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Johannes Mehserle pulverized on the witness stand

June 26, 2010

by Minister of Information JR

This is the photo of Johannes Mehserle taken by Oscar Grant with his cell phone moments before Mehserle shot him in the back as he lay face down on the BART platform, restrained by Officer Tony Pirone kneeling on his head and neck. Note the taser in Mehserle’s right hand. Mehserle had to re-holster his taser before pulling his gun and shooting Grant. – Photo: Oscar Grant via Los Angeles Superior Court
On Friday, June 25, the BART cop who pulled the trigger unjustifiably killing Oscar Grant a year and a half ago, on New Year’s of 2009 on a BART station platform in East Oakland, Johannes Mehserle, wrapped up his testimony in one of the most important murder trials of the last 20 years. The courtroom was filled to capacity with reporters, Grant’s family and friends, and concerned community members.

Mehserle began the morning with, “My main focus was on his (Grant’s) hands going into his right pocket. I remember the digging motion with his right hand. I was pulling as hard as I could to get it out. I made the decision at that point to tase him,” said Johannes Mehserle on the witness stand. “I didn’t know what his intentions were. I remember saying I’m going to tase him twice.” Mehserle made it clear that his defense was that he thought that Oscar Grant had a gun. “I thought that I didn’t want to get shot.”

“I stood up to create distance, so the taser would work,” said Mehserle as he tried to justify tasing an unarmed 150-170-pound person who was under the restraint of two police officers who are over 6 feet and 250 pounds each. “I remember the pop, that wasn’t very loud. It wasn’t like a gunshot. I remember thinking, ‘What went wrong with the taser?’”

Then Mehserle broke out into a theatrical sob that should have won him an award. Through his tears and red flushed face, he continued: “I looked at my right hand. I didn’t know what to think. It (his 40 caliber revolver) shouldn’t have been there. I remember Oscar Grant saying, ‘You shot me!’” At that point Oscar Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson, marched out of the courtroom.

About 20 seconds later, Tim Killings from Oakland began to march out, and he shouted, “You should save those fuckin’ tears, dude.” The presiding judge, Robert Perry, demanded that Killings be arrested for contempt.

Attorneys John Burris and Adante Pointer (right) stand on either side of Jack Bryson Jr. at Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, June 24, the day of Bryson’s gripping testimony about what he and his friends encountered on New Year’s 2009, including the murder of their friend, Oscar Grant, and what happened in the aftermath. Burris and Pointer of the Law Offices of John Burris head the legal team that represents Jack Bryson Jr., Nigel Bryson, Michael Greer and Carlos Reyes in a civil lawsuit rooted in the terrorism aimed at them by the BART police before and after Grant was murdered. – Photo: Minister of Information JR
Tim Killings was one of six Black males under 40 who were banned from the courtroom that day. The others were Jabari Shaw, poet Ghetto Prophet, Jovan Cochran, myself and Anyi Howell of Youth Radio, who was also held in contempt for plugging his turned off cell phone into an empty socket in the courtroom. Tim Killings, who is being held without bail, will go to court on Tuesday, and Anyi Howell goes to court on Wednesday to face his charges.

The political climate that allowed six out of the seven Black males under 40 to be banned from the courtroom is consistent with the track record of this case: The trial was moved out of Alameda County because of defense claims that Blacks in the area could not be unbiased, and no Black people were picked to sit on the Los Angeles jury.

Another point that must be documented is that the LA Sentinel, the biggest Black newspaper in Los Angeles, was denied entry to Mehserle’s testimony under the pretext that the courtroom was too full. That brings to three the number of Black journalists excluded Friday: Anyi Howell of Youth Radio, the Sentinel editor and myself.

The judge, who was angry at Killings’ remarks, shouted, “I will clear the courtroom of everyone, even the press, if we have any more outbursts.” He then declared a five-minute recess. When Mehserle left the witness stand, which was after the jury had left the room, he was no longer crying.

The defense ended its line of questions by asking Mehserle to speak directly to the jury. He said, “I didn’t intend to shoot Mr. Grant. I meant to tase him.”

The prosecution started off by asking Mehserle how much time he spent preparing for this day in court. The defense lawyer kept objecting, and Mehserle acted confused as if he did not understand the line of questioning, which was designed to show that Mehserle rehearsed his theatrics for months before the murder trial got underway. Mehserle finally conceded to preparing “more than an hour.”

