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Just what Haiti doesn’t need: Rwandan police

March 12, 2010

by Ann Garrison

Outside the collapsed National Palace, symbol of Haitian sovereignty, U.N. troops hold back hungry Haitians demanding food, water and shelter to enable their families to survive. – Photo: AFP/Getty Images
In case anyone needed further evidence that President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda is the Pentagon’s proxy, 140 Rwandan police are about to undertake special training before heading to Haiti, as reported in the Rwanda New Times, because, according to Rwandan Police Chief Eric Kayiranga, “Rwanda wants to be involved in promoting peace in other countries” and, if need be, they would send more peacekeepers to other countries.

Rwanda police are off to Haiti to promote peace, even as:

1) Grenades explode in Kigali in the run up to its 2010 presidential election, and two of three viable parties are still unable to register and field candidates against incumbent President Paul Kagame.

2) A new list of the five most horrible prisons on earth includes Rwanda’s Kigali Gitarama Prison and describes it as the most overcrowded penitentiary in the world, so overcrowded that prisoners have no choice but to stand up all day while their feet rot in filth, often developing gangrene, which may require amputation. (Amnesty International reported, in 2005, that Gitarama Prison was way overcrowded, with 7,477 prisoners in space designed for 3,000.)

Rwandan Police Superintendent Eric Kayiranga
3) Top military commanders and government officials flee the country, and journalists go into hiding to escape arrest.

4) Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative Group, the Africa Faith and Justice Network, the Greens European Free Alliance and Sen. Russ Feingold, chair of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Africa, call for human rights, an end to attacks on political opposition, and a free and fair presidential campaign and election, with polls scheduled for Aug. 9, 2010.

And why does Haiti need all these U.S. and U.N. troops and now Rwandan police ‘peacekeepers’?

Even France accused the U.S. of occupying rather than aiding Haiti, the former jewel of the French empire, but it’s very difficult to interpret this as anything but France’s pseudo moral complaint against its longstanding imperial competitor – England and the Anglophone world – in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame leads his troops.
Before the catastrophic Haitian earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, Haitian lawyer and human rights activist Marguerite Laurent pointed to little known oil reserves and mineral riches to explain the already existing U.N. and U.S. occupation of her homeland, on, CKUT Radio and the San Francisco Bay View.

Sound familiar? Where else do Rwandan troops, if not police, serve? Wherever the U.S. wants to project military force in Africa, including resource rich nations, like oil rich Sudan, which the U.S. forever threatens to invade “to stop genocide,” and now resource rich Haiti, which much of the world perceives as a part of Africa as much as a part of the Americas.

And oil and mineral rich D.R. Congo, where the Rwandan Army’s constant invasions and mineral theft in that country’s tortured eastern provinces were finally, in January 2009, officially sanctioned, when the Rwandan Defense Force collaborated with the Congolese Army (FARDC), the Rwandan CNDP militia and U.N. peacekeepers (MONUC) to, so they said, go after the FDLR, the Rwandan Hutu refugee militia. The FDLR is the eternal excuse for military aggression and mineral theft in eastern Congo.

The U.S., seeing the earthquake as good cover for occupying Haiti, held back aid flights in the early weeks to bring in some 20,000 troops – in addition to the thousands of U.N. troops already on the ground. – Photo: AFP
The Congolese FARDC and MONUC had been engaged in a fierce fight with the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), backed, in stealth, by the Rwandan Defense Force up until Jan. 20, 2009, when they suddenly joined forces, with the blessing and applause of the U.S. State Department and the assistance of AFRICOM, the U.S. Africa Command. Human Rights Watch, in May 2009, predicted that the consequence would be another human catastrophe in eastern Congo and, by December 2009, HRW and major news outlets in the region reported that it had.

This unlikely and unholy alliance emerged in eastern D.R. Congo on Jan. 20, 2009, Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day, and all eyes were on Washington, D.C., the first African American U.S. president, Rev. Rick Warren, celebrities dotting the crowds in the streets and Aretha Franklin’s hat.

