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Nevada prisoners being pushed to the edge

April 13, 2010

by Marrio Moreland

Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Carson City
I am a convicted person serving time for voluntary manslaughter in the state of Nevada. Although this letter may not digest well with some, these will be true statements and facts about how we as human beings are being subjected to abuse and retaliation for exercising the little rights we do have inside these walls and gates that is separating us from society. This is only one of many letters sent out by inmates who are incarcerated in Nevada’s Department of Correctional Centers, pleading for help and justice!

We believe that we inmates are being used for political gain due to the economy and budget cuts. We are starting to believe we are being pushed to the edge so that the Nevada prison system can justify their request for more funds. In less than 60 days there has been two unjustified assaults on two different inmates by correctional officers here at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC). The two inmates’ names are Marrio Moreland (#79800) and Anthony Lewis (#96337).

On Jan. 7, 2010, an assault occurred on inmate Marrio Moreland. He along with his cellie was removed from their cell by five correctional officers for an uncertain reason soon after breakfast. Inmate Moreland was verbally abused by a correctional officer and then viciously slammed to the ground by the same correctional officer acting on a direct order given by his lieutenant. Later, following said assault, Moreland was then sexually discriminated against.

On Feb. 26, 2010, an assault with battery occurred on an inmate named Anthony Lewis. He is in fact a person who has several disorders: 1) cracked C-2 spinal cord, 2) paralyzed on the right side, 3) he has colones, 4) he drags his right foot and 5) he depends on a wheelchair for mobility. Mr. Lewis and his cellie were returning from the shower when the officer literally pushed this gentleman from his wheelchair, pinned him to the floor and viciously banged his head on the concrete floor several times for no explainable reason.

At the time of both these two assaults the inmates were in restraints. These two assaults are two of many that has occurred here at Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC). I have no other choice but to reach out this way because other attempts to find assistance have been spoiled.

Because of what’s called “abuse of authority,” the administration has a grievance complaint system in place that the inmate population no longer trusts. This administration has given correctional officers the authority to either approve or deny inmates’ rights, also the right to act as their own chain of command, by trying to do away with the inmate grievance procedure and punish us for following and exercising our rights.

This action is causing correctional officers to become very aggressive toward inmates. They are not obeying their own rules and regulations day by day yet have no fear of consequences from the administration.

As this letter is being addressed, I am housed in a segregated unit that has birds flying around inside. The birds are dropping their manure on the serving table, flying over the food while it’s being prepared, landing on the carts while the food is on the carts. The sanitation is poor, the showers are not sanitized, inmates are now being subjected to a disease called Mersa – it’s a well known disease that’s caused by poor sanitation. These acts are inhumane to a human being of the United States of America.

The statements I’ve made describe only a few barbarous actions that occur behind these gates. It’s said that each person of the United States of America should be “emancipated.” The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863. Nevertheless, the great saying “liberty and justice for all” – whatever happened to that? Does it even apply to the Nevada Department of Corrections?

I am housed in a segregated unit that has birds flying around inside. The birds are dropping their manure on the serving table, flying over the food while it’s being prepared, landing on the carts while the food is on the carts.

I would like to add there’s a deaf inmate who has seizures living in a medically inadequate cell by himself. He has seizures and was saved only because of an inmate passing by and that was by the grace of God.

As I close, I pray that this letter will get to the attention of many, making them aware of the trauma that the inmates here at Northern Nevada Correctional Center are experiencing. The administration will probably retaliate against me, but what else can they do to me? They have stripped me of my dignity, so there’s nothing else to abandon me of. This is an issue that needed a voice and I am that voice.

My name is Marrio Moreland, 79800, P.O. Box 7000, Carson City, NV 89702. I’m just seeking help and justice!

6 thoughts on “Nevada prisoners being pushed to the edge

  1. eliz

    Thank you for your commentary. My loved one was at your center. He is now moved to Ely which is no better. You have stated some of the same things he has. The things I have seen also were not what was expected from a place that have visitors sitting in a room with vending machines with mold, heavy accumlation of dust and floors! That was just from my side of your residence. Your comments alone with others I have collected are being Emailed to Nevada's representatives. Enough is enough. Thank you again Sir.

    1. davurge

      Lets get something straight, if indeed this is possible. I feel no remorse for you killers, rapist, 3 time losers and the others. If you dont want the time, dont do the crime. How hard is it for ya'll to understand? Now you want taxpayers to lessen your burden. Well, that's just not acceptable anymore. Now is the time for prisoners to suffer, like victims and their families suffer. I dont believe you should have any rights to internet, t.v., air conditioning etc. and i damn sure dont believe i should have to contribute to your college degree that you shouidve gotten outside of prison. Thanks to the harsh economic times that are coming, you will see prisons modeling after Nevada's unit. Hell, I'm trying to finance one. Oh, and if you came to visit, and the vending machines were'nt up to your standards, then dont eat out of them. Hell's comin with me…

  2. IAMNevada

    Hey Scumbag instead of crying about how bad you are being treated, why don't you comment on how your victim is doing? you know the one you preyed upon that landed you behind those walls, moreso as the state faces budget crisis it pisses me off to know that I have to foot the bill for dirtbags like you who get free meals and free education and my daughter has to go to one of the public crappy schools in the local school district which by the way is the worst in the country. you want justice? well so do I, lets put all you convicted felons in a tent like they do in Arizona and make you grow your own food so I won't have to pay your living expenses, and don't give me that inhumane crap if its good enough for our soldiers it's more than good enough for you and the rest of societies worse.


      Hey IAMNevada-maybe you should join your daughter at one of those crappy public schools and freshen up some of your spelling skills. You could also work on being part of the solution, rather than verbally assaulting-insulting people,


    If correction administrators and officers are allowed to treat the inmates improperly by violating their few rights as a person in America and as a human being, then should these prison officials not also be viewed as criminals,also . How does society expect these people to be reabilitated and pay back society and their victims if those in charge of reforming inmates are just guilty as the inmates serving time. Two wrongs do not make a right. What ever happen to human beings treating others like human beings. It is God's job to make the final judgement on us not anyone else's. That is why our world has began to lose its way; to many wanting t play God.

    1. davurge

      yeah. just like ya'll tried to play God until your sorry self got caught. If there are any truth to allegations, then the truth will eventually come out as everyone makes mistakes. I say this: dont put yourself in a position to be 'mistreated', shouldnt have got caught like you did.


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