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Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism

February 12, 2010

by Minister of Information JR

Some people waiting in seemingly endless lines, knowing there were not enough bags of rice on the truck for everyone, stepped out of line and were pepper sprayed by these U.N. “peacekeepers.” This desperately hungry woman and her daughter pleaded for food. A month after the earthquake, many people in Port au Prince still have received no aid – no food, water, shelter or medical care. – Photo: Ben Gurr, The Times
Today, on the one month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, I went all over Port au Prince and saw the devastation firsthand and the occupation by Brazil under the guise of the U.N., and of course the U.S.A. I rode through Port au Prince all day and didn’t see one act of recovery going on.

I haven’t left Port au Prince. Here it looks like the city was hit with an atomic bomb. All through the city you could smell dead bodies and see people going through the rubble lookin for scraps of metal to build a shanty-house and for anything that can be eaten, drunk or sold.

I don’t see where the millions of dollars that have been raised for Haiti is going. Everywhere people is starving. Me and my comrades gave some of the most desperate some money, but the thing is that it might help them today; what about tomorrow?

We been staying at a makeshift hospital run by some white so-called American missionaries. Today at the house I witnessed my first act of Jim Crow-type racism from so-called friends on this particular trip.

Haiti is like a time machine. It’s like 1920 here in terms of the apartheid type of relationships that the whites have with the Blacks. The white woman of “God” that runs the house says that Haitians can’t come in the house from their shantytown in the backyard after the hospital closes, but check this out: Multiple dogs have free reign all over the property. So in other words, these dogs are more important than the Haitians – including the hungry babies, the old people, the wounded and maimed and regular everyday people.

One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day. The issue is, why do they think that they can determine who I share my food with? The house is full of white people who have free reign to eat as much as they want, and whenever they want.

One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day.

The second issue is that when we went to Port au Prince we had a 19-year-old Haitian translator named Gady who helped our team. When we got back, the rooster-neck nun who is ultimately in charge of the house told him that he can’t be in the house, although we met him in the house the day before and hung out and listened to music to about 1 a.m.

A woman salvages clothing from a store in Port au Prince. Is this the kind of “looting” that is the excuse for the U.S. and U.N. to post some 50,000 troops in Haiti? – Photo: Nikki Kahn, Washington Post
We asked why, and she told us he wasn’t a good translator. I told her he did great with us, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. She told me he doesn’t know enough English medical terms to assist the doctors. I informed her that my team consists of journalists, and we didn’t need him to know English medical terms.

She then quickly said there were other reasons, then told us that she just didn’t want him in the house, and if we needed a translator, contact her and she would hook it up. Most of the translators that I met were very subservient, except ours, and that’s why we got along.

She kicked him out, and we went out the house after him and paid him a third of what he would make in a month as a translator, because we realize how hard it is to find money, water and food, let alone a regular job.

I’m currently writing this from the house, and God knows I wish I had somewhere else to go out here rather than deal with these undercover racists. I don’t, so like my Haitian “auntie” told me, I’m supposed to see all of this so I can report it.

On another note, most of the Black people from the U.S. out here that I have met are complicit in this Jim Crow racism. They act like they don’t see it because it is not affecting them. These dumb ass people don’t recognize that these same crackers were doing this to their grandparents 60 years ago. It’s like Malcolm taught us, when he talked about the house slave and the field slave.

Like my Haitian “auntie” told me, I’m supposed to see all of this so I can report it.

This is my first report, on my first full day here. There is more to come, so stay tuned …

Email POCC Minister of Information JR, Bay View associate editor, at and visit

Editor’s note: POCC Minister of Information JR and Chris Zamani, M.D., who were political organizing comrades years ago, have reunited to form the Haiti Media-Medical Team to minister to the needs of the people of Haiti and tell their truth. With Minister JR on the media team are filmmaker Angela Carroll and photojournalist Siraj Fowler; with Dr. Zamani on the medical team are a nurse and a mental health therapist. They arrived in Haiti Feb. 11 thanks to the generous donations of many good folks, most notably Mos Def, Kamel Bell of Ankh Marketing, Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Action Committee and Walter Riley of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. Their reports will be posted here as soon as they are received.

19 thoughts on “Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism

  1. Kim McMillon

    I appreciate hearing what you have to say. I don’t agree with your language, but I badly want truth and information from Haiti. Please consider putting your reports on Counterpunch, and Huffington Post if you haven’t already. I think this information about how money is being used is important. What you are doing is truly a service to the community.

