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Rwanda Green Party leader beheaded

July 14, 2010

by Ann Garrison

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda First Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka sat to the left of party President Frank Habineza at their attempt to convene in Kigali on Oct. 30, 2009, which was broken up by violent saboteurs. – Photo: Democratic Green Party of Rwanda
First Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda was found dead, his head almost completely severed from his body, in the wetlands of the Makula River near Butare, Rwanda, on the morning of July 14, 2010.

His body had been left approximately 3 kilometers from Butare, where his car had been dumped. He was 61 years old and is survived by four children.

The president, vice treasurer, communications secretary and secretary general of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda traveled to Butare yesterday in response to reports that Rwisereka had disappeared and that his car had been found abandoned. Today the party issued a release announcing that Rwisereka had been assasssinated and that his brother, Antoine Haguma, had confirmed seeing his body, with his head almost completely severed. The Rwanda Greens also reported that Rwisereka’s national ID, driver’s license, house keys and car keys were found inside the car, now parked at police headquarters in Huye-Butare town and that his passport had been found in his house in TABA-Butare.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is one of three viable opposition parties in Rwanda. All three have been excluded from the country’s 2010 presidential election, with polls now scheduled for Aug. 9.

First Vice President Kagwa Rwisereka of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda went missing in Butare, near Rwanda’s southern border with Burundi. – Graphic: Wikimedia Commons
Journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage was slain outside his home on June 24, on the same day that Parti Social-Imberakuri presidential candidate Bernard Ntaganda and members of the Social-Imberakuri and FDU-Inkingi parties from the election. Rwanda Greens President Frank Habineza was arrested and then released on the same day while protesting the arrest of the other opposition party members outside the U.S. Embassy, which is next door to Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s offices.

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda President Frank Habineza, who is also president of the African Greens Federation, said by phone as he was returning to Butare today, June 14, driving from Rwanda’s capital Kigali with the party’s vice treasurer and secretary general, “This is very sad and shocking.

“We are calling on the Rwandan government to undertake a complete investigation. We are also asking the international community to intervene into the Rwandan situation.”

Yesterday Reporters without Borders (RWB) called on the European Union and other international donors to suspend their assistance to the Rwandan government and to stop providing financial support for the Aug. 9 presidential election following a series of grave press freedom violations, including the assassination of Umuvugizi newspaper journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage, followed by the arrest of the editor-in-chief and a designer and reporter for Umurabyo newspaper. “How much longer will the international community continue to endorse this repressive regime?” they asked.

Viable challengers to Rwandan President Paul Kagame have not been allowed to register their parties or field candidates in Rwanda's 2010 election, with polls scheduled for Aug. 9. – Photo: Reuters
The London Guardian reported that Rwanda police spokesperson Eric Kariyanga said that Rwisereka had reportedly been carrying a lot of money and that robbery may have been the motive, but Habineza said, “No, it wasn’t a robbery, because they left his car, they left the keys to his car inside the car, they left the keys to his house inside the car with his national identity card inside the car. If they were thieves, they would have taken his car. If they were thieves, they would have taken the keys to his house and gone to take things from his house. They left the keys to his car and his house inside the car.”

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal,, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at This story first appeared in Digital Journal.

This report, broadcast on KPFA Radio News Sunday, July 11, before this latest political assassination, provides context for the ensuing developments.

21 thoughts on “Rwanda Green Party leader beheaded

  1. Kelvin Able

    Whata is the motive of this video at the U-Tube,Politics and polotcians are like a brother and sister but people have been so far and have come so far we should be mindful where and what they have achieved not what mistakes they have made.


  2. olivier gakuba

    first of all I would like to present my sincere condoleances to the family of the late Rwisereka. No one has the right to decide who will live or die in this world. But let not get drown in this finger pointing game where all the medias are pointing at Kagame and the RPF this awfull serial killing . My point is that we have to pull the brakes and take a deep breath, and why not, take one step backward and analyze all the facts in this tragedy. The first question we have to ask ourselves is : Who will benefit from the death of late Rwisereka , the vp of the yet to be registered green party. Is it the president Paul kagame and his party the Rpf? is it the opposition who is working tirelessly to discredit this electoral process? Or is it the work of the extremist hutu trying to tarnish kagame's image to the rest of the world, bringing division among Rwandans after being militarily defeated by Kagame's forces?

