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Rwandan opposition calls for immediate release of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

October 17, 2010

by the Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda (PCC)

The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda (PCC), which brings together the United Democratic Forces-FDU Inkingi, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and the Social Party Imberakuri, is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and the release of all other political prisoners.

On Oct. 14, Ms. Ingabire was arrested and incarcerated in Kicukiro police custody on seemingly politically motivated charges of forming a terrorist organization. The Coalition of Democratic Forces (CDF) is alleged to be the military wing of FDU-Inkingi.

Members of Rwanda's three opposition parties rally in Brussels on Feb. 10, 2010.
She had been imprisoned in April 2010 and later released on bail but has since then been under extended house arrest. She has never been given a chance to fairly confront her accusers in a court of law. She has never been a flight risk or a threat to the community.

All of the three opposition parties that challenged the Rwandan Patriotic Front-led government have undergone serious and dangerous trials.

The government refused to register the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda after a whole year of risky peaceful struggle that was started on Aug. 14, 2009. Its Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was found beheaded on July 14, 2010.

They also refused to register the United Democratic Forces-FDU Inkingi, and many of its members have been imprisoned or released on bail.

The Social Party Imberakuri had managed to get registered in July 2009 but was later broken up into several factions, one of them now in the government’s Political Parties Forum. Its founding president, Maitre Bernard Ntaganda, has been in prison since June 24, 2010. He is reported to be in very critical condition at King Faycal Hospital after Kigali Central Hospital was unable to treat him.


•We urgently call for the immediate release of Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza with no further conditions.

•We demand an immediate release from prison of Mr. Bernard Ntaganda, who has been detained since June 24, 2010, and is now facing serious health conditions, which may claim his life.

•We demand an immediate trial of the killers of the late Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, vice president of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and we still call for an international independent inquiry and an independent autopsy as Human Rights Watch has already requested.

•We also demand the immediate release from prison of Ms. Seraphine Mukamana, the Green Party’s Kigali city coordinator.

Stop the suffering! Rwandans, especially the children, have endured far too much already.
•We call upon the international community, especially the U.S., U.K., all EU member states and all friends of Rwanda to continue seriously urging the government of Rwanda to open up political space and allow democracy take root in Rwanda.

This statement was issued at Kigali, Rwanda, on Oct. 15, 2010, by Mr. Frank Habineza, founding president, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda; Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, secretary general, United Democratic Forces, FDU Inkingi; and Mr. Theobald Mutarambirwa, secretary general, PS Imberakuri.

Frank Habineza, who is on mission in Europe, can be contacted at 46737588927 or The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda (PCC) can be contacted at B.P.6334 Kigali,Rwanda,telephone +250788563039, +250728636000 or +250788307145.

37 thoughts on “Rwandan opposition calls for immediate release of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

  1. Aimable

    Shame on the Kagame government! How dare they arrest these innocent politicians instead of arresting Kagame's own extremist soldiers who committed genocide in the Congo as confirmed by the UN report released on October 1st, 2010?

  2. mahoro

    Come on you guys know that Ingabire is guilty of trying to destabilize rwanda. Oh i forgot you are supporting her, bascially you are ok with the fact that rwanda should be destabilized.
    Ann shame on you, you took pictures of the kids during the war and you are trying to protray it as it's happening now. No kid in rwanda today is crying like that, if you were in rwand you would get better pictures. Well since you are an expert of lies, all you can do is photoshop lies. Shame on you again. Ann those kids you see in the picture are living well in rwanda, our healthcare system and education system has improved their lives. Our institutions are the best in the region, and we know how to deal with criminals like Ingabire your darling.
    Ingabire should have been smart not to work with FDLR.
    Aimable you are not the UN, let the UN do it's Job, anyways you never asked them to research on the report, they did it with a purpose and that purpose will be fullfilled, with time. Relax and mind your business.

  3. Ann_Garrison

    @mahoro: You've misread the byline on this. It was written by the Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda, not by me. And posted to this site by the editor of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper.

    1. Dunia

      Dear Ann, don’t be discouraged or intimidated by the Rwandan evil governor and supporters, the majority of Rwandan people appreciate your job and many are still alive thanks to your job. God bless you

  4. John

    Please Ann give Rwandans a break. There is nothing good that you write on Rwanda. Cant you choose better stories on Rwanda like Unity and reconciliation among Rwandans, devt on ICT, 9 year basic education, Women empowerment and Rwanda positive trend on MDG's.

    Ann, i pity you, Ingabire is a revisionist, genocide denier, a hutu extrimist who belive in only ethnic divisions. She has never addressed any important issues, she only talks about Hutus… from monday to monday. she is a terrible woman.
    We want to be identified as Rwandans but not seen as Tutsis, Hutus, Twa. We know what these divisions have caused to our country.
    By the way Ann, stop supporting revisionists because this might cause blood shade and you will be also responsible for your continued incitement.