  2. Jamaica

    Thank you for providing us with the information that the mainstream media will never be allowed to report, at least not under this system.

  3. george pope

    Here is a draft of a letter to Congress Woman Jackie Speier. I think that more millage can be gained by our calling attention to on the spot field field reporting to our elected officials.


    Dear Congress Woman Speier:

    I’m writing to you from Ghana. Here on DSTV we are able see all kinds of good reporting on Haiti including BBC, CNN, Sky news, Euronews and Al Jazeria. Indeed shamdfuly this is more than we can see on TV in the SFBA. Never the less non of these quite conveys the sight and smell of Port au Prince today the way an up close on the ground reporter can.

    I’m sure you know JR Minister of Information. I’ve heard him on KPFA many times and value his work.

    As our big news networks were complicit in in varying degrees in the CIA coup against  Jean-Bertrand Aristide…. JR is perfectly right to be looking very closely at racism amongst the do gooders as well as at possible brutality on part the Brazilian soldiers that the UN brought in.

    I was particularity troubled by JR saying – I don’t see where the millions of dollars that have been raised for Haiti is going” I hope that JR will bore in on these things.

    George Pope
    San Mateo CA and Kokrobite GH

  4. Sis. Marpessa

    Thank you so much Bro. JR for breaking it down like no one else could or would, we need your courageous stance as the “voice of the voiceless” for our people there at the mercy of the ‘humanitarians”, stay strong and be safe!

  5. tiny

    Great work- saw that same kind of SHIT in England when i went there- called it out- and got kicked out!- but u are in the right place cuz then the truth will come through – and if any translators u meet are down to be writers themselves – please give POOR’s website out- as well-and my email – love ad blessins to ya!


    Now go find some way to get inside the HAARP compoud an interview someone on the inside with some HAARP details ad then find some former, Senior HAARP employees..then lets get to fixin the REAL problems and solve ALL this crap!!!

  7. Big Homie

    Message to JR. Keep reporting everything you can. Take as many pictures you can. Find the people who are helping, and expose the hypocrisy… Be safe by all means first. Someone, somewhere in Haiti is helping in the right way, and I trust you will find this out and report on it as well. See if you can get to the Haitian govt.

  8. dumbfounded

    I love your writing style. It is a perfect example of how education level and outright racism are directly related. It must be hard getting outside of that pretty little box you’ve made for yourself. I hope you can open your eyes and start being a part of the solution instead of such a hateful, arrogant bigot

  9. donna

    Thanks for doing what most other so called reporters in the US are too lazy too do. Telling the truth. I would be shocked if Huffington Post printed your article.

  10. Dumbfounded

    Keep on truckin’ there m. Using big words there but you seem to be unaware of the meaning of mine. I see this obviously hate-filled barking about the words/actions of others. I understand that jr may have good intentions on his trip to Haiti, buy he doesn’t have a thorough understanding of the culture and what has occured there before his pampered American feet landed on third world country soil. Giving money to some people outside the “fence” isn’t helping anyone, there’s no food to buy– unless it was stolen from someone. What’s the point of giving away all the food inside the complex– so they have to starve too, then noone can help. You have to keep some kind of control to keep things from falling apart. I feel pain for these people as much as anyone else, but I don’t know the situation well enough to be shouting Jim Crow at somebody. That’s like walking into your new job and telling your boss he needs to take some of your advise. Am I saying racism doesn’t exist, no I’m not blind… But I think a lot of people are real quick to fire their mouths off about any white that doesn’t bend over backwards for a black. When in reality that white wouldn’t change their position if the colors were vice versa. Thought I’d leave a little more “idiocy” for ya m, some call it sensibility.

  11. Rashua SeptepenRa

    Great shyt brotha JR. To hell wit theses peckawood lovin negropeans, DUMBFOUNDED

    This kkkracka iz our natural enemy and IT is showin ITs true colors.

    I know its hard to hold back that black fist and krack them kkkrackas up side they heads


  12. Malaika H. Kambon

    16 February 2010

    Yo DUMB …F:

    Is cognizant too big a word for u?

    Look it up, for that seems to be the crux of our ‘discussion,’ i.e. who is truly aware.

    For the record:

    aware(p): (sometimes followed by `of’) having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception; “was aware of his opponent’s …

    Being fully aware or having knowledge of something.

    Your response on 15 February 2010 @ 2:01 pm shows me that u’ve STILL got it twisted…

    But then, u did name yourself – ahem – DUMB FOUND ED

    Hate-filled barking about the words/actions of others?