Los Angeles supporters of Oscar Grant, well aware that the fate of Johannes Mehserle is up to the jury, displays this banner every day after court to remind them of their duty. No matter which exit from the courthouse the jury uses, the supporters are always at the right place at the right time. Here, Chela Simone of Oakland (far right) stands strong with the Los Angeles young people, ranging in age from 12 to early 20s. – Photo: Minister of Information JR
Mehserle’s defense objected to the prosecutor’s questions to Mehserle, “Is it true that you currently live in LA with members of the defense team?” and “Did you ever do any role-playing in your preparation for the case?”

The prosecutor saw it as his mission to prove that Mehserle meant to shoot Oscar Grant. It was never his intention to tase him. Under cross-examination, Mehserle blurted out, “In my mind, I thought he was going for a gun.” The prosecutor asked, “When you watched the video, did you hear yourself say, I’m going to tase him?” Mehserle replied, “No.”

The prosecutor continued, “Why did you fire (what you thought was a taser) when Officer Pirone was in such close proximity (because the tase would shock anyone touching the victim)?” Mehserle answered, “I knew I had to act very fast with the taser.” The prosecutor fired back, “Because you were going against a gun?”

“Yes,” said Mehserle. Then the prosecutor asked him what effect does being tased have on the body. He answered that tasing makes the body tighten up. Stein then unloaded his legal nuclear bomb on Mehserle when he asked him, “Why would you want a hand holding a gun to constrict?” Mehserle answered, “I wasn’t thinking about that.”

Mehserle later admitted on the stand that he never called for medical assistance in what he was trying to define as an accidental shooting, as well as he never told any of the other police officers on the platform or at the BART police station headquarters that he meant to pull out his taser. The day ended with the family, friends and supporters of Oscar Grant feeling good about how the prosecutor pulverized Johannes Mehserle on the stand.

The last action of the court, after court had been adjourned, was to ban me for what a baliff said that I said. He lied and said that I told witnesses that I was going to put bullets in their back. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The bailiff claimed the judge said that I couldn’t come back into the courtroom and if I did, I would be arrested. I spoke with a supervisor, who told me to come back and that the particular bailiff that lied on me may not be working the front door of the Mehserle courtroom. He also told me that he would only enforce the ban if the judge enforced it.

It was another day in the Los Angeles Jim Crow courtroom of Robert Perry. It showed us how much things have not changed in this country, since the time when it was openly said that a Black man has no rights that whites – in this case, pigs – are bound to respect.

Email POCC Minister of Information JR, Bay View associate editor, at and visit

On Friday June 25, 2010, Oakland resident Timothy Killings who was watching the Johannes Mehserle trial could not contain himself in court and shouted out to Mehserle, “Save those fucking tears” when he was testifying about shooting Oscar Grant.

During direct examination by Michael Rains, Mehserle began to sob when talking about shooting Grant with his weapon. The family and other court room spectators where not moved by Mehserle’s display of emotion and Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson, got up and walked out of court.

Killings was released from the Los Angeles County Jail on Monday and was back at the courthouse on Tuesday morning to support justice for Oscar Grant. He cannot visit the courtroom and he has been barred from the ninth floor.

Date: June 29, 2010
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Interview by: Alex Alonso
Soula Media

55 thoughts on “Johannes Mehserle pulverized on the witness stand

    1. CrackaKillah

      Yet another punk ass white boy, too scared to show his true self in public so he sneaks around in cyberspace posting on message boards. You're right to keep your mouth shut in real time white boy, cause you might end up somehow in my presence — and you would suffer greatly, as a devil rightly should.

    2. King

      "Then the prosecutor asked him what effect does being tased have on the body. He answered that tasing makes the body tighten up. Stein then unloaded his legal nuclear bomb on Mehserle when he asked him, “Why would you want a hand holding a gun to constrict?” Mehserle answered, “I wasn’t thinking about that.”

      lol @ Ron

      Free all Black Political Prisoners.

    1. theblackwhole

      Jah'z BLESSING'Z 2 U n' yer son, ISM! = )

      Idriss IZ w/ Us STILL.

      N' ONE DAY…DOWN da road…We WILL HONOR hiz memory n' return the "favor" 2 his killers!

      In FACT…IF u have the names of the pigs who killed him, PLEAZE publish 'em HERE.

      We'll HANDLE da REST.

