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China denounces America’s treatment of Afro-descendants

May 18, 2011

by Muhammad Speaks Editor Raushana Karriem

This photo with the following caption illustrates China’s report, “Human Rights Record of United States in 2010,” as published in China Daily USA: “Demonstrators in orange jumpsuits and hoods file in for a rally to urge U.S. President Barack Obama to close the U.S.-controlled detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on its ninth anniversary in Washington on Jan 11. File photo.”
In a scathing report issued by China’s Information Office of the State Council, China condemned America’s treatment of its Afro-descendants and other minorities and cited America’s numerous human rights violations against its minorities.

“The State Department of the United States released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2010 on April 8, 2011. As in previous years, the reports are full of distortions and accusations of the human rights situation in more than 190 countries and regions including China. However, the United States turned a blind eye to its own terrible human rights situation and seldom mentioned it. ‘The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2010’ is prepared to urge the United States to face up to its own human rights issues, “ states the report.

The report cites that Afro-descendants make up 50 percent of the homeless in Los Angeles, California, and have a 32 percent unemployment rate nationwide.

According to a report of the Working Group of Experts on people of African descent to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in August 2010, unemployment was a very serious issue for the Afro-descendant community in the United States, with levels of unemployment being, proportionately, four times higher among this population than in the white community.

Reference was made to a case where the New York City Fire Department was found to have discriminated against people of African descent who had applied for employment as firemen. Of the 11,000 firemen employed by the New York City Fire Department, only about 300 were of African descent, despite their being about 27 percent of the population of New York (UN document A/HRC/15/18).

Nearly one-sixth of Black residents in the city were unemployed in the third quarter of 2010. About 140,000 of the city’s 384,000 unemployed residents, or 36 percent, were Black (The New York Times, Oct. 28, 2010).

Poverty proportion for minorities is also high in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau announced in September 2010 that the poverty proportion of the Black population was 25.8 percent in 2009, and those of Hispanic origin and Asian were 25.3 percent and 12.5 percent respectively, much higher than that of the non-Hispanic white at 9.4 percent.

The median household income for the Black, Hispanic origin and non-Hispanic white were $32,584, $38,039 and $54,461 respectively (The USA Today, September 17, 2010).

A survey released by the America Association of Retired Persons on Feb. 23, 2010, found that over the previous 12 months, a third (33 percent) of African-Americans age 45-plus had problems paying rent or mortgage, 44 percent had problems paying for essential items, such as food and utilities, almost one in four (23 percent) lost their employer-sponsored health insurance, more than three in 10 (31 percent) had cut back on their medications, and a quarter (26 percent) prematurely withdrew funds from their retirement nest eggs to pay for living expenses.

Even in the tough employment environment, 12 percent of African-Americans age 65 and over returned to the workforce from retirement, while nearly 20 percent of African-Americans age 45 to 64 increased the number of hours worked and 12 percent took a second job (The Los Angeles Times, Feb. 23, 2010).

In 2009, there were more than 30,000 Black children living in poverty in the nation’s capital, almost 7,000 more than two years before. Among Black children in the city, childhood poverty shot up to 43 percent, from 36 percent in 2008. In contrast, the poverty rate for Hispanic children was 13 percent, and the rate for white children was 3 percent (The Washington Post, Sept. 29, 2010).

USA Today on Oct. 14, 2010, reported that African-American boys were suspended at double and triple the rates of their white male peers. At the Christina School District in Delaware, 71 percent of Black male students were suspended in a recent school year, compared to 22 percent of their white male counterparts. African-American students without disabilities were more than three times as likely to be expelled as their white peers. African-American students with disabilities were over twice as likely to be expelled or suspended as their white counterparts (USA Today, March 8, 2010).

The health care for African-American people is worrisome. Studies showed that nearly a third of ethnic minority families in the United States did not have health insurance. Life expectancy was lower and infant mortality higher than average (BBC, the social and economic position of minorities). Mortality of African-American children was two to three times higher than that of their white counterparts.

African-American children represented 71 percent of all pediatric HIV/AIDS cases. African-American women and men were 17 times and 7 times, respectively, more likely to contract HIV/AIDS than white people and twice as likely to develop cancer.

Racial discrimination is evident in the law enforcement and judicial systems. The New York Times reported on May 13, 2010, that in 2009, African-Americans and Latinos were nine times more likely to be stopped by the police to receive stop-and-frisk searches than white people. Overall, 41 percent of the prison population was estimated to be African-American. The rate of African-Americans serving a life sentence was more than 10 times higher than that of whites.