    Part of the reason this world has problems is because those who truly challenge the hate filled car driving this non-FUBU kkkountry, are the ones who are most actively defamed, threatened, and/or silenced.

    In other words, u.s.a. is a KKK country that is NOT(FUBU) i.e., ‘For Us, By Us.’ We AFRIKANS are designers of worlds. We would not have EVER designed a thing that is this depraved and hell bent upon not only its own destruction, but upon everyone else’s as well.

    Euro-Amerikkka developed the concepts of hating due to differences in skin color, religion, language, just about everything that didn’t mirror its whiteness and crazed need for possession of everything from earth and air to water and universe. It also began the practices of scalping, lynching, and prisons as well, just to name but a very few ills…

    U, DUMB F, are the one barking… u (and probably some of your ancestors and predecessors) are driving the ‘hate-filled’ car, when u object to us calling it as it is, and when we refuse to surgically attach our lips to the collective and individual asses of corruption and the absolutely corrupted power of which this government wields, despite the warnings so long ago of peoples enslaved and conquered (or wiped off the face of the earth) and of Frederick Douglas, orator, statesman, ambassador to Haiti, and free AFRIKAN Man.

    Un-ass yourself out of the mix, DUMB F, if u don’t know the problem, and since u seem incapable of recognizing the parameters of what’s truly up.

    See – this miscarriage of a government was designed by old, rich, white, male enslavers of AFRIKAN people; despoilers of Asia, Latin America, the lands of Indigenous Native Peoples, and other peoples as well.

    And the so-called ‘constitution’ of the despoilers declared AFRIKAN people (and all who were not white) to be 3/5s human – sub human, not even animal; property, subject to the whims, caprices of terroristic ‘laws’ and of white supremacy.

    This government of this so-called ‘new nation’ abused, circumscribed, and relegated to inferior their own women, children, and poor white people as well – even though these were often similarly imbued with their dominant males’ racism and white supremacist views.

    And it is this mind set that persisted/persists to this day – Haiti being a living witness. Every non-white person (and some poor whites as well) in this country knows this.

    JR’s (mislabeled by u) ‘pampered American(???!!) feet’ didn’t ‘land’ on a ‘3rd world’ country when he went to Haiti.

    JR is AFRIKAN. His feet belong in AYITI and everywhere else in the world that he chooses them to go. His feet didn’t ‘land’ in AYITI, like the diseased boats of European conquerors ‘landed’ upon the Indigenous Peoples’ of the World.

    His feet were welcomed and embraced by the people of a sovereign AFRIKAN nation/world upon their return to another tiny piece of the AFRIKAN Diaspora.

    Your concept of ‘3rd world’ is another white construct, just like ‘race,’ by which whites attempt to stigmatize and relegate to inferior AFRIKA, which was in its 25th dynasty on this earth, before Europe even existed.

    Thus, beneath the false paean* (see meaning below) of white supremacist dogma, that which continues to be bright and FIRST in the world (AFRIKANS and AFRIKA) HAS ALWAYS BEEN bright and first in the world, despite centuries of holocaust and horrible suffering, lies, and deprivation.

    The fact that AFRIKAN people are the original people on the planet, and the fact that enslaved AFRIKANS of AYITI defeated the greatest combined military might and money of the era: that of $40,000.00 of U.S. ‘foreign aid’ sent to Napoleon by Thomas Jefferson; France (twice) England, and Spain – has not escaped notice – BY EVERYONE – which is why AYITI suffers so much now.

    Euro-Amerikkka cannot forgive – or forget this death knell to the falsity of its physical, non-spiritual, and economic white supremacy – delivered by the hands of the very peoples it despises and looks down upon.

    Since Haiti would not keel over in defeat, after revolutionary victory and 200 subsequent years of U.S. invasions, jealousies, terror, and war against her, her enemies took warfare to the next level.

    The U.S. government and its quislings have gone so far this time as to manufacture an earthquake (actually two) on 12 January 2010, to attempt to forward its genocidal aims and to go shopping for AYITI’s oil and other physical wealth.

    In other words, the powers that be are still bent upon genocide and terror; attempting to kill AYITI’s most precious resource – her people – to go shopping for glitz and glam to prop up its dying economy.

    Something like this is to be expected. After all, the u.s. government pretends global warming doesn’t exist, engages in bio-weapons tested out on AFRIKAN individuals and populations, and manufactures so-called ‘smart’ bombs that destroy people and leave buildings standing…

    it stands to reason that an empire would also manufacture ‘weather weapons’ and media lies to destroy an AFRIKAN country or two, after exiling, murdering, and/or imprisoning all who might stand in its way.

