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Bill Clinton, the genocider who just might get away

November 3, 2010

by Aimable Mugara

Attracted by the immense mineral wealth of Congo, the U.S. supported Gen. Paul Kagame’s 1990 invasion of Rwanda from Uganda, expecting Kagame to facilitate access to Congo. Note that the only city marked on President Bill Clinton’s map besides the Rwandan capital Kigali is the border city of Goma, Congo, center of the fighting over and plundering of Congo’s mineral wealth. More than 6 million civilians would later die under Bill Clinton’s eight-year reign – with American money, weapons and political support.
There are some who will claim that Bill Clinton was the first African president of the United States. Those people clearly do not know that Bill Clinton is the one who established the stranglehold that the murderous gang of Gen. Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda have on the people of central Africa. Those people clearly do not know that as American military satellites showed evidence of the millions of civilians being butchered by Gen. Kagame’s and Museveni’s forces, Bill Clinton doubled down on his financial, political and military investment in this gang of murderers.

Unless of course these people mean that Bill Clinton has the same cold-heartedness that many African presidents have when they order their troops to kill innocent African civilians. The kind of cold-heartedness where your troops come to report that today they butchered an entire village of unarmed civilians because they do not support your dictatorship and you respond: “Great job! Other villages now got a good lesson that you’re either behind me or you’re dead.”

In 1990, Gen. Kagame, who was the chief of military intelligence in Uganda, led a violent invasion of Rwanda from Uganda, with the approval and support – financial, military and political – of the United States government. This violent war changed the landscape of that region forever.

By landscape, I also mean the number of mass graves that dot every of inch of that region now. The two final years of President Bush, the father, during which his American government supported the murderous gang of Gen. Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, resulted in the deaths of many innocent Rwandan and Ugandan civilians. During those two years, there are thousands who lost their lives at the hands of Gen. Kagame’s soldiers and Yoweri Museveni’s soldiers.

Paul Kagame joins Bill Clinton as he tours Clinton Foundation projects in Rwanda.
But this was nothing compared to the more than 6 millions of civilians who would later die under Bill Clinton’s eight-year reign – with American money, American weapons and American political support.

A Sept. 30, 2010, New York Times article titled “Dispute Over U.N. Report Evokes Rwandan Déjà Vu” mentions how in the fall of 1994, a United Nations investigation discovered that Gen. Kagame’s forces had killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians that year. Under pressure from Bill Clinton’s government, the United Nations was forced not to publish that report. The New York Times article reports that the 1994 U.N. report describes Gen. Kagame’s soldiers “rounding up civilians and methodically killing unarmed men, women and children.”

But that was 1994, a year that is famous for extremist Hutus who went on a rampage and butchered hundreds of thousands of innocent Tutsi and Hutu civilians. The fact that extremist Tutsis under Gen. Kagame went on a rampage in 1994 killing innocent Hutu and Tutsi civilians was totally blacked out due to pressure from Bill Clinton’s government. The existence of that 1994 U.N. report was denied by some American officials and was only revealed recently.

1994 is famous for extremist Hutus who went on a rampage and butchered hundreds of thousands of innocent Tutsi and Hutu civilians. The fact that extremist Tutsis under Gen. Kagame went on a rampage in 1994 killing innocent Hutu and Tutsi civilians was totally blacked out due to pressure from Bill Clinton’s government.

One would think that after that, Bill Clinton’s government would have kept a tighter leash on its African stooges, Gen. Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. Far from that, the two stooges used American money, American weapons and, with American political support, attacked neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, where their forces butchered so many millions of civilians that it is in fact surprising that there is anybody alive left in that country today.

As American military satellites recorded evidence of millions of civilians being butchered by this gang of murderers, Bill Clinton smiled away as his government gave more money and more weapons and more political support to these two stooges so they can use this support to keep doing what they do best: kill a multitude of unarmed civilians. They just kept killing and killing and Bubba kept making sure they had the money and weapons necessary to continue the killings and provided political cover whenever anyone asked questions.