But so little of the world heeds or makes sense of sub-Saharan African news that only a handful of bloggers, dissident journalists and scholars noted, on Jan. 20, that D.R. Congo had suddenly become a violent D.R. Disneyland.

After the earthquake, which killed as many as 300,000 Haitians, troops were assigned not to help people survive or even to begin cleanup but to arrest “looters.” – Photo: Reuters
In December 2009, Keith Harmon Snow reported, in Dissident Voice and the San Francisco Bay View, that soldiers of the Rwandan Defense Forces were being flown all the way across D.R. Congo, from its eastern border with Rwanda to its Western border with the Republic of Congo, in oil and timber rich Equateur Province, to join AFRICOM, U.N. peacekeepers (MONUC) and Belgian paratroopers in suppressing the Dongo Rebellion.

Why not Congolese soldiers? Because they lack the discipline of the Pentagon’s Rwandan proxy army and, as Keith Snow reported, many of them were defecting to join the Western Congolese fighters calling themselves the Resistance Patriots of Dongo.

Now, with 140 Rwandan police about to undertake training to serve as peacekeepers in Haiti, the first question is: Why peacekeepers? Didn’t Haiti suffer an earthquake, not a war? And aren’t 10,000 U.S. troops there already?

Why not 140 more Haitian police? Why Rwandans? If Haiti needs “peacekeepers within its own borders,” shouldn’t Haitians be best able to keep the peace in their own homeland?

Yes, but not the peace that those now managing the U.S. occupation of Haiti want.

In February 2007, the New Times reported that the FBI was training Rwandan police in modern interviewing and interrogating techniques and in counter-terrorism, criminal investigation and cyber crimes investigation.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal,, OpEdNews, Global Research and Colored Opinions. This story first appeared on her blog,

48 thoughts on “Just what Haiti doesn’t need: Rwandan police

  1. Mugeni

    Ms Garrisson,

    As usual, opinions on Rwanda are always one-sided and depending on which side one places him or herself, it is either praises about Rwanda and our President Kagame or it is about trashing our country and its leader.You have obviously chosen to be on the latter side. Why not Rwandan peacekeepers in Haiti? Can you deny the fact that their exemplary behaviour in the darfur has been rightfully demonstrated and praised? The ultimate exemple of our law enforcement services’ skills and knowledge in troubled times is the fact that they stopped the Rwandan genocide in 1994 while the rest of the world including you stood watching. Maybe this gives us the urge to lend a helping hand because we know what Haitians are going through, probably better than you. PLEASE: give us some credit and try to be abit more balanced in your analysis. Yes, we have recently had grenades in kigali but you had Sept 11 too, didnt you?

  2. Edmund


    You are such a horrible writer. First you get the facts wrong,second your analysis/thinking cannot venture beyond the same issues you have been writing about…cant you think outside the box for Christs sake??. This piece you penned up here is a total joke-it is so shallow and plain. Your readers(thank God few pple care abt what you write) would easily come and up and challenge you on whatever you have written here because it nothing but total ignorance of the issues you have spent your life researching on. Why dont you get a plane and come to Rwanda?I would gladly take you around.

    Lastly, Edmund Kayiranga is not the Spokesperson of the Rwandan Police,the last time i checked he was called Eric Kayiranga.I think my name has been on your mind of late and let me tell you something…this name will continue to haunt you until you stop trading baseless-poorly written notions abt my country…Yes, My Country Rwanda

  3. Sam in Kigali

    How about a little research and evidence to back up your preposterous allegations. Rwandan police are the most disciplined and professional force I have ever experienced in various countries of Africa and the world. They represent their country very well.

  4. Ann Garrison

    Edmund, I’m not decimated by your critique:

    “. . .horrible writer. . .total joke. . . so shallow and plain . . .total ignorance. . .baseless poorly written. . .”

    These are not logical arguments. They are adjectives and nouns modified with adjectives.

    Nor am I frightened by the threat that your name “will haunt me till I stop. . . ”

    Your posts say so much more about you and the government you support than I can myself.

