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Justice for Leonard Bradley and all who have died at the hands of police

November 13, 2010

Family and friends of Leonard M. Bradley Jr. are invited to attend the one-year anniversary of his death at Harmony Missionary Church, 4113 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, at 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 14

by the family of Leonard Bradley Jr.

Leonard Bradley Jr. was gunned down by police one year ago when he was only 16 years old.
Do you remember Leonard Bradley Jr.? Who, you might say? The reality is Leonard Bradley is Sean Bell or Oscar Grant. Leonard Bradley was murdered by San Pablo police officers Frank Perino and Kenneth White on Nov. 14, 2009.

Just a year ago, Leonard Bradley was gunned down in the schoolyard of Vista Continuation High School in Richmond , California . The coroner’s report stated Leonard Bradley had two bullets to the back, the shoulder, the elbow, and a fatal wound to the head.

The coroner said the fatal bullet to the head occurred as Leonard was at a lower posture. That means he was falling or he was down on the ground already.

Where is Leonard’s rally? Unfortunately for Leonard, his murder was not televised. Even the famous police brutality lawyer does not believe we can win justice for Leonard Bradley in Contra Costa County.

So a uniformed murderer lurks in the streets of San Pablo waiting for the opportunity to kill his third Black unarmed victim and to get away with it with no consequences or repercussions. He does not even get to lose his job.

So we, the family of Leonard Bradley, sit in deep sorrow and mourn the death of our son, brother, grandchild, godson and uncle while celebrating the short life of Leonard Bradley Jr., a beautiful young soul whose life was stolen. Therefore, it is so important that we tell Leonard’s story.

Leonard was a lively, vibrant, generous and sweet person. He was the type of person who enjoyed life and found joy in making others happy. He was not hardly the monster that he has been created to be over the last year.

If a car was stolen, so be it. He should have been arrested and tried by a jury of his peers in juvenile court, but instead of justice, Leonard’s sentence was death. Since when do we place more value on a car or a dog over human life when the victims are young Black males?

We sorely miss Leonard, and want justice to be served for Leonard Bradley Jr. and so many others who have died at the hands of police officers.

We, the family of Leonard Bradley, want the immediate termination of Officers Frank Perino and Kenneth White and we want a full investigation by an outside agency on the death of Leonard Bradley. No Justice no Peace!

All family and friends of Leonard M. Bradley Jr. are invited to attend the one-year anniversary of his death at Harmony Missionary Church, 4113 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, at 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 14.

For more information or to support the family, contact Lyn-Tise Bradley at

6 thoughts on “Justice for Leonard Bradley and all who have died at the hands of police

  1. Latino

    Robocop33 is the profile name of a member that makes the following comments in reference to an article on the website entitled

    'White Ex-transit Officer’s Sentence Sparks Protest'

    It is a story about the people in Oakland who are protesting the ridiculous 2 year sentence Mehersle recieved for killing Oscar Grant.

    "These bastards, (sorry PL but that is what they are), would not be satisfied unless he was given the death penalty! This Officer should never have been charged, much less tried and convicted. It was a tragic accident that never would have happened if the POST that was shot had simply submitted to arrest, or better yet, had not been involved in the illegal activity in the first place. This has already destroyed the life of a fine young man who put his a$ on the line to help the very people that convicted him. FOR SHAME! I say declare Marshal Law and stop this immediately!”….

  2. Latino

    This is just one example of the hateful comments posted by members of policelink who are mostly police officers. The moderators of tolerate the often hateful and racist comments from their members.

    The comments range from saying it was Grant’s fault he got killed to
    the officer should have never been found guilty because Grant was a criminal. Some even blame his family for his death because they raised Grant to be a criminal.

    Tell policelink what you think at

  3. garbage

    Look at the comments made by members after a story about asian american Jason Yang.

    Jason was running from police after a fight outside a nightclub and jumped to his death from a downtown Minneapolis freeway overpass, police said.

    Once again members, many of them police officers, make hateful and caustic comments about jason and call him names.

  4. Informed citizen

    I think they should out out all of the information regarding the case. The other defendants in the case confessed their involvement and stated Leonard planned the ordeal where he car jacked two people then shot at the unarmed woman. He then led police on a high speed chase and crashed into a parked car. Did he ever check to see if the woman he shot at was ok or if the vehicle he crashed into had passengers? No he didn’t. He then ran on foot and turned towards police with his hands in his waist. People need to get their facts correct I was at the coroners inquest as a civilian and they neve said he was shot in the back. He had one graze wound to the upper back of his shoulder most likely from when he was falling. This case is not about race it’s about someone who broke the law and had several chances but didn’t.


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