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Rwanda opposition candidate Victoire Ingabire: Kagame, set me free

May 7, 2010

by Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is the leading opposition candidate for president of Rwanda in the election scheduled for Aug. 9, 2010.
It is almost four months since I came back to my homeland after 16 years in exile. It was unbearable to hear the pain and the misery of my people from thousands of miles away. Upon my arrival, the regime, the state machinery and partisan media launched an unrelenting demonizing campaign. The harassment and intimidation paved the way to endless police grilling. There has been no relief at all.

The reason is just to repress my political rights, to fabricate criminal records, to derail the registration of my political party, UDF Inkingi, and to deter my presidential eligibility.

You may all recall that on April 21, 2010, the Rwandan government arrested me. I spent one night in jail. My home was violently searched the same night and to date the state police have never returned our two computers, one computer of a visitor, computer programs, digital camera, disks, flash drives, cell phones, contracts, business cards, party flyers, flags and logos, passport, driving license and all paper documents.

The following day upon my request to be granted bail, I was provisionally released from the jail. Since then, I can neither travel abroad nor go beyond the capital city of Kigali. Held under “extended” house arrest, I also have to report to the prosecutor’s office twice a month. In reality, as it was shortly after my return, I have no freedom of movement. The only difference is that this time it is “legal.” I am in captivity.

I know many of you are eager and thirsty to hear live our freedom message. In this attempt to freeze our political activities and to thwart the road to democracy, the government has decided to put me “in chains,” but my determination is still intact.

Even though being imprisoned is something any democratic opposition leader who is peacefully fighting against a dictatorial regime should expect and be aware of, nobody should give up the individual liberties. I would like therefore to thank all the people who played a role in my release from jail. Particularly, I would like to thank my dear fellow UDF Inkingi members, who provided me with all the necessary means I crucially needed in order to stand trial in court. I would also like to thank the Rwandan people who came massively to my court hearing.

I am writing to thank you all for your support and your prayers, to inform you about the circumstances of my captivity and about my trial, and to strengthen you in the hope for a democratic and better Rwanda.

This trial is trumped up on false accusations because the prosecutor knows well that I am innocent. However, because I am engaged in a political fight, my opponents relied on media lynching of my person using public and private media and government institutions. I was even physically assaulted within the premises of an administrative building. As the time went on, my opponents came to realize that such acts of harassment and intimidation did not deter my determination. Instead, I continued to visit the Rwandan people nationwide. My opponents finally brandished the wall of laws, their own laws with their own reading.

I was repeatedly summoned, almost every week since February, by the Criminal Investigation Department until my arrest and jailing on April 21.

Briefly, why am I being harassed? What are the charges levied against me?

  • Promoting divisionism
  • Harboring genocide ideology
  • Creating an armed group and collaboration with the FDLR.

You all know that I am the chairperson of an opposition political party. Compared to the current regime, we see things differently on several crucial issues facing our country. We refuse to be led by one-man rule, a state party system, for fear of being accused of divisionism. The Rwandan Constitution recognizes a multi-party system. That means the Constitution gives the Rwandan people the right to conceive and freely express dissenting political ideas.

We attest that the Rwandan people live under the yoke of fear and ignorance. People are kept in perpetual extreme poverty characterized by widespread malnutrition and poor healthcare, especially in rural areas. Government officials are forcing people to destroy their banana plantations even though these plantations represent the principal source of income for the poor. The healthcare system doesn’t guarantee healthcare coverage for all the Rwandan people due to scarcity and the high cost of prescription drugs, even though every Rwandan is required to subscribe to the universal health insurance coverage (Mutuelles de Santé).

In Rwanda, people are kept in perpetual extreme poverty characterized by widespread malnutrition and poor healthcare.

The reform of the education sector should go hand in hand with adequate infrastructures, trained human resources and relevant translated books. How will teachers deliver in languages they don’t speak? This is terrible for the quality of the education. In schools, history teachers are totally confused: The regime’s political manipulations are in total conflict with the facts.

We are not afraid to tell the world that the Rwandans are under the yoke of fear and darkness, that hunger is acute in rural Rwanda. We are against the fact that the Gacaca courts, which were traditionally responsible for settling social disputes, consider cases that require special knowledge that the criminal court judges do not have. This is even more serious because it involves crimes as serious as genocide. We are also opposed to the fact that the accused in these courts have no right to be assisted by a lawyer.

Professor Andre Guichaoua, a renowned researcher from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania, recently published a reference book titled “Rwanda, from War to Genocide: Criminal Politics in Rwanda, 1990-1994.” In this book, Andre Guichaoua thoroughly analyzed the Gacaca court system and found that nearly all Rwandans who were at least 14 years old and were living in Rwanda before 1994 have been dragged to Gacaca courts.

The government machinery recently suspended two independent newspapers and split two political parties, while other parties have been denied authorization to hold their constituent congress, a necessary step towards the registration of any political party. They jailed politicians such as Deogratias Mushayidi and senior military officers. If someone says that there is something rotten in Rwanda’s leadership, government officials are quick to brandish the law on divisionism.

We say we need a democratic change, more political space and freedom of speech and the president of Rwanda claims to hold us in contempt, as worthless people, criminals and hooligans. He even boasted about how it was patriotic to shoot people in the DRC.

When I recently heard such utterances, I felt deep sadness. I truly respect the president of Rwanda. I am a mother I will never dare to insult him even though he insulted me. Such a speech was delivered during the 16th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsis and the following week before both chambers of the Senate and the National Assembly. Although I was outraged, I did not deem it necessary to respond; there was nothing I could say about it. Whoever says this is not acceptable is accused of divisionism. Should we shy away from denouncing these utterances simply because they are from a head of state or his government? No.

President Kagame even boasted about how it was patriotic to shoot people in the DRC.

I and the political party I chair, UDF Inkingi, which was created in 2006, we recognize that in 1994 in Rwanda there was genocide against the Tutsis. We also recognize that during that time, before and after, there have been crimes against humanity committed against other groups of the Rwandan population. These are facts we witnessed that are also recognized by the United Nations, in Resolution No. 955 of Nov. 8, 1994. We also believe that anyone who has responsibility in those unspeakable killings against humanity should be held accountable.

This is what the current regime calls harboring genocide ideology or genocide denial.

We advocate for national reconciliation of the Rwandan people. However, we strongly believe that true reconciliation cannot be achieved as long as the suffering of some Rwandans who lost their relatives during those killings have not been officially recognized. We need to encourage Rwandans to talk about the tragedy with no taboo, to bring them together in order to set solid guidelines for a long lasting settlement. Justice needs to be fair and not selective.

On May 1, 2010, late at night, the regime masterminded the profanation of the symbol of democracy by exhuming the remains of Mr. Dominique Mbonyumutwa, the first president of the Republic of Rwanda. This is a wrong signal to the democratic and freedom values in Rwanda. Those manipulations of national history to suit the regime’s interests are sidelining the state, becoming a separate entity from the whole society.

I refer to my speech of Jan. 16, 2010, in Kigali upon arrival: “I am a daughter and a mother, moved by the misery and humiliations of my people. I don’t need an army to defeat the dictatorship. All we need is determination, commitment and patience. The sacrifices of all committed people will overcome our misery and this endless crisis in our motherland. … We don’t need another war in our country. Too much blood has been poured. Enough is enough.”

My party and I recognize that in 1994 in Rwanda there was genocide against the Tutsis. We also recognize that during that time, before and after, there have been crimes against humanity committed against other groups of the Rwandan population. … We also believe that anyone who has responsibility in those unspeakable killings against humanity should be held accountable. This is what the current regime calls harboring genocide ideology or genocide denial.

Why do they want me to collaborate with rebels? I don’t need them. They have been tackling each other for over 16 years. We need to bring this to an end. We need peace. We condemn the politics that killed nearly 5 million of our Congolese neighbors since 1996.

Those who have fought, have they achieved long lasting peace? No. Why should we be inspired by a failure?

They will parade dozens, hundreds of ex-FDLR to accuse us of anything they want. Our answer remains the same: War is not an answer. How one can achieve anything with that kind of paraded colonels? Why have they kept them in military facilities since 2009 before I came back home and are making big cases of them now?

The political decision to register our political party in the country to compete with this regime was not an easy decision that we took recklessly. We first put together our ideas, thoroughly analyzed many ways we should use and related consequences in order to solve the political deadlock. We chose the nonviolent way in our fight for freedom, justice and democracy.

They will parade dozens, hundreds of ex-FDLR to accuse us of anything they want. Our answer remains the same: War is not an answer.

FDLR rebels are Rwandans. They need sincere guarantees prior to repatriation. Those involved in crimes await fair justice. Others deserve a normal socio-professional life. If you jail a politician on suspicion of talking to elements of a rebellion, how you can assure them they can come home and be safe?

We are in total disagreement with the current government policy of “poaching” some FDLR leaders, while encouraging the use of force against the others.

I therefore solemnly set the goal that if the Rwandan people trust me and elect me as president of Rwanda, my government will hold direct talks with the FDLR. They are Rwandans and have no other country on this planet. However, those who are responsible for crimes of genocide or crimes against humanity will face justice.

We condemn the politics that killed nearly 5 million of our Congolese neighbors since 1996.

I am not bringing an army with me. There is a very capable army in the country. As long as the army will opt for political neutrality and work towards the fulfillment of the duties of maintaining integrity and sovereignty of the country, protecting the Rwandan people, ensuring peace and security in the region, and protecting government institutions issued from genuine democratic processes, I will always believe in that army.

The Rwanda Defense Force is a key factor for the stability of this country. Many Rwandans respect the motto saying: “In the RDF, good leadership, discipline, mutual trust and respect between members, respect for the law and enduring loyalty to the constitution are the cornerstone of our success and constant ability to be a force for good.” In this respect, we strongly advocate for professionalism, career stability and leadership empowerment.

I therefore take this opportunity to inform and assure soldiers within the RDF who were not aware of this understanding that this is indeed our position on the problem regarding the Rwandan army.

We call upon partner countries and the international community to support our efforts to bring about a lasting solution in Rwanda. Development indicators are encouraging but will remain fragile as long as they lack a solid foundation, as long as Rwanda is under one-man rule. Proponents of the current regime have touted its benefits, such as faster economic growth, more economic opportunities and higher standards of living. However, this process is bypassing big swaths of particularly vulnerable populations. Large segments of the population face crushing poverty.