    1. Claudine Mukeshimana

      Ann, I would like to add your posts say so much more about you and the Rebels (FDLR) which you support than i can myself.And Ann can you try to be alittle mature ? atleast post something that reflects your age please.You are an old woman for Gods sake and so be it

  5. Ann Garrison


    Haitians do not need Rwandan Police any more than they need former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. They need their beloved President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and real aid, not occupation.

    And yes, we did have 09/11. We had 09/11 and you have grenade attacks.

  6. Mugeni

    How are you going to provide aid where there is chaos and arnachy? You and i can discuss back and forth but that will not solve the many challenges that hungry and homeless Haitians are currently facing. Strengthening law and order in that country is a priority so that aid could have a framework under which it could be channeled. The last time i heard about Aristide, he was having a well pampered sejour in South Africa, away from the then troubles that his country was already facing.

  7. Ntezy

    It is astounding to see what a simple text scoops out so much passions on behalf of some persons who claim to be disciplined and well-educated.
    Kayiranga who brags to be capable of haunting a human being is unbelievable.
    It is astounding what it is possible to feel so important but I concede that we all know in our circle a “amateur who wanted to become Madona”. It may be possible that loving Kagamé a bit they end up feeling vicious as him?! To be meditated.
    a professional journalist does not content himself with throwing names of birds in very go as you make it, he undertakes a true open debate proof in the support even when he judges the insane purposes of his counterpart. In short, I am not going to give lessons of journalism to a propagandist apprentice.
    Here thorough debate is to know if really Rwanda is the country best put to send troops in Haiti. You speak about Discipline! what is the foundation of this discipline when they note that the ancient state leader major escapes the country?! I’ll just remind you that dissimulation and silence are not synonymous with discipline. Rwanda could also send teachers in Haïti but not I forgot that they were not paid for 2 months…
    Military force isn’t all

  8. Yonny

    I’d like to thank Ann Garrison for her work. The truth about Rwanda is long overdue. It’s not a secret that Rwanda is ruled by a criminal who killed 2 presidents and has a role in the murder of more than 6 million people in Rwanda and Congo. The genocide card that he’s using to oppress his people is expiring soon. Everyone will know the truth soon.
    The officers who helped him murder millions of people are fleeing him. The blood he spilled will forever hunt him.

  9. Ann Garrison

    Aristide wants to go back to Haiti. The U.S., and its competitor France, orchestrated a coup d’état, in 2004, and swept him off to the C.A.R., in 2004 , will not allow him to return. You must know that as well as I do, Mugeni.

    Plus, Rwanda cannot even seem to guarantee the security of a political meeting in Kigali, or rather, that’s the excuse for not allowing any of the opposition parties to convene.

  10. Ann Garrison

    And, Edmund, for some reason you’re concerned that I identified Mr. Kayiranga as the spokesperson for the Rwandan Police, but here is how your colleague Esther Kirabo, writing in your own publication, the New Times, describes him:

    “The development was confirmed recently by police spokesman, Supt Eric Kayiranga, who said that the officers will be selected from 600 officers who are being trained on peace operations.”

  11. Indie

    Great article Ann. Keep up the good work. You are becoming the voice for the voiceless, filling the void left by petrified opponents of the current regime. wow even intellectual thoughts are becoming state and its supporters supporters’s au pays des mille collines!OMG a reincarnation of Stalinism.

  12. Indie

    Great article Ann. Keep up the good work. You are becoming the voice for the voiceless, filling the void left by petrified opponents of the current regime. wow even intellectual thoughts are becoming state and its supporters’ monopoly au pays des mille collines!OMG a reincarnation of Stalinism.

  13. Nah

    Welll said, Ann. The darker the so-called peacekeepers, the better. That way once they start to murder the Haitians, as they’ve been doing over the past 6 or so years, the world can just write them off as blacks killing blacks.

    The Haitian people are hungry and they feed them with guns.

    Keep it up.