    Can you try to write just one positive article on Rwanda? This is a test i give you.


    1. Dunia

      Dear John,__I am sorry to tell you that the way you think is inhuman, your thoughts looks like a Tutsi extremist or someone working for Kagame torturing regime. How can you say this” Please Ann give Rwandans a break” As a Rwandans and majority of Rwandan people, we believe that everyone including oppositions party members or families has right to life and to express himself freely and not being killed , tortured or jailed as your thought believes. Killing, torturing: This is Kagame ideology and if you believe in it, the same ideology can affect you in the future

  5. Iwase

    I would like to stress that those who are not happy about Ann are those who are totally extremists who do not want peace among Rwandans.I am sorry but many people like Ann,have freedom of speech I am sure that if Ann was in Rwanda would be told what to say as it is demonstrated here. Amahoro and JOhn did not need to bring their intimidation here and Ann did not need to apologise either. Every thing Ann says is a matter of fact. Rwanda is a small country which can be surrounded in one day so do never beleive too much in brital government like the one Kagame leads…because bloody government never last longer. I would like to tell people like John and Amahoro to rethink before they comment,to sit down and see their red hands and think of justice instead of coming here and blame and intimidate every oppossition. Mr John and Amahoro,you are in a wrong road but it is never too late for your to change your mind and ideology.

    1. mujawamariya

      Iwase, is that even a rwandese name?? You need to rethink yourself, because you are the extremist, lying that people are being killed. people dying of old age, aids accidents are all killed by kagame?? Give me a country in the world where people don't die? I am a hutu in rwanda, and by the way don't say that i am FPR, i don't hate them and don't care about them. I mind my business and they mind theirs. I finished school at UNR and i am a doctor now working in Musanze, life is good. Mahoro and John a telling the truth about what is going on in rwanda. We have peace, You & Ann Are trying to destroy our peace. After coming back from the Refugee in congo, my life and my families life has change. I would wish the same to you, to come back home. I used to think they would kill me, but they don't care.

  6. Habimana jean claude

    @ Dunia the majority of rwanda do you mean EX far? Coz the majority of rwandese leaving here in rwanda don't know who ann is. @ Ann as long as you publish this, it's like you have written and accept the idea, don't run away from it.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      This is not my newspaper, Jean Claude. I write for it but it's not my newspaper. Willie and Mary Ratcliff are the owners; Willie Ratcliff is the Publisher and Mary Ratcliff is the Editor.

      It's not my role to speak for those who wrote this. Look at the byline: "the Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda (PCC)."

      The last paragraph says: "This statement was issued at Kigali, Rwanda, on Oct. 15, 2010, by Mr. Frank Habineza, founding president, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda; Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, secretary general, United Democratic Forces, FDU Inkingi; and Mr. Theobald Mutarambirwa, secretary general, PS Imberakuri."

      Many Rwandan, Ugandan, and Congolese people are now contributing to the San Francisco Bay View.

      1. twagirayezu j marie

        I think why people attack you personally Ann, is because you are the one that brought extremist ideas of rwand to the San Francisco bay view. It used to be fair reporting, now it has gone extremist. You guys don't report anything good about rwanda. When you go extremist on one side, the other side is left with no option but to go extremist.

          1. mujawamariya

            So you decided to bring on rwanda in an extreme way. Be fair, you come from a democratic country. You should wish the same for other countries, not war or any killings. No one in this world deserves to die for nothing. We rwandese Condemn any kind of killing. Both the Hutu and the Tutsi have suffered alot for the consequence of the ethenicty. Tutsi have killed hutus and hutus have killed tutsi. We need to move on. Ingabire wishes to play the hutu card if give a chance, and that's the biggest risk she is undertaking, it might cost her alot. All of us hutus are not in support of the ethinic lines. We regret our past. I have relatives in zambia that i miss alot.

          2. Ann_Garrison

            I've tried to report this story as honestly as I possibly could. "Objectivity" is an epistemologically impossible notion, but honesty is possible, and I have been honest.

            I have known several people who have suspected Ingabire of being some sort of U.S.-backed agent and I have been well aware that my own country's military security apparatus, as it is now, will want to control anyone who does succeed Kagame, just as they have controlled him, so I have had an eye out as to whether or not Ingabire would ever fill that role. Given her latest arrest, and now torture, I doubt it.

  7. twagirayezu j marie

    Try to find common ground. There's extremist on both sides, especially those who ae involved in politics. Once you star reporting fairly, talking about some good things going on in rwanda, people might find a common ground.
    Kagame is no angle, but he is not a devil too. I lived in rwanda before kagame and i am leaving in rwanda during his leadership. i know the good and bad times.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      I've never said that there were not extremists on both sides of the Hutu Tutsi divide; the comment chains here in the Bay View have made it quite obvious that there are.

