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Demand work for Black contractors and their crews

September 4, 2010

by Roger Francis Glynn

Hensel Phelps’ noose on Liberty Builders’ job at SFO – Photo: Delton Sanders
As a former cement worker in construction, I worked out of Laborers Local 926 in Hanford, California, during the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Our union rep saw that we Blacks worked where we were qualified to work and we worked on many lengthy projects. One was the start to the finish of the California Aqueduct.

My sorrow is for what’s happening to the Black contractors and their crews in the Bay Area trying to get bonding but being rejected by the bonding companies. Even the Human Rights Commission gave Hensel Phelps a pass (when their superintendent hung a noose on Liberty Builders’ job at SFO in 1998).

The people who have to stand up and be counted are our elected state senators, our state Assembly members, and our Congresswomen and men. These people must be put on notice that “if you fail to bring this matter to those who can make a change, our votes will probably miss you in the next ballot box.”

The Black and Brown vote is too large for us to keep on being set aside and ignored.

Send our brother some love and light. Write to Roger Francis Glynn, G-40155, 130-14 Low, P.O. Box 9, Avenal CA 93204.

One thought on “Demand work for Black contractors and their crews

  1. Mitch

    WE MUST bring back the piket line! We need the physical exercise! Our people invented the picket line and boycott as a weapon for us to use whenever we need it. Our problems started getting bigger when we got too 'goochy and boochy' ( to put on exercise clothes and shoes) to let off steam / protest at worksites or places which suck up our dollars. Sing freedom songs and protest against those too good to hire and do business with US!!!


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