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Is this radio host saying that Blacks should be killed?

June 18, 2011

by Your Black World

Neal Boortz speaks at a FairTax Rally in February 2008. – Photo: Elton Saulsberry, Wikipedia
Conservative talk show host Neal Boortz made incredibly racist and violent comments regarding African Americans. He concluded a tirade on his June 14 show with “We need more dead thugs.”

Is he saying that Black people from the inner city should be shot on sight? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Here’s how Boortz is described by Wikipedia: “Neal A. Boortz Jr. (born April 6, 1945) is an American Libertarian radio host, author and political commentator. His nationally syndicated talk show, The Neal Boortz Show, airs throughout the United States on Dial Global (formerly Jones Radio Networks). It is ranked seventh in overall listeners, with 19.25-plus million per week. … Boortz touches on many controversial topics and refers to himself as ‘Mighty Whitey.’”

Boortz markets his Atlanta-based talk radio show, which airs live from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, as “insensitivity training,” Wikipedia reports, adding that he was once a speech writer for the legendary racist, Gov. Lester Maddox. As a Libertarian, “Boortz supports a complete overhaul of the U.S. tax system and the release of all non-violent drug offenders who are currently in prison.”

After Media Matters brought critical attention to Boortz’ June 14 comments by posting the audio and transcription online, Boortz himself posted this response from Cox Media, which syndicates his show: “Cox Media Group regrets that some listeners were offended by Neal Boortz’s recent on-air comments about crime in Atlanta. As a radio personality, he is paid to offer his opinion on various topics. As a media company, we encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and welcome listeners to offer their feedback.”

Bay View staff contributed to this story.


20 thoughts on “Is this radio host saying that Blacks should be killed?

  1. P.Gilbert

    He said thugs. Why do you automatically go to Black? Releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison will benefit a lot of people. In Atlanta, the jail system is a revolving door for violent offenders until they kill someone. There are many murders committed and when you read the background of who did it you wonder why this person was free on the streets to begin with.

    1. ATLDad99

      You are obviously ignorant of the Boortz code. Having lived in ATL for 23 years, I and every other long term Atlanta resident, knows he means black. He's made that connection many times over the years. Just listen to him rant about unwed black mothers and black men fathering dozens of kids. He doesn't have to say "black", we all know what he means.

  2. Joe Reeser

    Is he saying that Black people from the inner city should be shot on sight?

    Do you have a complete lack of English comprehension skills? Boortz said that law abiding citizens should be prepared to defend themselves from criminals with deadly force if necessary. He's absolutely 100% correct.

  3. Selina

    Neal Boortz's existence is equivalent to a violent DOG w/no tags and
    should be put to sleep……. LOL

  4. KarlO

    Neil is 100% right on. didn say anything about targeting blacks – he said thugs! If you want to fix the inner city problems you first gotta admit you've got a problem. This is how you clean out the toilet bowl by tossing out all the turds (inner city gangs, criminals and THUGS)

  5. Selina

    Boortz and those who look like him should take a long look in the mirror

    The real THUGS are in Afghanastan, IRaq, Libya, southern Sudan & Nigeria, THUGS/GANSTERS-Chevon and Exon who hirer THUGS like themselves; Blackwater or XE to maintain the theft of oil rich land and murdering the natives who live on that land

    So I agree worldwide the THUGS including BOORTZ himself should be exterminated

  6. Keith

    Schultz did some Breitbart-style dishonest editing, to make Boortz sound like a racist.

    Disgusting behavior, Schultz.

  7. maxx

    I grew up in red-neck central. My township went for Wallace in 68. I am a middle-aged white guy/Vietnam era Army vet, upper income earner, I am as white an American as it gets,except that I do not believe the comic book known as the Bible. I KNOW bigotry when I hear it and I know the wink and nod crap about how whites talk about 'them'. I have lived this boring garbage my whole life and Boortz clearly meant Negroes/Blacks/African Americans. To deny that is to insult the intelligence of your listener.

  8. culebra

    If someone tries to carjack me, I'm going to shoot him – I don't care what color he (or she) is. btw, these days, most teenage suburban urban wanna-be's frequently and annoyingly use 'yo' in their vernacular.

  9. ATLDad99

    I live in Atlanta and Neal is the only thug I know. To my knowledge Neal is the most miserable human being on earth

    1. Greg

      Well you obviously have never been outside your house in Atlanta. I suggest you go to the Georgia Dome and walk west.


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