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CBS5 interviews Bay Area Black Builders: ‘The only thing this country understands is violence’

February 15, 2010

Bay Area Black Builders meet Saturday, Feb. 20, noon, 1099 Sunnydale, San Francisco

by CBS5 News

Joe Debro, president of Bay Area Black Builders, was interviewed Feb. 12 on CBS5.
“This is a critical situation,” says Joe Debro, president of Bay Area Black Builders, a new organization that joins the forces of Black contractors, workers, jobseekers and design professionals to stop the lockout and win contracts and jobs in the construction industry by any means necessary, in an explosive interview broadcast Feb. 12 on CBS5 News.

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years. Everything’s the same. Nothing has changed,” says Debro. “You’re not suggesting they (young jobseekers) use violence,” asks the reporter. “Yes, I am! This country responds to violence. It doesn’t respond to anything else. We’ve begged. We’ve pleaded. We write the mayor. He doesn’t respond. Nothing happens.

“The only thing this country understands is violence. If that’s necessary, so be it,” concludes Debro. Joe Vasquez, the reporter, puts Debro’s challenge in context, “This area, Bayview Hunters Point, has a 20 percent unemployment rate, twice the rate of the rest of the city.”

To get involved in this movement for economic equity that’s sweeping the country, as Black people everywhere find themselves locked out of construction work – even the stimulus-funded projects that were supposed to help those communities most in need – come to the Bay Area Black Builders meeting Saturday, Feb. 20, noon, at 1099 Sunnydale in Visitacion Valley, San Francisco.

Joseph Debro is president of Bay Area Black Builders. He is also president of the Visitacion Valley Community Development Corp., co-founder of the National Association of Minority Contractors, a general engineering contractor and a bio-chemical engineer. He can be reached at

Watch the explosive CBS5 video

We’re trying to obtain the code to post the CBS5 video to Meanwhile, this link will take you directly to the video at CBS5.

One thought on “CBS5 interviews Bay Area Black Builders: ‘The only thing this country understands is violence’

  1. Rose Flippin

    We have to take a stand becuase all cross this nation people are been force into homelessness becuause they cannot find a job. In addition to fighting for housing. I live in a scatter site townhouse that is own by the city of Berkeley and Berkeley Housing Authority that has applyed for dospostion with HUD Berkeley is pushing black folks out this town. They hired a African American women that is kicking low income off of the section and public housing program. she has been given to much power so she is cleaning house for Mr Charlie. We have to stand together for jobs, housing, health care, fight and be down for one another. We have to turn that division in the black community and heal it with love, empowerment and step out on faith together.


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