and depending on the actions of the administration that takes over – there could be a drastic turnaround in listenership, volunteer support, fundraising and the station and network’s credibility in the media.

This poster by renowned artist Refa One symbolizes the outpouring of support for Nadra and condemnation of the current KPFA management. An Oct. 4, 2008, press release notes the support of prominent newsmakers and major organizations and includes a Statement of No Confidence in management signed by 56 KPFA programmers, paid and unpaid.
Now we are going to talk to Nadra Foster, who faces trial Feb. 5 at the courthouse on Seventh and Washington in downtown Oakland on the fourth floor in Department 111 at 9 a.m.

M.O.I. JR: What were you charged with?

Nadra: Currently, I am charged with two counts of resisting arrest and two counts of battery on an officer.

M.O.I. JR: How have these charges affected your family life? Can you talk about your hand being paralyzed?

Nadra: Being criminalized by the same media field in which I worked as a passionate professional for over a decade for showing up to work like every positive, progressive adult citizen should do has been devastating. Actually being prosecuted by the DA is an extremely surreal experience like a horror movie turn Matrix. I am thankful I am grounded by Jah, the almighty protector, and all of my ancestors who have been praying me through.

Currently my left hand is paralyzed with upcoming surgeries to mend severed tendons. My hand has been in constant pain for over a year now and as you can imagine that alone has been overwhelming. My family and friends have been called on for overtime to help me with my children and I have not been in any condition to work or function as I used to.

This is a very harsh lesson yet a very real one. In America in 2010 the African American community is not protected by law and order, and justice is just a lottery ticket promise. Thus the stand, walk and daily quest for liberty is ever necessary. I am going to take this hardship as training and learn to become a champion for the people for love and for justice.

M.O.I. JR: When does your trial start? How can people help you?

Nadra: I go to trial in Oakland Feb. 5th [postponed to March 22], 9 a.m., on the fourth floor in Department 111.

In America in 2010 the African American community is not protected by law and order, and justice is just a lottery ticket promise. I am going to take this hardship as training and learn to become a champion for the people for love and for justice. – Nadra Foster

M.O.I. JR: How can people stay up with what’s going on with you?

Nadra: People can help by showing up at court dates and praying and chanting.

Email POCC Minister of Information JR, Bay View associate editor, at and visit

Kiilu Nyasha interviews Nadra Foster

This interview with Nadra Foster on the Channel 76 show Freedom Is a Constant Struggle was broadcast Aug. 28, 2009, shortly after the first anniversary of the attack on Nadra by Berkeley police inside a KPFA studio. Host Kiilu Nyasha hosted Freedom Is a Constant Struggle on KPFA for many years, and she and Nadra are long time friends. Kiilu is renowned as a former Black Panther, a revolutionary journalist and a columnist for the SF Bay View.


14 thoughts on “Former KPFA broadcaster Nadra Foster facing trial March 22

  1. Margaret Kaigler-Armstead

    Been there TOO!

    These are the struggles behind the scenes at KPFA and throughout the history of struggle for women’s human rights that immortalized Rosa Parks, Viola Luiso and made Shirley Chisolm the first black, female, New York State Congressional Representative and President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle,the first black, First Lady.

    Which brings us to KPFA’s female supervisory group; Aileen Alfandary, Lemlem Rijio, and Lois Withers. Long before she called the police on Nadra, Withers had waged an ongoing campaign of insults and harassment against me, tossing race related epithets at me,a black female new reporter, with such ferocity and frequency that I had to request immediate protection from her ongoing behavior. I documented her pattern of behavior and in a three way conversation, submitted a verbal report to KPFA Human Relations and then Interim GM, Lemlem Rijio. I asked for support in avoiding verbal confrontations directed toward me by Withers. I advised Lemlem and H.R. that Withers habitually sought me out and addressed me using overt, race based insults, delivered in a demeanor sufficiently egregious in tone that one would hesitate to use it on an unwanted, mute animal. Months before the Nadra Foster police incident, I told KPFA IGM and the lawyer from H.R. that Withers exhibited a brutal streak of racism, and was incapable of talking to me in a professional manner and that she be made to cease and desist. Human Resources led by Lemlem, responded and she was told to stop. Stop indeed, Withers told me, since she was no longer allowed to speak to me, she therefore would talk about me. Her behavior still created a hostile work environment. I am sorry that she wasn’t also stopped from harassing Nadra, who appareantly was not as lucky.

    Lemlem’s memorandum bidding Withers a fond farewell adds insult to injury, and is confusing. Perhaps the courts are more open to mitigating circumstances and acts of provocation. My concern also focuses on News Co Editor, Aileen Alfandary whose similiar behavior, escalating verbal attacks, in which she usually, stood over me screaming where to sit, who to sit next to, because she, yelling in my face explained, “…you generate too much excitement”. (?) My request was reviewed and sustained and both were restrained and retrained, in an attempt to end their loud agressive and abusive, racist, sexist behaviors. I requested immediate protection and H.R., attempted to provide it. It scaled down somewhat, but continued to some degree until I left KPFA in October of 2008.