Males of African descent who dropped out of school had a 66 percent chance of ending up in jail or being processed by the criminal justice system (U.N. document A/HRC/15/18). A report said 85 percent of the people stopped in New York to receive stop-and-frisk searches over the past six years had been Black or Latino (The Washington Post, Nov. 4, 2010).

According to a report of the Law School of the Michigan State University, among the 159 death row inmates in North Carolina, 86 were Black, 61 were white and 12 were from other ethnic groups. During the trial process of the 159 capital cases, the number of Black members taken out from the jury by prosecutors more than doubled that of non-Black members. According to statistics from the Chicago Police Department, the proportion of Black people being the criminals and the victims of all murder cases is the highest, reaching 76.3 and 77.6 percent respectively .

In conclusion, The People’s Republic of China demands that America stop using their cry of human rights violations against other sovereign nations in order to declare war on them to steal their resources when America flagrantly violates the human rights of Afro-descendants and other minorities within its own country.

This story first appeared in Muhammad Speaks. Editor Raushana Karriem can be reached by writing to Editor, 3040 Campbellton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30311 or emailing

48 thoughts on “China denounces America’s treatment of Afro-descendants

  1. Kathleen Scanlon-Desio

    What a crock of sh*t. Sorry to disappoint, but many of the statistics, cited in the report, are caused, not because of the color of their skin, but by their own actions. African-American students suspended more than Caucasian students? Sure, because of their behavior and their upbringing – not the color of their skin and certainly not due to some governmental influence. When a majority of African-American families raise their children to be respectful and desirious of a good education, then these very statistics will drop. it really has nothing to do with color at all. There are, unfortunately, broken families and children neglected and abused across all nationalities and races in the U.S. That is the true root of these statistics.

    The US outcry against human rights violations, including female genitalia mutilation, mass racial execution and the like, are promoted and caused by sovereign nations.

    it is ludicrous for China to label unemployment, suspension etc. as a "human rights violation" when they execute their citizens for exercising free speech.

    1. kenneth

      You know what? You are one of those typical 80% of the blind deaf and dumb of the population even though you are of white descent, of course u would not get it if it hit u on top of the head. You are so insignificant right now thats why the sun and the Earth is getting rid of your kind quick and you cant do nothing about it you can rant and rave be its happening yehhhhhhhhh! lmao. and your mis imformed commment is crazy it does cross color but you are still to blame and you will pay regardless because you refuse to own up to you peoples mistakes! o yeah the real black Gods are going to do what we could not to you now you running scare blaming us you DAM DEVIL!!!!

    2. Global Justice Now

      Obviously a suspect racist-white supremacist that has no interest in dealing with truth, justice and an elimination of a global system that has made Black, brown and yellow poeple suffer horrifically. Check your people's historical record and observe whole groups of people being genocided out of existence. I won't waste any further words. You refuse to deal honestly about this and probably most other issues that require thinking deeply and telling the truth.


      Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing
      Tim Wise: White Crusader Against Racism in America |

      Do I think you will study? Do I think you want or desire to operate from a place of honesty and need for people not to suffer? Hell no. However, someone else truly interested in justice may…

    3. Truther

      Kathleem spoken like a true racist with a blame the victim metality,,,I thank people like you for reminding black people that racism is alive and well….The u.s. the the biggest violator of human rights.,,,but you will never understand that these violations are comiitted against blacks and you beig white you appease your conscience by simplying thinking all blacks are lying

    4. Tim Matthews

      Hi there Kathleen, how did you escape that jail term for fraud?
      For a boutique lawyer, you're as dumb as bricks!

  2. 6FootBombshell

    Kathleen… your response shows how your white privilege blinds you. Why can't we ever get out of denial?
    And read the whole report.. China is in the report as well.. but hte point is how is that U.S. talks about all these human right issues when their record is not clean. Just because we're not executing ANYMORE in the amounts we were just 40 and 50 years ago, doesn't mean we're free of violations. Honey, you don't remember lynchings and people being hosed down by the government?
    Now to your point about blacks getting suspended more because they have more behavior issues.. again, a statement based out of white ignorance.. but furthermore, your white privilege blinds you to the fact that there is a possibility that students of color receive harsher punishments than white students. That is a fact. On average black males get harsher sentences for crimes that their white counterparts commit. That is a fact. I can keep going but I'm getting more stupid just responding to you.