    And just in case u haven’t noticed, DUMB F – there are more people of color in the world than there are non people of color in the world; and if there were not AFRIKANS in the world, there would be no one else.

    Even the BBC knows this.

    But we obviously made a few mistakes… how do u think your dumb a** got here?

    So – do the math. None of this make us 3rd of anything in the world… And in light of this, it is absolutely fascinating that people like u do not hear us when we say – LOUDLY – and in several languages – Yanqui go home… you certainly have the audio technology to perceive this, as u insist on tapping and/ or hacking into everything from our telephones and computers to the air we breathe.

    Thus do you twist our truths, and our stories. And this twisting starts out when just such comments as you’ve made in your idiot response become ‘law,’ disguised in what u consider to be ‘sensibility.’

    Now – I must address this sniveling of yours concerning your need for ‘keeping control of things’ –

    Well, this is typical Euro thinking… perish the thought that anyone enslaved be capable in your demented eyesight of being able to govern ourselves and determine our own destinies.

    If Euro-AmeriKKKa would keep its greedy mitts OFF of the resources of others, we would not be starving in the first place.

    Capitalism/Imperialism however, doesn’t work like that. It does nothing but take. That is its defining empire building – and bankrupt principle. And after it takes everything, it creates the fictions that those from whom it has stolen, just don’t know how to function – and therefore we need ‘help’ from the very thieves who have stolen from us and left us bereft of all that we had.

    Europe came out of its caves and landed upon us with nothing – (not even the ability to perceive that people should bathe) – and it has attempted to take everything we have every since then – up to and including our lives.

    If Euro-Amerikkka would take its collective and individual asses and quislings out of our countries and out of our lives, it would definitely relieve them of their self imposed ‘burden’ of attempting to ‘control us,’ i.e. ‘control’ the starvation, sicknesses, diseases, and other maladies which it has seen fit to inflict upon us to weaken us further and take more of what we have.

    This is flawless logic. All who have fought off u.s. and u.s. quisling warmongering have said this, for centuries. U don’t listen. That is why empires always fall.

    Empires fall because it (u) fails to realize that it (u) will not ever take our dignity, our sovereignty, our Indigenous selves, souls, and spirits from us. No matter what u try. And in just a hot minute, all this ill-karma that you’ve been building up is going to come back around and bite u in the ass…

    So since u admitted that u don’t know the situation (read: the story of the world) well enough to be shouting Jim Crow at somebody, it stands to reason – DUMB F – that you should shut the $%*^%^$#&^$! up, instead of shouting at someone who is actually sitting in the mix reporting back what is really going on…

    I’ll bet money that u don’t cry foul at the u. ass of amerikkka’s marines. They have invaded Haiti (en masse) for the second time in recent history (1915 – 1934) and now in 2010. It is they, guidede by u.s. government (read: corporate amerikkka) who are blocking true humanitarian aid to starving, traumatized, AFRIKAN people – yet again.

    If this were to occur in a white country, you’d scream loud and long.

    But quiet as its kept, this manufactured ‘earthquake’ is only one of the many ‘earthquakes’ to have hit Haiti in one form or another – from the privations inflicted by Cristobal Colon, to the 33 coups d’etat instigated by the U.S. empire since 1492, when Colon (guess who that was) landed his diseased, ignorant, capitalistic, expansionist, and lost ass upon the shores of AYITI, after spending years prior to that w/the Portuguese running up and down the coast of AFRIKA, enslaving AFRIKANS.

    He promptly and single handedly nearly wiped out the entire Arawak/Taino Indigenous population. More conquerors came, and spread out throughout the Caribbean.

    But we fought back then, and we are doing so now. We always have. We always will. And invaders can no longer mask themselves as humanitarians and missionaries.

    We see through all who are false…

    The fact that u (DUMB F) would u cry foul at an AFRIKAN reporting the historical abuse of other AFRIKANS by un-peacekeeping, un-helpful, inhospitable, racist, kidnapping, missionaries, invaders and occupiers, speaks ill of u.

    U’re living up to your name, DUMB F.

    Perhaps it is that some of these abusers in ‘missionary’ garb and position are your friends…???

    Whatever your excuse, it won’t wash. It won’t change the fact that your priorities suck… Revealing this does naught to advance your ‘arguments.’ It merely makes u appear to be part of the problem.

