Pam Africa on the Supreme Court ruling against Mumia


by Minister of Information JR

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal and granted the Philadelphia DA’s petition for a writ of certiorari. Basically, the Supreme Court went against the lower federal circuit court’s 2001 and 2008 rulings, which granted a new sentencing phase jury trial if the death penalty was to be reinstated in Jamal’s case. Now the case goes back down to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, who will decide whether they will re-impose the death penalty without the jury trial.

In a recent interview with the Block Report, Mumia spoke about the Spisak case, in which the death penalty has since been reinstated for the white supremacist murderer Frank Spisak. The question is how this will affect Mumia’s case since they both dealt with the Mills issue, which addresses confusing jury instructions.

We are now at the highest level of Code Red in the case of Mumia Abu Jamal. The people must come to this tireless souljah’s defense.

I interviewed Pam Africa, the chairwoman of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal, about the direction of the “Free Mumia” movement at this critical time …

M.O.I. JR: Now that we have this information on how the Supreme Court wants to move on Mumia’s case, how is the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal moving? And what do they need from the people?

Pam Africa: One thing that people need to understand is that this is a very crucial time. What we’re doing today, we’re having a press conference in front of the District Attorney’s Office here in Philadelphia.

This is the first Black DA in the city of Philadelphia. His name is Seth Williams, who ran on the platform that when he became district attorney, he would execute Mumia. That’s why we’re having the demonstration there, because it eventually will end up in the hands of the district attorney.

The district attorney are the ones that are applying for this death sentence on Mumia. I know that they are battling Mills (the case concerning jury instructions) and everything else, but people must stay focused. The time is very short in dealing with the case of Mumia.

People must organize around the world. There are two petitions that are happening: One is by a group of people over in Germany with Mumia’s attorney, Robert Bryan, calling on President Obama to get involved in the case and get Mumia a new case, because he never had a trial, really.

But we’re calling on the attorney general. When I say we, I’m saying there are several groups and organizations that is spearheaded by the New York (Free Mumia Abu-Jamal) Coalition that is calling on the attorney general, because what we’re pointing out is that Mumia cannot get any fairness whatsoever.

Brewing right here is another example of what it is we’re talking about. Mumia cannot get any fairness in this court system, so we’re calling on the U.S. attorney general to do a civil rights investigation into this case, because Mumia’s civil rights from the beginning to the end, and our civil rights as citizens of this United States who have pointed out the evidence very clearly (are threatened). That nobody can get around: Mumia is innocent. He is factually innocent.

And what we’re asking people to do is to sign both of the petitions on behalf of Mumia. The one that the attorney is putting out there, because when he petitions and all, Obama, Obama’s next move is that he has to go to the U.S. attorney general. And when he comes to the U.S. attorney general, he will fully know that our last person who signed the petition for the civil rights investigation was Skip Gates, who sat down and had a beer after he was beat up by the police, you know, at the White House. I’m saying, he signed the petition. We have people that are right in the ear of Obama and the attorney general.

And I want to point out very clearly, we have no hope whatsoever in the system. Our faith, Mumia’s faith, is in the people. Will the people rise up and do what is right? Shaka Sankofa is dead because the people didn’t consistently stay on top of these people when they did wrong.

Tookie Williams, when they executed him, when they murdered him in cold-blood when the movement was moving, it should’ve continued to move that way. There are magnificent things that are happening in California around the death penalty, but everybody must unite together and move as one up against this government for the sake of Brotha (Troy) Davis, for the sake of all the brothas that’s on death row right now.

Again there is Academics for Mumia, who are at Princeton University, who is having a meeting pulling academics together, and we’re asking the academics to sign both of these petitions while they educate people. I’m telling you people, we are not without the evidence. If you go to the website at Journalists for Mumia, if you go into the Bay View, you will find all of the evidence that you need to bring the system down to its knees.

Once again, do not be duped by time; time is running out. And I know that when this next step is made, as I understand, things might be like six months and then it will go to the DA. The time might be a little bit off, but we don’t have much time. It’s time for them people to get into them churches, make them ministers get up, make these politicians get up, you know, make the people rise up, as they did in 1999, when we did Millions for Mumia. The time is now for organizing, organizing with all of the strength that you have.

And I just want to thank people like the Partisan Defense Committee, Labor for Mumia, the Mobilization for Mumia, Millions for Mumia. These people have stayed steadfast, and if I haven’t mentioned the names of other people, there is a lot of individuals – JR and the Bay View – for keeping this issue up front in the people’s eye.

The time is now for organizing, organizing with all of the strength that you have. People must pull together to abolish the death penalty. Save this brotha who has been on the front lines, from deathrow, on every issue of social justice that there is.

And I will be down (in the Bay) on Feb. 18. I’ll be in California, from the 18th to the 23rd. I’m coming down there for the brotha of the San Francisco 8 (Francisco Torres’) hearing. I’m coming down there for Brotha JR’s hearing, and I wish I could be in LA when they bring this murderous cop (who murdered) Oscar Grant there, but I’m going to be pushing for people to get there – everybody who can.

This death sentence that was handed out to this brotha; we can’t allow it, people. And I’m saying y’all have been an example to all of the people around the world of resistance (of what can be done) when people be consistent at what they do. Y’all have had something done here when y’all had that murderous monster arrested. It must continue. This dude must sit on deathrow. That is where he needs to sit with all of the other people. And let people fight to get his behind off of deathrow.

You know, it can’t be enough said: People must pull together. You must abolish the death penalty because it is wrong, all the way across the board. We must support JR and all of the brothas and sistas that was arrested. This is what Mumia is pushing for; this is what we’re pushing for.