    1. Kathleen Scanlon-Desio

      My white privilege? Give me a break. My school district is only 48% white. The students who have behavioral problems and are underperforming are those students whose family unit is broken or just basically doesn't care. Unfortunately, the majority of those students are African American.

      It has nothing to do with color – it has to do with values. Perhaps it is time for you to stop being ignorant and pulling the race card. When being "ghetto" stops being prized, then these children will succeed.

      1. Truther

        Its always about color,,,only racist white people think it is not about color…You see you are point blankly and blatantly saying that black people are at the lower rung of the totem pole because ,,,,pick your excuse they are inferior they are less intelligent,,,they dont work as hard,,,their parents didnt bring them up correctly….Instead stating the obvious truth that non-white people all over the world are oppressed systematically by all institionscontrolled by white people…The cards are stacked against black people…So you prove your racism easily…But very soon the bottom is going to drop out and maybe non-white people will do to white people what white people are doing currently doing to non-white people

      2. critter

        don't waste your time replaying to this low life. sure african-americans have it worst that already a know fact. and there is racist things but the government can't stop people from being racist. Its hard enough to prove to this day. and its so funny hearing this from china who makes minors work….

      3. Critter

        the only thing i disagree with you is saying most if not all african americans are ususally the problem kids. I see both

    2. Kathleen Scanlon-Desio

      Further, the government instituted policies, such as affirmative action, to correct those past racial imbalances and injustices. Did this country treat African Americans unfairly and cruelly in its history? Absolutely! However, did this country also fight to right the wrongs done – without a doubt.

      This is 2011, not 1960 – time to take responsibility for our own actions and not let China use this to justify or rationalize executions for using free speech. Unless you prefer their form of government?

      1. Daniel Cid

        Kathleen, I actually agree with a lot of what you said, One being behavioral problems seem to trump race in most instances. I think that a lot of black people don't want to admit that some of us are just hellions in need of parenting but its true. But please be reminded that these "behavoral issues are usually measured by white majorities and carry with it a slite discrimitorial ideal or value system.

        Also like you, I am skeptical of the views of The People Republic of China, seeing as they are notoriously known for human rights violations. One has to ask what agenda do they carry by even pointing out the treatment of African Americans in America, Ecspecially since recently China announced it would increase its trade amounts to Africa.

        1. Daniel Cid

          But nevertheless, I think we all have to admit that African Americans in this country have been mistreated, or rather targeted for exploitation more than their white (non) latino counterparts. The criminal justice system is a perfect example. Because whiles it may be true that African Americans have seemingly more behavorial issues one must remember that blacks are more likely to be arrested on petty crimes versus that of white people. Also, it is a known fact that blacks even those considered "upright and decent" have or will have been violated by the police on more coincidences than that of white people.

          So you should remember this before making brash statements. Because even though much of what you said is true, sometimes the manner in which something is delievered can determine its meaning. Also, please note that sympathy is not demanded from you or many whites by black Americans, most blacks would only like you to consider the fact that racism is still real and is a ongoing problem for many minorites in this country.

          1. Kathleen Scanlon-Desio

            Daniel when did I say that people were demanding sympathy from me or other whites? What brash statements were made?

            Everything I stated was based on my own observations. As I said, our neighborhood is very diverse and I like it that way. Our elementary school is only 48% white and, if you look at the state tests results, the African American children by and large are underperforming. These kids are the same kids who didn't do their homework in kindergarten (PARENTS), who refuse to do their homework now or hand in projects (PARENTS), who would rather talk about sneakers than listen to the teacher (PARENTS). They think the teacher isn't looking and they throw stuff or crawl around on the floor. 5 kids got suspended this year for fighting – each one was African American. Why is that? PARENTS!

            Don't get me wrong, there are white children who are not doing well but again they share one common denominator – lack of support at home.

            Further, I have witnessed African American children making fun of other children because they are white. This has become rampant in the 3rd through 5th grades because these children believe because they are making fun of white children, it isn't racist. Where do they get that from (PARENTS). The administration refuses to punish these children beyond sitting on a bench at recess. But, if a white child passed anything close to a racial remark, that child would be suspended so fast they wouldn't know what happened.

            As far as the criminal justice system – it is corrupt from the top down and there are many cases of injustice – racial and otherwise. Too many innocent people sit in prison because prosecutors look for the "win" instead of seeking justice. However, Americans must continue to speak up and out against injustice and that is how we will continue to make headway in eliminating bias.