  14. Willy

    Great Anne. Your critical views are what the world needs today. US has always proved to fail as ‘a moral’ teacher. Yes, with money US is ‘a teacher’ but not ethics. US has nurtured and nursed almost ever dictator on this earth. US has often had to pay a lot to bring down the very dictators they nurture and nurse. Kagame wont be an exception. To hell with Kagame!!! When will US regain its consciousness and drop this horrible dictator?

  15. James

    In any case, Charles Taylor once received similar “rewards and awards” from US. What Kagame is to the US today is what Charles Taylor or Sadam Hussen of Iraq was once to the US. The same US facilitated handing Charles Taylor over to the International Tribunal while for Sadam Hussen, the same US had his head off within a second!!!What will US do to end Kagame’s dictatorship? Who knows? Let us wait and see. The people of Hiti have nothing to learn from a police that terorrised its people back home. A police that kidnaps political oponents !!! A police, like the Rwandan police that belongs to Kagame as a person!!No, that cannot be a model for Hiti

  16. Mukomeza

    Never mind about Edmund. All he is paid for is discrediting any independent mind that dares the Kigali Junta. Edmund is on Dr. Ndahiro’s payroll for this. When he is not at KBC in Kigali – saying and doing nothing, he is on the net spreading propaganda for Kagame Junta!!! Unfortunately, he has nothing to show to the world for his “job”. Edmund, get now, by what the Rwandan police does to Rwandans, it is shameful that it can be considered for “keeping peace”. How can this police keep what it does not have in itself and for the people of Rwanda?

  17. Tiftondu73

    Great work Annie! Instead of being sent somewhere just for propaganda, the rwandese army or its leaders should first face justice for the millions dead they’re responsible in Rwanda and DRC!

  18. Mike


    For your information, Rwandan Police had been in Haiti even before the quake.
    One question; do you agree that there was a Genocide against Tutsi in 1994? You sound like like someone who is being used by those who committed the genocide and are now trying to ignore the progress Rwanda has made in rebuilding and reconciling her citizens. Please visit Rwanda and you will appreciate.

  19. Ingab Mohh

    Many thanks to Annie for such an interesting article.
    Those who brandish false accusations such genocide denial should keep in mind that if the myth on Rwanda’s democracy is getting crashed, the second myth that needs serious analysis is the myth on Rwanda’s economic prosperity and national reconciliation.

    To find out what was the economic situation in Rwanda before the war that Kagame and his guerilla movement imposed to the Rwandan people in 1990s, reports from IMF and WB are more than eloquent: in 1985 Rwanda was an epitome of economic development in Africa….

    What ever today’s economic recovery is, it is far away from reaching where it was before the RPF war that ended with genocide in 1994, in term of healthcare and social welfare, high literacy rate, low unemployment rate, economic infrastructures, and so on…

    Please consider the following alarming facts about Rwanda’s economic prosperity:

    1) More than 50% children in Rwanda are currently stunted according a recent UNICEF report.

    2) While 80% of the population lives off subsistence agriculture, this sector receives only 3% of the government’s budget of General Kagame, a portion that is far lower than the 10% recommended by the FAO (United Nations Food and agriculture).

    3) Similarly, spending on healthcare is $ 10 per capita, an amount that three times less than the average for developing countries ($ 34) and even below the average of Sub-Saharan African countries ($ 12).

    4) During these past 15 years Rwanda has gone from being a “low-inequality” country in the 1980’s to being in the world’s bottom 15% in terms of inequality today.

    5) One-third of Rwanda’s population now suffers from nutritional deficiencies, and life expectancy is among the 20 lowest in the world at only 44 years.

    6) Wealth and power are concentrated in the cities, the government’s stronghold, leaving 92% of the poor in underrepresented rural areas.

    For more info please read:
    Rwanda Today: When Foreign Aid Hurts More Than It Helps

  20. Nzi Nink

    Thanks Annie,
    The Rwandan Army has forfeited its credibility when they excelled in reprisal mass killing of unarmed civilians from 1994 to 2000. Former Rwandan Army Chief of Staff, Kayumba Nyamwasa, who was in charge of military operations in the north-west Rwanda in 1998, told the BBC News: “We have the means. We have the will. We will kill until they lose their appetite for war” ( Kayummba Nyamwasa is now fugitive to South Africa but is wanted by both French and Spanish judiciary systems.

