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President of Rwanda stars at Tribeca Film Fest

April 28, 2010

Special to the NNPA from the GIN

(GIN) – Rwandan President Paul Kagame took his turn on the red carpet in New York City this week and received a standing ovation for his role in “Earth Made of Glass” – a new documentary that indicts France as “having a hand in all this mess,” referring to the genocide.

From left, executive producer Jenna Dewan, director Deborah Scranton, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, the documentary subject Jean Pierre Sagahutu, producer Reid Carolin and executive producer Channing Tatum attend the premiere of “Earth Made of Glass” during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival on Monday, April 26, in New York. – Photo: Evan Agostini, AP
The 88-minute film portrays Kagame in a heroic light. The tall thin leader of the war-torn Central Africa nation is a survivor of the genocide that took more than three quarters of a million lives.

While gathering up the accolades, including a flattering editorial in the Wall Street Journal, his government is in the throes of a political crisis. Two top military officers were dismissed and the opposition and independent media faced arrest or exile.

Victoire Ingabire, a presidential aspirant, was arrested over comments she made at a genocide memorial in which she said Hutu victims of the genocide must also not be forgotten.

Opposition figures say they believe Kagame is preying on fears of another genocide to crush the opposition. He won 95 per cent of the vote in 2003 elections that were seen as flawed. They point to the “genocide ideology” law that is meant to keep people from fanning ethnic hatred but which critics say has been used to stifle dissent.

Finally, two local newspapers were banned for allegedly insulting Kagame, inciting the police and army to insubordination and creating fear among the public, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

The watchdog group called the move a “thinly disguised attempt at censorship.”

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22 thoughts on “President of Rwanda stars at Tribeca Film Fest

  1. Ann Garrison

    I’m so glad that the wire is distributing such a critical review of this film, including this recap of Rwanda’s 2010 election repression. I just looked up Deborah Scranton’s history, including a fellowship at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University with the Global Media Project in the Global Security Program. Here’s a clip of her PBS doc, “Bad Voodoo’s War,”, and her presentation at TED,

  2. Kinani Juvenal

    It seems that you have nothing else to report unless biased news from Rwanda. It seems that you have invested into Militia that had killed many innoncent tutsi during the genocide. You are among those who denies it but shame on you because the rest of the world recognized it. Those Oppenent you talked above, they are all of the associate with FDLRthe Rwandan militia group based still kills many innnocent people even right i am writting. Why can’t report you report? Kagame is a hero and he will be always given credit for his great.

    You should not report biased news anyway no one buys it because it is a rumour. You have been reporting about the pontential presidential candidate who have been associating genocidiaries in congo. Why did not report about her running mate being charged for the genocide too for 17yrs. Her vice president confessed of what he did….And Ingabire had been denying that her running mate was never been in Rwanda during after genocide.

    If you are interested in reporting about Rwanda don’t just report a half of what is interesting u and leave the truth behind.
    Kagame has been fight hard for the security of the country is leading and it is his responsibility to protect his nation. DId You know that those militias used to cross the boarder from congo to Rwanda just to kill survivors why can’t you report that?
    Did you know that those militias had beeen killing many congolese mostly banyamurenge (congolese tutsi ethnic group)
    Please give us break, Your job is to report news not to lie to the public. You are just reporting news as if you have been on scene, you should fact and credibility of what you have been told before you report as news.

  3. gukuba

    this lady has an obssessive compulsive disorder about the progress of the regime in kigali and its leadership she always tries hard to get in the way of everything happening on rwanda i wonder what kind of a journalist she is, she ignores the reality and alway post biased information at the expense of peoples blood. i don’t think you have ever taken your time to know much about the reality in rwanda other than speaking to one side which concludes your verdict on the regime. when rwanda sent police as their support to Haiti that was a problem to you, to you genecide of the tutsi didn’t happen though the people you are supporting are confessing to their crimes, like the aider of vic (fdu) chairperson when he was arrested you made alot of noise but when he confessed you muted chic! please try to be more constructive with your life than messing up people’s life at the expense of your self interest and the criminals you are supporting otherwise you might you might charged for genocide idealogy like your hero Vic and be extradited to rwanda to answer the charges.