There will be no lasting stability and no sustainable development without democracy, without fair justice, without the rule of law, without a genuine reconciliation. Those who believed that stability and development were possible in Rwanda without democratization have seen the limits. We strongly believe that long-term, sustainable economic and social development requires democratic governance rooted in the rule of law.

I would like to finish this message by calling upon the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, to let me recover my full freedom and liberties, so that I can enjoy my political rights which are the reason I came back home from exile, hold the constitutional congress of my political party, register the party, compete during the elections and let the Rwandan people decide.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is chair of UDF Inkingi, an opposition party in Rwanda. Learn more at and and from her several Facebook pages. This statement first appeared at Black Star News.

46 thoughts on “Rwanda opposition candidate Victoire Ingabire: Kagame, set me free

  1. Michael

    Dear Ingabire,

    Your rhetoric notwithstanding, you do not have the moral authority to contest any political post in Rwanda let alone the presidency because of your background. Your mother is a genocide criminal, wanted by Gacaca courts. Until recently, you were denying that genocide ever took place in Rwanda. You had the audacity of visiting and conniving with Interahamwe in DRC to topple the Rwanda government. Despite your sweet coated tongue, you are a Hutu extremist. By the way, you are not a leader of an opposition party because legally your party does not exist in Rwanda. If you really want to contest the presidency, tell your mother who lives with you in Holland to hand over herself to Gacaca courts in Rwanda to prove her innocence. Otherwise there are Rwandans who can see beyond the nose and will not be fooled by your crocodile tears which you have tried to shed unsuccessfully over Tutsi remains at the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site.

  2. Kim Habineza

    Dear Michael,
    I am outraged by your comments full of hatred and ignorance. I condemn genocide of Tutsi and whoever took responsibility in it should be brought to justice, but real justice. However, I am sure that you are aware of mass killings committed by RPF against Hutu and Congolese and mass rooting of Congo mineral by RPF. If you want evidence I will provide them to you, the perpetrators are equally criminals and liable to justice. All Ingabire is asking Kagame’s regime is to conduct a democratic election by: Respecting freedom of speech, Rights to all Rwanda citizens to play active role in political process without intimidation and fear of repression, freedom of media, etc. Otherwise there is no reason to conduct election; he should auto proclaim life president rather than wasting Rwandan’s time.
    You seem not to agree to those basic principles. in addition who are you to question Ingabire’s credential

  3. David

    Dear Michael, dear Kim,

    I am not Rwandan and not even African. However, I have been several times to Rwanda and some of my best friends are Rwandans.
    My contribution shall be to compare Rwanda to post-war Germany. Germany has passed through a painful process of De-Nazification. One of the most powerful outcomes of this process was a sense of deep SHAME in many Germans. Shame is quite a powerful weapon against violence and future hatred. Being so powerful, it is the prime target of people who oppose the “new era”. And the most powerful weapon against shame is historic revisionism and relativism. The Gacaca system rightfully has the effect of inducing shame to all those who adhered to extremist Hutu ideology, in order to prevent things from happening again.

    The question is, whether the shame should be collective or not. Are all Hutu’s guilty? Do all Hutu’s must be ashamed? The answer is very easy: ALL those who adhered in any form to the extremist Hutu ideology should be ashamed and be hold guilty, even if they did not take part in any attrocity. All others are not to be made guilty or feel ashamed. The reason is that the anti-tutsism was in the name of “hutuism”. And this “Hutuism” is no different then Nazism or Fascism! Thus it must be uprooted. And that proves to me the importance of not letting a lady like Victoire to florish, as she largely diminishes the fact there was such a thing as “fascist hutuism” and denies the applicability of the concept of shame on those who loudly or silently accepted this ideology.

    Germany would have fallen back without de-nazification. Up until today, people are ashamed of what they did, and that is very good. I honestly don’t see ANY difference with Hutu extremists. If Ingabire were German, her ideology would be branded as “sympathetic with Nazism” and she would probably be out-lawed. Crying foul about “lack of democracy” is rediculous. The Nazis came to power in a democratic way, as did several other criminals. Democracy is not only a voting system, it has to include a set of values which have to be deeply rooted within the population. I see Rwanda in the period where these values are being developed. To argue with Congo is silly, because it distracts from the real issue, the issue of hutu fascist ideology, which has to be uprooted. Besides, I would be very careful with so called facts about the two congolese wars and about the culpability. I have read many many conflicting facts from many different sources. So Kim, you are right about calling for “real justice”. You ignore that “real justice” includes uprooting extremist “hutuism” and anti-tutsism. I know it hurts. I know it might even be humiliating. I know it is difficult to accept the analogy with the Nazis. But if in the end it will make people feel truly ashamed and wake up, it will help Rwanda to flourish like Germany did after the war!

  4. Eric (Rwanda)

    Who told this woman that Rwanda needs to be led by the genocidaires? Everyone knows that the majority of people in Rwanda and Burundi are Hutu and that those people will always vote only based on candidate’s ethnicity.

    What would you do if you were President Kagame? I would do everything to hold power. Why? Because if those people are given power again, they could continue their plans of exterminating Tutsis.

    Can’t you understand? Everyone should choose to rig votes instead of giving his countrymen to be killed by genocidaires. Please understand this: rigging isn’t democracy but it’s needed here.

    So, don’t blame this politic. This is the only way to make those Jews of Rwanda feel at peace because they are surrounded by Bantou nations which want only to kill them due to jealousy. They are jealous because we have achieved some success, and because there are genius people among us.

    We really thank the Western countries for educating us. You white guys have done good things to our communities. You have taught us how to work hard.

    We wish we could follow your good ways of democracy but it’s impossible now because it could take us all to another genocide while we really want to go ahead. Surely, we would be the first democratic African country if we were alone in this land of Milles Collines.

  5. Ben Mugisha

    I know Kagame very well, and know Ingabire well too. I have met both and read alot about both. I lived with Kagame in exile and follow Rwandana p[olitics will all interest.
    Now, has Ingabire or her mother killed more people than Kagame? We have good examples on that no one can doubt or deny; For a fact, Kagame has been killing Rwandans, both Tutsis and hutus since 1990; a few examples; where is Assiel Kabera, the former Presidential advisor? Where is Maj. Ruzindana Alex? Lt. Wilson Rutayisire? Col. Ngoga? Kizza Agustine? just mentioning a few to show you who Kagame is. All those and many more were killed by Kagame since 1990. Now, if Rwanda doent need killers, how can it be ruled by Kagame for God’s sake? All those praising Kagame, suporting him uncritically will regret their blind support. King Luther got it right; “Truth temporaliry defeated is better than triumphant lies”.

  6. Luke Mirenge

    Thanks for a good comment Ben. I’m happy to hear someone with whom I share views on Rwanda and Kagame. I know how Assiel Kabera was assasinated by Kagame and the RDF officers he sent to do the ‘job’, many Rwandans know how Maj. Ruzindana was killed in Nyungwe-there is a time when those questions will be asked-there is always that time! People will ask; how did they die? How? And answers will be given-but, for the interest of the debate here, how can anyone call any other Rwandan a killer, on the back of all those facts about the real killer-Kagame.Iam a tutsi like Kagame, but sheding blood is neither tutsi nor hutu-dictorship has no race, color-Kagame is a dictator, killer who Rwandans must shun, without further delay. I thank you for this space…

  7. James

    @ David,

    It seems to me that you don’t understand world politics, and what makes feel bad, is that most people from the 1/3 world don’t get it neither. President Kagame was put on the power to protect the interest of westerns. They put him there so that he can help them to gain access to DRC, and Sudan. It is the outcome of Clinton’s administration and Blair’s administration, and that’s why they support him no matter what he does. They know that President Kagame is not stupid; he would disclose everything the minute they let him go. Both countries supported former Rwandan president Havyarimana and president MUBUTU, as they supported Taliban’s, former president of Pakistan and the current number 2 dictator President MUGABE. As soon as you not doing what they want, they will remove you on the power. If it was about good governance, why westerns supported the people who killed SANKARA. All Africans believe that he was a great leader of Africa.

    Shooting president Havyarimana and president Mobutu was initiated by westerns. President Havyarima refused the US to have a military based in Rwanda (Now they have it). It was a win (for wasters) win (for Kagame) lose (for all Rwandans hutu and tutsi)

    As I mentioned above, they needed a strong government that works for them in the region (Both Mobutu and Havyarima were going old reason were not cooperative anymore). The former RPF president Rwigema (Tutsi) was pro-negotiations and power sharing with the Hutu government in Rwanda (sign of weakness), and Kagame (Tutsi) just wanted power no matter what. So they (Kagame and his friends) killed Rwigema and few days after, Kagame came from US to take control of the RPF. While we’re talking, the wife of Rwigema (tutsi) has been under supervision (house arrest) the by the Kagame government.

    People call Kagame a liberator, let me disappoint you. Neither Kagame nor US cared about Tutsi in Rwanda. Both Kagame and Westerns wanted the genocide to be consumed, and that’s why the UN did not intervened despite what General Dallaire (Canadian) was telling them. Anybody who knew what had happened in Burundi in 93 knew that people were going to die if Havyarimana was killed. Kagame knew that he wouldn’t win by democratic means and that why he decided to sacrifice his fellow tutsi so that he takes power and delivers on what westerns asked him.

    @Eric: I start to understand why Chinese call Africa “failed continent” they are right! Africa has not honest people, or people who love it. You are here lying doing propaganda for a dictatorship government in Rwanda. I feel ashamed reading your comments; it is like my 3 year son speaking. A have a question for you? Are those Tutsi generals who are freeing Rwanda Hutus? Are they the ones who committed genocide? What about all the killings in Somalia (full of Nilotes, your fellow Tutsis?) The last time I checked, there were no Bantu in the Somalia. There just Nilotes, the other type of Tutsi who are killing each other

    Whether you know what you’re doing or not, I really feel sorry for you! Burundi is neighboring country to Rwanda. The hutu are on the power, it’s been 4 years. Have they killed Tutsis? All I can ask you to do is to build a country where you and your family will have a place tomorrow. Before the genocide, there was hutu government (supported by westerns), who oppressed tusi and hutu who were not sharing his view. Tutsis did not have a place in Rwanda. Now, exactly the opposite, there is a Tutsi government supported by westerns, and who is oppressing Hutu. Does that tell you some thing? For the last 50 years, there have been the same. Kagame made enemies everywhere; including Burundi (By Killing Burundian president), DRC (by killing more than 6 millions Congolese) and within Rwanda (look at all generals freeing the country), and he know that the minute he is not the president he will be in the jail. That’s why he is buying time, holding on the power no matter what cost.