When we come to California, we’ll be having more information about Mumia. The movement is moving real fast, so please while you are organizing for everything, tell people that they must get into the streets in order to save this brotha who has been on the front lines, from deathrow, on every issue of social justice that there is.

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  1. Mumia Abu Jamal, GUILTY and an affirmed murderer of another human being. To those who believe the MOVE garbage as to Jamal’s innocense…you are fools led by fools. Jamal KNOWS he commited murder, MOVE knows Jamal committed murder and the Courts over the last 28-29 years have reviewed this case to exaution and AFFIRMED Jamals guilt. He will die in prison with or without the help of the State…and rightfully so.

    Justice for Officer Daniel
    Justice for Officer James Ramp, executed by MOVE

  2. Sister Pam this is Milagros from Cuba cuirrently in haiti with the Cuban delegation DWB helping as an Forensic nurse. i walked away from law for awhile to do my own thing and have since returned. We all know that Mummia our beloved is innocent otherwise they would have murdered him a long time ago.The DA has been bought as has been the Pres of the US. For those vwho sit all day by thier computers claiming they know Mumia is guilty (when thewy were not old enuff to remember LOL)are only doing so while flipping hamburgers at mickey d’s and ranting for lack of better choices. i do not know how long we will be here but as a Cuban, it will prob be for awhile. There is so much cover up in this case but due to our work in the past ..much is about to be revealed However, has the innocense proj ever looked at hius case? i do some work via Witness ID for them periodically and am now on hiatus in Haiti. Let me know at my personla Email..

    Free the land and free Mumia

    Small i’s mean no little u’s

  3. Well Milagros, I’m old enough and know this case very well. The two Officers who arrested Jamal within 30 to 45 SECONDS after he executed Officer Faulkner, were my co-workers. If you are a JD, your comments do you no justice as an attorney regarding your comments as to this case. Try reading the Anti MOVE/Mumia blog or the Justice for Daniel Faulkner web site for FACTUAL information.

    Jon Pisano

  4. …and Mr Bennett, in my opinion, is a fledgling “journalist”who knows MORE than the State and Federal Courts and puts out distorted misinformation as to the PROVEN evidence in support of the affirmed murder Mumia Abu Jamal to justify his existence as a reporter. I do hope those of you read our exchange and, while your at it, read the factual evidence and trial transcripts at Mumia Abu Jamal will die in prison, with or without the help of the State, and rightfully so. Even after the Supreme Courts ruling, he and the MOVE group are still pissing in the wind and telling everyone it’s raining. Fools led by fools.

    Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner
    Jon Pisano

  5. There is a tshirt on sale about Wesley Cook – it says something like:
    Officer Faulkner was murdered
    Mumia Abu Jamal
    who shouldn’t be in an
    8×10 foot cell
    6 feet closer to hell.

    That sums up my feelings about any convicted murderer and Wesley Cook has gone through every level of the system and all these court dates and books don’t change that he is a murderer.

  6. Why does the black community continue to support these obviously guilty people? Honestly, Tookie Williams, seriously? The guy founded the Crips and you call him innocent. Shaka Sankofa pled guilty to a week long robbery spree but insisted he had nothing to do with a murder during the one man crime wave. And then there’s Mumia, what a joke.

    You should be ashamed of these people. They are playing you.

    It is clear that the black community will support black criminals who make the black community look like the worst in the nation. Understand that? Supporting these guys makes you look ridiculous. Meanwhile, any large concentration of black people seems inevitably to lead to more crime, see Britain, Jamaica, Africa or Oakland. You guys need to cut the crap, work with teachers to keep you kids in school instead of against teachers and work with cops to keep criminals in check rather than against the cops.

    Do you think, if we cleared all the blacks from D.C. and replaced them with Koreans or Chinese, that D.C. would still have a crime problem? If we took all the black kids out of the Oakland school district and replaced them with Asian kids with limited English skills, do you think there would be a discipline problem in the schools? Do you think they would have any problem getting good grades or succeeding? It’s not the system, it’s you.

    This misguided political behavior, supporting every black murderer who changes his name in prison, is insane and is hurting you.

  7. Are not those majority supporters here in the US biased in their support of the proven convicted murderer Mumia Abu jamal ONLY because he is an American of African heritage? Are y’all biased when you state that a majority in both State and Federal prisons are Americans of Afro heritage and you blame the “system” instead of the actual perpetrators. Twist it any way you want Mr MoI but the poster above , Mr Mulligan, does make some good points…don’t you think. If not, challange his post with logic.

    Jon Pisano
    Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner

  8. Pisass Peppers, sorry got ur name wrong. Now with all this demonic stuff of yours, it seems u are protecting law enfocrement against suicide by cop. If mr faulkner were alive i would think he’d want the REAL KILLER OFf THE STREETS! I smell a cover up; could it be friendly fire from one of his own? Could it be jon pisano peppers? Where were u that fateful day???

  9. are really out in left field. As to that night, it was my RDO=regular day off. Friendly fire???What the hell are you talking about. NO shots were fired by the Police ….FACT. As to Mr/Officer Faulkner…he knew who the real killer was…he shot him…proven and factual. You sir have a lot of reading to do and please don’t be a fool led by fools. Mumia Abu Jamal killed…no executed Officer Daniel Faulkner…proven and affirmed. If you REALLY believe the “cover up” bullschmidt, that would involve hundreds of Law enforcement, attorneys and State and Federal Judges. Now, do you see how silly your argument is. You should get your sniffer tested.

    Jon Pisano
    Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner

  10. In reference to Min. Of Information comments " Look at the racism that some of these articles inspire people to express.. is another website people should check out"
    The reason people are inspired to express who truly are because they can't stand the fact that African man will stand up to the White man and will not act cowardly

    They hate the fact that we wont act like the punks that they are

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