  4. Poshie

    Hero, no! Far from it, he’s a murderer.
    When is that documentary coming out?
    We can call it “The Real Paul Kagame – Hitler of the 21st Century”


    which regime are you talking about you bloody fellows. you hate annie because she has brought out your true colors. how for heavenly sake could anyone with a sober mind portay Kagame as a genocide survivor and yet he is the source of the genocide that killed more than 7 million? the time has come all your lies go to shelf nd you sit down and regret the innocent blood you shed. now your regime is scrambling where are u going to hide?you should give the good reporters like aNNIE A BREAK THEN continue harassing innocent Rwandans since you re not yet done with the blood you shed

  6. Charles Kabonero

    Progress of the regime in Kigali? A big joke. With Rwanda ranked 15h in the world in inequality (the last time I checked), some one has the audacity to talk about progress? Progress of totalitarianism? Certainly, Yes. Progress of inequality? Yes. Progress of sowing fear into the public? Yes. You can only talk of progress in Rwanda if you believe the above.
    Because the President has two jets-registered and operating from South Africa, which he purchased with Rwandan’s taxes-thanks to the fact that all organs are powerless with silenced officers who cannot question any decision by the President-we talk of progress!! Its a shame.

  7. Ambrose (Organising for Africa)

    The higher they get, the harder they fall.

    Paul Kagame as an actor, this is new. Or, in fact he may have been always an actor. Was he paid to be part of the movie, or did he pay to play the principal role? As apparently the plot is his, he must have paid the producer. In this latest scenario, where did the money come from? Wouldn’t it be then from Rwanda Inc. the country which is being run like a business where he is the only shareholder, where he is only accountable to himself?

    @Kinani Juvenal. I don’t get what you call biased information. The only fact that you don’t want to hear about different views from yours, doesn’t mean they are biased. Maybe so far you have heard one side of the story. That’s explain why you seem surprised. And this Kagame’s movie is aimed at enhancing that narrative of one story.

    You are talking of security Kagame has been fighting hard to protect the country. Maybe you are among his inner circle who think they are the country he is protecting. Karenzi Karake, Nyamwasa, Karegeya, Frank Habineza, Ingabire, Pasteur Bizimungu, and millions of Rwandans intimidated oppressed or in prisons, I would like you telling me that all these people have the same opinion about your hero on that issue of the country’s security.

    Annie is not Rwandan. But she is concerned about what your hero has been making Rwandans endure under the false pretext of protecting them. Is the looting of Congo part of that protection you talk about? Before taxing Annie of bias you shouldn’t lie about the real motives of chasing refugee Hutus up to Kinshasa, when knowingly Kagame’ and Museveni’ armies had in 1997 decimated them and killed hundred thousands of them in Congo forests.

    News is news. It has to challenge your preconceived realities. News is not news, when it is a repetition of what you already know, or doesn’t bring out issues you feared to face, because they get you out of your comfort zone.

    This is what Annie is doing.

  8. Ann Garrison

    @Kinani Juvenal and gukuba:

    I seem to be the person you are attacking here, but I did not write this report, which you don’t really seem to have read with any care, give that you don’t seem to know its source. Global Information Network (GIN) shared the report with NNPA, aka,, the Black American newspaper publishers’ association, which made it available to the San Francisco Bay View on their wire.

    I simply left a comment. I’m not the author; I have no control over what GIN or NNPA publish on their wires.

  9. Ann Garrison

    @Haganimana: The documentary is out but it’s not receiving the instant acclaim hoped for. This is not the only response to note that Kagame is a dictator now excluding all real political opposition in this year’s election, just as they did in 2003.

  10. Kim Habineza

    It is a shame and utter ignorance how some people on this board try to support Paul Kagame and his machinery that committed countless crime against humanity:
    1. Paul Kagame triggered genocide by committing one of the most terrorist act ever happened in Great lakes by downing the plane and killing two democratecally elected presidents.
    2. Invading Congo, killing more than 4 millions of both Congolese and Hutu refugees.
    3. Rooting and illegally occupying independent country.
    How can you call Paul Kagame a hero???

  11. kinani Juvenal

    @ kabonero

    You may not remember but i remember when we attend some high schoool we were same promotion. You have started reporting false news(Information) at young age…I think you can recall what did in high school. I am not going to put in the public but if all journalists are dishonnest like you…

    Kabonero what did u mean when saying dictatorship/totalitarian kagame is not that he is just a leader who doesn’t tolerate corruption and nepotism. There is no one above the law in Rwanda even Kagame himself believes that he is not above law.

    We can’t forget our histtory we all know that media has been misused in the country during the genocide and even before the genocide to incite people if people like Gasana and kabonero can write nosense just to destabilize the security of nation. They should not be banned. Media should not violate other people’s privacy and rights.

    I don’t even understand why you are living in self imposed refugee. No one is after u at all. Just do your job as journalist. The reason is all this happened most african none is qualified to be a journalist low skills and education. I am not degrading but i am talking the truth. there are some code of ethics you need to learn before you become a journalist. Kabonero have u been at least at the door of school of journalism?