  8. James

    Thanks to both Ben and Luke for hitting the nail on the head. I’ve lied, at least there people like you who see beyond theirs beyond the noses. Killers have no ethics, whether they are hutu or tutsi who kills, steal, support dictatorship are the enemies of Africa, and we Africans regardless of our ethnic groups should fight them.

  9. David

    @ James

    Come on James with all those conspiracy theories! All the subjects you mention are somehow connected, but you missed my point, which is critical. My point is racist anti-tutsist ideology, which was indoctrinated with the mother milk of Hutu babies since the the Hutu governed Rwanda in the 1960ties. Did the spreading of hatred only start in 1990 or what? So lets focus on anti-tutsi hatred which is so deeply rooted that only a true “erradication programme” can deal with it. This is the relevancy to the Ingabire question. What is to me, a non-African, appaling is that JUST 16 years after the attrocities, this hatred starts to resurface more and more openly!

    Now, you will say that Tutsis are also racists. And I will tell you that surely there are racist Tutsis (because they are humans like you and thus bound to do errors like anyone else). But lets face the truth: a MAJOR challenge is to erradicate once and for all this very very deep anti-tutsi hatred, which still is in people’s heads, having been brainwashed for decades. And that is why I came up with my analogy of Germany. Don’t you think that de-nazification was necessary in Germany? Don’t you think that Rwanda MUST erradicate the very deep and irrational hatred of Tutsis, even if it “limits” certain liberties? Don’t you think those liberties are based on a set of values, which have to be rebuilt in Rwanda?

    You will also say: But Kagame made xzy… What DO you use these arguments for? Do you use them to genuinly prove that this political leader is doing negative things? Or do you use it to “prove” that the Tutsis are actually no victims, but in fact perpetrators (and thus maybe they deserved to die…)??? I mean, how pervert are here people’s minds? For God’s sake, did Tutsi children die because some stray bombs hit them or because the neighbour came with a machette? How can someone kill personally his neighbour if he has not been brainwashed since he was a baby? You can say whatever you want, but this issue has to be dealt with, with an iron (and just) fist. My humble opinion is that Rwanda has been doing just that in a very remarkable way.

    As to all other issues: how do they exactly relate to the killing of Tutsi children? What has Mubutu to do with the Rwandan Hutu, indoctrinated with hatred and ready to kill his neighbour? You are completely messing up things! One thing is some political issue (which can have horrible consequences, no doubt), the other one is genocidal ideology indoctrination (with catastrophic, beyond horrible, consequences). On the political issues, you can have many stances. Is Kagame a US “agent”? Is he acting in the best interest of his people? Is it good that he allies himself with the US? Etc. Etc. There you can find many answers, from many directions. And surely your point of view that “once again Africans are being fucked up by white coloialists” is a bit paranoid and bizzare.

    You see: the REAL issue about Victoire IS and WILL remain, whether she is in the camp of those who are in favour of erradicating racist anti-tutsism or if she belongs to the apologetics, relativists and silent supporters of genocide. ERRADICATION OF HUTU EXTREMIST IDEOLOGY is NOT “oppression of Hutus”, as de-nazification of Germans was not anti-german oppression.

  10. James


    My point is Westerns use Africans to get what they want, and Africans leaders’ uses ethnics to get and hold on the power. I agree with you that those people who killed were brain-washed by the people who wanted to use them to hold on the power and telling them that Tutsis are their enemies. What I don’t agree with, is your biased readings which tend to suggest that Hutu are the only killers and the only ones who have extremist ideology in Rwanda and the region. Although you may not be African, it seems to me that your Rwandan friends are mostly Tutsis. Have any of your friends told you that Burundians Tutsi government killed more than 500 hutu in year 1972? , have they told you that the Rwandan Tutsi government killed more that 2 millions Hutu refugees in DRC? Hell no. Are those tutsi killed more important than the hutu who were killed? And do you know why? The main issue here is that both ethnic groups don’t understand that they have a common enemy; those people who use them to hold on the power. If you do the math (terms of numbers), the RPF tutsi government targeted and killed more Rwandans (mostly hutus) than number of Rwandans (mostly tutsi) killed by the former Hutu government. For me, whether is called genocide or massacres, it does not make any difference. What happen in Rwanda is like what Bush did in Iraq. The bush administration was accusing Sadam of havins weapen of mass destruction and killing estimated of 140 thousands Iraqis, and for that he was accused of genocide. Since the US went to Iraq, millions of Iraq people where killed. Now a question to you between Bush and Sadam, who committed genocide. But I haven’t heard anybody who say that we should try Bush for killing those people. My point here is not to say that people who killed should not be tried. All what I’m saying is every killer should not be supported, s/he should instead be tried. That’s not what happening, the western keep supporting Kagame despite the fact that they know that he killed more people than nay body.

    For me talking and about what you are is not the problem, which should talk about it and be proud of what we are. Currently in Burundi, we are openly talk about our ethnic groups, it is not a problem, despite that in 1993 people killed each other based on the ethnic groups. If you come to Burundi today, the main opposition party is not pro-tusi party (the current president is a hutu), they are hutu dominated political party. All this to tell you, ethnics are just a tool used.

    What Kagame is doing now , I can assure you , it is not going to work. President Bagaza of Burundi was exactly like Kagame. He has a strong leadership on economy, Burundi was doing well in region in terms of economy and military. He even threatened to attack DRC (called Zaire back then). But like Kagame, Hutu were not allowed to go to university, not talking being member of his government. Talking about ethnic was a crime what would send you to jail for years. The hutu who lost their loves ones in the 1972 genocide (by tutsi gouverment let by his cousin) were not allowed to even cry their lost. Exactly like in Rwanda now, the minute you talked about it, you were accused of hutu extremism called (abamenja) and sent to jail. The people who killed those hutu never been sentenced until today. Guess what punishing a crime the best way teaching breastfeeding hate. Guess what happed in 1993? When a hutu president was elected and killed 3 monhts after by the tutsi army , hut started killing tutsis. Everything built by Bagaza was destroyed. The country has to be rebuilt again. Likely, currently, ethnics in not an big issue in Burundi (even though there was a civil war 13 years ago), it depend on how the country is being governed.

    With respect to conspiracy theories, they are all presented, written by westerns, evidence is out there, you just have to take time and read them. But sine they say that blacks don’t read, if you want to hid something put it in the book, yes, everything is there hidden in the news paper. Should you have a time on all of this, email me I will send the documents to you, all written by while people. Not Rwandese.

  11. David

    @ James

    First let me say generally that I disagree with you about the white/black enemy dichotomy. Whites are not all good, the same way as not all blacks are good. If we agree that we are all humans with the same strenghts and weaknesses, then we can agree that we must judge everyone in the same way. Africans were and sometimes are abused by whites, but also Arabs have abused blacks (slave trade through Zanzibar), as maybe some asians are doing today (economically at least). Abuse is mainly due to weakness. Like this crazy Qadhafi guy who holds the balls of black Africa with his tons of money.
    The difference between me (a white from a country which was colonized by the British too!!!) and many other “afrophile” whites is that I do not look down on Africans as “those poor people”, like most wazungus in Africa I have met do. I find this attitute disgusting. As such, I hold an African responsible for his acts the very same way as I would hold a white responsible for what he does. By the way, it was more then once that my attitude lead people to say that I am so different from the other Wazungus and this exactly made my friends open up to me (and me to them) like they only would to their fellow countrymen.

    I do consider that certain circumstances lead people to do certain things which are “bad”. If you are poor and weakened, you might do immoral things, just to improve your situation. Yet, I certainly think that if whites and blacks are both from the same biological species, we must use the same standards and hold people responsible the same way. And in the “pan-africanist, post-colonial, post-modern” narrative, this just too often does not take place. To make the “whites” responsible for just everything is just a mechanism to take away the responsibility of “blacks”. Moreover, speaking of “whites” implies that all are the same, which is crap. It is like whites saying “in Africa it is xzy”. Man, Africa is a huge continent! Ethiopians have more in common with Yemenites then with Angolans. What do Senegalese have in common with Mozambicans? I mean, come on!

    You came up with historical “comparisons”. You mentioned the Iraq war. First of all, Saddam was a mass murder who committed GENOCIDE against Shi’ites and Kurds. He even used mustard gas in the village of Halabja against Kurds. So he is no saint. The REAL question, which the world duly avoids is “what is there to do with such regimes”. The truth is that probably the most moral thing would have been if Saddam was ousted by a global coalition, eventually using also warfare against him. In reality, it was the Bush admin. who did the war, but there is massive reason to believe that the motives were not purely “humanitarian”, but rather economical. So this of course puts a serious moral shaddow on the Bush admin. However, most deads are due to Islamic Terrorism, not due american weapons! So once again there is massive moral bias. So just judging by the “blood count”, you can say that there are 3 main culprits: Saddam and his fascist regime, Islamic Terrorism (which kills basically only other Muslims) and an immoral war by Bush.

    In my eyes, there is no difference at all between Tutsi or Hutu blood. It is however quite important to analyse “in whose name” someone was killed. This analysis is important for the sake of FINDING a solution to the conflicts and in order to avoid more deaths and sufferings in the future.

    Look, I want to get to you the point with an example: The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians (which is completely blown out of proportions, by the way) can be viewed through at least two perspectives. One perspective is it being a nationalistic conflict on land, and the other one being a RELIGIOUS conflict, between the Jews and the entire Muslim world. If we assume that it is merely a nationalistic conflict, solution is quite easy and future bloodshed can be avoided. Israelis and Palestinians build trust and sign a final peace treaty, delineating the border. But if it is being portrayed as a relgious conflict, suddenly the conflict looks very big, a peace agreement is almost impossible. Just look at Hamas vs. Fatah. Hamas is Islamist, they are principally against a peace agreement (read the Hamas Charter, which is similar to the Hutu 10 commandments by Ngeze…). What do they teach their children? To kill Jews. Fatah is rather secular and they are right now restarting talks with Israel.

    The same holds true in your conflict. The Hutu Power ideology has this “religious” element, which theoretically prevents any real peace and it also creates a fictional Bantu/Hamite clash. As long as it is deep down in people’s hearts, violence can just errupt like Nyiragongo. The POTENTIAL danger of this ideology for future bloodshed is giant. If there is such Tutsi ideology, it has to be uprooted too, no doubt (I have never encountered it though)!