      I have also listened to those saying that the growing divide between rich and poor in Rwanda is more serious than that between Hutu and Tutsi.

      And I see much good in Rwanda, particularly in the strength and integrity of the opposition that made such a valiant, courageous attempt to contest the election this year, not only Ingabire, but also Bernard Ntaganda, Frank Habineza, and their respective parties and supporters. I have made wonderful Rwandan, and Congolese and Ugandan, friends, on three continents, as a result of my efforts to understand and report on the region, and, most of all, on my own government's responsibility for its suffering.

        1. Habimana jean claude

          Now you deleted my comment because i said what was true Ann, if it wasnt, why did you get offended. You need to think clear, and STOP Dividing rwandese and focus on you life that is half empty.

          1. sfbayview

            Ann did not delete your comment. I did, as the administrator and the editor of SF Bay View. Your language was crude and went way over the line marking respectful discourse. You are welcome to speak your mind. Just keep it clean and respectful.

            Mary Ratcliff, editor
            SF Bay View

          2. Habimana jean claude

            Dear editor, if you had the nerves to deleted my comment, you should have atleast done some research on the credibility of this article. I can't even imagine how you published it, without finding out the truth. Those kids, are not suffering right now. I know some of them personally, i went to school with them. It hurts when someone lies, about things they don't know. Ann has never been in Africa, and especially in rwanda. All she has been working hard towards is to turnish rwanda's image, and you give her a hand. In rwanda today any death is RPF, no one days of accidents or aids or thugs killing, it's all blamed on the government. Your news outlets has been nothing but a divider of rwandese. I understand free speech, but when you lie it's not free speech it's lies. You are talking about me not being respectful, Ann should be respectful as well by writing the truth. Ingabire is a citizen of rwanda, if she commits crimes, she has to face the law, and prove herself otherwise.

          3. sfbayview

            Dear Habimana jean claude,

            Kagame, a president who jails and tortures his opponents and is responsible for mass murder and facilitating the plunder of resources in Congo, deserves to be condemned. Even more deserving of condemnation is my government, the U.S. government, for funding him. If we know about these crimes and don't condemn them, the blood is on our hands.

            As for Victoire Ingabire, you know, I'm sure, as I do that in both our countries, Rwanda and the U.S., the "law" can be used to punish the innocent so as to protect the guilty. We see our duty as defending human rights, including the fundamental right to dissent. What do you see as your duty?

            Mary Ratcliff, editor
            SF Bay View

          4. Habimana jean claude

            Look Marry, i understand kagame is no angel, but the allegation you are indicting him of, some could be true and some could be wrong. What has happend in rwanda, for the past 50yrs, is very complicated. These people you are representing here, are the root cause of all the problems in rwanda, and now they are playing the victim. Congolese need to stop blame their problems on rwanda, they need to take matters in their own hands and kick the ex-far out of their country.
            According to you, you have already labelled kagame as a killer and murder. you are in america, why haven't you blamed bush for the death of iraqs. Why do u think third world presidents are the only one that need to judged of their wrong doing?
            And you did not answer to my previous comment. The credibility of the article was so wrong. Blood is already on your hands by spreading lies. I thought ann was the wrong one, you are wrong as well. Come give me a break, ingabire is not innocent, she has connection with FDLR and she wants to play the ethinic politics which we can't afford, caused it costed us a million lives.
            USA has prisons as well, and people who wrong things end up their and same applies to RWAnda.

  8. Twagira

    John, you are a complete idiot. Ann always writes the truth about rwanda, she wants peace and democracy for Rwanda. Basically, she wishes the best to Rwanda. Please John stop your stupidity. You sound like them, we unfortunately have lots of idiots like you on this World. I do not know Ann, but I read all her article. God bless her. John, stop idiot, the World does not need stupid people like you. You are vey damn actually and you do not love Rwanda

    1. mujawamariya

      twagira cursing people doesn't prove your point. Talk sense instead of cursing. You know what Ann is baised, towards what you like, but that doesn't make it true. God doesnt bless evil people like Ann who wish terrible things for rwanda.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      Eric, again; I did not write this, nor did I even make the decision to post it to the Bay View. This is the statement of the Permanent Consultative Council of opposition parties, which could never be published in "The New Times, Government Supporting Daily." (And, obviously, I could not either.)

      If you are so sure you are right, why are you so determined that the PCC's voice not be heard? If you are so right, it should not be a threat. Competing voices and publications, and debate, are what political democracy is all about.