  12. claire

    Kagame is a hero to those who are lazy to look deeper and understand what is going on in the Great Lake region and how the crisis is affecting millions of lives. The good thing is that less and less people now swallow anything thrown at them by the media or hollywood. People are now more informed and it’s becoming very hard to keep lying.

    Any one who can read, will easily find out that Kagame is so desperate to tarnish Victoire’s image that he tries to associate her with anything the can think of. He is prosecuting her for the alleged FDRL group association. We should not forget that Victoire and her party often formed alliances with many other opposition parties but never with FDRL.

    Top 10 officials of her party, including the Vice President were denied passports to return to Rwanda and register the party. On her arrival in the country after 16 she was alone. The guy who volunteered to help around was caught up in the Gacaca saga and quickly Kagame’s agents started calling him the vice-president of her party.

    I was even surprised that Kagame’s people tend to associate Victoire with the movie “Hotel Rwanda” hero, Paul Rusesabagina. I don’t see anything wrong with that but it shows how desparate Kagame’s RPF is.

    Annie, I’ve read comments of those who attack you. Up until today, I haven’t seen anyone with a plausible argument against your reporting. All they do is posting abusive comments. I think what they should do is to give you their point of view with sufficient information and ask you to equally publish it.

  13. June Sina

    @Clare ,

    You make me laugh when you say that Kagame is desparate to tarnish Ingabire’s name.Kagame is much more than that.Far from being desparate from a waman who came carrying genocide criminals in her hand bag-Joseph Ntawangandi.

    It was long before Ntawangundi slipped out of her hand bag.God knows how many she has with her.

    Kagame doesnt have to be desparate,its a matter of time and the truth will come out.Did you not here him-he holds such me in contempt.Our president is thinking of much bigger stuff than people like Ingabire who have ideas of pre-1994.

  14. Mike

    Well, -at least i have an idea what most of you guys who commented can do when you become presidents!( God forbid) ! Do you realise how polarised each oneof you is? can’t you critically see what is positive and negative for either Kagame or his opponents other than blashing one side against the other?

    So you mean Kagame has totally done nothing, and his opponents can totally do right? So you mean Kagame can is a hero and nothing good can come out of his opponents? Can’t you better or the worse in all without using your anger and attitudes to back up your opinions as facts?

    Really? I am scare of YOU ALL than iam with Kagame and his opponents!

  15. Ann Garrison

    @gukuba Someone just told me to come back here and check this threat–”try to be more constructive with your life than messing up people’s life at the expense of your self interest and the criminals you are supporting otherwise you might you might charged for genocide idealogy like your hero Vic and be extradited to rwanda to answer the charges.”

    That would at least take care of the travel grant to Rwanda that I was about to try hustling, wouldn’t it? Couldn’t do much more on-the-ground reporting than that.

  16. Tiana Mwiza

    Genocide survivor? Are you talking about that guy – I mean Kagame- who from 1990 had killed countless people in Rwanda and RDC? This has to be a joke!

    He must have paid a fortune to have this made. Oh where did the money come from? The RDC’s stollen diamonds I may guess.

    Sooner or later, the truth will ouch.

    Annie, keep up the GOOD WORK.

  17. Kinani

    @ Kinani

    It seems that you might making your living from this biased news, but be cautious when wiring information from one source to another because Journalist like Kabonera and others like him are not profession journalist and have never been into any college of journals. On top of that they have no code of ethical they complying with because they aren’t professions.

  18. Tiana Mwiza

    @ Kinani,
    First of all get your names straight-you know what I’m talking abaout-
    Leave Kabonero alone. At least he can write, analyse,synthesise the news and bring the truth out. What’s your profession Mr.K?

  19. Kinani

    @ Mwiza

    Do you want to give me different name? That’s my really name unless of you have better you wish to give(Mr. K.).

    @ Anne Garrison

    My last comment was addressed to you. When wiring news from one source to another, you should check the credibility of the source becuase a journalist and many others like him aren’t profession journalist no code of ethic, they have never been to the door of the school of journalism. So the facts first before your can transfere the news, it is unfortunate to see a journalist like who have a good education background, giving credit to bias news. Anyway i understand you make your living from this news, but in long-run you will be a disgraced becuase of working with people who are not real professions.

  20. Edmund


    This is one of those from your Gang indeed!!Nothing good seems to come out of you on Rwanda.

  21. Ann Garrison

    This is all factual reporting of what has happened, Edmund. There is no editorializing in this report by Global Information Network via NNPA, a.k.a., the Black American Newspaper Publisher’s Association.

    And, I have absolutely no control over what GIN or NNPA put out on their wires. I’m not even in contact with either organization.

    You should read this more carefully, and understand, first, that this is a report of what has happened, not an editorial, that nothing reported here is disputable. And, two, that this is not my report. I’ve done nothing but comment on it.


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