    To blame the whole horrible conflict in Congo on Kagame is a weak argument. Why not blame also Museveni? Why not blame Angola which also participated? I mean, it was a regional conflict, which included many sub-conflicts, some unrelated to Hutu-Tutsi. I have never ever seen a body count statistics on who killed whom, how many and for what reason. The number of people killed ranges between 0.8 million to 7 million, according to different sources. What I basically want to say is that reading through as many sources as possible, it is still impossible to have a clear picture of the Congo war. So many different people have blood on their hands. What seems clear is that most casualties were due to lack of food and medicine supply and by undisciplined armies and rebel groups who did whatever they wanted. For example, is Kagame to blame for a village being plundered and women being raped by official Congolese soldiers gone wild, who never got their salaries and dont get food supplies? It is just more complex then what is mostly presented. Clearly, the “solution” is to have a well trained and disciplined Congolese army and police, which disarms ANY rebel groups, cracks down on anarchy and finally unites and takes responsibility on this cursed country.

    You say how people suffer today in Rwanda and I have seriously tried to see that by myself. I just could not find any systematic suffering and oppression. Ingabire blames Kagame for “the poverty in the countryside”. This is so rediculous! How can you possibly erradicate poverty so fast? Did this women cross the border into Burundi or into Uganda? Poverty there is just as appaling! Just crossing from Rwanda to Burundi you feel like crossing from one universe to another (until you get to fantastic Buj, which is has again some sophistication).

    I can only repeat what I have said before: Do you think that de-nazification of Germany was “oppression of the German people”??? If yes, I have pitty with you. If no, explain me, why is the “de-hutupowerization” different? Is being against Hutu Power ideology same as being against Hutus? Of course not! And that is my message: wherever attrocities are committed in the name of an ideology, the ideology has to be erradicated, because this hatred can transcend decades and even centuries. Hate ideology includes current casualties and also future casualties (that is somehow forgotten)!

    Finally: In my analysis, the “Tutsis” are in a loose-loose situation anyway, under the past and current anti-tutsi hatred in the region. If they are successful in business and academia, the are “controlling” the countries. If they are in politics, the “control” the country. Even if only the president were a Tutsi, and all the rest Hutus, they “control” the country. If they are not “in power”, they risk facing renewed discrimination (in the mid and long term, under the assumption of continued anti-tutsi sentiment). Even if Kagame did everything right, he would be regarded as an oppressor. In my analysis, deaths (sometimes as a result of war, sometimes crimes in any sense) committed by Tutsis in the last decades were all provoked by a sense of existential threat and a way to prevent discrimination and extermination, being a minority ethnicity. It is only logic to conclude that if this existential threat (the deep rooted irrational anti-tutsi hatred) were to be eliminated, real peace without Hutu/Tutsi divisionism can be created. Is this analysis that wrong? It holds true to many other conflicts by the way.

  12. Claudine Mukeshimana

    @James.Now you are contradicting yourself.You talk about Kagame’s Tutsi led government as you call it even though its a wrong perception because 70% of the kigali government are Hutus.You talk about them killing innocent Hutus-which would be interpreted as revenge of the Tutsi aover the Hutus,then you turn around and contradict yourself by saying the Kagame is a killer who has killed even his own army men where you mention names.Now the question is who is he?If you want to present your argument ,then i would rather you found one line and follow it.One miniute you are like the current governmnet led by Kagame discriminates against the Hutus ,then the other minute you are he kills even his own people.Go find out whats happening on the ground.Find out why he punishes those who do wrong with a heavy hand even if it were his own relative.Probably because he understands more than anybody else what his tribe( Rwandans) are capable of doing.And i dont know whether that potrays him as incapable of leading his country,does it?

  13. June Sina

    @Luke Mirenge and James.

    I would like to disappoint you too.First ,to you Mirenge,you introduced yourself as a Tutsi like kagame but Kagame doesnt know that,he knows you as a Rwandan, iam a Hutu woman who was 19yrs old during genocide but Kagame doesnt know that either.What ami saying here?
    What iam saying is that whether Hutu,Tutsi etc,is all dead to the current government,i would rather present your discussion without basing on ethnicity.

    @ JAMES.
    You compared president Bagaza of Burundi to Kagame and you talked of him discriminating against Hutus-that no Hutu was allowed in the University” this is shum James,have you been to Rwanda atleast.I arge you visti this site unlike in the past regimes are advertised openly and its left to any student to pass the test.I know this because i went through this procedure myself.Even being a Hutu in 2006 i was offered a scholarship to study abroad based on my capabilities.By the way of the 26 women and men who passed the test, 17 were Hutus.The current presidential scholarships which are offered to the best students to study in Oklahama in USA do not look at who is Tusti and who is not? so where do you begin accusing president Kagame of being descrimnative especially in the field of education where he has dedicated his heart.These are just exples facts about Rwanda’s succeess are allover and you can meet them if you want.
    @ David

    I thank you for your views about Rwanda and i would like to add that “yes you are wright,no all Hutus killed their Neighbours” and thats why it is called a genocide against the Tutsis and moderate Hutus.Its a shame that they our ethinicity has brought shame to us and we sometimes fall victim but we like you said (David) we are determined to uproot the hate ideology together with our president Kagame.We shall tell the world that the Rwanda was reborn after 1994 and it was born to all of us-HUTU TUTSI and TWA.
    Iam a teacher today, but i dont teach my students what i was taught-i do not pull the noses of my Tusti students like they did to my friends when i was a young girl .I know which commandments to teach my students and my own kids-the commandements of Love and reconcilliation.Only i know which commandmnets i was taught-the 10 Hutu command ments of hating a nd fearing a tutsi the same way i fear a snake and i know what it brought to me and my fellow citizens.
    So James and Luke atleast be the experience of what you teach to outside media-disgracing our country.

  14. David

    @ June

    Dear June

    thanks for your support. And thanks for strengthening my point (which I might not have stressed enaugh) that the sick ideology of hatred did in the end also lead to the murder of tens of thousands of Hutus, who were not in line with the extremists. Wherever we are we have to fight hateful ideologies and be careful not to generalize. For example, if we oppose radical islamist ideology, we have to be careful not to offend muslims. If we fight Nazism, we have to be careful not to hate Germans. We have to fight ideologies, but not people and always take into account that people are individuals who can chose what to think, whatever their ethnic background is.

    By the way, Nazism in Germany finally also brought catastrophe on the own German people, as did fascism in Italy and Japan, etc. Stalin in the USSR killed millions of his own citizens to “protect” his communism. History is sadly repeating itself over and over. Every nation on earth can fall into the traps of hateful ideology. There are “no good or bad people/nations/countries/ethnicities”, only good or bad ideologies!

    My experience with Rwanda is one of an amazing country, which strategically decided to restart from zero. All people I met said that they oppose revenge, that they are sick of Hutu/Tutsi divisionism, that they want to work for a better future and that they are proud to be Rwandan and the advances of the country. It is maybe the first time in modern Rwandan history that people HAVE something to loose, if they would resort to violence. This strengthens my hope that Rwandans will not fall into the trap of decline, but will continue to build the Switzerland of Africa (which by the way is a peaceful multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious country). Jane, believe me that I am the best “ambassador of good will” of your country :-) I know the truth! I would even love to live there for a while :-)))

  15. James

    @David, honestly I can’t help laughing when you say “Tutsis” are in a loose-loose situation anyway, under the past and current anti-tutsi hatred in the region” If you’re not a Rwandan trying to pretend something else, it is clear that you’ve have been brain-washed or intoxicated by Tutsi propaganda.

    Here is why: In all your comments you seem to say that only hutu killed tutsi in the region, thus there is hatred of hutu against tutsi. I’m even glad that you talking about the whole region. While hutu were on power in Rwanda since 1960, Tutsi were on the power in Burundi, and killed estimated to 500 thousands hutu. As said nobody talks about it. Before the RPF tool power in Rwanda, people IDs mentioned theirs ethnicity (which was a horrible thing in my view). According to statistics conducted in 1991, tutsi living in Rwanda were estimated to max 650 (evidence is available) thousands (they represent 14% of an estimated of 7millions of Rwandans at time), and other tutsi were living in out of the country (Burundi, Uganda, Congo and elsewhere). The victims of the genocide of Rwanda are estimated to 800 thousand of people. The association of genocide survivors based Canada estimated to 300 thousands of Tutsi who survived from the Rwanda genocide (evidence is available). Which mean, out of those 800 thousands there are 350-400 thousands tutsi who perished in this massacre, and the rest of them 400-500 thousands dead were hutu. Now tell me who killed those 400-500 thousands Hutus? If they were killed by hutu why do you talk about tutsi genocide? Again if they were killed by tutsi hwy are we talking just about the Tutsi genocide? To offially calling what happened in Rwanda genocide of tutsi by hutu against tutsi when most of people who were killed are hutus is an insult to all hutus in the region.

    In addition, if we talk about hutu-tutsi killing in Burundi and Rwanda only, we have tusi who have killed estimated to 1 millions hutus and hutu who have killed estimated to 500 thousands tutsis and yet the only thing we’re talking about is tutsi genocide as if hutus blood has no value. My point here is, there has been hatred between both ethic groups for a long time, pretending that there is only hatred of hutu against tutsi is a very biased propaganda by tutsi extremists, and believing in that propaganda is a strong weakness. Thus if any de-powerization is a solution and works (which I don’t believe coz it never worked anywhere) it has to be on the both sides. There have to be de-hutupowerization and de-tutsipowerization, anything else is BS and will never work. You can seek for justice for the 500 thousands tutsi killed hutu and not seek for justice for the 1 millions hutus killed by tusi bullshit pretending that tutsis are minority. (It looks like minorities have right to kills from your analysis).

  16. consolee mukamurenzi

    @ James.Go into google,type in
    word Rwanda and see what will come up.You will see a picture of an angry Hutu man with a blood cloated machete busy cutting into pieces an innocent woman.And if you go into videos ,you will meet a song sung by Hutus callling for the extermination of the Tutsis.Now that is documented on camera and it is not going anywhere.

    Like wise i want you to produce a similar video, picture of RPF or Tutsis killing their Hutus.Atleast one picture or video then we can talk.