    I hope other women who where likewise targets of racists harassment by either Louis Withers or Aileen Alfandary
    to speak out.

    Maggie Kaigler
    KPFA Volunteer News Reporter, 2005-2008

  2. Sregor Effilcdar

    Where dose the community stand on this incident? Are there not media outlets that have broadcast this terrible display of police misconduct and free speech? What about KPFA? Does the community have another ‘voice’ in which to broadcast? Just asking…..

  3. L.A. STEEL

    Really sorry to hear this. Pacifica Radio should be boycotted by all. Their days are numbered, as their ratings prove. They no longer speak for those who do not have a voice, they are nothing more than an amusement for the liberal elitists. They are now bought and paid for by the Banksters and the Democratic party. I am an independent liberal radio host and proud of it. But I would rather remain an independent than bow to the Democrats or kiss the feet of Pacifica for syndication.
    I wish Nadra well, and everyone at BayView.

  4. ghandifan

    Ah, folks, when you read these one-sided accounts, keep in mind that every word is carefully chosen to paint an extreme picture.

  5. Margaret Kaigler-Armstead

    Funny, that’s what the British said about the salt tax. Not to worry, you will know them by their deeds…

  6. jorge

    “passionate professional for over a decade for showing up to work like every positive, progressive adult citizen should do ”

    Um… ya…a professional gets PAID to do their job. When you volunteer, it is a hobby. Get your facts straight, and better yet, be a “progressive adult” (what the hell does that mean?) get off wellfare, take care of your own kids, and get a job that pays you by the hour.

  7. The Minister of Information


    Are you made because she volunteered? How else could she have gotten into radio in the Bay Area? I don’t think she was unemployed, but even if she was does that, in your opinion, give the police the right to almost kill her, after a false claim of trespassing? You probably work at KPFA and Jorge is a fake name, huh, Jorge? Is this Lem-Lem, Aileen, Sasha, Amy Allison, Brian Edwards Tienkart, or Mark Mericle?

  8. Sregor Effilcdar

    @Jorge-a professional does not have to be/get paid. If so, then you’re a professional a*****e. I agree with the MofI, you’re probably a lackey or an employee of this disgraceful media outlet. Although I’m in another part of the country, the misdeeds of who you represent/defend will not survive…what does socio-economic status have to do with anything that was presented? Jorge (if that’s your moniker)…get a grip on life.

  9. Margaret Kaigler-Armstead

    Retirees volunteer, independently wealthy people volunteer, people who believe in giving back (tithe) sacrifice their time to KPFA…Jorge-baby… don’t look now but your ignorance is showing.

  10. sad state of affairs

    @jorge: i completely agree w/the last 3 entries that you are a lackeye at KPFA. you have to be.
    why hide?
    get off welfare? be a “paid” professional? it’s obvious you’re just another over-educated white male w/way too much time on your hands.
    i’m sick of you trustfund babies running these so-called left-wing organizations. all you do is huff and puff about issues you are so far removed from that you can’t even empathize w/the victims of those situations when they’re standing right next to you (i.e. NADRA).
    get a grip on your existence and realize you’re a self absorbed, egoist that needs to be put in check. it’s people like you that are going to sink what is left of KPFA.
    ps-dare i say who i know you are, brian???

  11. Margaret Kaigler-Armstead

    This is opportunity disguised as trouble. It is time to issue a moral mandate, part of a chain of events that can lead to mutual respect, deeper understanding and eventual growth. KPFA is a mirror of the larger society. And so, let us put the morality of society, that is KPFA management, on the altar, stained with the blood of our ancestors and bathed in the beauty of their souls. Demand peace, truth, wisdom and harmony manifest now as divine justice, not only for Nadra, our Sister, but also for all and any of us who work at KPFA regardless of status or title, position or compensation, past, present or to come. Every person is of irreplaceble beauty and worth. Oppression affects the oppressor as much as the oppressed. Know that the struggle is real, the battle historic and the war mental, physical and spiritual. This is a chance to display the courage of our convictions and live to prove the reality of God as Ethics. Right now, truth manifests as divine justice, and we are its living proof, powerful instruments of peace. Harmony belongs to us and manifests through us. Refuse to be overcome by evil but instead overcome evil with good. God as Ethics, love, truth and power manifests as divine justice. And it manifests now. And Pilot said, “What is Truth?”.
    1. LSB Show:
    The Monday LSB Show will now be aired from 1-2 pm on Monday Jan 25th.

    2. Staff Changes:
    Philip Maldari was appointed to be the host for the Sunday Sedition Show and Brian Edwards Tiekert will be replacing Philip on the morning show.