  3. Jeremie

    @Olivier Gakuba

    Shame on you !! Shame on you ! You guys you try to defend your criminel president and his system!Shame on you again ! Kagame`s government is behind these killings. Remember that two weeks ago another person called Semadwinga,a tutsi close friend of Nkunda, well known to be an opposant of kagame`s bad policy was killed and beheaded in Gisenyi(Western province) by Kagame`s agents exactly in the same manner as Rwisereka was killed. Semadwinga`s children saw that horrible scene and gave their testimony on BBC-kinyarwanda. Mr Olivier gakuba,how long are you going to keep your lies ? You are running out of time sir, the truth will triumph !!!! The blood of innocent people will haunt you forever!! Shame on you !!!

  4. Gigi

    Thanks Oliver gakuba. As for you 'Jeremie' (you may be Bagos, or Ngeze Hassan, after all, dont they have internet access in their hotel – like detention facilities?) let all the shame come back to your face! Kagame and the RPF are not that stupid, if they were, they would have messed this country from the start. They cannot wait for 16 years to start losing their heads. Apart from cynics like you, and ofcourse the international media and their so-called rights groups handlers, everyone can easily discern the motives behind these incidents. For lack of a strategy and means to overthrow this popular and strong government, the extremists have resorted to the tactic of tarnishing the image of this government with the hope that the international community and donor organisations will respond in their favour and bring down the Kigali government by starving it. But i am sure that people with reasoning minds do exist and they will see things in their true light. These killings are being carried out by the people working in the interests of people opposed to this government – we know you all know this because you are part of the arrangement, you role being to drum up so that the message sinks. Problem, at you will end up even killing yourselves in the end, since your intentions will not have the effect that you desire

  5. Jeams Kenza

    Guys! You look like you don’t know what is going on; Kagane is killing everybody in inside and outside the county as long as you are in opposition, and also use Genocide as tool to arrest the opposition outside Rwanda, but now Genocide is losing its value in the eyes of the world, because it has been approved that everyone knows that was a theater, played by Rwanda government to hunt the apposition, Now everything is about Kagame, what about the minority Tutsi, what about the boys and girls who fought with him from 1990 up to now, do you ever think about your future once his not there anymore? Come on wake up this is not about Hutu, Twa or Tutsi. This is about Power and you all know that. Kagame can not be trusted. Kabarebe was like a brother to him, and look now what his doing to him, if Kagame can not keep the promise to kagarebe, who are you to trust him? The time has come we need change the clock is ticking we need change

  6. Selina

    MY Condolence TO President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka but why is Rwanda pattern it's politics
    after The U.S.

    Your just learning how to maintain being corrupt why not go back to your traditional gov't before U.S., before Belgium????

  7. Ann_Garrison

    @Selina: I feel like I may be losing a few IQ points every time I seem to advocate a Euro style election in Africa as a solution, but this is the political space that seems to exist there to be widened, and I don't know what to do but support and encourage those, the FDU-Inkingi, the Parti Social-Imberakuri, and the Rwanda Greens, who are trying to widen it. And, to call for my own government to end its covert military interventions, in the form of AFRICOM, the U.S. Africa Command.

  8. Selina

    What are the Euro Elections like ?? Africa's history show they use to have monarchies how come they can't go back to that.

  9. tony

    Olivier, you are right, people don't just have to blame kagame or the government without analyze the circonstance of those killing or death; we must think twice before pointing out anybody and let the justice or the investigation do their jobs, Tony

  10. Jeremie

    @Kagame`s fans

    First all,in may previous comment,I made a mistake by mixing up a french word "opposant" instead of saying opponent (english). About the killings that Kagame is doing now,there is nothing new about that,every rwandan knows his criminality.He won`t escape the justice !!! You guys,his fans,you try to hide the truth and cover your criminal president and his killing machine. However, the truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where nobody can see,yet eventually it will,like a seed,break through the surface once again far more powerful than ever,and nothing can stop it…Truth cannot be destroyed !!!!! Wait and see !!!

  11. Bowowow

    Looks like Black on Black Violence is an international phenomenon, not just an American thing. Why can't blacks become more civilized and educated, instead of behaving like apes?

  12. Expert

    Skin color is not a factor or characteristic to determine that a specific group has a homegenious behaviour. So the 'white' guy who is linking a race to provide a description of conflict between group who share same race has still lot of to learn. Ironically issues faced by black africa are connected to western manipulation too.


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  14. Bill Williams

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