  17. David Gasana

    please Guys,the so called” David and James”i would rather stand to speak the reality on ground than simply writing total nosense.Remember all the Rwandans in Rwanda are happy with the achievements in place and the world recognises that.But am worried that if we were to analyse all you are writting and what your hearts contain then….
    please and please simply shut up and let those who can prosper and lead like H.E Kagame do so.use your good english in other constuctive things than spending time to write your biased and stupid emotions.What on earth does it cost people to speak the reality?shut up guys and stop turnishing H.E name.

  18. David

    @ David Gasana

    i very much support your view. It is most important to recognize the amazing achievments of Rwanda and not to get lost in divisionism. If it continues this way it has a fantastic future! What I most admire about Rwanda is that it has recognized that the most valuable resource is the human resource, which must be developed and that most of the investment goes to it. If I were an investor (which I am unfortunatelly not, but maybe one day…) I would definitely look for opportunities in the IT sector and search for start-up companies. Outsourcing services look quite promissing. Or I would invest in import goods replacement, by producing goods locally instead of importing. Go Rwanda!

  19. Aimable

    I understand that the RPF supporters commenting here are doing their best to divert from the main issues raised in this article because they are clearly embarrassed about the human rights violations that RPF is doing, which are included in the article. So, they choose to muddy the waters by throwing in new issues instead of focusing on the article. They choose to ignore the issues raised in the article such as:
    1. That in Rwanda, people are kept in perpetual extreme poverty characterized by widespread malnutrition and poor healthcare.
    2. That President Kagame even boasted about how it was patriotic to shoot people in the DRC.
    3. That Mrs Ingabire’s party and herself recognize that in 1994 in Rwanda there was genocide against the Tutsis. That they also recognize that during that time, before and after, there have been crimes against humanity committed against other groups of the Rwandan population. That they also believe that anyone who has responsibility in those unspeakable crimes against humanity should be held accountable. That this is what the current regime calls harboring genocide ideology or genocide denial.
    4. That the RPF government will parade dozens, hundreds of ex-FDLR to accuse Mrs Ingabire of anything they want. That her answer remains the same: War is not an answer.
    5. That her and her party condemn the politics that killed nearly 5 million of our Congolese neighbors since 1996.

    But again, I understand that why the RPF supporters are diverting from the main issues raised in this article because you are clearly embarrassed about the human rights violations included in the article. So, they choose to muddy the waters by throwing in new issues instead of focusing on the article.

  20. Gigi

    Aimable, James and others of the same extremists school of thought, what makes you think that what ingabire says here is what everybody should go by? You see, for us we dont speak for tutsis or hutus – our tribe is Rwandan and we only look at the prosperity and dignity of our country – which is now present for the first time in the post colonial history of our country. As for the massacres that you are talking about, these are only known to you and other extremists like you ( by the way, if i were you, i would not even talk about the word to kill – because you have killed enough to be fed up already). The world only knows, and rightly so, the genocide against the tutsi because this is what was witnessed by everyone and has been documented – unless you want to insinuate that the world hates hutus – and by the behaviour of people like you, there would be justification for this.

  21. Gigi

    I am sure that when President Kagame listens to people like aimable and James he feels very betrayed and disappointed. To think that this is a man who has born the brunt of vengeful tutsis because he has been seen to ‘favor’ the hutus just because he did not allow them to revenge for their families killed brutally during the genocide. If it it was not for Kagame, this country would have been worse than somalia, this i can assure you. Kagame is very intolerant to indiscipline and that is how he managed to control genocide survivors in the army from carrying out reprisals inspite of the fact that they had guns and means at their disposal. Ofcourse there are those who reneged on army orders and indeed revenged on killers of their families (which incidents the likes of james and aimable call ‘mass murder of the hutu’) but these were either executed or are serving life imprisonment at mulindi military prison (tutsis, especially genocide survivors are mad at kagame for this, calling him a traitor because he is releasing genocide perpetrators from prison by presidential pardon yet he has refused to release the tutsi soldiers who only acted out of revenge). It is only a man of kagame’s stoic demeanor that can handle this kind of dilemma. A weaker person would simply break down and become a rampaging beast. That is why Kagame is the best thing that will ever happen to Rwanda

  22. Gis

    What are you scared about? Let the Legal entity do it’s job, you should be asked about your connection with a terrorist group-

    Leave alone, being a presidential candidate- does it mean you can’t be summoned and asked this group and your connection with it?

    Even the International community shouldn’t be lied by anybody, everything is documentated so be careful when pointing fingures-

    I am sure, the government would be happy having you to contest- But if issues arises concerning the national security of which you’re involved- u gotta to clear some air, before contesting.


  23. Franco steve

    I would rather advise whoever wants to contest for presidency to do it wisely and also call upon the followers to protray maturity.Otherwise, all these counter accusations only show cheap politics.what RPF has done is evident & what madam ingabire seems to agitate for is clear to everyone.Rwandans, go for a president with a full package than the one with noisy & misleading.Choose wise!

  24. ngambe

    Dear James, Aimable and ur fellow deniers of Tutsi Genocide,
    You seem to have wanted people to talk about your Manifesto championed by Ingabire. Ingabire and the likes of you were, and continue to be, in self imposed exile.Otherwise what would have changed to come after 16yrs and you stress it as if anybody prevented u from comig Home.
    She goes on to talk of suffering people and poverty!!! Has the regime in power made them poorer? compare facts and figures pre-1994 and now, and show us whether Rwanda is heading in a wrong direction. Education,Health,agriculture,infrastructure and above all, Dignity of Rwandans has never been to the present high leve. Your manifesto is just full of hate my brothers and sisters!!! One would have expected you to have serious strategies and policies atleast from the environment where you have been leaving for all this long!! You seem not to have even learnt by induction in the last 16 yrs??? We have had enough and we don`t need another “expert on Rwanda” to tell us where you want us to head. we all know where we found ourselves under the likes of you, and we know where we are today under RPF, H.E Kagame and the coalation partners. And for sure, we know where we are going. Rwandans will show the likes of you that you have now place in the new Rwanda, but in archives of history. We can`t change the past, but surely the present and future.If you have any doubts, ask Ingabire,her deputy,Ntawangundi, now under rehabilitation like any genocide perpetrators.( you remember the words you wrote on being presented to Gacaca and how you disowned the poor man, pleading ignorance of his identity someone of that calibre, in that position for ur so called party, after he pleaded guilt!!! Whom are you fooling here??? Only unserious ,un-caring and those lazy to find out facts of what you stand for!! Rwandans are ready to forgive you like they demonstrated to many like you , this should never taken as a sign of weakness. You are called upon to come from ur self imposed exile,and join us in reconstruction of our motherland!!! We are ready to defend what we have achieved and make no mistake about it my dear brothers and sisters. Be blessed

  25. Gideon

    I am a German and I have to say that I am so shocked to read how much hatred there still is surrounding the Rwandan Genocide. As you know, my country has done horrible things 65 years ago. And I can assure you that people here are still completely ashamed of what was done (as David wrote, I fully agree with him). As a nation, we have simply understood that even the slightest hatred can baloon into unspeakable attrocities.

    I read comments that try to relativate what has happened in your country. They come up with all kinds of figures of dead bodies. Ok, now what? What do we do from here? Continue to fight, so that the number of deaths on each side will be equal? I mean, wake up guys! The genocide is fully documented and not contested. It is so obvious that it’s denial or relativation is used for political purposes. It is the same here with some crazy Neo-Nazis who do everything to deny the Holocaust for their political agenda.
    Yet, the massive majority of Germans is fighting those crazy revisionist. We have taken responsibility of our history! And you know what? No Jews hate us. On the contrary, we have once again a thriving Jewish community here and Germans love to visit Israel.

    Lat year, I was some days in Rwanda and the country impressed me so much. It gave me hope that somehow you are able to do a real reconciliation, as we Germans tried to do. The reality I encontered was exactly the opposite from what Ingabire supporters claims. The rural poverty was so much less then in Uganda, for example. After spending a long period im Uganda I was truly shocked when I was told everyone has a health insurance. I was in some market (not too far from the airport i remember) and it was all clean, under a roof, organised and in a healthy environment. And people were never afraid to talk about anything. Everyone talked about reconciliation and the need to stop hatred.
    So I am seriously asking myself. Have the critics of Kagame been lately in Rwanda? The so called limitations of “freedom of speach” are the same as here in Germany. As a rule, “freedom of speech” is no “freedom of incitement”.

    So please: Rwandans and people of neighboring countries, I beg you to focus on sustainable economic development and reconciliation. I want to visit Rwanda (and the region) again and see it thriving. Don’t let your promising country go down the drain. We’ve already been in that horror movie. Thanks!

  26. Aimable

    I understand that the RPF supporters commenting here are doing their best to divert from the main issues raised in this article because they are clearly embarrassed about the human rights violations that RPF is doing, which are included in the article. So, they choose to muddy the waters by throwing in new issues instead of focusing on the article. They choose to ignore the issues raised in the article such as:

    1. That in Rwanda, people are kept in perpetual extreme poverty characterized by widespread malnutrition and poor healthcare.
    2. That President Kagame even boasted about how it was patriotic to shoot people in the DRC.
    3. That Mrs Ingabire’s party and herself recognize that in 1994 in Rwanda there was genocide against the Tutsis. That they also recognize that during that time, before and after, there have been crimes against humanity committed against other groups of the Rwandan population. That they also believe that anyone who has responsibility in those unspeakable crimes against humanity should be held accountable. That this is what the current regime calls harboring genocide ideology or genocide denial.
    4. That the RPF government will parade dozens, hundreds of ex-FDLR to accuse Mrs Ingabire of anything they want. That her answer remains the same: War is not an answer.
    5. That her and her party condemn the politics that killed nearly 5 million of our Congolese neighbors since 1996.

    Gigi calls me an extremist simply because I want my government to recognize that my people too were killed. Because I am asking my government to also honor the 40 thousand Hutus who were killed by RPF extremists in one day on February 8, 1993. Because I am asking for justice for them. If being an extremist is asking for justice for your people, then everyone on earth would be an extremist.

    Gigi says the world only knows about the Tutsis who died and therefore that means no Hutus died. The Armenian genocide took place in 1915. So, far it has been recognized by 20 countries, but every 10 years that list becomes longer. Galileo was put in jail for the rest of his life because he said that the Earth revolved around the sun and not the other way round. So, Gigi the truth about the crimes RPF soldiers committed will come out sooner or later. The millions of innocent civilians in Rwanda and Congo DRC that died at the hands of the RPF will not be forgotten.