            I agree racism is real but it runs both ways Daniel. Not only by the example I gave – just look at how my comments were attacked here. My "white privilege"? Come on.

          2. I-Math

            lol kathleen as a black guy I think that daniel was being very forthcoming when he replied to your rude snarky emotionally motivated sense of white victim hood. your entire demeanor screams "please dont be mad at me because my people killed butchered and enslaved your people and every time you tried to rise up like with a nat turner or the black panthers we murdered butchered and enslaved your people some more..yet in a different, more civilized way." white peoples current racism is in pretending it doesn't exist or that the retarded nature that my people exist in outweighs whatever racism a white person can do nowadays. quick question why are my people like this? answer: the counter intelligence program of the 60's, the CIA distribution of crack in the 80's which was used to settle my people (both users and dealers) into a sense of complacency because of the drug itself and the fast money that comes with it. also the side effect which is no more intelligent black people would be able rise up and EASILY organize in any way similar to the panthers, for the people would be too ravaged by drugs as well as gang violence as well as the broken families as well as the failing schools as well as the self hatred born out of such a environment. they of course applaud a MLK and Obama…they are something easy for the white consciousness to digest…. let me guess you are also probably a very avid viewer of the daily show and tosh.0 and probably gets a kick out of all the subtle extremely racial nuances they "suggest" on those shows are just jokes. maybe not even those shows how about your cnn or msnbc. I cant count fox cause they're blatantly racist (something I Prefer actually) any way I'm on a tangent. I know my people aren't angels right now but your people have been on a roll for a very long time, and counting. lol. don't worry all chickens come home to roost eventually. reply at your own risk. Peace. (p.s. black racism is impossible. first I would need power over your people and a way to keep your people down….lol guilt don't count….we can be prejudiced however considering the past and current events of your people prejudice in a black person or any other person of so-called color would be a trait closer to that of wisdom. lol. Peace.)

          3. Daniel Cid

            Once again Kathleen, I just want to say some of your comments come across as brash, For instance, whiles it may be true about the behavior of you black students, I really doubt you have yet to examine the full extent of their life. I mean when was the last time you went as a concerned teacher and had a sit down conversation with their parents instead of airing all of their travesties on the web? I believe that one of the reasons your students may be acting out (the black ones) is cause you have no idea how to talk or relate to them or for the matter, I doubt you have even attempted to relate to them. Furthermore, the way you come across in your address to adults here on this page shows your level of understanding of African Americans, moreover I would argue that this method of drawing a hasty conclusion about situations shows your "brash" decision making traits.

          4. Daniel Cid

            I think instead of being so fast to comment, you should take the time to fully examine a situation, ecspecially when that situation invovles you labeling an entire race or demeaning a childs character. I think when people take the time to try and "walk in anothers shoes" these types of brash statements can be avoided.

          5. truther

            hey kathleen I would love for non -whites to treat whites how whites are treating non-whites right now,,,not how we were treated but how we are still be treated

      2. thruther

        This country has failed to right the wrongs it has committed,,,and only talk about change yes this 2011 and nothing has change since 1911 1811 1711 or 1611,,,,white people still lie about everything,,,what theif ever steals something and gives it back……Godamm you crackers and godammn america sing your national anthem…."my country tis of thee sweet land of tyranny"

        1. critter

          That is not true sure some things haven't change i am white but i notice that racist is clearly here to this day and i said this and will say again it will never go away. sadly. the good thing is we do have a half white and half black president that HUGE. in history book. though the other thing is. Don't take this wrong way but you guys seem to use the race card when he has nothing to do with race. This why majority ignore the "race issue" You do something wrong or break the law and get in trouble you get handcuff "your racist officer" Not saying you all do it. Like with trayvon martin bless his soul. that he r.i.p. he had what i call a racial view more than being racist by zimmerman

  3. LIZ


    1. Kathleen Scanlon-Desio

      I try not to formulate my opinions based on TV but my own observations in my community. Horrible story you quote there – what does that have to do with this discussion?

      Are many white children disrespectful? Sure they are. Many children, in general, are disrespectful. Again, it goes back to the family unit. It isn't a matter of color – it is a matter of family values and taking the job of being a parent seriously.


    Everyone can sit around & play the blame game all day long & get no where. Black people this black people that, white people this white people that. Until you know what it is to walk in another's shoes….YOU DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!!! What we can all do collectively is help & get involved with those that are in need black, white or indifferent. White people if you comtinue to put black people in 1 category then expect for black people to put white people in 1 category as well. If you don't want to be judged, who are you to judge anybody?