      DON'T WORRY…whether U know it or not U KNOW Us…n' U KNOW We are da REAL DEAL…u can never be implicated in WHATEVER HAPPENZ afta DAT b'cuz it WON'T happen tomorrow, next week, or even next year. We YOUNG…sooooo, We SAVIN' ALL THIS 4 the END of (Our) Daze!


      IT WILL include kkkiller "cops", LAMEASS "lawyers", and FLUNKY "judges" that have facilitated lettin' these "cops" get away w/ the slaughter a' THOUSANDZ a' innocent POC!

      IF those kkkiller "cops" are lucky enuff not 2 be alive once IT'Z TIME 4 Us 2 seek REDEMPTION….WELL THEN…their sons (AND daughters) WILL HAFTA PAY 4 the sins of their fathers!


      THEN EV'RY kkkiller "cop" in THIS country WILL KNOW dat IF they EVER fuck w/ POC EVER again…they WILL be puttin' their WHOLE DAMN families @ RISK!!!


      Jah BLESS Yer SOUL in advance. = )


      P.S. We LISTEN 2 Bob Marley'z "Small Axe" ALMOS' EV'RY DAY…

      We ARE DAT AXE…PROUDLY n' UN-abashedly SO!{ ( 8K

  1. Acquitted

    Nice writing JR. No bias whatsoever. I like how you kept this story balanced and impartial. You may want to take one more writing class from whatever jr college you dropped out of and before you take another shot at real journalism. Also, the fact you were removed from the courtroom where the the very trial you're reporting on is taking place really adds to your credibility.

    I think I like this sentence the best. " I spoke with a supervisor, who told me to come back and that the particular bailiff that lied on me may not be working the front door of the Mehserle courtroom."

    LIED ON ME??? Keep up the great work.

    By the way, Mehserle is going to walk. Enjoy the trial…from the parking lot.

    1. John Mulligan

      Mehserle isn't going anywhere. This is involuntary manslaughter, at least, but I'll agree that it isn't murder. He will go to prison. Mehserle had no business pulling a tazer on someone when another cop was kneeling on the man's head. I have no doubt, however, that people were rowdy in court and needed to be held in contempt.

    2. ErwinB

      I agree with something "Acquitted" said. There was a lot of bias in the way this story was reported. It'spretty clear that JR doesn't like white people. It's also pretty clear that Aquitted has hate issues as well, I sure hope you're not a cop. Mehserle should, at least, be convicted of a 192. Cops are entrusted to carry and use deadly weapons, we entrust our lives to them. The training they receive should weed out weaknesses such as Mehserle's innate cowardice. The selection process (Especially the Oral board examinations.) should be able to identify personality traits such as racism. These processes aren't working and innocent people are being killed. Change them. Also, Acquitted, hiding behind a fake name is cowardice too.

  2. Contrarian

    There is a black guy in the White House and you still think America, and white folk, haven't changed. Smoke another one brother…

    1. RobThomas

      McCain/ Palin supporters were proof that a large segment of white America hasn't changed. Obama's election proves that white liberals and minorities are finally starting to outnumber racist whites, but there's still a long way to go, as evidenced by the political climate since Obama won.

      1. ErwinB

        I agree with RobThomas, we do have a long way to go. Racism, or prejudice of any kind, must be overcome if America is to become the "Nation" it has so long claimed to be. Johannes Mehserle is a coward who should never have been allowed to carry a gun. He panicked in a critical situation. The fact that so many like him pass the psych tests to become cops suggests that the entire process needs a nationwide overhaul. If a regular citizen had done what Mehserle did, he would go to prison. Cops must be held to a higher standard – Mehserle should, by virtue of that standard, get twice the sentence for whatever charge on which he's convicted. He WILL be convicted of a crime, he committed one.