    Ngambe, I do not deny the Tutsi genocide. All I ask for is that the crimes committed by some RPF soldiers should be taken into account too. If the millions of civilians who were killed by RPF soldiers disappear into thin air, the wrong lesson will have been learned from the Rwandan tragedy. The lesson would be that if you want to butcher your countrymates, the only thing you need to worry about is to make sure you win the war and everything will be forgotten and only the loser will be punished. As a firm believer in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I will speak out about this injustice until it is corrected or until my last breath.

    As for Ntawangundi, please show us any document before January 2010 that shows that Ntawangundi was an FDU official. I dare you New Times soldier spies, I mean New Times journalists. Please show us anything before January 2010 that shows Ntawangundi as being an official in Ingabire’s party. You guys refused to give passports to any of the party officials so they can return to Rwanda.

    But again, I understand that why the RPF supporters are diverting from the main issues raised in this article because you are clearly embarrassed about the human rights violations included in the article. So, they choose to muddy the waters by throwing in new issues instead of focusing on the article.

  27. Aimable

    Look ladies and gentlemen of the RPF, I understand your suffering. I understand that many of you were in exile for probably your entire life or most of your life before returning to Rwanda. I understand that some of you may have lost relatives through violence by Hutu extremists. That is why I am shocked that you do not seem to have any ability to sympathize with anybody else who suffered. I do not understand how you are not able to sympathize with other people who also lost their loved ones, simply because this time round it was your people doing the killing. I do not understand why you do not sympathize with people who are in exile running away from a dictatorship, simply because this time round the dictator is from your ethnic group.

    You really need to understand that Tutsi extremists are as bad as or worse than Hutu extremists. Our nation cannot build a solid peace unless we figure out how to contain the extremists Hutus as well as the extremist Tutsis. Containing extremists from one side but not the other side is not a sustainable long-term solution for peace and prosperity.

  28. Aimable


    I went to an international school where I met many German friends. I am still in frequent contact with many of them. May be you can tell us which German city you live in and some of my friends would be happy to meet up with you. They are very outgoing. I must say, for a German the way you talk sounds a lot more like a Rwandan who grew up in Uganda that I know than any of the Germans that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

    Having said that, I would like to publicly make the following differences between Hitler’s Germany and Rwanda of 1994:

    1. The Jews in Germany have never enslaved Germans and never claimed that they were superior and born to rule over the German masses. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda were an aristocratic minority that enslaved the Hutu peasant majority for over 400 years all the way until 1959. When the Hutu peasants asked for democracy the extremist Tutsis responded that the Hutu masses were inferior by birth and were born to be ruled by the superior Tutsi aristocrats.

    2. The Jews in Germany have never started a war attacking Germany from a foreign country. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda attacked the country from Uganda on October 1st, 1990. This was more than 5 times since 1960 that the extremist Tutsis had attacked the country.

    3. The Jews in Germany did not spend a 4 year war fighting to gain power and in the process killing innocent German civilians. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda fought since October 1990 until April 1994 fighting to gain power and in the process displaced 1 million civilians and killed thousands others, an example being on February 8, 1993 when the Tutsi extremists in the RPF killed 40 thousand unarmed civilians in Byumba and Ruhengeri.

    4. The Jews in Germany did not kill the German president, together with the Austrian president, the Chief of Army and several high-ranking officials after they had signed a peace treaty with them. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda killed the Hutu President of Rwanda, the Hutu President of Burundi, the Hutu Chief of Army and several high-ranking officials after they had signed a peace treaty with them.

    5. The Jews in Germany did not follow the Germans into exile in neighboring countries and kill hundreds of thousands of them in forests like hunted animals. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda bombed refugee camps in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) and chased the survivors into the forest of the Congo (DRC) where they butchered hundreds of thousands of them.

    Therefore, I really think it is completely wrong to compare Hitler’s Germany to 1994 Rwanda.

  29. Gideon


    I was for an extended period in Uganda, that is why this region is dear to me, and I am truly concerned.

    As you know, 94 was composed of two interconnected, but somehow separate events: the civil war and the Genocide. Neither the civil war NOR the past history of Hutu/Tutsi animosity can serve as a pretext or legitimacy for the Genocide. In the context of brainwashing people for hatred (during decades) and preparing them to kill systematically their perceived enemy on the “day of duty”, is very much Hitler like. Therefore the Genocide itself is definitely an analogy to the Holocaust. Without brainwashing, neither would have happened.

    But my goal was not to give a full historic analogy, but to point out the need for reconciliation and unconditional elimination of hatred. And I think the German example is a very relevant one, because the main difficulty was to uproot the ideologies of the brainwashed masses. It was clear that without uprooting the hatred, Germany would fall back within a short time.

    As for “facts” that you present: as an outsider I can tell you that they look as manipulative as you claim that the rhetoric of the Kagame supporters are. The truth is probably somewhere on the scale between your narrative and the “RPF” narrative. If you claim that the RPF guys are using propaganda, can you prove me that anti-RPF (your “camp” and Ingabire) are saying only the absolute truth? You yourself claim that there is extremism on both sides. So how can you be sure that several elements of your narrative have not been influenced by the natural enemies of the RPF, the surviving Interahamwe in Congo and their sympathisers? Trying to be as much a neutral observer as possible, I am very cautious of automatically adopting the view of either side.

    Look, most important is that Rwanda continues to flourish and that Hutus and Tutsis find out what unites them, instead of wasting energy on divisions. It is not worth it, believe me. And as I wrote earlier, I would really love to continue visiting the region without encountering war and more dead people. Your country is just too precious to be destroyed again.

  30. Aimable


    The name Gideon is Jewish. How come you identify yourself as German instead of Jewish?

    I understand your argument that “Rwanda continues to flourish.” Indeed in Rwanda there is an elite group who are Tutsis from Uganda that have been flourishing. The rest of the population is not flourishing.

    Gideon, if you are asking me to completely forget about the many innocent civilians killed by RPF soldiers, for example the 40 thousand unarmed civilians who were killed by RPF forces on February 8, 1993; I am afraid I cannot do that. The only way Rwanda can move forward is if all the murderers on all sides are punished. So far, only murderers from one side have been punished. This is not how to build a peaceful future for a nation.

    But I am still wondering why you identified yourself as German if you are actually Jewish.

  31. Gideon


    fact is i am german, not jewish. if i were jewish i would just tell it. why should i hide it? besides, it is none of your business, as it is none of my business to know who behind loveable “aimable” is.

    I am truly asking myself if you have been in the last years in Rwanda.

  32. Aimable


    I think you are not German. My 5 German friends that I went to school with have confirmed to me that there is no way a German would have the name of Gideon unless they are Jewish German. It is like someone saying their name is Muhammad and claiming that they have no Muslim ties or ancestry whatsoever.

    So, I think you are actually a Rwandan RPF agent claiming to be German. Just like recently, General Kagame’s senior adviser Mr. Michael Fairbanks fraudulently published an article defending your human rights abuses but clearly intentionally did not mention anywhere in the article that he is Kagame’s senior advisor. Mr. Fairbanks tried to pass himself off as a neutral observer, simply an expert in African issues. I cannot believe that he thought nobody would catch on to the fact that he is Kagame’s senior adviser and the fact that he has been granted Rwandan citizenship. Kagame’s senior adviser really must have contempt for people by thinking that everyone else is not smart enough to recognize him from his prior statements and activities. Now we have this “Gideon” pretending to be German when he is actually a Rwandan RPF agent.

    As for me, I am the one and only Aimable Mugara. Just Google me, you will find enough info there about me.

  33. Gideon


    1. Gideon is a biblical Hebrew name, and as such is known and widespread in the christian world, just like Sarah, Deborah, Jacob, Isaac, David, Jonathan, etc. etc. (Btw: You never find a Christian with the name Mohammed, which is exclusively moslem, while Gideon is definitely not exclusively Jewish).
    2. It is my pseudonym and I chose it because “Gideon” was a judge in the old testament, and I try to understand the history like a judge, by hearing all sides. (I dont judge of course, just make up my mind). Actually, I should have chosen “Salomon”, but I refrained from doing that, because people like you would accuse me of taking sides with the Tutsis (Salomon – Queen of Sheeba – Ethiopia – Hamites…and all that crap). So Gideon is better :-)
    3. You are welcome to think that everyone who does not share your view is “an agent”. Actually, on a further thought, if I arrive by myself to views close to “the RPF”, why should I not ask them to give me a pay? As a student, an additional income is always welcome. Just joking. :-)
    4.I really advise you to get off from the “who has the bigger dick” competition (“who has killed more”, “who is more cruel”, “they are not better then us”) (on a factual basis, the probability that you have a bigger d**k is bigger, because I am white and you black. But I really don’t know who has a bigger one, Tutsi or Hutu… hahah. Ok, this was cheap humour). Reading the messages of the two opposing Rwandan camps, I am just thinking: if the written discussion is so full of verbal hatred, how bad will it get once it resurfaces in the Rwandan reality? If I were a government of a country, I would preventively establish huge refugee camps at the borders.
    5. I recommend “your” camp to unequivocally distance yourself from the radical fringes. On the internet, Ingabire attracts sympathizers from genocide deniers, relativists and outright genocide supporters to “Bantu/Hamite-clash” lunatics, etc. The saying “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” can be applied here. Personally, the fact that I have seen so much online support from outright racists, automatically makes Ingabire little credible to me. Distance yourself proactively and vehemently from all those you do not want to represent. Dont say “I condemn the Tutsi genocide, but…”! There is NO “But…”. Saying “but” is horrible, it legitimizes the killing. If you have other claims, separate them from the Genocide, which has to be treated separately from the civil war. If you claim there were crimes committed by the RPF, don’t use the argument as a parallel to the Genocide itself. This completely dishonours both the Tutsi/Moderate Hutu Genocide victims, as the dead non-combattant civilians you claim were killed in RPF massacres. If you compare, you suggest that the dead of one event legitimize or cancel out the dead of the other event.
    If you claim there was a RPF genocide, you have to prove there was a “grand masterplan/ideology to systematically extermiante Hutus” which had the backing and support of the tutsi population. Genocide is a strong word and includes certain “qualities” of cruelty and ideology not shared by other attrocities. That is exactly why international law treats it differently.

    “C’est le ton qui fait la musique” (tell that please Ingabire). Right now her music is hearting my ears.