Fast forward to 2010. On Oct. 1, 2010, the United Nations released a report on the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed within the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between March 1993 and June 2003. Regarding Gen. Kagame’s extremist Tutsi forces’ behavior during the 10 year period, especially 1996 to 1998, the report says:

President Kagame received the 2009 Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Public Service on Sept. 24, 2009, in New York. Bill Clinton spoke about his relationship with President Kagame, describing him as "one of the greatest leaders of our time.” President Kagame thanked Clinton for his friendship and support for Rwanda's development programs. – Photo:
“The extensive use of edged weapons (primarily hammers) and the apparently systematic nature of the massacres of survivors after the camps had been taken suggests that the numerous deaths cannot be attributed to the hazards of war or seen as equating to collateral damage. The majority of the victims were children, women, elderly people and the sick, who were often undernourished and posed no threat to the attacking forces. Numerous serious attacks on the physical or mental integrity of members of the group were also committed, with a very high number of Hutus shot, raped, burnt or beaten. If proven, the incidents’ revelation of what appears to be the systematic, methodological and premeditated nature of the attacks listed against the Hutus is also marked: These attacks took place in each location where refugees had allegedly been screened by the AFDL/APR over a vast area of the country. The pursuit lasted for months, and on occasion, the humanitarian assistance intended for them was allegedly deliberately blocked, particularly in the Orientale province, thus depriving them of resources essential to their survival. Thus the apparent systematic and widespread attacks described in this report reveal a number of inculpatory elements that, if proven before a competent court, could be characterized as crimes of genocide.”

How did Bubba react to this latest report? The report was published on Oct. 1, 2010; however, its contents had been leaked earlier and published in the media a month before. So, on Sept. 23, 2010, the Daily Beast site asked Bill Clinton about this report.

Bill Clinton said this about his buddy Gen. Kagame: “Right now I’m not going to pre-judge him because there’s this huge debate about what happened in the Congo and why, and I don’t know.” To which human rights researcher Carina Tertsakian responded to the Daily Beast: “It is not a matter of pre-judging. … The facts are well-established. … There is no doubt that Rwandan troops, together with their Congolese allies, committed large-scale massacres and other grave human-rights violations against Rwandan and Congolese civilians. The evidence is there for all to see. What more does Clinton need?”

But then again, when you are Bill Clinton, whose government provided the money, the weapons and the political cover for Gen. Kagame’s forces to commit that genocide, I don’t know what else you can say.

There is a high chance that the long arm of justice will catch up with Gen. Kagame and his commanders in our lifetime. As for Bill Clinton, the enabler, whose government’s financial support, military support and political support were crucial in perpetrating this genocide against Africans and covering it up afterwards, I am afraid he will retire peacefully at some mansion.

But for those of us Africans who lost many of our loved ones to Bill Clinton’s African gang of murderers, Gen. Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, we will always remember. We will always remember that Bill Clinton smiled away and gave more support to those butchers as they murdered more and more of us.

Aimable Mugara
About himself, Aimable Mugara writes: I grew up in Rwanda in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. In my short lifetime, I have seen that country go more and more backwards with time. As other nations around the world progress, Rwanda remains mired in ethnic hatred that has been exacerbated by the violent wars that have been waged by the extremist Hutus and the extremist Tutsis led by Gen. Kagame. The wars between the extremist Hutus and the extremist Tutsis have at times been open wars and at other times silent wars such as today. Extremist Hutus are famous for the massacres that took place between April and July 1994 that resulted in the massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilian Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Extremist Tutsis are not very far behind, having killed 40,000 innocent unarmed Hutu civilians in one day on Feb. 8, 1993, in northern Rwanda and millions of Hutus between Oct. 1, 1990, and December 2003.

I used to be silent about the challenges facing Rwanda. I used to think that with time, these issues will resolve themselves. This year, as I saw Kagame’s extremist Tutsi government becoming even more extreme, I could not take it anymore. Kagame’s extremist supporters have offered various excuses as to why Rwanda should not be a democratic nation that abides by fundamental human rights. I have joined the chorus of people speaking out for democracy and human rights in Rwanda. I truly believe that making sure that Rwanda abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that every single Rwandan citizen is guaranteed the fundamental human rights enshrined in it, is the only way to move forward as a nation.

I speak out to let the extremist Hutus and the extremist Tutsis led by Gen. Kagame know that we moderate Rwandans have had enough of their extremism and that they need to stop taking us hostage in their struggle for power. We do not want extremist Hutus to terrorize us; we do not want extremist Tutsis to terrorize us. We want to live together in a democratic society where every single article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to every Rwandan citizen.

Visit Aimable Mugara’s website, He can be reached at

19 thoughts on “Bill Clinton, the genocider who just might get away

  1. MRK

    It is amazing how the San francisco bayview has been transformed into a plateform from which anybody who is not in Rwanda – that is a must – can throw dirt on this beautiful country. You can just google Rwanda and see its achievements. Stop going against the flow, you will drown.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      Aimable Mugara is a Rwanda Genocide survivor. In an earlier exchange here, one of Paul Kagame's adherents screamed that he was sorry he missed his chance to kill Aimable in 1994.

      1. Kabure

        Garisson can u please let us know who threatened him? Is it Rudasingwa or Gahima ? For your information, in Rwanda, Tutsi and Hutu live together in peace not in pieces !