  21. John

    Ann is a well known genocide denier. She can talk and write whatever she wants but Rwanda will never lose the focus. I urge my fellow Rwandans inside and outside the country not to be intoxicated by baseless statements of People with bad intention towards Rwanda like Ms Ann who pretends to know and love this country better than we do. Shame on you Ann, this is not Rwanda of 1950s.

  22. Edmund


    Let me tell you that ‘What Rwanda doesn’t need today’ is you (Ann Garrison) and the bunch of genocidaires supporting you!!You are a well known genocide denier and an ally of genocide perpetrators-the reason you hate Kagame, the Rwandan Army and Police. You are very much aware that your plans will not be successful as long as Kagame is still in power. The likes of Mukomeza here commenting are disgruntled fellows….a true Rwandan who really loves their country cannot fall in the line of people like Ann whose intentions and happiness can only be achieved when there is another genocide in Rwanda. I could bet that most of these people commenting here are outside Rwanda and they did not run away because of Kagame’s dictatorship but because they killed and justice was catching up with them!!Well,deal with it…the time you were slaughtering people you never knew there would be a regime change and the long arm of the law would catch up with you!!!

  23. Ntezy


    There you sink even more my poor man!
    Each time you answer something you derides yourself.
    I repeat you that a professional journalist sconces of thorough debates, and there you make systematically of the non-connected with the topic.
    The topic of the day was: “is that, yes or not is the rwanda is the best choice to ensure the security of the Haitian? ”
    The debate is there!
    You you prefer to use your weapon favourite to say that Annie is willy-nilly a revisionist…
    Hm!!! It would be necessary if possible to change your disc.
    There are persons who were victims of genocide and I think no that it could please them that an alleged journalist, plainly propagandist uses it systematically as loophole. It will be necessary to find “all persons and authors at the origin of genocide”, this not being finishing job I will recommend some to tranquilize their defamatory accusations and the hard use of this abject act because the sometimes life reserves us a lot of surprises.
    You shout and cry to revisionism… Have you the single instant read in this article a line or a word that you could clock in to support your thesis?! If you are not capable of proving it, then hush up yourself and observe by noticing and learning the true journalism.

  24. Ann Garrison

    To Edmund:

    Someone else just let me know that Rwanda’s Police Superintendent is actually Eric, not Edmund, Kayiranga, and I sent a note to the Bay View editor asking her to correct that for me ASAP. It seemed at first that you were objecting to my characterization as “Police Spokesperson” as he is often characterized on the Web.

    You have, as you say, been so “haunting” me on the Web that my mind exchanged your first name with his.

  25. rwagasana

    RPF’s use of genocide to cut short debate over real issues is terrible. How on earth do you link Ann’s posting to ‘genocide’? Edmund and other Junta members, wake up. It is time to say the truth. How does not know Kagame’s role in the Genocide? Who does not know that the arch leader of interahamwe was Gasana who was a close friend to Kagame as Kagame was fighting his war? Didn’t Kagame make this Gasana his first Minister of Foreign affars? Who does not know that Rucyagu was a ring leader of the interahamwe? Isn’t he the one charged with training Kagame’s personal ‘interahamwe” now callred by another name ‘Intore”? Who does not know Rwalababije’s role in the genocide? Isn’t it Rwalakabije protecting Kagame from the Tutsi who want to kick out this evil spirit?
    YOu once used ‘genocide’ and the world listens. Today, nobody takes you seriously. The Rwandan Genocide has to be re-examined. The perpetrators, including Kagame should all be brought to book.

