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Trouble at the East Bay Express

January 4, 2010

by Tomie “T-K.A.S.H.” Lenear

Tomie “T-K.A.S.H.” Lenear
Due to the recent reconstruction of solidarity with, and change in perception of, the local progressive/liberal radio community as displayed in the recent article about 94.1FM KPFA written in the East Bay Express, I am hereby forfeiting and de-recognizing my 2005 East Bay Express Award for “Most Listenable Radio DJ” for my weekly program, The Friday Night Vibe, which is broadcast at 94.1FM KPFA.

As much as KPFA is in a state of transition and even hostility on some levels, it is still the station that helped me become the person I am today in the eyes of many, and has always been known to me – as well as the various sectors of the community that I support – as a place where everyone is welcome to come and freely address the real issues that affect us all. Under my community’s context, my issue is the preservation and cultivation of Bay Area hip hop radio, music, history and culture.

When I received my award, it was symbolic of the solidarity the Express had towards my cause as a member of our community. However, after monitoring the tone of its articles over the past several months and the recent article mentioned above, I am no longer certain that this is the case. Until I am certain again, I will no longer continue to honor any amenity the East Bay Express has extended to me for my work in the past or the present.

In closing, I hope the future of the East Bay Express will reflect a more definite and clear position as to whether or not the publication is truly for or against our community, as opposed to the ongoing ambiguity that has bruised the level of trust it had earned with the very same community that helped it develop over the years into the fundamental print media outlet it is known to be today. More importantly, I hope that the opposing sides at KPFA can settle all differences in a “clean” and fair fashion that honors everyone’s discrepancies and well as each other’s talents.

Tomie “T-K.A.S.H.” Lenear, popular rapper and radio host, can be reached at www.facebook/ Don’t miss The Friday Night Vibe from midnight to 2 a.m. on Friday nights/Saturday mornings.

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