  6. Kellie

    This is old hat. In 1951 Paul Robeson together with other noted scholars presented a petition to the United Nations Human Rights Counsel entitled, "We Charge Genocide," asking the UN to bring the U.S up on charges that its laws and social structure were designed to systematically decrease the black population. So, to the white chick calling "foul" because of all of these black kids terrorizing white kids, I bet you a dollar to a donut that this wasn't the case in 1951… so was the charge baseless then as well? For the situation to be unchanged after all this time is very telling. China is basically saying: until you fix this, stay out of my business. And they are ABSOLUTELY right in doing so… don't run to put the fires out in my house, while yours burns to the ground.
    But on the other end… why lend so much to a country whose human rights policy you abhor. Will this be the reason why China pulls out of our treasury? Stay tuned…

  7. Khalif jamalbey El

    Noble Drew Ali raised the issue in 1913 about one national name and here in 2011 we still don't have one national name to call our selves. So he incorporated in to the govenment of the usa the name moorish-american through the moorish science temple of america,inc. to unite us.I imagine now that evety so called afro-american family has a moorish-american in it now, in fact we can truly say that there is a moorish-america with documented history here in america.To realize that there is only 7 days in a year(mon,tue,weds,thurs,fri,sat,sun) elimanates all the foolish useless spectulative thoughts that keep us harping on irrevalent ideas instead of buying and trading with each other to develope our own economy and national wealth that we might be able to sit at the table with our own issues.As food for thought check out .We can kick it around but when we lose the realityof ourselves we are in trouble. the lion(rich) and the lamb(poor) amongst ourselves must learn to lie down together and watch tv and neighter be harned when the morning comes. stop playing on each other.

  8. Free

    I do not understand Kathleen your statements. You are totally mislead and confused. I also teach and see how white teachers mistreat and discriminate on students because of heir color and religion all the time. I do have a African American child in the public school system , wo has never fought and or misbehaved in school. She had a perfect attendance for many years. Her teacher complained that she did not speak while she was teaching. She has skipped two grades and and started high school at the age of 12. But, she has been mistreated by white teachers because she is usually he only AA child in the class. It was so bad I had to photocopy all of her assignments prior to her turning them in because the teacher would intentionally lose her work. Now she is in high school and must keep an attorney on speed dial and micro manage her education so she will not get railroaded. Not to say that there are others that are not qualified to be there but the school(s) refuse to include children of color unless they are Asian. She was the youngest eighth grader at her school and started as the youngest now in High school. She maintained high academic scores and perfect attendance while, I as a single parent attended Graduated school and two jobs.

  9. free

    I have seen a white student at the school I teach at bring a knife to school and is 16 in the 6th grade be allowed to return without being charged with a crime. But i have caught hell from white parent who protested that I not teach their children because I was black. The previous teacher who was white left without notice, kept no records and failed to prepare them for standardized test. Although I have three college degrees, with a Master's it did not matter. Thanks to the racist parents and teachers at the school I will never step foot into another PS again! I loved teaching but understand that in the environment it is not healthly for myself and our children. Your view is typical of many white teacher that I know. Also I have traveled and studied in China and 13 other countries and America MUSt apologise for their treatment of African Americans. Know one ever has an issue with Jews demanding reparations and apologies from the people who mistreated them. Lastly AA's are unemployed higher than any other race here and there is never any outrage

  10. thruther

    Hey lets all get white girl drunk have tantrums and fall out on the ground we wont get punished like the niggers do……..Let make laws and only enforce them on the niggers …Let the white boys and white girls do whatever they want and get away with it and lets cover it up…But if those niggers even spit on the ground throw the book at them and let everybody know what these black bastards do…..Hey we know white people use more drugs and drink more then niggas but just cover it up

  11. Anne

    See, the problem I see is that sure, these kids have issues. They have broken homes or divorced parents, are poverty stricken and are just scratching by…
    ‘These kids’ being both white and black kids, hispanic and asian american. The problem is that when you have disproportionate numbers of African American children in those kinds of situations, of COURSE they’re going to have a higher percentage of suspension, and basic getting into trouble.
    And then on top of that you have racism in the system, which means that the white kid might get suspended, but the black kid could get expelled for the same crime.

    White privilege exists.
    I’m a 27 year old white woman, and white privilege exists, and runs rampant through out the country. White privilege is knowing that if you live in a city, most people won’t automatically assume you’re white trailer trash because you’re poor. You’ve just fallen on hard times and are getting benefits until you get back on your feet.
    But the black family on welfare? They’re ghetto, ignorant, and a burden on the State.