  26. Pascal Musonera

    Annie Garrison,

    You are a wonderful person !! I am glad that you know the whole truth about Rwanda . People in rwanda don`t speak up,they are just traumatized and humiliated buy the oppressing regime which is a military dictatorship using lies and genocide as political tools to remain on power.I am telling you, people don`t like Kagame`s regime,they don`t show that in public because of fear,you know how that guy is a killing machine and thinks he has the right to do that because of being untouchable.Knowing that he is unpopular in many rwandese hearts,he does all he can to stop any possible opponent.Once again,thank you very much Ann and don`t worry about mean comments from Kagame`s fanatics who are often times extremists.

  27. Edmund


    You have just noticed that you goofed in calling the Police Spokesperson of Police Edmund instead of Eric?I think in my first comment i tried much to correct you but you still couldn’t notice.All you thought was that i was denying that Kayiranga is not the spokesperson.

    Once again, i always try to get your facts right.I was not trying to decimate you in my first comment but this because i know your articles are ill-researched with most references given to old UN and HRW Reports which themselves lack credibility…consider this piece where your case of reference was a New Times article, a case of copy and paste but you still goofed and called people names….

    As for debaters here,i have no time to engage with them, they shd continue trading lies abt their country to buy more time in exile if that is what it takes.

    Us who live,eat and sleep in Rwanda are very comfortable with who we are—and everyone else is!!!

  28. kanan48

    All roads lead to the White House.
    Thanks for the great article Ann, it’s anther reminder of the US involvement in all over the world by installing and supporting puppets dictators like Mr Kagame.

  29. Angela

    Ann, great job on finally bringing to light the truth of what has been going on in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa. Since the war that started in 1990, a war that was caused by the RPF, millions of Rwandans and Congolese (DRC) have lost their lives. The RPF admirers always use the 1994 genocide as an excuse for everything. What they fail to realize is that without their war that started in 1990, there would never have been a genocide in Rwanda. Without them killing President Habyarimana together with President Ntaryamira, there would never have been a genocide. The truth about the Rwandan genocide will never be fully known until we find out who killed President Habyarimana. I, together with a majority of Rwandans believe that it was General Kagame that ordered RPF members to commit this crime of killing two presidents, knowing fully well that it would spark the genocide. If it is not the RPF that did it, I challenge the RPF to ask for an international investigation into who killed President Habyarimana.

    As for going to Haiti, charity begins at home. These Rwandan police have terrorized us Rwandans for the last 16 years, which has been documented by many renown human rights groups. They need to stop terrorizing us the people of Rwanda before they go play nice in foreign countries thousands of miles away.

  30. UKURI

    Genocide of the Tutsi started way back in 1959. If you did not decide that part of the Rwandan population was not good enough to be alive or to live in Rwanda back then, you would not have had the 1990 war. And killing 1 million in 1994 did not get you anywhere either, except getting the nickname of genociders…so sick of this. In Rwanda, we live with people who still think that killing Tutsi is right. Well, it is over now. Never again. We were kicked out of Rwanda, we came back because this little jewel belongs to all of us.You are victims of your own mistakes…

  31. John Gilberts

    First it was the RCMP, then the IDF and now Kagame’s Rwandan police – things in Haiti are definitely not looking up alas..

  32. Angela


    It is quite interesting that you claim that the genocide of the Tutsi “started way back in 1959″. Is that what they call it nowadays? When slaves finally gain their freedom from the masters who have been oppressing them for 500 years, they call it genocide? It is a historic fact that the Tutsis enslaved the Hutus for hundreds of years until 1959 when the Hutus, following the wave of democracy that was catching on around the world gained their freedom from the Tutsi masters.

    You justify the 1990 war by going back to your distorted view of the 1959 revolution of the slaves against their masters. The fact of the matter is that in 1990, a majority of the Rwandan government’s budget was funded by foreign aid. Therefore, a very easy way to establish democracy in Rwanda would have been for those foreign donors to link the aid to democracy. But instead, the RPF chose to wage war. A terrible mistake that has eventually made the country famous for all the wrong reasons.

    As for the 1994 genocide, we can never know the entire story until we figure out who killed President Habyarimana and President Ntaryamira (3 Hutu presidents killed within 6 months). I think RPF killed them. If not, I challenge the RPF to ask for an international investigation into who killed President Habyarimana.