    2. mike I

      Actually he is a half white uncle tom who was raised by whites! Nothing has changed for the poor,and people of color who are still victims of racial discrimination at all levels, from housing to the job market to the police to shitty schools to the court system. Most whites still harbor hatred and fear of people of color and that is a fact. go study willie lynch, you might learn something

  3. J from IL

    Since race has everything to do with how a comment is taken here, I'll say up front that I am a white woman from the midwest in my late 30s. I am not a college-educated far left-liberal, I am a working class, married woman who finished her formal education career after a few classes in a junior college. And Contrarian, America has changed in many ways, but putting a black man in office (whom, yes, I voted for) has brought the very worst of what has not changed in the white mind to the surface in all its ugly, fearful, hatefulness. And Acquitted, your comments about the author's education level is just another form of hate and prejudice. Are you suggesting those without a formal college education should just shut up and never make pretensions to sharing their opinions, ideas, and research through writing and leave that to all of the oh-so-intelligent people who pay ridiculous amounts of money to get churned out of the university machine not much smarter than when they started but a whole lot broker? Police do not have the right to kill unarmed citizens of this country and I am sick to death of hearing case after case of it. I'm a "nice married white woman" with kids and I loathe and fear cops despite the fact they think of me as one of their docile herd because of the way I look and where I live as does my "nice, white" husband who grew up upper-middle class and college educated. The distrust of cops is spreading and the unwillingness to let the sick bullies among them kill and destroy lives at will is rising. The "good" cops need to start telling the truth and getting out of the way so we can clean out this growing strain of sickness from our "justice" system.

    1. Jack Asse

      Um, based on your comments, you are not a married white woman. Please don't treat the rest of us like the moron who wrote this story, like we are stupid. Nice try.

      1. Al G.

        Because a married white woman couldn't possibly want justice for all right Jack Asse? If she is a married white woman then she's a traitor isn't she? Your name is fitting.. Drop the "e" at the end because it stands for educated…

  4. Mer

    That was the most ESL article I’ve ever read- please don’t insult real journalists by calling yourself one.

  5. East Coast

    "The trial was moved out of Alameda County because of defense claims that Blacks in the area could not be unbiased, …"

    And this article proves that the Court was correct in moving the trial to ensure fairness.

    1. Me!!

      But cases are never moved to ensure fairness when there is a black person on trial in a largely white and hostile environment.

  6. troy

    It is interesting to see how many cops are monitoring these stories, and adding their commentary. What people need to understand is that, all these pigs are going to stick together, they see this case as an indictment of all of them. If only it was!!!! We would love to see all these dirty, stick together pigs go to jail. But yes, it is interesting to see that these pigs cannot even hold their emotions back when they read stories written from our side… they have to jump in and comment. However, this is a good sign. Because it is showing their fear… they are scared to be held accountable. For every killer pig that gets off, like those in the Sean Bell case, the rest of these pigs feel they can get away with murder.
    I hope this killer cop gets ass raped in jail before they shank him! OH and you posting pigs…. You all are next!

    1. Shakes

      You know, one of the reasons that cops get away with murder every day is because we live in a society that condones and encourages male patriarchal violence as a means to justify an end. I'm not a pacifist, and I think that Mehserle will get what's coming to him; I think that he murdered Oscar Grant and I think that all the killer cops and abusive cops (and just about every other cop) ought to pay – but the notion that anyone in the entire world should be "ass-raped" not only implies that you are a misogynist and disgusting, but also that you, and people who think like you, are part of the bigger problem. Rape isn't a joke or something you can throw around. When men like you learn to stop using your dicks as weapons, then maybe we can get some solidarity on and really fuckin change something.

      I hope Mehserle gets what he deserves, and I hope that men like you grow up and take responsibility for your bullshit.

    2. Guest

      Ignorance is bliss! I would like to see Oakland go without any cops on the street s for just one full week. What do you think it would look like then? What did the good neighbors in Oakland do when Oscar died? They burned cars…in their own neighborhood, they bashed in the windows of the merchants….in their own neighborhood, then they looted the the merchants ….in their own neighborhood, they set the streets on fire… their own neighborhood. Guess who paid for it? You and Me….the taxpayers! All this in just one night! It wasn't worse only because, ya, you guessed it….the "pigs" as you so elogently put it, were keeping order. It was a horrible mistake. One question, why didn't Oscar just cooperate and put let them cuff him until they could sort things out? The others in his group cooperated and yes, they are still alive. Think it through buddy… don't know all the facts. This is real life not TV land.

  7. Lea

    Justice for Oscar Grant! WE are ALL Oscar Grant! Those whose comments of disrespect, racism or whatever else that leads you to be so hateful, may you find a way to healing and find self respect. Those who disrespect others, have no respect for themselves. This case is already setting precedence, law enforcement will be held responsible for their "above the law" conduct across the land. The climate of the media and it's coverage has def. opened up from terror media to open coverage of reality. We are learning to work with the system to practice our rights, to due justice, we will get through this process in progress for THE PEOPLE.