      1. Umukundarwanda

        Ann, don't let all those haters, trolls, and even the outright stupid insults bring you down and the wonderful work you do. The viciousness of some comments should be a cue telling you that you are touching close to the truth. If anything, use them for courage to continue fighting for the voiceless. I'm rwandan and most people who are affected by the truth, which is rpf authoritarianism, can not be able to access the net and prove you credible. They can't speak for themselves because rpf has ensured that they can't have the means to. You are basically a voice for the millions of rural rwandans and other impoverished city dwellers; the ones who know how it feels to be evicted from the only homes they've known in order for some multi-story mall to be erected in the name of 'development'. It shouldn't be a surprise then that you will be attacked with the highest force possible in order to keep you quiet. I can only speak for myself but I'm sure that there are others, but your section on this site is one of the sites I constantly visit to get some truth out of the all the lies spread by the powers that be. If anything you should post more news frequently.

  9. Shaka

    Thank you very much Ms Ann Garrison for the article.

    Rwanda will have always problems every time people hide the truth. The genocide in Rwanda was not a consequence of having opposition parties, but to un-democratic system of governance. The same un-democratic system is reigning in Rwanda today. Today is even worse. The governments of before 1994 had also supporters, the same as you Mahoro, John, Mujawamariya, Habimana and Twagirayezu, who are supporters of the current regime. The Rwanda will not go out of its problems by praising President Paul Kagame.

    Why do you judge Mrs. Ingabire? Do you really know her? You are against her because President Kagame is against her. Why do you have to follow someone (President Kagame) blindly? Rwanda problems will be solved if the leadership accepts criticism. You can talk (or write) only of how Rwanda developed after 1994, but this is not what will resolve Rwanda problems. Even before the genocide, Rwanda had a certain level of development. Even in some development sectors, Rwanda of before 1994 was more advanced compared to the current state of development.

    In trying to praise Mr. Paul Kagame, you always hide the truth. Why do you hide the truth?

  10. Umukundarwanda

    People try to ignore the fact that Rwanda before 1990 was know as the Switzerland of Africa and had some of the best public institutions and services in the continent. The gap between rich and poor was small and you didn't have public officials getting paid salaries almost equal to what their counterparts in the west get like it is today, even though some of those western countries have budgets tens of times that of Rwanda.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      Thnx so much, Umukundarwanda, though once again, this isn't my news. It's the PCC's statement. I did indeed help create a place for it here, where there seemed to be virtually none besides Global Research and the Black Star News, but it's their statement.

      And yes, I'm very well aware that only 3% of Rwandans have internet access. Last figure available seems to say that only .07% of Congolese people do.

      1. Umukundarwanda

        Yes, that wasn't your news. but even if it was, it would be way closer to the truth than anything coming out from the current Rwanda government or its staunch supporters. I just don't think you should be giving any sort of credibility by replying to people who always post insulting and deceitful comments. If they were literate and had common sense, they should have realized that it was a PCC statement. Otherwise replying to them is a waste of energy and resources.
        Thanks for the other news sites by the way.

  11. Steve Smith

    A real shame to post such pictures and claim that it is the current situation in Rwanda. I truly question Ingabire's motives at times. How could her party honestly post such a picture and claim that kids are suffering?? That picture was taken in 94 for god's sake. However, the picture speaks volume on their motives- luckily, elections are over, and no one is taking her or the other parties serious these days. They will slowly sink into the abyss of history…

  12. Steve Smith

    All she has to say is Hutu this Hutu that, claiming democracy, freedom of expression, etc… would solve all of Rwanda's ills. When it comes to development, her policies are shallow . She has based her politics on ethnicism, the very thing that caused genocide in Rwanda – and i resent her for that. Her background is equally weak.. A simple accountant with ties to FDLR. Doesn't she see that Rwanda is developing… Couldn't she have chosen a less bellicose approach? Didn't she realize the political sensitivities on the ground? Was she that blinded as to believe she would come brandishing a hutu flag and win the elections? Even Hutus in Rwanda look at her with caution, during my numerous visits i questioned them on their views of Ingabire. Many told me that their natural instincts told them to support her but they did not appreciate the fact that she played the ethnic card- it frigtheningly reminded them of the period leading up to genocide.

  13. kanyarwanda

    STeve you couldn't have said it any better. Tell them, or sorry they are death. Ann is just an extremist, she is on the wrong side of history. She needs to come to rwanda or even go to kenya that's close to rwanda, or sorry she needs a ticket, but we can fundraise for her. There are people who are born to lead and others to follow. Kagame is a leader. I am a Hutu and i doubted him, but i have come to agree with most of the things he has done for the country. He is no angle, but for now we have no any other alternative. Ingabire is too extreme, and her reasoning is of 14th century and we are in the 21 st century.


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