  2. Jim H

    I did not see anything here that was critical of Rwanda — unless someone confuses the GOVERNMENT of Rwanda for the NATION of Rwanda or for the PEOPLE of Rwanda. In fact, when I read this, I sensed a great love and yearning for his homeland, a place that deserves much better than the government that it is saddled with. The fact that the PEOPLE of Rwanda have made such great strides despite the oppressive GOVERNMENT is a testimony to the courage, resolve, resourcefulness and industry of its PEOPLE, not its GOVERNMENT which is quick to take credit for the hard work of the PEOPLE and equally quick to deny its own direct murderous actions both within and without its borders.

    What is it about Mr. Mugara's criticism of American military largesse to the Rwandan GOVERNMENT can be construed as a "hatress" of Rwanda? Are you (Jdd) saying that the nation of Rwanda prospers and thrives as a result of American-supplied weapons and American-financed military incursions against civilians? Because, it is clear that Mr. Mugara opposes those things and supports the people of Rwanda getting along without that kind of American "support." I have no idea how this can be interpreted as a "hatress" of Rwanda unless you believe that Rwanda and the Kagame regime are one and the same. I don't believe that any people of any nation are one and the same as their government — not even in the United States. The people of all nations are far more complex than that. They are almost always far more civil than their governments. That's why this is far more easily read as a love letter to Rwanda than the "hatress" you assume it must be.

  3. John

    @JDD, you should open your eyes, in Rwanda, we need democracy and reforms in all areas particularly education. May be then, you and I can get the chance to learn English. I do not see any such reforms under the dictator Kagame.

  4. Bokela Bonyoma

    Kagame and Museveni are real puppets and instrument of terror made up by Clinton administration. Rwanda and Uganda armies have been used to illegally exploit the mineral resources from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwandan soldiers have been raping and killing Congolese people in their land without any intervention of the U. N a.k.a“United for Nothing “.
    Kagame and Museveni armies fought inside of the Congo in the city of Kisangani, they destroyed a lot of infrastructures and killed many of my people without any condemnation from their allies Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.
    We Congolese people will fight back for our freedom and sovereignty.

  5. Innocent

    My goodness! Who is this Ann? I read one of your comments on the previous article on Rwanda and then this one. Unbelievalable, you seem to know little if not nothing about Rwanda. Do you atleast know who killed who during 1994 genocide in Rwanda? Unless you do not abide with UN endorsed terminologies! I' will not argue whether or not Aimable is a genocide survivor but everyone knows kagame army was fighting genocide perpertrators and not against genocide survivors. The statement you made above is definately wrong in all senses. Please do check your books again and you will surely find out that the name kagame in your statement should have been replaced by Habyarimana instead to make the idea sound ideal.
    On separate note, how long have people been prophesizing about Kagame's end? Les chiens aboient, mais la caravane passe!

  6. Stephen

    Who disputes the Tutsi genocide? If you are among them you need a heart and brain operation to remove that terrible hatred against the people of God. Whether you hate Tutsi, God that made them survive will protect them up to the end.

    You are just another genocide denier like Ingabire, Rusesabagina and the rest of that terrible group.

  7. Erica

    Kagame has committed genocide. he hates Hutus and all who dispute this by claiming that anyone that speaks the truth like Ingabire, Rusesabagina, or Aimable also hates Hutus. Hatred and denial of what actually took place and is still taking place in Rwanda will lead Rwandans no where. There is no denial that Thousands of innocent Tutsis were killed but don’t deny that Thousands of innocent Hutus were also killed by Kagame/ RPF. There is no justification of what RFP did and is still doing, oppressing one ethnic, including the developments, beauty and achievements of Kigali that many supporters of Kagame like to sing about.

  8. Bokela Bonyoma

    We Congolese people will make Kagame and his servants (Kanambe a.k.a Joseph Kabila, James Kabarebe, Kunda, Jean Bosco Taganda) appreciate the taste of their own medicine.

    The arrogance of Tutsi people will never be tolerated in Congo-Zaire. Rwanda is one of the poorest Africa country; there is no cobalt, gold ,diamond in Rwanda and how can you explain the fact that the tiny Rwanda is among the suppliers of those mineral resources?

    The one protecting you today will leave you once exposed. Tutsi are the real representation of Lucifer in Africa, they are full of my people (Congolese) blood in their hands. We will make you pay for evil deeds and your atrocities in Congo-Zaire.

    The first thing for us is to arrest Kanambe a.k.a Joseph Kabila and after that we will do all in our best and by any means to arrest Kagame and all his puppets who have killed and continue to do so in my country the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The bony ass Kagame will pay for his crime and lies!!!!!