    Finally, in case that you have non-combattant civilian in your family who were killed by RPF, I extend to you my sympathy and condamnation of those who did it. In this case, I hope you can find the strength to reconcile with your former enemies, just as I have met Tutsis who go again to drink a beer with the sons of those who murdered their brothers, sisters and parents. In my stay in Rwanda, one of the things I have most heared from people was “against revenge” “sick of Hutu/Tutsi animosity”, “we have to rebuild ourselves”, “it is a new Rwanda”.

    Take care friend.

    Im Falle dass Du mir immer noch nicht glaubst dass ich Deutscher bin, hier ein Text auf Deutsch. LG.

  34. Aimable


    “In case you still do not believe that I am German, here is some text in German.”

    So classy, just like that you think you have made your case that you are German. Look, the way you talk from the moment you started commenting here is not German. It is Rwando-Ugandan. It is not even about the ideas you present. It is everything from the types of words you use and the types of experiences you share. All the way to somehow a mysterious German who has traveled to Rwandan and Uganda, who knows about Queen of Sheeba and Hamite connection to the Tutsis, finding out about this specific page among all the pages on the Internet. Like Judge Judy says “if it does not make sense, it is usually not true.” So, for those who choose to believe that you are German, it is their prerogative, I wish them well. As for I, I am still sure that you are either a New Times journalist or DMI.

    As for your other points:

    1. As I have said before, there is only one way for Rwanda to have a solid future. Which is to follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If all the Tutsis are guaranteed these rights and if all the Hutus are guaranteed these rights, everyone will be happy except the extremist Hutus and the extremist Tutsis who think that their rights outweigh the rights of other people.

    2. No matter how you try to put it, Ingabire is not on the radical fringes. Just like me, she believes that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the only way to bring lasting peace to Rwanda. Part of the universal rights is the right to justice for all victims. Not one-sided justice. Therefore, her calling for justice for all victims is not a fringe idea. It is a mainstream idea for everyone on earth who believes in human rights. If there are fringes who choose to take Ingabire’s side, that does not in any way, shape or form take away from the fact that she is a human rights advocate and that the majority of her supporters are innocent people who feel we have been wronged by the Apartheid system in Rwanda.

    At the end of the day, whether Ingabire is credible to you Mr. German, or New Times, or DMI, it does not matter. What matters is whether she is credible with the people. Whether the people are on her side. And there is only one way to know, which is to put her name on the presidential ballot.

    3. As for you saying that when someone says “I condemn the Tutsi genocide, but…” that there should be NO “But…”. Thank you for expressing your opinion! But please remember that your opinion is just that. An opinion! Do not try to force your opinion on people. If you do not understand the simple fact that there would never have been a genocide without the killing of President Habyarimana and Ntaryamira by the RPF, that is your prerogative. For those of us who understand Rwandan history a little more, we have the right to insist that the terrorist who killed Habyarimana and Ntaryamira is partially responsible for the genocide.

    4. You insinuated that the the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994 had the backing and support of the Hutu population. Again, this is another uninformed opinion that you have. I guess it is very difficult for you to comprehend the simple fact that for example 1 thousand armed men can terrorize 1 million unarmed men, women and children.

    5. It is indeed a new Rwanda, a new Rwanda where the Tutsis from Uganda thrive at the back of the Tutsis from elsewhere and the Hutus and the Twas. This Apartheid cannot last.

  35. Gideon


    it is simply amazing that you assume that wazungus who have spent an extended time period in East Africa (I was mainly in Kampala) and since are attached to this region will not have a very profound knowledge of East African issues! For 4 years now I am reading massively and daily on anything East African. I can give you 1000 of additional details plus douzens of Swahili or Luganda words (and maybe 10 kinyarwanda words) which will amaze you. All those will not add even one molecule of melanine to my skin, nor will they change my nationality, nor will they make me work for any government. When I walk through the slums of Kampala, every child runs after me and enthusiastically shouts “Mzungu!” and I will laughingly shout back “Mudugavu!” (black in Luganda), after which they will only start to laugh, because nobody uses “mudugavu”. I can also tell you all my experiences of Rwanda, if it is of any interest. For example I remember going to KIST, and being amazed how advanced they are compared to Makerere in Kampala, which looks like stuck in the 40ties. Surprisingly (for you) I saw mainly Hutus (though I dont have a good sense of distinguishing). I remember well how at Gatuna border the infrastructures turn to near perfect and this feeling that I am somehow in a developped country again. Everything is new and recent and well kept. Anyway…

    I am checking out daily East African news and luckily Google has the “news” function. You just enter “Rwanda” and it gives you news from many sources. You know it. So if I am just a little interested, sure I will be knowing a lot. As I said, you are welcome to think I am “an agent”. I guess that after this conversation, they will sack me.

    I am happy we continued our discussion, because here we touched upon the critical point. But first:

    1. I did not say Ingabire IS the radical fringe, but she attracts it and it makes her look as their ally. In any country, if your party attracts the radical fringe, it is considered part of it, unless it proactively and unequivocally distances itself from it.

    2. The big question is whether Ingabire is credible with the people due to her ethnicity and her putting the issue of ethnicity in the center, or if it is due to a credible economic program, better then the Kagame program (difficult to match! Rwanda is surpassing its neighbours like Formula 1). Or her bringing competent people. It looks like her popularity stems from her ethnicity. Sad!

    3.+ 4.: Here we have our key dissentting opinions. I unequivocally believe (based on ALL that I know), that the Genocide was only possible due to a deep brainwashed population. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE without that element. Are RTLM, Kangura, 10 Hutu commandments only propaganda by RPF? (Now you will think again that I am an agent, because I know those facts, which are known to any newcomer in the field). You claim that it was only a handfull of murderers, while I am cetrtain it was thousands upon thousands. Those facts are everywhere. And here it is where my German background comes to fruition. There is NO need to deny the fact that we, as a people, have gone to the lowest point possible. The shame lasts into my generation! Even if I dont feel personally guilty, I feel guilty that in the name of my people such things were committed. And the Genocide against the Tutsi and the moderate (dissenting) Hutus, was made in the NAME of the Hutu Power ideology. The genocide was not “collateral damage” of the civil war or of killing the president by RPF (which is highly unconvincing)! Even if neither you nor your family were part of the attrocities, it is absolutely necessary that you shout out loud: I am sorry that in the NAME of my people and with such an ideology such things could happen. (I don’t tell you to do so, it is what I would do if I were in your situation). The next step is to erradicate the very deep generation long hatred. You constantly confuse “Hutu” with “extremist Hutu ideology”. And you also say things about “extremist Tutsi ideology”. What is it please? Maybe a reckless and criminal rebell group, OK. Maybe a government you are opposing for xyz policies, Ok. But what exactly is “Tutsi extremists”? For that to exist you need an ideology. What is it? On the other hand there is clearly an extremist Hutu ideology, long long before the genocide. Pre-94 ain’t no paradise for Tutsis in Rwanda. Wonder why there were so many refugees…

    Directly and indirectly you dump all the blame to the RPF (code word for Tutsi). Why don’t you take responsibility too? Not personally, but in the sense that you recognize that it was done in the name of your ethnicity. THIS and nothing else was the paradigm change we Germans passed through. We took responsibility of not letting it happen again and not blaming the others for what we did.

    5. Calling the situation in Rwanda apartheid is an insult to Apartheid victims in South Africa!

    You must be blind not to see that everyone in Rwanda is improving massively his standard of life and that you find different “ethnicities” in all different positions. As a student I connected to Rwandan students (Hutus and Tutsis) during my visit. I was hanging around with critically thinking people and many conversations were about how fast the improvements are coming, for ALL. But you have apparently not been to your country for years. I know Rwanda better then you, funnily. Your country is steaming ahead. It truly truly impresses me and just anyone who was there. Probably you are not even aware of what is been put at risk by enthusiastically waiving the ethnicity card.

    Oh, another thing: I somehow compare the issue of the Tutsis from Uganda with the Indians of Uganda who were expelled by Idi Amin and have now come back. By coming back, both the Indians and the Tutsis have brought with them knowledge and capital from abroad, to a devastated economy. It quite automatically creates a “class” which is been regarded with envy. Hypothetically lets assume Ingabire wins (or takes over otherwise) and kicks out or somehow neutralizes the so called Tutsi elite (that you seem to hate). This day, all her groupies (like you) will flood the country and especially those who have hoarded dollars and euros and a nice degree at MIT or TU Aachen will immediately buy up the country for peanuts and shake up the Universities and the job market. I mean what is a peace of land worth in Rwanda for someone who lives and works in Paris or Bruxelles for 20 years? One or two years of saving? Taking a tiny mortgage in a European bank? Where please will be the difference with the so called “Tutsi elite” and your wished for “future Hutu elite”?
    If you would go back, would you not immediatelly be called “elite”? You would probably be in the inner circle of Mme Ingabire. Which actually gives me the excellent idea of abandoning all my common sense and “switching” to your camp (from another camp I have never been to) and be a good friend of yours. “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Am sure I will get the Honorary Consul title in Berlin. Hahaha…

    take care my friend. dont take things to your heart. nobody hates you and nobody disrespects you.

  36. Aimable


    Thanks for continuing to argue that you are German when I know for sure that you are Rwandan. On May 8th, 2010 at 8:37am, a certain “David” made a comment trying to compare Rwanda with Germany and trying to say that all Hutus should be ashamed and that that is what Germans did after the Holocaust. “David” continued arguing on May 8th, 2010 at 12:05 pm. The last comment from “David” continuing to advocate for this line of thought was on May 8th, 2010 at 6:04pm. Clearly an apparent shift in tactics by the RPF agents.

    Then Lo and Behold, on May 10th, 2010 at 3:34 pm we miraculously got “Gideon.” But this time round, “Gideon” was the jackpot, the real stuff. A German who is there to confirm what “David” had been saying all along, that all Hutus should bow their heads in shame and stop questioning anything the Tutsi angels do to them because some Hutus tried to exterminate the Tutsis. And the poor Tutsi angels, apparently none of them is extremist. Apparently none of the Tutsis has ever intentionally tried to exterminate the Hutus. Apparently, the hundreds of years of Tutsi kings enslaving Hutu peasants never took place. Despite evidence to the contrary. So, “Gideon”, nice try but if you really are German, then I must be Japanese and I just don’t know it.

    Of course a lot of the infrastructure in Rwanda is new because RPF forces destroyed all the infrastructure that was there before.

