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Black farmers: White House must make passing settlement funding immediate priority

July 26, 2010

Boyd calls for passage of a stand-alone funding measure to resolve the Black farmers and Native American cases

by John W. Boyd Jr.

Dr. John Boyd and the National Black Farmers Association have long fought for justice with far too little support. Readers are encouraged to call the White House and Congress members to pass the Black and Native American farmers’ full settlement funding now.
Washington, D.C. – Again the Senate failed to pass funding for the Black farmers discrimination settlement. This time it was stripped from the war funding bill. And previously the funding failed to gain passage in the tax extenders bill and the FEMA disaster assistance bill, even though the House has already passed the settlement funding in two separate bills.

It is clear that without pressure from the White House this funding will not make it through Congress. Recent events have demonstrated the swiftness with which government can act on civil rights.

It is clear now that without greater White House pressure, the Senate cannot manage to keep this funding, despite its widespread support, in a larger funding measure because it continues to get grouped with other controversial add-ons. This is an unacceptable situation and must be resolved immediately.

We have been told by Senate and House members, both Democrats and Republicans, that there is bipartisan support for the Black farmers settlement funding. Yet, despite commitments of support and the fact the funding has already passed the House in two bills, the Senate has been unable, or perhaps even unwilling to pass the Black farmers settlement funding. I understand the election year jockeying that occurs on funding measures, but it makes no sense that the Black farmers and Native American farmers are getting caught up in it.

I am concerned that Congress will not act before the settlement expires. By agreement amongst the parties it had been extended 50 days from June 29, 2010. This year I have attended the funerals of many Black farmers who passed before ever seeing this case resolved.

For these reasons, I am asking our supporters in the Senate and House to introduce parallel stand-alone bills that will provide full settlement funding for the cases involving the Black farmers and Native American farmers. And I am calling on the White House to work with us and the leadership in Congress to quickly resolve these cases by passing the funding immediately.

Dr. John Boyd, founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association, can be reached at or by writing to him at 68 Wind Road, Baskerville, VA 23915.

4 thoughts on “Black farmers: White House must make passing settlement funding immediate priority

  1. Greg J

    I wonder if whites farmers were mixed in this setlement I guess it would have passed by now.They have passed bill with larger amouts for bailouts.Well I guess its a white and black thing again.What do u think?Predudice is everywhere! Even in the White House.

    1. SHORCAKE 12

      This is ridiculous!!! This settlement should have pass along time ago ! Black shouldn't have to keep
      going through this! The president has sign off on this so what is the problem? I Wonder if this was only a WHITE ISSUE this would not be going on!!!! W e know the money is there so please listen Dr, John Boyd!!! By the way Congress and Senators need to step up and stop playing around & RELASE THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. necca

    What is the world coming to. If these were white farmers who were wronged during this process, they would have been paid without filing a law suit. There is still so much PREDUDICE going on. Those republicians sitting up on capital hill getting paid with our tax dollars and not upholding their pledge to the people, but we are paying them a salary that could feed a community for 6 months on their salary. They should walk in the working class people shoes for a while and in black people shoes and be wronged and see how it feels. SLAVERY DAYS ARE OVER, get with the program.

  3. roosevelt walker jr

    i like to file a claim on behalf of my father who pass some time ago my number 256.268.2703 my address is 134 coleman lane sylacauga. alabama 35150


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