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Poems for my son

December 20, 2010

by Kenneth Dorsey

Like true love

Mumia misses his children too. They say that in his 29 years behind enemy lines, he has done all he could to be part of their lives.
Tucked away for awhile
Rarely seeing my child these days
Still, he lives vibrantly in my heart forever —
For always
Rarely talking to my child on the phone
Often feeling guilty
Just knowing he’s feeling all alone
Rarely seeing, visiting or talking
To my precious son these days
Still, he lives vibrantly in my heart forever
For always
Just like true love
He’s the one I’m always and forever thinking of

Time to build

It’s time to build …
Build a solid bridge to my precious babies
No ifs, ands or maybes
It’s time to build
A great honest, open relationship here, now, today
And take full advantage of this gift of a day
Find creative ways to be realistically
The very best parent I can possibly be
From this difficult position
Building with my kids is my ultimate mission

Yearnin’ learnin’

Today I found out
You like rocket science and math
It made me so damn proud
Turnin’ my black expression into a joyful laugh
See, I’ve done the simple fraction of the math
Without you – my dear child – in my life
My heart’s broke in half
I need and want to learn
All about the subjects
Of your interest as I yearn
To become
A positive influential factor
In your lifetime
As I joyfully but also painfully watch
From a great distance you develop your mind
I find . . .
I’ve committed the ultimate fatherhood crime
Of making certain poor choices
That have me writing you this poem while I’m confined.

Send our brother some love and light. Write to: Kenneth Dorsey, 78036, P.O. Box 607, Carson City NV 89702.

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