    1. Ingabire is distancing herself from the radicals. You simply need to read all her press releases at or listen to any of the interviews she makes. She only talks about human rights, democracy, and justice for all. If this is what is attracting the “radicals”, may be those you call “radicals” are really not.

    2. You say that Ingabire is credible with the people due to her ethnicity and her putting the issue of ethnicity in the center. But how could this happen if you claim that Rwandans in Rwanda have moved on from the issues of ethnicity? Because in that case then no one in Rwanda except a tiny minority would vote for her. So, let us put her name on the ballot. There is nothing to worry about. Right? Except the fact that virtually every Hutu civilian has a civilian family member that was killed by extremist Tutsis in the RPF sometime between 1990 and 2000. So, when Ingabire talks about justice for all the victims including Hutu victims, it really resonates with a majority of the Hutu civilians. The 40 thousand Hutu civilians killed in one day on February 8, 1993 in Ruhengeri and Byumba, they had a lot of relatives who are alive today and identify with Ingabire’s call for justice for all.

    3.+ 4.: As for RTLM. There was no RTLM before the RPF war of 1990. There was no RTLM before RPF created its own radio MUHABURA.

    As for Kangura. There was no Kangura before RPF’s Kanguka. Kangura was created a couple of months before the RPF war of 1990. Kangura predicted that extremist Tutsis in RPF were going to attack the country soon. Kangura’s journalists were jailed by Habyarimana for claiming “untruths” like that. But soon enough, the RPF Tutsi extremists attacked the country and that is how Kangura started to gain credence in the Hutu extremist circles. The fact that it was able to predict the Tutsi extremist invasion ahead of time.

    As for the 10 Hutu commandments. There were no Hutu commandments before the 19 Tutsi commandments.

    Every single step that has been taken by the extremist Hutus always seemed to be a direct reaction to a similar step that had been taken by extremist Tutsis.

    You said there were thousands of Hutu extremists who killed Tutsi civilians. Do you mind elaborating on that? How many thousands of Hutu extremists do you think killed Tutsi civilians? While you are at it, how many thousands of Tutsi extremists do you think killed Hutu civilians between 1990 and 2000?

    As for comparing Rwanda to Germany, again I repeat:

    - The Jews in Germany have never enslaved Germans and never claimed that they were superior and born to rule over the German masses. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda were an aristocratic minority that enslaved the Hutu peasant majority for over 400 years all the way until 1959. When the Hutu peasants asked for democracy the extremist Tutsis responded that the Hutu masses were inferior by birth and were born to be ruled by the superior Tutsi aristocrats.

    - The Jews in Germany have never started a war attacking Germany from a foreign country. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda attacked the country from Uganda on October 1st, 1990. This was more than 5 times since 1960 that the extremist Tutsis had attacked the country.

    - The Jews in Germany did not spend a 4 year war fighting to gain power and in the process killing innocent German civilians. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda fought since October 1990 until April 1994 fighting to gain power and in the process displaced 1 million civilians and killed thousands others, an example being on February 8, 1993 when the Tutsi extremists in the RPF killed 40 thousand unarmed civilians in Byumba and Ruhengeri.

    - The Jews in Germany did not kill the German president, together with the Austrian president, the Chief of Army and several high-ranking officials after they had signed a peace treaty with them. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda killed the Hutu President of Rwanda, the Hutu President of Burundi, the Hutu Chief of Army and several high-ranking officials after they had signed a peace treaty with them.

    - The Jews in Germany did not follow the Germans into exile in neighboring countries and kill hundreds of thousands of them in forests like hunted animals. Some extremist Tutsis in Rwanda bombed refugee camps in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) and chased the survivors into the forests of the Congo (DRC) where they butchered hundreds of thousands of them.

    As for me taking responsibility for the crimes committed by extremists in my ethnic group, I will after Kagame takes responsibility for starting the war in 1990, for killing millions of civilians between 1990 and 2000 and for killing President Habyarimana and President Ntaryamira (he probably participated in the killing of President Ndadaye too). It is my opinion that without Kagame’s incendiary actions between 1990 and 1994 there would never have been a genocide. So, once Kagame takes responsibility for his actions, you can come back to me.

    The way to prevent any mass massacres is not through apologies or feeling ashamed. It is by establishing the rule of law, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    5. The situation in Rwanda is Apartheid. In South Africa, you had the majority of the population being terrorized by a minority.

    In Rwanda today, you have the majority of the population Tutsis, Hutus and Twas being terrorized by the minority Tutsis from Uganda. So, my analogy stands.

    You accused me of hating the Tutsi elite from Uganda. I do not hate the Tutsi elite from Uganda. I do not hate any human being. I just want them to know that the country is not theirs alone. I want them to know that all Rwandans are human beings and as such all Rwandans deserve the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I want them to know that I will speak out against any Rwandan government, whether Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa if that government encroaches on the people’s human rights. I want them to know that even though my ancestors were slaves for their ancestors, I will not be a slave for no one.

    I have lived in countries that are peaceful. They are not peaceful by trying to deny ethnic or racial differences. They are peaceful because the system there guarantees individual human rights. That is the perspective I bring to the Rwandan situation. Diversity does not have to be denied. Diversity can be celebrated as a source of strength.

    1. Gideon

      you are japanese. i am not agent of anyone. the fact that you are so paranoid proves that i have to take with caution your views. through you I was for the first time exposed to the "core" of your ideology and I am deeply disgussed. tell you why? the Tutsi and moderate Hutu Genocide is 100% uncontested. There are endless amounts of accounts from endless sources. There is the entire evidence that there was a massive brainwashing campaign and that the population was massively involved, which brings up parallels to the Germans (not the Jews, the Germans!). As to your accounts: I never doubted nor will I doubt that attrocities have occurred by RPF. I will never deny that they were a reckless rebell group, viewed as a alive or dead enemy of the government (which has perverted human rights as of independance). But having google, I can check sources of your claims. The only source for 40000 in Byumba is from an ex-minister of the old regime. Hello??? Then other sources claim 10000. Once there are 9 million deaths in Congo, once it is 0.8 (produced by all war parties). I was checking Tutsi 19 commandments and I found one major source: NGEZE (of all people) and I could not find even the content of these commandments.

      1. Gideon

        If I was to meet a Tutsi Genocide survivor and he would tell me something about revenge or the like (or expose a mindset of the 90ties), I would be disgussed too! The fact that you feel victimized does will not give you to do or to think in an anti-reconciliation mindset. On me it does not work! I can give you 100% of my empathy for your suffering, but I will contest your way of thinking.

        In brief: Your mindset is SOOOOO NINETIES!!! (Do you want them to return?)

        Germans changed their mindset, so did the Jews (no revenge), so did the Japanese, so must do the Isr. and Pals. to overcome their mistrust. So must Hutus and Tutsis (and if you want also Twas to be PC).

      2. Gideon

        I want to stress that I do respect very much your vigorous fight for justice. I give you the credit of doing it from a place of much pain or even humiliation, and thus "pure" (I can't judge otherwise). I also think that your weekly letters to Kagame (which I googled) are positive. I have my deep trouble with your mindset though.

        I will conclude my discussion with you, as I think it got to the point of saturation. I give you the honour to have the last word. I humbly request it to be focussed on the mindset for reconciliation (which was consistently my point), not on facts of the past (just a request).

        Take care and peace for all from Germany

    2. Gideon

      I have massive doubts about the credibility of things you present. Accounts by ex-ministers or army people or interahamwe, etc. simply are not credible. I am not saying not true, I am saying not credible!

      I have no problems with true uncontested facts and I will even give a share of credibility to contested facts. My problem has been consistently the mindset that you represent. It is a mindset of running away from responsibility, of blaming everything on your enemy and of paranoia. It is the opposite of a mindset which is needed to really reconcile. Why do you wait for your enemy to take the first step? I will go further: the uncontested truth will never come out with your mindset. Propaganda begets propaganda. So how do you want to reach the point where you face an RPF guy and look into his eyes and mutually say: it's over! A new begining!

  37. Aimable

    @Gideon, the crimes committed by RPF have not been fully investigated yet. The day will come and on that day it will become clear to everyone that in one day 40,000 unarmed Hutu civilians were killed by extremist RPF Tutsi soldiers on February 8, 1993 just in one day. Mark my words.

  38. kiaku kiaku kiangani kiangani

    As african I have to intervene in the debate I was born in kinshasa drc and never knew the difference between hutu and tutsi or bantu n nilotes bt when the rwanda army invaded my country wiv the backing of the world super power of course. That’s when I developed this hatred for the rwandan people especialy tutsi and blame for the mass killing of 10.000.000 of my people wich still goin on till now unreported..then I start looking for the answer to the problem facing my people from africa. My answer came from history ..congo is made of all african race and tutsi are the seeds of bantu expansion wich mean those called nilotes are bantu’s children mixed with oriental blood that mixage happen more than 5000 years ago from then my hatred of tutsi or nilotes where gone and am glad that I find peace in heart without taking it on father or mother would like to see their children split..but kagame and others like kabila want to keep this division of african people ask yourself what they are getting out of it..don’t just watch and look be able to see aswell so you can perceive how we are being manipulated…people benefiting from genocide and mass murder are those in power that’s why we are still crying murder…

  39. kiaku kiangani

    am from congo kinshasa and i start hating rwandan people mostly tutsi for their role in the mass murder of my people witch now amount to 10.000.000 with the backing of the so called world power but now am glad this hatred is gone now since i've come to understand that its not tutsi but kagame's regime who's job is to divide africa by spreading the rwandan genocide in central african kagame is not uniting your country is dividing it and personaly he is one of the responsable for the so called rwandan genocide..the so called nilotes are children of bantu who comes from the mixage of the bantu people and those who came from orient and that happens more than 5000 years ago and deserve to live freely everywhere in africa as any african citizen…Kagame est malin mais pas sage…he's got the devil's intelligence but lost the wisdom of God and i hope that he finds his way but if not what's gona happen will surrely show him that the power belong to the almighty not those so called world power coz they will end just like Egypt..there is more than 50.000.000 of congolese who dont like tutsi and its Kagame is one the reason of this kind of behaviour that makes him responsable of the so called rwandan genocide coz he benefits from it and we are in time of the apocalypse and us children of africa are paying the price coz our misery is feeding their lifestyle they call prosperity what about the day we're gona be happy are they gona celebrate with us?they have big weapon of mass destruction..but not powerfull enough to stop heavy rain or thunder,earthquake tsunami,tornado, and the most strongest of all is my people's will to bring peace an harmony in the world…


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