    And if your intellectually limited response to me is an example of your definition of the ‘sensibility’ of whites – well damn, u don’t need to ‘bend over backwards’ for anything. Your hands are already covering that most prized possession of yours – the opening of your derriere.

    All that remains is for u to pucker up, (which ever cheeks u choose) since u’ve already bent over far enough (for centuries) to kiss your sorry ass good bye.

    Peoples of color of the world haven’t asked ANYTHING white (or those duped by white supremacy or anything else) to ‘bend over backwards’ for us. We’ve been telling all of u Willie Lynch loving greedy bast**d wanna be’s (for the last 600 years) to leave us the f**k alone.

    We don’t want anything you have – but you seem to want EVERY THING we have… from our music, to our money, to our children, to our very souls…

    And what you’ve ‘given’ us in return, we could have very well done without.

    This has been going on for over 600 years, so anyone in their right sane mind would look with a jaundiced eye at any and all who co-sign this type of malignant behavior, especially when it keeps repeating itself.

    Did u say that u weren’t blind (read: stupid?) Really? Do u always lie so badly?

    Well, we don’t want any(more) of your idiocy, either.

    In fact, why don’t u just step off the edge of that flat world u believe in – (Peoples’ of color have not EVER been so DUMB as to believe the world to be FLAT..!!! Good grief!!)

    Then, everything just might be cool.

    Oh – b4 u go – riddle me this & riddle me that – what is so ‘pampered’ about JR’s feet, when the same monstrosity that has attacked Haiti, is attacking him as well, since he IS currently on trial for his life, fighting off trumped up charges of arson – (against a damn garbage can, no less…)

    I mean, how DUMB is that? And how stoop-it your remarks…

    Some advice, MR/MISS/MS DUMB F:

    If there are too many big words in this conversation, rendering it to be too deep for u – let me rephrase a cosmic message:

    Since u seem to need a plaything, a toy, something that u can blaspheme or suck on; i can make several suggestions.

    I can in fact, give u a list that does not include AFRIKA and/or AFRIKANS on it; and does not include u being able to form your lips / actions/ thoughts to do or to speak ill of AFRIKAN people, and/or of other peoples of color, and/or of individual AFRIKAN persons.

    And since u just must f**k something?

    F**k your friends, not us.

    Dessalines Children are aware.

    The Irritated Genie is awake.

    It would behoove you to not be standing in the way.

    War Without Terms,

    *And one last thing – In case u’re unclear as to the meaning of the word ‘paean,’ read the following:

    (ancient Greece) a hymn of praise (especially one sung in ancient Greece to invoke or thank a deity)

    encomium: a formal expression of praise

  13. dumbfounded

    A little touchy aren’t we? And in denial? No? I have a feeling you haven’t been to a third world country (the economic term — not the ‘racist’ term) either. There are differences, I’ve been there, get out sometime and try it. When you do, try not to look down on the locals and try to enjoy their company…it can be a really good experience.
    First of all, you are american…accept it, it’s okay. I don’t care for the government any more than you do, but I am still american. This is where I’m from…blemishes and all, but not who I am.
    When I speak of hate filled, your comments seem to fit the description. I do not curse you or your friends. I wish them well, but I hope they aren’t as violent and hateful as you.
    Racism, and religious descrimination are not an American phenomenon as you say. They are present in all cultures. It’s something we are trying to rise above here… not promote as you seem to do. Look at the caste system in India, descrimination in asia, and south america against darker skinned (not necessarily black) people. The Sunni and Shiite have also been hating each-other for quite a while now as well.
    Fighting and hate are human things, not white (or anglo-kkk) things.

    you sound silly when you say the US gov made an earthquake. Get over it.

    The US gov obviously made serious mistakes in the past as all govs do. That is why one shouldn’t be so trusting of the beast. Also, the reason you and I have more in common than you would want to believe. Just different approaches.

    I can and will comment on any reporting which I think is under-researched or bad. I won’t stop b/c the man is black, or white, or blue. Y? b/c i’m not the bigot, and i’m not afraid.

    Quick points:
    The euros bought(not stole) the slaves from the africans
    -both at fault
    regardless of how, the world has progressed greatly in the past 100 years, and is currently getting better for all peoples (given at different rates)
    every major culture has had a high period (not just the africans), meaning your(or his, or her, or my) race isn’t the best
    its hard to say that haiti would have been better off with no missionaries(then again it would also be hard to say they would have been worse off w/o them)
    Just b/c someone is a different color than you doesn’t mean they hate you, or you should hate them
    I hope you learned something m


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