    It’s FUCKED up. It’s beyond fucked up. Racism exists and people who say it doesn’t have their eyes glued shut.

  12. Defb

    Sadly I think the people who commissioned this report don't give a fuck about black folk. If you read the language it's very clear the message to America's charge of human rights violations is "Well… uh… you guys do bad stuff too!" North Korea has done similar things, they even made a documentary about the evils of America that started off fine and quickly devolved into paranoid 9/11 conspiracy theory (all while talking about how great and wonderful and perfect North Korea is). Basically when a fascist country puts out something like this it's them playing the false equivalence game. Because while the US is very, very bad, I still don't think it's as bad as China or North Korea.

  13. Zane

    Racism is never going to be gone, it's currently and always has been a major issue in this country. The place where this is so prevalent and also so unexpected was in the ranks of the police. My local police officers are extraordinarily racist, they stop my black friends every time they get a chance. That is one job that makes no sense to me at all. Our nation has uneducated population enforcing the populous. All my dealings with police have left me an impression of a corrupt and untruthful department following their own moral code and only providing help when it benefits them.

  14. Fuck You Nigger

    OMG seriously? Did you know that African Americans have the ability to work, open their own business and hire their own people? Why not? Because those niggers are fuckin’ lazy. If you can’t get a job somewhere, move somewhere else that is more willing to hire you. Case closed you dumb niggers.

    You niggers want to blame their misfortunes on people ( usually white ) and have no idea how to strategize for themselves. They have the NAACP, and all these other dumb ass clubs, why not get together and create a solution, city by city, and help your own people. Shit isn’t difficult if you are persistent.

    I spent most of my life in and out of juvenile hall, a part-time transient, and uneducated. Now I am on my penultimate year in a top 5 Ivy League institution, and founder of a growing consumer products business. I didn’t get any help from anybody but myself.

    Quit being a little crying bitch, stop spending your money on rims and iphone, and get to work.

  15. MercyK_50

    Black history has not yet been truthfully TOLD or Compensated for! The forced corrosive destruction to what the black community once was before slavery, the morally strong and clean standards that were destroyed, the values and sense of dignity was ripped from them. Fathers were taught how to abandon their families who were torn apart and sold, so to the point that for each new generation this attribute is gone. Thus, why so many black men impregnate and then depart, that core connection was DESTROYED during slavery and among many can never be restored. The ENDLESS destruction of our Culture or Clan and our values were decimated! Instead of working towards REPAIRING the horrendous damage done, many were freed with this extreme and excessive baggage to pass down from generation to generation until now… the mass is a mess. And NO ONE is willing to see WHY so many from the black family clan are wandering and lost. Instead of facing the massive injustice done and focusing on apologizing and offering the LONG OVERDUE reparation… they are left to their genocide with only some figuring out, why we are lost.

    Thank you China… this is nice, but what America OWES… they will never pay to the Black community! Instead they are trying to slowly kill us all off.

  16. bark

    its not just people of colour, the united states is an awful place to live if you're anything but a straight white cisgender man. i will never be able to get a job or housing because i'm transgender. i just want to live happily but it will never happen because in the US i do not deserve to exist. not that china is any better but america is FUCKED UP.

    1. Bark bark

      Don't forget Christian, white cisgender men are discriminated against if they aren't Christian. (or upper middle class at the very least) I'm wondering if it's just America or if racism, sexism, and other prejudices against minorities are just as bad in every country. If a white person moves to China, will they be thought poorly of for their skin color? If so, why not send a racist to a country where THEY'D be the minority and let them take a few steps in the Lego soled shoes of a minority? (apparently it hurts a whole lot to step on Legos? We could never afford Legos, so I don't know first hand)

  17. Actually I Have Another Point That They Left Out

    In elementary school we had a center for the Academically Intellectually Gifted that some students got to go to one day a week. Being the curious little kid I was, I decided to see how many kids were on the bus to go there, as our school had only one AIG bus. There were only two POC on the bus, both black. Our school had plenty of POC (quite a few Hispanic people), but only two kids on that bus weren’t nerdy white kids. In honors classes in middle and high school, it was the same deal. Maybe the unemployment rate for POC wouldn’t be so high if we let them have the same advanced and extra curricular education opportunities as white folk. And don’t even tell me the tests for AIG don’t focus on race, the tests were hands on and given and scored by some old white lady.


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