    Otherwise, the main point is that enough blood has been shed in Rwanda and it is time to establish a lasting peace and harmonious cohabitation among all Rwandans, Hutus and Tutsis. The only way is through human rights for all Rwandans. Oppression is oppression. Whether the oppressor is Hutu or Tutsi, oppression is terrible and can only lead to a blood-soaked future.

  33. Edmund

    Miss or Mr Angela

    Its historic that the Tutsi fled to other African countries after a wave of killings carried out by Hutus swept through Rwanda. while it is true that the Tutsi’s ruled indeed, you shd not try to twist the Tutsi rule into the enslavement of Hutus….are u not ashamed??Tell us whether Tutsi kings carried out mass murders of Hutus??Hmmm?? Tutsi rule was characterised by harmony and peace,so dont try to justify yo murderous ways…..Hutus had always wanted to shed blood,the leadership of Post-Independence Rwanda were preoccupied with the plans of wiping out Tutsis and it happened in 1994…You are one of those Genocide deniers if you try to dispute the 1959 killings, Bigogwe killings and the Genocide of the Tutsi…learn to live with the guilt!!

  34. Angela

    Mr or Miss Edmund,

    It is historic that Tutsi rule over the Hutus for hundreds of years was enslavement. Enslavement means when someone is forced to work without pay. That is what happened in Rwanda throughout the years 500 years leading up to 1959. Tutsi was not characterized by harmony.

    The brutality of Tutsis over Hutus during that period had no limits. For example, the Tutsi king’s official drum and symbol of royalty, called KALINGA, was decorated with the dried private parts of dead Hutu men. There was a famous Queen Mother, who wielded significant power, who had her two spears – symbols of authority – anchored in two Hutu babies most of the time.

    A Tutsi had a right to kill a Hutu for any reason, including simple displeasure of a Hutu’s looks. Sometimes such killing could be done by parents to please their child who may have expressed a hatred of a Hutu for any reason.

    If that is what you call peace and harmony, I beg to disagree.

    Therefore, when the slaves in 1959 tried to become free peacefully and the king responded by using the usual violence, it was indeed unfortunate that the slaves responded with violence.

    In 1994, there was a genocide committed against innocent Tutsi civilians. There was also crimes against humanity committed against innocent Hutu civilians.

    Let us work to establish the rule of law, with human rights for all. Where every single murderer whether Hutu or Tutsi gets punished. Otherwise, there will never be peace in Rwanda.

  35. Tharcisse

    My God!
    Shame! People now happy that they are being fed on lies!!
    It was ok for some rwandans not to go beyond primary school, to be laughed at every morning by their classmates,not to hold any meaningful office in both public and govt office, 3rd degree citizen and as if that was not enough, finish them off!!! Where were ur intellectual analysis and guidance??? Sorry, all Rwandans now go to school without discrimination! You kept quiet at the opportune moment when the Nation of Rwanda needed u!!! Will u shut up as Rwanda rebuilds itself from the grave some of u put it? I really understand ur frustration and shame to see Rwanda rise up from where some of u thought, wont recover!! Swallow ur sour grapes, Rwanda has come out!!! Wait ,u will get heart attack, bse Rwanda`s strides are irreversible!! God is great!!!

  36. Tharcisse

    Unfortunately War, unlike a party, was fought to stop the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. It would be interesting to show ur readers how bullets would have been so specific to tell a uniformed FAR and Interahamwe in a maltitude from whom bullets were coming to liberating forces. That only happens in Hollywood my dear!
    However,Some crimes were committed and even revenge killings,but the calprits were punished, but may be not to ur satisfaction as is Gacaca/TIG,ICTR trials to survivors of that Rwandan tragedy! Remember what was happening in the Camps in then Zaire,where was the line between the combatants and civilians??? The International organisations and their cameras were there!!! Sometimes the whole truth should be told!!! Wish you a quick recovery

  37. Angela


    Your mentality seems to be that Rwanda before 1990 was not a perfect place. This to you justifies the war of 1990 by the RPF attacking Rwanda from Uganda. I think such a view is misguided. Rwanda’s problems at the time could have been resolved in a more peaceful way, without starting a war that lasted 4 years. 4 years during which thousands of innocent civilians were killed by the RPF forces and over 1 million civilians were internally displaced, running away from RPF forces.