    And, just fyi, all the recent staff appointments have been white males including:
    1. Development Director
    2. Webmaster
    3. New Morning Show co-host
    4. Sunday Sedition
    5. Letters from Washington

    The only position changes that did not involve white males is Amelia Gonzalez as the interim Assistant GM, and Sasha Lilley being removed from the interim Program Director position. My cynical belief is that both of these staff changes were to ensure that these two women are protected by the union.
    These changes certainly have not helped Nora Barrows Friedman whose hours were cut from 40 per week to 20 per week, and who is a union member and has more seniority than Brian ET and should have been considered for the Morning Show co-host position or another time slot with 40 hours if her hours needed to be reduced.
    Can I get an Amen?

  12. Rafael


    Is Edwards Tiekert a way of Brian taking on his wife’s last name? It seems effeminate to do that and he talks in an effeminate fashion, the reason that I bring that up is that many people who claim liberal stances have an effeminate manner and see that mannerism as their liberal credentials rather than actually being a person who supports justice. It’s a sign that someone is phony. He comes across as a polished speaker who presents himself as liberal, but couldn’t give a hoot when no one is looking.

    Much of KPFA’s programming is a waste, it’s like a white hippie station for old 60′s nostalgia mostly with a few good shows here and there. I would never support it based on their behavior to Nadra, but even without that it’s really just an irrelevant relic that should be gutted and replaced with something much more controversial and interactive. The people like Philip Maldari and Amy Allison are pre-Maddona snobs, they don’t really stand for anything they just pose. Amy kicked me off of her Facebook friends because I confronted people who posted there on their stances, she’s really phony. The things they bring up on their show and try to dismiss without investigating shows you they are all about towing the mainstream while pretending to be “for the people.” That station needs to be taken off the air to show them that people don’t like their stuck up ways.

    Then replaced with a station really run by people. It’s sad in a way, but European Americans are prejudice whether they are liberal or not, it’s just who they are. People like Kris Welch, Doug Henwood, and other Euro centric types can talk all day about prejudice and so on, but at the end of it all, they still get freaked out if they see an African person using the phone “without permission” and start screaming “Police Police, help there’s a potentially violent colored person around not following my protocols, help help!!” They can deny it and run shows that say “See I’m OK with colored people” – but anyone can see through it. Rather than pretend those shows should just be gotten rid of so real shows can take their place. CS Sung seems more sincere than the others and he has good topics, but he seems like someone who would not want to make waves and stand up for what’s right either.

    In reading different accounts of this incident, Lois makes many different allegations of what Nadra did to provoke this incident, she never gets her story straight. She’s made about three completely different accounts of what provoked the incident, which is a good indication she is lying. She should be arrested and put in jail for calling in Police to enforce a racist vendetta against someone on false pretenses. Isn’t calling the Police to report a false crime on someone a crime?

    One last point, notice how much over play “gay” issues get on KPFA and liberal media in general. They don’t represent a high number of the population and are by no means the most abused people in the society, but you hear about those issues more often than not. The reason is that it’s easy and many European American well to do people are gay, it’s the easiest minority to support. They have money and influence, not like other groups. No one should be discriminated against for any reason, but if you listen to these shows, they talk in terms of supporting homosexuality and homosexuals not in terms of justice in general. They actually avoid that kind of talk, and want to talk about gays like a separate group than should be supported separately and more vigorously than other groups. They insinuate that by constantly putting those issues on a pedestal while ignoring others. Even gay people should reject that kind of support, it should be about justice for all people all the time, not favorite pet causes of people you can stomach better because sexuality isn’t as big a deal to you as ethnic class.

    If you listen between the lines on many of these shows you hear the biases of these content producers come out, and many have a deep ethnic resentment towards people they consider beneath them. That is so sad from a supposed independent station, just get rid of it and start over, stop dragging around this dead weight, it’s a waste of air space. Let another group take it’s place.

  13. craig

    This continue injustice and abuse of African people by those who are suppose to serve and protect us, and the silence by the vast majority of white american which condones this injustice and abuse serves as a reflection and a remainer of our domination which necessitates that we as an Afrikan move to seek self-determination in the context of us becoming a self-govering people. My heart, love, and support goes out to our sister Nadra!!!!!

  14. Kevin Cole

    Banks Got Bailed Out
    CPWU Blum-Feinstein March and Rally to Save the Post Office
    Post Office Got Sold Out
    Sat Dec 8
    Blum Capital Partners
    picket Blum Partners 7 am to 9am march to Feinstein Office for rally till 11:30

    Postal Workers United Rally: Senator Sets USPS Policy as Spouse Profits by Post Office Sales
    We are bringing at least 56 people to San Francisco CA to rally and march from the Blum Capital Partners to Sen. Feinstein's office because over It is a conflict of interest to conduct public affairs for private advantage.

    Please join us!


    Kevin Cole

    Community and Postal Workers United (the group that held a hunger strike in DC in June)


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