  8. Debbie

    NO cop would EVER use a Taser if they thought the subject had a gun. This is the big irony: we were sold on Tasers as an "alternative" to the gun, but never has it been used in place of a gun. It's only been used where no other, or other less-lethal force has been used before (but 85% of the time on unarmed individuals). Cops have CONSTANTLY maintained they will never use a Taser if a gun is involved–they will match deadly force with deadly force. This cop has consistently lied from Day 1…as most do in wrongful deaths. Remember it's legal for them to lie in their course of duty, so says the almighty supreme court. They are trained to lie and why should they change their ways on the stand? They have been allowed to live above the law their whole career. Something's gotta give! I AM OSCAR GRANT!

    1. Guest

      You have no idea what you are talking about! If a cop has someone down even if they suspect he has a gun if at all possible they will tase rather than shoot. When they use their gun, they use two hands. When they use the taser they only use one hand. Mehserle only used one hand. It is amazing how uninformed people are in this case. You hear only what you want to hear. If someone broke into your house at night while you were sleeping who would you call? I'm not saying who is right or wrong in this case but the ignorance in these comments are unbelievable.

  9. Malika

    Excellent observation Debbie. Why would you use a taser if you thought your life was at risk, especially from a young, black male? Problematic!

  10. Merber

    i know this is going to give me some flack, but please do not take what I am trying to say as an insult. Why is it that of all the cases in America that involve minorities, do African Americans feel the need to protest by starting riots that include vandalizing, hurting eachother, and always in their own communities?? I don't understand it. It doesn't make any type of statement that is positive and worse yet, you are setting back black business owners in your area by ruining their property, and hurting the very people you are supposed to be united with. No doubt Oakland will be rightfully outraged, but it looks barbaric and the respect level for the black culture suffers.
    You will do your entire community a disservice by acting out…African Americans need to work on changing the publics view of them. YES their is prejudice and racism felt by African Americans, there is no doubt about this and it is quite frankly ignorant as can be coming from a society that should be advanced enough to be above a racially archaic mindset. However, the mayhem that will ensue should a Not Guilty verdict be read will only drag the culture through the mud, and cause an "I told ya so" reaction from all the people expecting this type of behavior. PROVE that a riot circa 1992 Rodney King verdict is something that was in the past, something that LA experienced. Set a prescident. Prove that peaceful rallys, protests and pressure on the government and law enforcement will cause more of a change than a riot.
    I am riveted by the Oscar Grant case. I was lucky enough (the only lucky part) to be serving Jury duty on that day at the LA courthouse and saw the peaceful protests. I looked up Oscar Grant on my phone and I have followed the case obsessively since then. My heart goes out to the Grant family- I would want murder conviction UNDOUBTEDLY regardless of the symantics; i didn't know it was my gun, I thought he had a gun- whatever. It is a person that was killed at the hands of another, and acquittal would be heartbreaking.
    However, more heartbreaking would be further senseless violence. Be peaceful. Sometimes the louder you speak, the less people hear.


    1. Shakes

      Dear Merber,

      You might want to do a little more research on the history of riots in the United States. Historically, race riots were started by white people in black neighborhoods (look up the entire early 10's to the mid '50's across the country for details). Also look up "Sundown Towns". Political riots which sprang up in the 60's were a direct reaction to dire circumstances and society's inability to address any issues of African Americans unless our shouts were accompanied by the sound of broken glass. Very rarely in a riot of which you are referring to, do we burn down our own homes. Businesses which benefit from but do not give back to our communities are fair targets.

      Maybe "black culture suffers" in your narrow lens, but I feel just fine, thank you very much. And please don't beg us for shit. We don't actually need your very pale incite.

      1. Nuff Said

        Absolutely right, Shakes. If there had been no "riots"–urban rebellions is probably a better word–in the '60s, there would never have been a federal Fair Housing Act. The powers that be never make concessions to the people unless they are scared to death. Power only retreats in the face of some more power.

        If there had not been the righteous expression of the people's anger on the streets of Oakland in Jan. '09, Mehserle would never have been arrested or prosecuted. Nuff said!

      2. Me!!

        Merber may have had a problematic initial response but you can't deny that once the riots were started (By whoever), we (African-Americans) did proceed to cause mayhem in our own communities as well as others.