    1. Innocent

      I was born in Congo and lived there most of my childhood. Congolese people like many african fellows need a dramatic change to becoming a vision-oriented society. Minerals can only help if the brains are sharp enough to put them to better use. You can't blame Kagame or Rwanda in general for congo's distruction. Kagame forces crossed into Zaire after 3 decades of post independance. Canyou tell me if congo moved forward or backward after its independance. In fact, I personally lived in several houses abandoned by belgian coloniolists when I was growing up. The government by then was soo disorganised to maintain water/electrivity supply. That was in 80's!!! How about the roads, hospitals, schools and even churches? Please, it is big time, we africans should drop all those non-sense and focus on developing our nations. Muzungus are disturbing us just to keep moving forward as we kill each us.

  9. latoya

    i do not understand us African!!! can't we see that we are being set up against each other, we are being programed through any means to kill each other!!! let stop blaming the west and start accepting that we are like puppies who just behave the way their masters teaches them!!!! wake up africans!!! or else we will found ourselves back to slavery or colonisation. I for once am tired of reading, hearing this blaming game we are playing, hutus, tutsis or whatever else ethnicity you are from…this is sickening. while the western world is advancing, while the Latina world is uniting, the middle eastern world is fighting back what do Africans do?? they pick up machetes and guns to kill each other, not their real enemies…but each other!!!! we seriously need to see a psychiatric. i feel so sorry for us. i will not play that game and i will not dance in the bit of the western world neither will i participate in the pathetic african mind. time to unite and open our eyes. the first enemy of the African is the african himself. renew your minds people!!!!!!

  10. Bokela Bonyoma

    I do not know who you are, but it seems to me like you are here to insult, blame Congolese people and praise the monster killer kagame and his Tutsi army for their crimes in my country. Why did you not provide your real ID (Your name)?
    Like it or not the war will return to Rwanda and you will pay the price of your crime.

    Who are raping man, women , killing and plotting in Kivu region of Congo-Zaire? Who are thsoe people: Jean Bosco Taganda, Nkunda, Mutebusi, James Kabarebe? Are they not all Tutsi, killers and evil people who are still killing innocent Congolese people? Zoba nyama, na minu okanisa crocodile!!!!!

    I wish you were standing in front of me and dare say what you just wrote, Oh my God, it will be the day I will end to jail for making pay for Kagame crime on my people.
    You are a coward, I did not hide my name like you, Bokela Bonyoma is my real name and I'm afraid to speak up and expose the evil minded people who are destroying my beloved country.

  11. Bokela Bonyoma

    According to your stupidity, Kagame did cross to Congo-Zaire to help us rebuild our country, and Congolese people are not smart enough to take care of their God given ressources. You are stupid and race of Tutsi criminal.
    According to you, Kagame came to teach us a lesson how to do well in Congo-Zaire? You are sick and mentally deprived.

    Why the same who condemned Saddam Hissein and irak for invading Koweit, they are not doing the same with Kagame and Museveni for invading Congo-Zaire, fighting each other and killing Congolese people in their land?

  12. Innocent

    Who is insulting who now? No more comments, I think i'm in a wrong place, I'm way above this level of thinking. Stay where/who you are, I'm moving on! This is not a constructive dialogue, at least for me!

  13. Malaika H Kambon

    Meanwhile, everyone gets to ignore the fact that Bill Clinton & George Bush – two of the biggest destabilizers of Ayiti (Haiti) have just recently been sent to Haiti to 'oversee' (read: re-institute a plantation) government on Haiti as the people suffer from made in the U.S. earthquakes, fake (s)election processes, a corrupt place holder named Rene Preval, the true president of the people Jean-Bertrand Aristide, exiled out of Haiti and the hemisphere, under pain of death; Fanmi Lavalas banned; Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine 'disappeared' for 3 years w/no reliable word as to where/how/ he is; and a bunch of coup supporting/instigating traitors to Haiti's people (Wyclef Jean in particular) bending over and surgically attaching their lips to the collective asses of their 'massahs' georgie & billy…

    And who sent them? That idiot negro in the 'white' house, the one masquerading as an AFRIKAN, Barack Hussein Obama-Drama…

    Guess it doesn't matter to him that Georgie Bu$h*t cannot even shake the hand of an AFRIKAN person without looking around for someone's shirt to wipe it on afterwards….

    Haiti is showing us all how to fight back, how to truly live. Because despite all of the horror and deprivation that is being suffered, the Haitian people have not given up their fight for liberation, dignity, and sovereignty.

  14. Kabera

    Aimable, i just think that u have got lack of access to information. In Rwanda, Tutsi and Hutu live in peace. I am sure you still have relatives in Rwanda and they will testify that.


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