    In the 4th year of that war, when President Habyarimana of Rwanda, President Habyarimana of Burundi and General Nsabimana Chief of Army of Rwanda were all killed instantaneously by the shooting down of their plane, that is when the genocide started. This terrorist act is what precipitated the genocide, and today nobody has been punished for committing that terrorist act that killed all these presidents, the chief of army and some top cabinet members who were on that plane. So, I do not understand when you claim that all the criminals in RPF (who I think shot down that plane) who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity have been punished.

    Can you please share with us the list of RPF criminals who have been punished and the crimes that they have been punished for? Because the last time I checked, there have been many reports from the UN, including the very first one by Roberto Garreton that have concluded that the RPF was responsible for thousands and thousands of crimes.

    Your claim that the RPF fought the war “to stop the genocide” does not agree with the historic facts. RPF started the war on October 1st, 1990. The genocide started on April 6th, 1994. The RPF was simply continuing the same war it started a few years earlier. If indeed the RPF is the one that shot down that presidential plane, thereby sparking the genocide, then it cannot go around claiming to have stopped the genocide. There is no bravery in starting a fire and then contributing to ending that fire. We need a UN investigation to find out who is the terrorist that shot down that plane.

    When you publicly ask people to “shut up” simply because they are expressing their opinions, you are showing precisely what is wrong with the government of Rwanda today. Whereas you personally go around the Internet ordering people to “shut up”, the government of Rwanda simply puts the citizens in jail or kills them if they hold a different opinion.

  38. Ann Garrison

    I'm so sorry, Rose. I wish I could send you Jean Bertrand Aristide, but all I can really do is keep speaking out and agitating for things like clean energy and local economy to end the multinational exploitation. After I wrote this, Global Research published a report that the Pentagon is using Haiti as a training ground for troops in Afghanistan,

  39. rose

    This is not good idea, Haiti has problems but we don’t need to be massacred on top of everything, we have troops from all over the world. but we have no housing, water, food, most of all we get no respect.I am very afraid now.

  40. Claudine Mukeshimana

    Ann, there is what i was talking about your behaviour, You capitalise in minor issues like the name of Rwanda's police superitendant,should that be an issue really? Grow grow up Ann-by looking at you picture you look like an old woman atleast.

  41. karemera

    Whatever you say Ann, a tree will always lie where it fell.
    u can never change rwandas ways of doing things.
    and rwanda will always be rwanda. viva kagame

  42. Tharcisse

    Dear Ann and the likes,
    You have to have selective amnesia to say that Genocide started after shooting down the plane!!! Genocide has over stages,some of which begin with characterisation,dehumanisation………..the killing itself and the last stage being denial of what happened. It is interesting to find out how a sane person can fail to recognise what was happening in Rwanda pre 1990 to Tutsi inside Rwanda,leave those in exile for over 30yrs! Also interesting is ur simplification of what caused the last resort war of 1990!!! Do you remember when Rwanda was said to be like a grass full of water that can not take in any more of its citizens??? Am sure you just pretend not to know! Ask UNHCR and your fellow deniers.It is so low of you to mislead your unsuspecting readers!!!!You raise alot of cheap talk that leaves one wandering whether helpful to bring facts and debate on most of your misconceptions.
    Rwanda and it people should learn from their History, and long gone are the days when people waited for the solution of their problems to come from `caring outsiders`.Amagambo ararekwa ntashyira,kandi Haba wowe wakwibura ugapfa. The struggle continues.

  43. Hello

    An absolutely less experienced writer who has surely scores to settle with Rwanda and his President…Shame on the media organs she writes for!


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