    2. White male

      Hey Merber,
      Your right, this is bringing you some flack…. because your a racist. How do you expect the community to meet violence and murder with peace? Thats outrageous. Do you let someone continually punch you in the face and keep asking them to stop? Or do you make them stop?

  11. Selina

    This Article is Proof The Executive Order of the Patriot Act was Specifically Design For People of African Descent

  12. Nltnment

    I work in Oakland helping people and I have heard this quote many times on tv and from peoples mouths, “racism is dead in America”. I beg to differ, racism exists and I see it almost daily. I have been called a honkey, cracker, white devil, etc endless times since working in Oakland, saving these peoples lives, and it is all from Blacks. This is not a racial statement this is a FACT. I have never called a Black person a racist name, ever, yet I get so many racist comments from Blacks it is leading me to the conclusion that Blacks in America are the MOST Racist group out there. Vi understand generalizing is not a correct method of proving anything, jet like calling all cops pigs, or all white people racist, etc. Confronting a black person about their racism makes them more pissed off then ever, they seem to be in denial, thinking “I am black, I can’t be racist”. Wake up America! Also, manslaughter is not an option In this case, it is either First Degree murder or he walks, which he will because they cannot prove that this was a premeditated murder. And for the guy who says all murderers should go to jail, I would like to see your ass go to jail after defending yourself when someone is brewing into your house. But what? That’s self defense right? Exactly, so is tazing/ shooting someone who is a threat. Maybe someone should hav taught Oscar Grant to listen to an armed cop and keep his hand out of his jacket when an armed officer tells him so, obeyng authority would have saved his life.

  13. Val

    Pirone said ppl were singling "Lady Cop" from the train at Officer Marisol. "Lady cop" and "Bitch Ass Nigga" are BOTH the titles of Lil Wayne songs…….
    …. So… it appears Tony Pirone was ALREADY mad ppl were singing "lady cop" at the female officer. I highly doubt Grant said "bitch ass nigga" to Pirone first– BUT I think Pirone was trying to guess the name of the Lil Wayne song & he got it wrong, pissed about Lil Wayne's ladycop lyrics. I doubt Oscar Grant said it first if no one heard it but Pirone, & its not on anyone's tape. I think Mehserle could have shot on purpose thinking Grant "might" have a weapon… & was just in shock realizing that ppl were taping him. Whatever… it's all conjecture. People– let's not make a mess of our homes please. I don't want to see any more ppl die or go to jail over this right now. We all have kids– but please especially don't mess up Oscar's daughter's community & future. It's not right.

  14. Guest

    Harry is right. Everyone involved could have choosen to do things differently. It started with Oscar choosing to resist arrest and cooperate. Maybe Mehserle should have been better trained. But when the adrenal begins to pump and you have your back to people as the officers did, how do they know that they would not have been attacked? Oscar Grant was no choir boy. He knew the routine because he had been there before for selling drugs. It didn't help to kick an officer in the groin. If you are not doing these things then you will not have any reason to be arrested. We are all in this togther and we need to learn to come together and build a better future for our children. Spend less time bitter and having pitty parties and more time helping others and be constructive in life. After the verdict is read … each have a choice. Find a positive way in our community to make a difference or go out and riot and maybe you will be the next victim killed and your life will be over. Is it really worth it?

  15. dwan mays


  16. Jason

    I think that this case is sad all around. I live in Hayward, work in Oakland. Mehserle shot and killed a young man, that at worst should have been held overnight for resisting arrest. Did he mean to do it? I doubt it, but he did. Part of the problem here is that everyone is biased. I have a father in law who is a retired police officer and he will defend Mehserle vigorously. I don't agree with him. But the gentleman who wrote this article is obviously biased as well. And the young man yelling in the court room has to know that doing that will not help the case at all. If Mehserle gets acquitted, there will be alot of rioting around her, and I personally find it sad. People are upset that a life was unjustly destroyed, and will turn around and unjustly destroy the lives of business owners and others that will get hurt in the riot. There has to be a better way.

  17. trublak

    yee drones a work. Last time I checked, Obama was commander in chief of the U.S. military and Afghan war, has stepped up drone attacks in the past year, killed alot of civilians by executive order. We should get him to bomb white people back into the stone age so we can bring black civilization like Sierra Leone or Nigeria or Liberia, feel me. Machetes, tires and petrol, mass rapes, eat the hearts of our enemies and drink they blood, let the warlords run it, voudou shit. Get the child soldiers workin.


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